Should Arsenal’s Smith-Rowe go out on loan to get more game time?

Emile Smith Rowe, as per Bacary Sagna, must simply quit Arsenal. There is no other option, he thinks. As things stand, Sagna doesn’t see the Arsenal No. 10 reestablishing himself at the club and advises him to look for a loan departure and regain his form. “He’s been injured at times this season, but even when he’s fit, I don’t believe he would be part of Arsenal’s starting XI,” the ex-Arsenal man said on Games Cabin.

“However, he’s a good player, and a loan move may be the most beneficial thing for him at the moment.

“It will give him some time to play, and he won’t have to leave the club for good, so a loan move would be a wise option for him.”

Prior to this season, Smith-Rowe had slowly established himself as Arteta’s dependable. All at the Emirates had such faith in what he could do that they didn’t hesitate to give him the Arsenal No. 10 jersey. In the 2021–22 season, he was nothing short of incredible, managing 10 goals.

Many were expecting him to improve his stats this season, but an injury against Manchester United back in September that saw him out for three months disrupted his season. Due to the rise of his alternatives during his absence and the addition of Trossard, he is currently having trouble reestablishing himself in Arteta’s team.

Few people are certain of Smith Rowe’s preferred position at this time: the left wing (like the 2021–22 season) or the attacking midfield position, where he made his debut while donning the colours of Arsenal?

Anyway, if you were Smith-Rowe, what would you do? Stay or leave?

Daniel O

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  1. He should stay and fight for his place. He just returned from long term injury. Seems he had setback earlier. He will get his form again.

    1. First of all he needs to stay fit and ready for selection. He’s a quality player and we need him to get back to his best level, and if he does he will play.

  2. Prior to his injuries, ESR would either have started or been on the bench. Why the need for a loan? He’s not a untried 17 year old on the cusp of first team football – unless his form in training is below par

  3. Thank God that SAGNA is not running our
    club. Sounds to me, with his crazy suggestion that makes no sense whatsoever, that he is keen for us lose our best players. Perhaps he has become a Spud!! He has certaInly lost any sense he once had!


  4. It would depend on Arteta’s tactics next season. If Smith-Rowe can start in Xhaka’s or Odegaard’s position in some games, he’d better stay

    Maybe there will be some suitors for Nketiah and him

    1. You may be right…
      I think Xhaka’s position would be more suitable for than Odegaard..
      But I still have doubt about his ability to play box to box CM than only CAM or LW
      Xhaka is using all his years of experience this year to simply play box to box CM than CDM..
      I am not sure whether ESR can replicate that kind of understanding to play as box to box CM

      1. If Smith-Rowe can improve his weaker foot and utilize the half-space on the right as good as De Bruyne, he could be our main creative outlet

        I wish he was as technically-gifted as Maddison

  5. Of course not he’s an extremely important member of the squad who will get playing time with us. Where do you writers get such stupid ideas from or is it just to get reactions from us, ergo clickbait?

  6. Bless with beautiful close control and who carries the ball well , he’s a cleaner striker of the ball than his fellow country Bellingham.

    The gaffer could pull off a next master stroke by tweaking Smith Rowe to play in the mould of a Bellingham.

    The kid posses all the traits

  7. If one read the article again, the point being made is that ESR needs playing time to get back to full fitness and suggests that a loan move would suit him and the club for next season.
    Having seen the “rustiness” of some of our players, when they are reintroduced, including ESR himself, would it be sensible for MA to gamble him for any of the remaining PL games we had?

    Of course, in my mind, ESR is a part of our club’s future and loaning out Saliba didn’t do him any harm, along with Balogun it seems.

    1. It is too late to loan ESR now anyway, perish the stupid thought anyway. Extremely obviously , it is NOT going to happen, nor should it.

      It is a crazy and pointless suggestion which carries no sense, no weight and will plainly not happen. THANK GOD.


  8. That is YOUR opinion Jon.

    We all know it cannot happen this season, but The Arsenal could loan ESR out next season, with an immediate call back clause if required.
    That is a FACTUAL possibility and one that SAGNA was giving HIS opinion on, therefore it makes SENSE to him, carries weight and COULD happen.
    As a professional footballer, his OPINIONS and SUGGESTIONS should be considered and not dismissed out of hand by derogatory remarks.

    I didn’t COMPARE Saliba or Balogun LOANS, with a ESR loan, I just commented that their loan deals have benefitted BOTH parties.

    Any SENSIBLE person would have realized that and as for needing him this season, MA tried that and his fitness and playing time saw the substitute being substituted for lack of BOTH necessary requirements for the PL.

    1. Ken I reject all you write, even your childish attempt to shame me by copying my capitals, as simply wrong. Profoundly wrong.

      I will gladly bet you we will not loan ESR NEXT SEASON.

      NOT A CHANCE! Recall or not recall , not a chance of such a thing ever happening.


      In that sense alone I accept that it does make sense, BUT ONLY TO HIM.

      1. I couldn’t care less if you object or not and if you object to others using capital letters, stop using them yourself.

        I have not said that ESR will go out on loan next season have I?
        ONCE AGAIN, you fail to read what is being said, in your haste to denegrate other people’s opinions if they differ from yours.

        As for people having DAFT IDEAS JON, that applies to YOU and ME, but the FREE SPEECH that you so regularly go on about, ALLOWS all views to be expressed DOESN’T IT?

        I find it TELLING, that you cannot answer ANY of my points, but, instead, go on ANOTHER rant about MY use of CAPITAL LETTERS – I agree though, IT IS VERY ANNOYING ISN’T IT?!?!

        1. KEN OH DEAR ! HERE WE GO AGAIN! I will leave it here, as its no use expecting meetings of our minds on so many AFC topics. Sigh!
          I will though just add a final thought, that from Ad Pats viewpoint, he needs fan arguments and controversy. It keep his site in business, as actual news on a daily basis is as rare as hens teeth.
          Just a thought for anyone who cares to read this to consider.

  9. Definitely agree. ESR is clearly out of favour and like Tierney won’t get proper game time under this set up. I mean nobody can be more ineffective than Viera, right?

  10. We’ll need a solid squad with the CL next season, although if he keeps getting injured then we have to sell,

    1. You see Jon, here’s a knowledgeable supporter in Jen, giving her opinion without trying to belittle anyone else – really refreshing and I disagree with her, but respect her views.

      Try it out my friend, it will make you a better person in the long run.

      Jen, if he keeps getting injured, who would take a chance on buying him?

  11. Sagna said “at the moment”, so unless it’s his not so perfect English playing tricks he means this season, which is not possible. ESR may get some time in the remaining games, but most likely will use the pre season to get fit & blend with the squad. I’m interest in seeing how he fits with team now that his original role has been more or less successfully covered, but we can’t have enough skilled goal scoring players of his quality, so must not risk losing him.

  12. The issue with ESR has been his non availability for selection due to ongoing and consistent injury.
    If ESR was fit and available for selection, he offers Mikel Arteta options to replace Odegaard or Saka as a means to offer them a rest. ESR is a far preferable option in midfield than Viera.
    Arsenal will need a fit ESR in the squad to compete on all fronts next season; therefore no to a loan or sale.

  13. Pls can ARTETA sell or excommunicate Fabio Viera from the entire Arsenal team? He is inarguably the worst signing ARTETA ever made since taking the reigns at Arsenal.

  14. Smith Rowe reminds me of a well bred thoroughbred horse bless with power and pace in abundance, rarely does much as a result of injuries, but once a secret remedy is found to let his legs hold up will blows the opposition out of the field with minimum fuss.

    Smith Rowe has enough credit in the bank to trust him around more, plus he’s from the academy one our own.

  15. Going out on loan is a WIN: WIN scenario for both the team and the player(ESR).
    To be honest, very few players are suited to developing and realising their full potential at the Emirates.
    “You don’t learn to drive in a Rolls-Royce”. Arsenal is a “finishing school” for most players, where they learn the finer aspects of the game: proficiency, skills enhancement, systematic play etc.
    ESR needs a refresher course.

      1. I believe Theo Walcott earned numerous England caps, but that FACT hasn’t stopped you from castigating the player whenever you can.

        1. Weed Walcott was a long term idler who rarely tried his utmost and coasted along throughout his career.

          Essentially he wasted his talent bid time, as his final few years and now as a Saints reserve show only too well.
          Nothing against him as a man, but as a player he was a waste of a shirt, IMO!

          1. But you cited ESR ‘s England cap as a reason for explaining how good a player he is – then completely ignore the numerous caps TW was awarded, instead calling him lazy and a wasted talent!!!

            Last time I checked, this “wasted talent” had, through his footballing life, accumulated over £27,000,000, that’s an awful lot of money for a “waste of a shirt” and he’s still playing in the PL!!

            As I said above, everyone has crazy thoughts and ideas Jon and this conflicting basis regarding two players, shows it is one of yours!!

            1. Jon, I’m sure you have read that TW just helped Southampton draw with the spuds, scoring a goal in the process?!?!
              Funny old game eh Jon? SIGH 😂

  16. we’ve forgotten how intense schdules get with UCL matches. Can’t casually show up like in Europa and cheese some games, and also need to rest players and have some sort of proper rotation. we’ren’t we just complaining about not having quality rotation players outside our XI, and now people want ESR on loan?

    1. “Cheese”?!!

      On ESR, I agree that he will certainly not leave on loan But I DOUBT ANYONE ELSE, SAVE THAT SILLY ARTICLE WRITER , THINKS HE WILL EITHER.

      So it is NOT “PEOPLE, WHO WANT HIM LOANED” , BUT SIMPLY “PERSON”! And a daft one at that!

  17. ESR was productive last year, especially coming off the bench; scored 10 goals I think.

    Fitness has been an issue, but when healthy he runs rings around Vieira.

    IMHO keep ESR and loan Vieira until he grows out of his teenage body and puts on a few dozen man pounds, and learns to play in a physical league.

  18. If Arsenal really want to compete then ESR has to stay next season but also has to be given an opportunity to play himself back into form. You don’t see Pep letting Bernardo Silva or Phil Foden going out on loan because they aren’t playing every week. Arteta needs to establish his undroppables, which for me are Saliba, Partey, Odegaard, Saka, Jesus and then just rotate the other positions. Surely that’s how you keep everyone fit and keep everyone engaged in the process. If ESR knows that he is only going to get 10 mins here and there and that Vieira will get the cup games then obviously he will leave, why wouldn’t he. Arteta has some real learning to do when it comes to using his squad efficiently. He has done so much right this season but this is an area where Pep and Ten Hag outmanoeuvre him.

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