Should Arsenal’s unsung hero Leo Trossard now be a permanent starter?

Gooners are really impressed with how Declan Rice and Kai Havertz have elevated the standards at Arsenal with their £105 million and £65 million transfers, respectively.

Even so, if it weren’t for Leandro Trossard, the Gunners wouldn’t have had such a fantastic season.

In the Community Shield, the Belgian forward managed to score the equaliser against Manchester City, which ultimately helped Arsenal secure the victory and kick off the season with a well-deserved trophy.

In September of last year, Arsenal secured a 1-0 victory against Everton at Goodison Park, and it was he who found the back of the net, securing three points for Arsenal against the Merseyside club.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MAY 12: Leandro Trossard of Arsenal celebrates scoring his team’s first goal during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal FC at Old Trafford on May 12, 2024 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

In October, when Chelsea came close to beating Arsenal with a score of 2-1 at Stamford Bridge, it was he who helped Arsenal secure a point by scoring an equaliser in the 84th minute. This allowed Arsenal to salvage a 2-2 draw.

In the 3-1 win over Burnley last November, he not only broke the deadlock but also provided an assist for Arsenal’s second goal, which William Saliba scored.

Back in February, when Arsenal took down Liverpool 3-1 and claimed the top spot on the table, he made his mark as one of the Gunners who found the back of the net. His goal in that match was Arsenal’s third of the match, sealing the victory for the team.

He also came through in the Champions League, scoring against Porto to help Arsenal make it to the UCL quarter-finals.

On Sunday, in a difficult match against Manchester United at Old Trafford, he stepped up and scored the only goal, helping Arsenal secure their second league win at Old Trafford since 2006. That win puts them in a great position for potential Premier League success, especially if Manchester City falters this week.

Since joining Arsenal, Trossard has consistently displayed bravery and efficiency. Although he may not receive as much recognition as he deserves, he consistently delivers on the pitch.

So, if they don’t sign anyone else, can Trossard over Gabriel Martinelli become Arsenal’s top pick for the left winger position next season? What do you think?

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  1. I have always wondered why Arteta substituted Trossard when he is the most brave and strong forwarder we have among the lot. A game charger and you leave on players who can not die for club a little

  2. No need to pick either or. Both a great players and bring different qualities. Good competition for the 2

  3. Yes Trossard No 1 – Martinelli No 2! (PS: keep Thomas Partey. He is a serious talent despite being injury-prone

  4. I’ve always been one of Martinellis biggest fans ,but this season he as gone completely backwards ,strange one maybe injuries but either way he needs to up his game as Arteta will move him on .

      1. I don’t think that’s the case though Ken ,he was smashing it up last season without KT and he had zinchenko behind him ,maybe it’s a case of him getting to his lvl and dropping off ,I hope not as I really thought he was the next big player at Arsenal ,but when you look at a player like Sanchez (who I compared him to ) he is miles behind ATM ,I know age wise he’s got time but he’s been a massive disappointment this season .
        Strange one ,maybe injures or change of tactics but either way we know that Arteta is prttey ruthless with players once hey honour of favour

              1. I think I’ve kept up with you DK 😂😂😂
                Like you, I thought he was going to be the next big one and he’s too young to have reached his personal level.
                I really do think Zinchenko has changed so much this season compared to last season though and, just like Saka, teams are doubling up on him.
                As Neutral says below, Kiwior and Tomiyasu have also played in that LB role… but that’s where I see the problem highlighted inasmuch as there has been no real consistency on the left side of the pitch.
                I agree Tierney doesn’t fit MA’s style of play.

      2. Didn’t Timber play at LB in his only (part) game of the season?

        And Tomi has played there when fit, including recently. Also Kiwior has been decent at the very least.

        So I think there’s plenty of good L options in the Arsenal squad, just that the injuries meant some stopgap line-up had to be found.

        Arteta doesn’t like to play the traditional LB bombing down the wings, so Tierney is not an option now – Arteta likes to play a back four consisting of 4 versatile CBs, changing formation depending on if Arsenal has the ball.

        Tierney was played when he was part of the squad Arteta inherited. Tierney played his role well, so he was not top priority for replacement – but it seems his time has come.

  5. Putting aside his priceless goals, does Trossard ever make a serious impact on a game. In one sense he is no different from Aubamayang, floating around aimlessly for most of the game and then delivering a serious sucker punch. So far it’s worked, but in that case let’s just admit the we need a hot shot striker. The same can also be said for Harvetz. We are all grateful for his assist, it could be gold but for the rest of the game he was invisible. Unable to be of much use to Odegaard and Saka on that predictably over exploited right hand side.

  6. Also ,why do much love for Partey who delivered his usual quota of misdirected and back passes. The younger, faster United forwards found him out and it was only down to Saliba bailing Partey out of trouble and doing his job that three points were grabbed.

  7. I don’t see Trossard not starting the last Arsenal’s match of the season at home against Everton as an issue of concerns.
    For, Arteta will have him to start the match. But if there is no any problem that he has. Which will make him Arteta to not start him for the match.
    Aston Villa 3-3 Liverpool was a result in the Epl tonight. But which is looking to give Tottenham Hs the motivation to at home tomorrow night beat Man City. And keep alive but not kill their hopes to play Ucl football next season.
    Not minding if the hard die fans of theirs will see their beating of Man City by them if they achieve it. As tantamount to a betrayals. Betraying them in their vows to not ever help Arsenal to win the league title even this season to their faces,
    which they never in their wildest of imaginations would ever want to see their darling Tottenham Hs to ever facilitate it to happen.
    But what can the Spurs fans do? Other than to accept it if it happens. And move on hoping for the best for their Spurs team next season
    Even if they don’t want to see their follow Spurs team unintentionally, but still for their own sake. Have to help Arsenal win the title this season. And which I think and believe that it will surely come to pass this season.

  8. Who cares if Arteta moves on Martinelli. His tactics are too rigid for attackers to excel.
    Managers like Ancelloti give attackers freedom to do their jobs and that is why you see the likes of Vini playing very well.
    Moving Martinelli as suggested by some would be the biggest mistake Arteta has ever made.

  9. Trossard is not a 90 minute guy. He is an impact player. Most of the bad performances from him are when he starts the game and plays for more than an hour. He is a great game killer and he should be used as such. Sort of rationing his skills is the better way to manage him I think which Arteta seems to be doing. If the game needs to be killed in the first half, yes he should start every game. If the game requires more micromanagement and tactics to draw the game out, he can be an impact sub after the defenders are running out of steam. Either way, a must player in the squad who should be managed intelligently and timing is everything with him. He is the best goal threat we have in our squad but he should not be played for more than an hour at most.

  10. “Trossard and Martinelli both deserve praise and accolades for their performances. They have proven their worth as both starting players and impact players. They are of top quality and are crucial for a high-quality squad. Personally, I find it difficult to choose who should start because both will give their best, regardless of whether they start or not. It’s like a toss of a coin.” Arteta is doing a good job in regards to how to use and when to use Trossard and Martinelli.

  11. For a start, I dont think Trossard is an unsung hero. Arteta used him mainly as an impact sub in the initial part of his career. As he started getting better, he got starts either as a false 9 or on the left wing. Arteta could surely use him as a starter for the next season with Martinelli coming on as a sub. In certain matches Martinelli could start with Trossard coming on as a sub. Considering the number of games Arsenal will be playing next season, both Trossard and Martinelli can rotate with each other.

  12. If Trossard would have started the season at left wing, Havertz up top i reckon we won have won the league weeks ago. Martinelli isn’t world class he’s gone backwards and should a half decent bid come in I would be tempted to sell. He looked just as green as Garnacho maybe worse

  13. I thought Martinelli played quite well when he came on. True he didn’t kill the opposition off with his one chance but he held the ball up well wasting precious time while the rest of our players didn’t look like getting anywhere near the ball.

  14. Totally agree with Daulat.

    The problem with Trossard is that he does not have the same level of stamina as Martinelli.

    With the high level of energy soccer we are playing Trossard does not last a full game whereas Martinelli does.

    ps. neither should be sold

  15. Trossard is not an unsung hero by any means, in fact he is recognised by a majority on JA as being our most incisive , natural finisher.However, he faces in and out of games and as highlighted by Bang Bang, he does not have the stamina for 90 mins in the EPL..In his international career with Belgium he rarely, if ever, starts and finishes a game yet he can ignite the flames during his relatively brief periods on the pitch particularly if he is relieved of onerous defensive duties.Basically he is a real fox in the box who can sniff out chances quicker than most.In essence he is a very handy man to have around our Club.As to the downturn in the form of Martinelli, we have been over this ground before, but basically the young lad is the biggest victim of the imbalance in our side which is very much focussed on attacking down the right through White, Odegaard and Saka who gets the support which is denied to his young collegue on the left.Neither, Tomi,Kwior or Zinchenko can run beyond Martinelli to divert the attention of defenders, and until we get ourselves a conventional LB who can drive forward ,our left flank will continue to be ineffective.I have no doubt Martinelli would be a handful on the right where his crossing would of course be more powerful and accurate on his strong right foot, but alas, our Manager does not seem to recognise the benefits which could arise if our wingers interchanged more.Having brought us to the brink of the ultimate success I can appreciate to his reluctance to tinker tactically at this crucial stage but hopefully ,he will take steps to improve the balance of our side in an attacking sense next season.

    1. Martinelli has his must productive season by far playing with Zinchenko. Maybe Martinelli’s purple patch was when he was actually scoring goals and this now is his real level. He has also played on the right wing and looked worse than Nelson. I think the ship has sailed with the young man now and a move of club would suit both parties. I dont think hes a bad player i just think hes more suited to a team that plays direct football which we dont and struggles against teams that park the bus which everyone apart from city does against us these days.

  16. I’m sure if Martinelli had White overlapping and starting every week behind him, and Odegaard a permanent fixture on his side we would see better results.

    For example, let’s isolate Saka on the right and constantly double teamed, with no help or overlap, and keep Odegaard on the left with Martinelli and see how that works out

    Shocking how some fail to acknowledge his constantly being double teamed on the left, no help, and a different fullback to work with almost every week.

    Perhaps a consistent partner as LB, and Odegaard occasionally playing from the left as our creative force may see Martinelli regain his form.

    I think anyone on the left would experience the same difficulties Martinelli has faced. Trossard is doing well at the moment, and so did Martinelli for a stretch. Let’s wait and see before making any final decisions.

    It would be foolish to sell Martinelli at this point, without stabilizing the left side of attack or before seeing him closer to his prime.

  17. Trossard, the terminator should be kept against all odds, MA should should realise that if we want goals this is the guys. He is so sharp give his the slightest chance he will give you results. At times substitute other departments not always terminator. The regularity and predictability is just too much.

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