Should Arsenal fans worry about Alexis Sanchez?

Is Alexis in danger of burning out?

We all know that Arsenal and Chile star Alexis Sanchez is one of the most hungry, passionate and determined players currently in the professional game and he well and truly does work his socks off week in, week out. But with basically two years straight of intense football, is he in danger of a burnout?

Alexis Sanchez hasn’t had a proper break from football for over two years, with the Chilean international only getting a few weeks holiday last summer and even then he was seen training out on the beach. Don’t get me wrong I love his passion, determination and enthusiasm to be as fit as he possibly can, but I really think he is going to put himself at risk of an injury and burnout at some stage of his career. Of course this would be extremely difficult for Arsenal as he is one of the club’s best players and we could see a repeat of Jack Wilshere’s burnout in the worst case scenario.

After signing for Arsenal in 2014, Sanchez had just finished a long season with Barcelona before featuring at the 2014 World Cup with Chile. His national side went home in the round of 16 so he still managed to get a relatively good break away from the game, but it was still an intense campaign for him. Then after a fantastic debut season with Arsenal, Sanchez then went to play in the Copa America, where his side won the tournament and Wenger had to extend Sanchez’s holiday, due to concerns about a possible burnout, so much so he missed out on all of pre-season.

Arsenal then saw the effects of a small strain on fitness for Alexis, largely due to exhaustion, in which firstly saw him injured for a large part of the campaign and then a drop in form as he failed to hit the high energetic heights that he usually meets in matches. Alexis was clearly struggling with the intensity of the campaign, not forgetting that he also hasn’t had the winter break off from football, that he was previously used to in Spain with Barcelona.

Currently Alexis is at Copa America with his national side, who have again reached the final after a fantastic competition and although Alexis is proving his worth in every performance, he is getting fouled an awful lot and could pick up an injury if not careful.

I don’t expect Alexis to ‘take it easy’ so to say, because that’s not the nature of his style. He shows that he puts all of his best efforts into every match that he plays and although it’s admirable, I think Arsenal officials and fans alike should be a little concerned, that if he isn’t careful, our superstar could end up picking up an injury that severely hinders Arsenal’s campaign.



  1. Indeed he is in red, with all these busy schedules. I guess AW will give him, ozil, a long break,and start with cambell/iwobi on the left cazorla in the middle, wallcott on the right.
    giroud >> cambell/iwobi – cazorla – wallcott >> ramsey- xhaka/coq >> monreal – gab- boss- bell>> cech. We have tough fixtures in the beginning and should start with a strong team.

  2. if sanchez gets injured he would have himself to blame as a professional player he should know better and look after himself!!

    1. I am sure that alexis looks after himself and minimises the risk of injury. However he cannot be blamed if he is on the wrong end of a bad tackle. Just like ramsey cannot be blamed for shawcross breaking his leg.

  3. Alexis only has one more game, then he can go for a whole months rest and recreation. He’ll be fine for next season.

  4. I think that alexis will always want to play and put in maximum effort. He needs to be carefully monitored and rested by the manager when necessary. I seem to recall his injury last season occured when he played with a “niggle”.

  5. No worries he will soon be on holidays after the finals, hope he spends some time at home and rest, take a vacation from football and relax with family.

    Come back to arsenal refreshed and ready to go

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