Should Arsenal’s Sanchez have been on Ballon D’Or list?

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez was left out of the shortlist to win this year’s Ballon D’Or, and many Arsenal fans feel aggrieved by the decision.

Seven Premier League stars did make the 30-man preliminary list, before the final three nominees are to be named in later in the year, and not one single Gunner has made the list.

Liverpool have two entries, with Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho earning their right to be there, and it is these inclusions which appear to have angered Arsenal fans most.

The pair enjoyed top seasons with the Anfield club, but their side only finished one point above our side, and much of our campaign was led by the Chilean forward, who impressed in a range of positions when asked upon.

Sanchez showed he was the real deal on a number of occasions, and it could even be argued that he is more deserving than Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

Chelsea pair Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante were in top form in pushing the Blues to win their second Premier League title in three years, and their terms definitely warrant inclusion, although neither will make the final three-man list.

Ballon d’Or 2017 nominees:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan), Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Edinson Cavani (PSG), Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), David De Gea (Manchester United), Paulo Dybala (Juventus), Edin Dzeko (Roma), Radamel Falcao (Monaco), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Mats Hummels (Bayern Munich), Isco (Real Madrid), Harry Kane (Tottenham), N’Golo Kante (Chelsea), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), Sadio Mane (Liverpool), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Kylian Mbappe (PSG), Dries Mertens (Napoli), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid), Neymar (PSG), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Luis Suarez (Barcelona)

Did Alexis deserve to have his name on the list? Who will join Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on the final three-man shortlist for the award?

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  1. Poor Sanchez. But he only managed to help Arsenal to lift the FA Cup this year, which is a minor trophy.

    I hope he can go back to his top form and sign a new contract with Arsenal soon.

    1. From reading the headline my first thought was no but after reading the article and seeing the list of nominees, you’d have to think those who selected this list must either hate Arsenal or Alexis. He wouldn’t be the only player on the list who didn’t win a major trophy or any trophy at all (Coutinho, Mane) so that shouldn’t be the reason he was omitted.

      1. To Ben fair though – Liverpool or Spuds would never get a player on the list if trophies counted.

        Look at Ramsey – more trophies than Gerrard and been further in an international tournament than Gerrard. But media bias plus the fact that he is Welsh stops people from acknowledging that he has surpassed Gerrard already.

        1. I’d swap ten Ramey’s for one Gerrard. Gerrard could have moved to a serial winner but chose to stand by his home side, I’d swap allot of these current players for a Gerrard. Man was a true competitor and one of very few at a rival who held hands up and said Vieira is just different class.

  2. we couldnt even qualify for UCL. lifting fa cup isnt enough for a player to be in that list. what is world class for us isnt world class for the rest of the world.

      1. they r alway on a bad run.argentina is the most overrated national side. a team that cant beat peru on their ground must not be in world cup

  3. He is in top 10 players but his attitude for 6 months has been crap and no one want to even see him, we have to accept all? No, let’s be honest, if we not in CL it is because he let down the team at some point last year, same for Ozil who is more reserve about it….But Sanchez and his attitude should have been sold, his energy and vibe are awful. You don’t even want him near the squad. with Man City dream….We should have sold him, he is dragging us for months. with his attitude as if we have to be his servant, get back to Chilie and get those life values back , he is a football player, but a man first, and as a player and man, his all attitude sucks , i don’t know why wenger kept him and take that shit, means we have to take it…I told yo before, get his ass on training camp, ruining all day, shut him up, keep him out of the squad, not even in bench to bring his laim superior attitude…All money he is making, he should think of Chilie street and reality for kids he was once…He is in a great city, a club that won in this league and would be in CL as every year without this type of laim ways…So, of course no one wants him around during that ceremony, not even in the room…Get real sanchez, you came from misery, benched for years by gardiola too, sell out, poor minded..;Not because you have money that you have classs, i won’t have him in my party, he doesn’t know how to act, bully!

  4. Sanchez do not deserve to be in that list nor room with his overall attitude; a football player, paid that much too, should be an example for kids he has let down for month acting big, a benched man who wants to go back to the man who benched him for money…
    We do not have all players from 2 manchester, but we have team players who play a football that beats teams like them, Leceister won with their heart…Sanchez has no heart for month but a dumb attitude as if he is on top of all of us and the world…Let him go bench De Bruine like The OX who i should not compare, he was respectful to us, Wenger messed him with position, left back at the end… Anyway, Sanchez should have been sold and now, he must be out of the team, not boss us if he can’t be that boss on and off the field…How can he say he want to go play CL elsewhere? He doesn’t deserve it and why we not, all paying his laim ways…Wenger is too soft but not the world, that’s why he is not in that list..;His laim attitude, looks like he mocks the team if you look closer…A dude who was on the bench, he developed here, became better overall, now, he wants to boss us….Get him out of the team, it doesn’t help to have such guy in locker room, he makes other feel like they are less as he is all that, kills motivation and others have to take that…Must be tuff for other players to have to feel like shit with a man walking like he is better than all of them and can ruin their goal, like working hard and one is ruining all…So, that’s what ballon d’or sees, an embarrassement for football that they don’t want in that room…As i said, he should have went to Man C, so gardiola reminds him how much of a diva he is….Bench him as for years! better off without him, we be in CLF!

  5. im sorry guys, im real pissed at this one, but glad it was brought up! No Mr Sanchez, i hope you read this! Look at his effect for past months since last season…Awful a bully with a few pounds in his pocket thinks he is better than all of us…No, he is not in that 30 player list nor he will be in 50 even if he has talent to be in Top 10, no one wants that attitude around at all, not even in the room. Wenger should learn from that, a player aint bigger than the club and other players. He was on the bench with Gardiola and will be again when there…No ballon d’or for such a awful display. A ballon d’or is an example first, flag of football, look at this bully! Of course we would play CL without his diva non sense last year…Should have wait season to be over before to ask to go, no respect for fans, team, meaning football in general; that’s why he is not on list, no other reasons.. Im glad that list came out, people will think, why? Then remember that bully attitude….Not like he didn’t know where he was coming, no one wanted him, he was bench and we can beat, did beat top teams with a team football and spirit, not with a diva…Shows how much we lose with this man! Better off let him out of the team to protect the team so they can focus, not have that laim attitude on field. Like he runs shit, go have that attitude with Ballon d’or! We lost CL foottball meaning millions in rights and all, then not selling him, we lost anither 60 million and more some were ready to pay…Sell him in Asia, he’ll get all money he looks for and we can get 60 not this winter, he’ll go free im sure,..Let him go fre even now.;Out!

  6. Please why is Benzema on that list. What has he done to deserve inclusion. I still think Sanchez shouldn’t be there but there’s still a play of politics there. Other names I think shouldn’t be there are mat hummels and edin dzeko. I think Sergio agueo should be there. Is edin dzeko better than aguero? Hell no! My opinion tho

  7. Couldn’t give a damn if he’s on it or not to be honest.

    Let’s face it, there’s only 2 or 3 players in the running to win it, the rest are just padding, and he hasn’t been anywhere near good enough the last 12 months to even be considered.

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