Arsenal bemused as Liverpool get special England treatment!

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have never been very comfortable about our star players heading off on international duty at crucial points during the season and we have good reason. Many has been the time when we have lost a Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere or Abou Diaby to injury when the national coaches have not listened to the Arsenal boss and played our players a lot more than Wenger would have done himself.

But it is something we have to accept as there is little that can be done about it. Or is there? The Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers seems to have found a way, as a report in The Mirror revealed that their young star Raheem Sterling is set to be allowed to miss the friendly game between England and Italy next Tuesday. There is some talk of a toe injury but the fact that Sterling is set to play the Euro qualifier on Friday makes that sound like a lame excuse.

Liverpool have already withdrawn Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge, who I suspect will make a miraculous recovery in time to face Arsenal at the Emirates in the early kick-off next Saturday. It hardly seems fair and I would be having a little word if I was Wenger. As long as the Gunners win that game there will be no problem, but what if one or all of the three `injured´ Liverpool players makes the difference?

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  1. apart from Welbeck….Walcott and Gibbs are just subs….so no will not make a major impact if they were to get injured…..

    especially with Oxie and Wilshere coming back soon…

    1. No major impact if Theo and, specially Gibbs injure? What kind of statement is that? We need all of our squad member in good shape for the rest of this season. Squad depth is the key for winning title.

    2. It is not only England playing this week, you dimwit. Have any idea who’s called for their national squads this break?

  2. We MUST still beat Liverpool regardless

    The only thing I want from the Internationals is for all of our players to come back in one piece.

    As an Arsenal supporter I get so nervous during Internationals Break. Especially now because we are at the tail end of the season. The next few matches will determine whether we Lift a trophy and How high we finish in the PL.

    just come back healthy lads.

  3. OT and slightly early, but I’m curious to who we’ll be getting this summer. We’re really not that far off from being a real contender again and I hope Wenger gets the missing pieces of the puzzle this time around. Also from what I’ve been reading about Theo I hope we make the right decision concerning him and if he goes I expect other departures as well that contribute even less than him defensively like Podolski. Hope the Dybala rumors are true and if so again we need to beat Chelsea to him, I just couldn’t take another repeat of them snatching a player from under our noses. Go get him Wenger…

    1. It’s actually a lot harder to identify holes in the squad than previous seasons which is brilliant!!

      If you add debuchy back to the squad (fingers crossed the poor guy can stay fit and stop getting freakish injuries!! i really like him) our defence seems extremely solid! Chambers as a utility, Bellerin’s been growing and Gabby should have more of an impact next season.
      Perhaps a young English CB? But then again we have Hayden..
      Midfield, our gaping hole was right under our nose the whole time.. Maybe Wenger knew all along the sneaky devil! But with Flamini, Diaby and possibly Rosicky leaving, Arteta probably having a reduced role or on his way out I feel there should be room for a class DM or B2B.
      Attacking midfield – no issues.
      Attack – Theo poses a big question mark. Personally, I hope he stays but if an agreement can’t be reached and for whatever reason he leaves, he should fetch a healthy sum (English). Podolski should leave. I like him but really don’t think he fits into our system. Needs to play in a fast counter-attacking side where he can exploit space, not possession football.
      Big question marks over which youngsters may potentially be good enough for fringe roles in the first team…
      Gnabry, Afobe, Silva (killing it!), JC
      Sanogo the general consensus seems not good enough.. I respectfully disagree. The kid’s as raw as they come but I think with time will be beastly. Don’t want him near the first-team next season but don’t want to see him sold either.

      There’s no secret Dybala’s available and I, personally hope we do what it takes to get him. The kid’s electric, intelligent and from what i’ve seen plays with a lot of maturity for a 21y.o. constantly draws multiple defenders which shows how much respect the league has for him. If theo and pod leave we can guarantee him first team opportunities. Hopefully the kid hopes to actually be a star and not a filthy rich 26y.o who didn’t live up to his potential…

      I know it’s not the most original.. But my dream/realistic dream window would be Schneiderlin or Cabaye and Dybala.

      1. we have to Axe 4 foreign players and now we are adding another 3 more…

        hmmm…this means we have to axe 7….

  4. We cant afford to drop points against tehse media darlings. Lets beat and focus on finishing as high as possible.

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