Should Arsenal worry about Liverpool transfers?

While Arsene Wenger seems to be in no rush whatsoever to add any players to the Arsenal squad, some of our Premier League rivals are getting stuck right into the summer transfer window. Man United had already wrapped up the signing of the young Dutch forward Memphis Depay before the season finished and now it is the turn of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool.

Some Arsenal fans might not feel that the Anfield club are one of the big rivals to Arsenal winning the league again, after the season just gone saw Rodgers and his players fail spectacularly to reach anything like the heights they had the season before with Luis Suarez leading their attack.

But I am not so sure, as you would expect some of their new players to be better in the second season and they will also have Sturridge back up front. And they have already beaten the Gunners to the transfer of James Milner, assuming that the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us to the versatile Englishman were right that is.

And today the Daily Mail is reporting that they have also captured the England international striker Danny Ings from relegated Burnley. The club owners and the manager do seem determined to make up for last season and these first two transfer additions are pretty good in my opinion.

So should Arsenal be worried?

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha ings? Please reminds me of a certain andrew johnson that was promoted and relegsted with palace in 2004 i think. He was also a lot of hot fuzz but pretty much was just there for tap ins and net smashing. Seriously ptrtty much all of his goals are poke ins. Please , let s not hype ings until he has lroben himself. As a german, i find english media is quick to do this and it hurts the players growth. Milner is a solid all-rounder but we want tl challenge. We want something more in the alexis side of things. Even though he s decent. So now with a semi-decent signing and a someone who is unproven we shld nownfear the mighty pool and brenda?? Funny.

    1. Most on here are pre-occupied worrying about our own transfers. I think Liverpool need to worry about Liverpool transfers – not us. Ings may turn out to be the new Ian Rush for them – but until that happens I won’t be losing any sleep.

      Also not worried what United, City and Chelsea do in the window. It may sound counter-intuitive but I will pleased to see those taking points off each other more consistently than happened last year. It was the collective failure of anyone in the league that gave Chelsea their fast start. Our best chance of winning the PL lies in a close hard fought battle imo.

  2. No, unless Wenger doesn’t get anyone
    We should be fighting for first
    Liverpool will be fighting for top 5
    I expect Liverpool and Spurs will fight for 5th spot. Rogers spent £117 million on mainly average to good players. I think this summer he will spend less but no huge players probably.

    Milner is a good signing for Liverpool though.

    If it’s true that Van Gaal will spend up to £200 million on transfers we could see them fighting for first as well. Chelsea will be up there. I suppose City will spend BIG too. All 4 teams could fight for 1st.

    Again, if we don’t buy a couple of top players it’s possible we could fight for 4th again. Just a warning.

    1. Milner is a good signing but Liverpool are paying him a ridiculous salary. He’s a backup at any of the top 3 clubs but they are paying superstar wages.

  3. Im losing faith that we will get a DM and Window hasn’t opened yet lol. Hopefully, I’m wrong and Wenger will get Kondogbia or Schneiderlin

    I’m hoping he will get either Lacazette, Higuain or Martinez. This is crucial in my opinion.

    Benzema seems to want to stay in Madrid.
    Mourinho is interested in Falcao or Benteke
    So It’s possible Arsenal could fight United for a top striker. This worries me because United have £200 million to spend and can pay £300,000 per week salaries. I think the highest Arsenal would go is £200,000 per week but not for the three mentioned above.

    I hope we get Cech somehow. Maybe if United get Lloris and if Mourinho allows Cech to go wherever he wants due to his long-term loyalty. I can’t see him going to Spurs. He wants to stay in England but probably wants top 4 team.

    1. what are you pansie-ing about? relax! window is still open for ages. i trust wenger to get good players, but will he get enough? his buys have always been spot on. i mean compare them to brendas, city, spurs

    2. And don’t forget one deep lying playmaker is a must buy. Cazorla is the only DLP who fulfill our requirement. Gundogan, Cabaye(?), or Vidal(is he B2B?) or else.

  4. Liverpool played well in parts of last season but when the pressure was put on them the younger players weren’t up for it. Liverpool with Milner and a few other experienced or tougher players won’t crumble as easy and will probably have a good season, spearheaded by Coutinho who is looking a top player and still only 22. His goal against Mexico was like looking at Suarez. Arsenal have been quiet because the market isn’t open yet. I expect Wenger to make at least one big name signing for us.

    1. can you guys please stop buying into this coutinho is some top player, he had 5 goals 5 assists and created 58 chances IN 35 GAMES. Ozil had 70 chances created in 22 games. Look beneath the surface and actually watch him not only when he scores his random wonder goal

    2. lol is that a joke.

      1st off Liverpool had like three good performance all season. City, Spurs and some small club. they went on a run but they didn’t go on a run of good form all season. odd game here and there.

      2nd Coutinho has to be the most overrated player in the premier league. he was poor getting knocked off the ball n the early part of the season. had one or two good goal. looked good among rubbish but not much more. stats back that up.

      3rd it wasn’t the young players who let them down. it was experienced ones, like gerrard, toure, Johnson, lovren, balotelli, lallana, lambert and so on. it was their younger heads who performed. can, sterling, coutinho, Moreno, ibe, markovic.

      4th milner is average. lose gerrard and sterling. gain ings and milner and people are convinced they are going to win the league.

  5. I will only worry if they sign world class players currently they have zero and it’ll probably stay that way

  6. Chelsea and Man City are stronger than us currently but if we can buy 3 quality players we will be on par with them. Dont forget Chelsea and Man City will still strengthen their squads. Man Utd will sign plenty of players too but it will take them some time to perform consistently.

  7. I do not think that Liverpool’s signings (Milner and Ings) should be a reason to worry us. It would be if we were trying to sign them, but we did not. Milner is a good player and will improve Liverpool but would not play much for us. It is the same story with Ings who may be a success story in Liverpool but we are looking for much better players

  8. Fear Liverpool?
    Liverpool fell back
    last season. Suarez gone
    Sturridge injured and Stirling
    now unsettled. Gerard has gone also.
    Even if they get 50 mill for Stirling
    like Suarez he’s hard to replace.
    Sell Balotelli and back to basics for Liverpool
    Europa league will be their level for a while.

  9. Liverpool is not a top 4 club. They can’t attract top talent and when young players develop into stars (Suarez, Sterling) they can’t keep them. Look for Coutinho to want to leave next summer if he keeps improving.

    Liverpool will struggle to catch Spurs. They are nowhere near title cotention and not really top 4 contenders either no matter what their idiot ex-players turned media analysts say.

  10. I think we’re in a very good position when considering the outgoings of our rivals.

    Chelsea will loose
    ;gkcech (they can’t get a better no2)
    def Filipe luiz, (same as above + jay da silva is a hot prospect so will they replace him with a signing??)
    Cm/dm mikel or Ramires (hard to get bench players better than these and who’s good enough to bench matic/cesc{luftus cheek may get this spot})
    Adv mid Oscar?cuadrado?

    Returning players;omerou,Christensen,ake,Romeu,mcechran,van ginkel,Moses,atsu,traore,bamford,feruz..

    They need a gk/Lb/cm or dm/Am?/St just to be as competitive

    1. Manchester City outgoings. #=home grown
      Gk taylor#
      Def Richards#,boyata#?sagna or kolorov?
      Mid milner*# will be a big loss in terms of versatility they may need a cm and rm to replace him.
      Att dzeko,negredo, jovetic? (With bony just signing they are unlikely to sign any.

      Returning players: nastasic,rekik,lopez…
      What they need to be better ? A Lb or rb,cm,fwd/cam

      1. With so many homegrown going they may have to get homegrown players


        All are promising but Doesn’t compare to our targets
        Schnederlin,Vidal, kondogbia

  11. Man U
    Gk de gea,lindergarrd,Amos they will have to spend big to replace him or stick with Valdez)
    Def Raffael?evans
    Mid cleverly,di Maria? Nani?both won’t be replaced as Memphis just arrived
    Att falqao,rvp,Hernandez ( hard to find a world class St never mind replacing two)

    What they need ? Huge squad lacks quality in certain areas
    Gk or two, better cb,better rb,technical cm/dm, st

  12. Liverpool
    Def lovren?johnson*,manquillo*,Enrique?
    Mid gerrad*,Milner is the replacement lol
    Att sterling,lambert,aspas,borinini,balotelli? With ings signing there won’t be space for multiple replacements.

    They need
    Better gk
    Better cb
    A couple Rb’s
    Cm or rm

  13. I think you should be concern about what arsenal needs to compete because wenger Will be playing this stupid ass wait and see game. I am sure he Will be thinking that we still have enough quality to stay in the top 4 which we do based on the signings liverpool as done. Also, maybe i am wrong but 200 million is alot for united to spend it makes me wonder if there are that much top class talent out there that is AVAILABLE i am not sure it is.

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