Should Arteta and Ozil just kiss and make up?

The relationship between Mesut Ozil and Arsenal is turning into a massive distraction and the media circus surrounding his every word is making JustArsenal into a warzone between fellow Arsenal fans. Surely this can not be allowed to continue for another year?

The fact is that, no matter how much Arsenal want to get rid of him, there is a standing contract in place that Ozil intends to honour until the very last day. There have been reports about clubs from Saudi Arabia and Qatar willing to take him off our hands, but as Ozil told the Athletic just last week: “My position is clear,”

“I’m here through to the last day of our agreement and I’ll give everything I have for this club.

“I’ll decide when I go, not other people.

“I didn’t sign for two or three years, I signed for four and that should be respected by everyone.

“Things have obviously been difficult but I love Arsenal, I love to work there, I love the people in the club — the real people, those I’ve been with for a long time — and I love London, it’s my home.

“Whatever happened in the last two seasons, I’m happy and very strong mentally. I never give up on anything. I want to help my team and I’ll fight for it. If I’m fit, I know what I can do on the pitch.”

So, it looks like Arsenal will simply have to accept his decision and try to use it to their advantage. They are going to have to pay him in full whatever happens, even if they buy out his contract, so why not accept that he could still be useful to the club.

He could play in the Europa and League Cup games at least, so Arteta could see if he ever returns to his old imperious form, and he could be an emergency backup if we get our usual long injury list in deepest winter.

But surely the media circus has to stop. Ozil must stop his war of words with the club and put his head down and stay away from controversy. If he really loves the club, as he so often purports, then he must stop speaking out on political and religious issues which is damaging our reputation, while he is still an employee, and in return the club must refuse to answer any more questions about him in every single press conference.

If they don’t make up quickly, this could turn into a very difficult season for Arteta, the club, and Mesut Ozil himself…


    1. Because Ozil is the one being called an Arsehole here… We can’t call other people names, but we are allowed to do so to Ozil on here

  1. No, aside from his poor attitude and ‘bad back’ he is simply not good enough now or interested, probably both. He retired years ago, best he buggers off to join his soul mates in the middle east.

      1. Middle east non sense. No discrimination at Arsenal, we have players from all over.

        Ozil really commited his future to Arsenal and loves the club

        All these negative comes from a poisonning portion of our so called fans and journalists.

        Before he gets injured Arteta played him in each games and everyone was praising him. No one to realize that he must had a fitness issue to be suddenly outa team. If he is back on pitch and does well, it will be praises again.

        He is really strong mentally to take all this harrassement for no reason.

        We paid him 15M/ year when he was at his top, desperately try to not lose him for free. Not pay 60M for his replacement… A win win, he could have left as Sanchez but commuted on long term… Everyone happy then!

        Enough with our boy, that is insane and unreal, so wrong, abusive and rude beyond football, he is a person.

    1. The circus only starts when people on websites keep bringing it up in just to fill space, most of us have grown tired of answering questions about him and have moved on yours sincerely mesut x

  2. Who gives a F##k iulf they do or they don’t? Not me. I don’t.
    I have no expectations from Ozil anymore, and I already said I ain’t gon be engaging in the Ozil weekly articles.
    I’m happy with what’s going on right now in the transfer Market so I don’t give a damn bout what Ozil does or not.
    In a year time he’ll be gone and y’all can hopefully drop the obsession about him.

    OT: Arsenal have made a proposal to Lyon worth £55M for Aouar. All that remains is Lyon’s response, if they accept or reject it.
    Calm down, Arsenal will activate Partey’s clause. Arsenal are chasing Aouar next because
    *Partey’s clause can be activated afterwards or anytime.
    *Partey already agreed personal terms with Arsenal
    *Partey has told his suitors that he only sees himself in one of two clubs next season, Arsenal or Atletico. He’s not interested in leaving Madrid for any other club than Arsenal. Told Arsenal he’s not going anywhere
    *Aouar has more suitors than Partey and time can’t be wasted.

    It’s up to Lyon now to accepw or reject Arsenal’s proposal. Like I’ve always said, three midfielder were Arteta’s target.
    Torriera could be leaving for €30M soon.

    1. Eddie, Honestly now , do you have info on any of the incoming rumoured players and also on Torreira that the rest of us don’t have? IF you have, then please share precise details as there is a fervent hunger out there for REAL INFO, not just repeats of old rumours.

      1. It’s not rumours I’m posting…
        Fiorentina wanted to take Torreira on loan with an option to buy for €16Million, but Arsenal needs cash instead of loaning.. Fiorentina are willing to match Arsenal’s request of €30M if all goes well.
        So, there’s high chance Torreira would leave. Also Guendouzi will too if offers come in.
        Like I’ve been saying before nearly half of the squad were put up for sale, a lot of them their wave is the issue.

        All Nasr want Ozil, but will Ozil leave?

        Schalke 04 want Kolasinac on loan plush option to buy, Kolasinac is considering taking a paycut to go back.

        PSG and Juventus are seriously interested in taking Bellerin, we might see both teams bid.

        Some clubs already made enquiries bout Mustafi, but he’s injured and there’s nothing concrete yet.

        Sokratis will leave for Napoli, Koulibaly has agreed personal terms with City, all that remains is City reaching a fee with Napoli, then Sokratis can leave.

        If the right offer comes in, Arsenal will sell Lacazette, he’s 29 with two years remaining.

        Arsenal made a U-turn and want to keep AMN now. I guess we might really lose Bellerin and AMN might take his place. Depends if we let go of Bellerin, but Arsenal won’t let go of him cheaply.

        The Aouar deal is more important because other teams could swoop in and Arsenal have verbal agreement with Partey, but definitely Arsenal have plans to activate Partey’s release clause before the window closes.
        If Partey doesn’t end up at Arsenal, he’s not leaving Athletic this summer. He has offers from other clubs too.
        Like Ornstein already said, Partey is a top priority for us, and Edu + Arteta likes Aouar a lot, they’re really trying to bring him this summer.

        Oh and Ceballos should fly back to London tomorrow or this weekend, but he’ll have to quarantine for 14 days. He’ll miss our first game I think
        So i

      2. Hi everyone, I hope my comment meets you well.
        As for the admin, I think your problem is more than that of Ozil. Yes, he’s not in his prime but still put in his best for the period been called upon by Arteta before later frozen out of the squad.
        One question I will need clarity for is that “did you think Arteta is happy for not using him, knowing fully well his abilities with ball and what his team needed at that moment?”
        Sitting Ozil out of the tean is not Arteta’s wish but that of the club hierarchy. Things gone worse the moment he latched the hierarchy for always not supportive of him in any ways from the period his nationality was question by the country he dedicated all his life for (Germany) to when the club turn her back on his comments on issues affecting China Muslims down to agreeing pay cut during covid crises he claimed not to have enough information as to the reason for such.
        I belief everybody has right to their decision. Try walk in his shoe before you castigates or condemn him.
        Thanks for your time.

    2. All pure speculation Eddie!(newspapers and online I’m guessing your sources?)…..unless you work at Arsenal and are actively involved in the club’s transfer!

      1. Newspapers? Have you read anything about Arsenal making an offer for Aouar in papers or online?
        Have you read anything about Partey in papers ?
        Like I’ve said before, I filter a whole lot of crap from what the media reports, you are aware there are actually Journalists with access and inside sources at Arsenal right?
        Also where I mostly get and go read my transfer update from is from one who used to report from the Emirates live on match days.
        I’ve seen a lot of his reports come out as he said, so I’ve decided I’m not following whatever media reports, it only comes out late in the media I guess.
        Would you be surprised if I told you Ceballos already made the decision he wants to come back three weeks ago and he already informed his families and friends? That was before Arteta admitted he wants to bring him back.

  3. It should have never gotten this far to begin with. Management should have resolved the issue without trying to strong arm the player because bad PR is costly. As for those who claim Ozil is washed up and no longer able to contribute, they are applauding the signing of a 32 year older winger pretending he is in his prime. Ozil is the best Arsenal player when he is left alone to play his game and be creative.

    1. Best Arsenal player indeed.
      I’m glad a whole lot of you ain’t the coach because you’ll probably keep players that are past their prime and in decline at the club, I bet a whole lot of you if you had your way Koscienly, BFG,Litchsteiner,Coquelin would all still be playing and playing for us.
      I don’t know what’s hard in admitting all players are bound to decline and there’s no Shame in it

      1. IF Icw had his way we would be still using both George Graham AND his famous back four in the team. Some fans just will not face the evident truth about Ozil and that is their own personal tragedy, as delusion is always unhealthy.
        The amount of such fans who still, even now, post about what he once upon a time did in Germany and the World Cup, BACK IN ALMOST MEDIAEVAL TIMES, IS LAUGHABLE!

        1. jon, I’d have them back tomorrow at Arsenal. Has someone found the fountain of youth and made them available in their prime?

      2. But you are the expert??? Everyone can have his opinion and their Favorites or are We supposed to nod our heads to everything you write – Eddie?

        1. No I ain’t no expert and neither do I give a damn if you nod your head or shake your head to whatever I say, but it won’t change the truth which is players declined and Ozil is a declined player, it’s not rocket science to figure out.. Now if you expect him to be the same Ozil we once knew, meh that’s in your head not mine.
          I’ve never stopped anyone from having their opinion and I won’t, so get on with your delusions that Ozil is the best player at the club

        1. Oh another one who constantly hates and gets rattled by my opinions.
          Why am I not a coach?
          I am a music producer, a happy one and a happy fan.
          What else do you want to know?
          I see you’re always rattled whenever I talk about Ozil. Well guess what? OZIL IS AN AVERAGE PLAYER NOW, HE’S FINISHED AS A PLAYER AT TOP LEVEL. there I said it, go pop some pills if you hate my opinions that much

          1. I don’t remember replying to you before but if that’s the case I usually don’t like people who belittle others comments or football knowledge so to speak to add weight to their opinions (as if it ever works).

            99% of fans knows very little about the technical side of football me included. We may talk here and there as if we know what we are talking about but that’s okay because it’s part of the fun. I don’t wanna know the technicalities because it will take enjoyment out of the games. I wanna enjoy the match and celebrate the goals if we have a good game or sulk and rant later if we have a bad game. Knowing the technical stuff to me adds absolutely 0 value to my enjoyment of the game.

            The remaining 1% don’t know much like they think they do. It is not easy as it looks. Go ask Gary Neville, Tony Adams, Roy Keane, Alan Shearer or the great Thierry how easy is it. Those are the legends some with statues and have learned their trade under the greatest of all time yet they know Jack about coaching, yet the average fan armed with keyboard think they are the mini Ferguson’s.

  4. Ozil has a body language issue, yes, and that’s it.
    He was playing well before he was suddenly frozen out for God knows why.
    Ozil loves London and Arsenal and so he is going nowhere till the end of his contract, at least.
    The coach now has no choice than to play him for what he’s being paid (he clearly works hard in training and should be selected), or just let him sit out his whole contract – as simple as that.

    1. “He clearly works hard in training” says who? Ozil? It’s Arteta, who makes the decisions as to team selections, thus it Arteta that Ozil has to impress.
      Unfortunately, without the ball, with Ozil in the team, Arsenal play with 10 men. This is something Arteta cannot accept.

  5. I don’t think we should judge Ozil on these press news issues,which barely not correct,it’s there to kill the team we love Arsenal,not Ozil,he still has a lot to offer to our midfield,the problem is there is too much politics within the club, instead they should focus on football and only clever deals,they offered him a contract, and they should deal with it internal,I hope he goes for the sake of the club and his career,but if he stays, the real is play him because every week of politics,he will get that £350k watching at home,and soon people will be calling for the poor guy to help when things goes back to usual. God bless Arsenal.Ozil we are within your rights,we will support you Don’t go brother,from africa

    1. Hi Sibanda

      You are not an Arsenal support, the whole point of not playing him, is so that he can go, and if he don’t go, that will only reflected on him. He is not offering much at this stay. The only thing Arsenal need is his wages so that we can reinvest that, and if you don’t support that, than you are not supporting our club and don’t want us to move from 8th position on the table to top 4 and later winning the league.

  6. Off the pitch Ozil is humble and gentle, but with AFC he has this arrogance which irritates me. One month has gone yesterday, counting the months left to see him finally off our club for GOOD! His pride and arrogance will ensure he does not play to his peak, so let him be happy training with the under 10s, to keep himself injury free.Let Arteta do what he is good at doing – winning trophies without Ozil in the squad. Let us not try fixing what ain’t broken.
    Its good for Arsenal that Ozil stays at a distance from the first team.

  7. I am just wondering if his contract has extras attached regarding how many games per season he plays, the number of goals he gets or a win bonus, etc. This may explain the clubs’ reluctance to add any more cash to his coffers after his dispute over a pay cut. If this is the case I would not be surprised to see him playing in a number of matches that would include the Europa and Cup games before an appearance bonus is activated.

    1. Based on his scoring over the last two seasons, any reasonable goals scored target in a performance contract would surely not have been met. One of the problems at Arsenal over recent seasons has been the lack of goals scored by midfielders. Ozil has been a poor contributor in both goals and assists.

  8. Kiss and make up…..rubbish. Ozil has created his own problems here not AFC or Arteta, are we also going to blame Emery as well????
    Ozil has underperformed for a long time and his attitude to fight for the team is terrible. You only need to look at the Europa cup final against Chelsea to see how bad his attitude was. How many chances do you need to show you’re still a loser! How many excuses of blaming different managers?? It’s everyone elses fault except himself….! We beat teams like Liverpool and Man City without him…..the youngsters have a better attitude than him

  9. Does anybody on here think that Arteta wouldn’t like to have Ozil among his choices? Do you really think Arteta is that stupid? Ozil is simply not interested about football anymore. He is done. All he wants is money and lifestyle. If he doesn’t leave send him to play with the reserves for a whole season. He wouldn’t mind I guess as he has shown already that the levels of his personal pride are so low

    1. There is no making up, the ball was/is in Ozils court, he needs to put some effort in for his 350k and stop taking the micky out of Arsenal. I cant se that happening though because he seems intent on robbing us blind.

  10. The author of this article needs to STFU regarding Ozil pillaging Arsenal for their inconsistent and hypocritical political statements.

    We didn’t support his stance re China’s treatment of Uighurs who are being placed into the equivalent of concentration camps solely as we hope to gain financially from their market. This is fine if you don’t broadcast a bullshit message about being politically agnostic only to jump on the BLM movement like a cheap slag in a brothel at the first given opportunity

    1. John, I don’t disagree about the hypocrisy in professional sport and governments. I only wish that Ozil made similar protestations to his friend Erdogan about the treatment of the Kurdish people both within Turkey and Syria.
      The Kurds took the fight to ISIS as allies of the West and were then sold down the drain, in particular by the USA to appease Turkey.
      In addition, Ozil’s friendship with Erdogan did not go down well with Germany’s Turkish population, who have seen Erdogan gaol and murder his political opponents.

  11. I don’t blame Ozil one bit. He’s on an enormous wage (which Gazidis signed off on) and having fallen out with Arteta can find no way back into the managers favour. Mikel said everyone gets a clean slate, but it doesn’t appear to apply to Mezut, which is a damn shame because he could contribute and will be looking for a deal elsewhere during his last season with us. I really don’t care about his religious, social or moral issues, just his employment by Arsenal who are spunking up £350K per week on him and getting zero return. How ridiculous is that?

    1. . How ridiculous is that? Very! Your maturity and wisdom shows because what you say makes business and practical sense. A player with Ozil talent does not forget how to play overnight. Arsenal needs to get their money worth and use him instead of demeaning the guy. Artera had some success this year even though we finished 8th. But he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he will have the same success going forward. Look at what the players Chelsea, MU, City, Liverpool other clubs are signing. Next year will be . We need to score goals and we need Ozil.

      1. But both the previous manager froze him out of the squad even for minuscule europa cup matches.

        That says there’s something wrong with ozils attitude ,remember Arteta and ozil were team mates

        1. the first manager does not count. Even when he was at PSG he had personal problems with all their stars and never won anything.
          As for Artera freezing him out we don’t know the whole story. You don’t suddenly freeze somebody out after they play 10 games in a row. Ozil said it was not for football reasons so the jury is still out.

          1. lcw, please check your facts, before you sprout nonsense, such as Emery “never won anything” at PSG.
            In his time at PSG Emery won 7 of the 8 available domestic trophies in France. He left of his own accord at the end of the 2017/18 season to take up the head coach position at Arsenal.

  12. No, just let him go. Everything has a beginning and a end. Ozil must just accept that this is end of his Arsenal journey. He was here for about 5 or 6 years and we need something else. We pay him a lot of money, he should do the honorable thing and go. The longer he stay, the more respect he will lose.

  13. This site has to be the worst. How about you all instead of fuelling the so called “CIRCUS” not write about this nonsense. Let the club do what they see fit with Ozil. Simple. This NONSENSE is beyond a discussion and an article. About Hurting the club’s reputation. What nonsense you all write!

    1. Agreed 100%. Arteta has demonstrated that he’s smart and bold enough to make the right decisions. If he thinks Ozil is not fit for his system, so be it. If he chooses to play Ozil, so be it. Enough of this nonsense only meant to further cause division.

  14. From what I have come to understand in this matter, Ozil is clearly NOT in Arteta’s game plans, and he (Ozil) can NOT pretend he doesn’t understand this obvious fact.
    If Ozil had any conscience, he would see that his HUGE wage is preventing the club he claims he loves from strengthening. Ozil is weakening the club RIGHT NOW. Ozil is damaging Arsenal badly at this time.

    If Ozil had any love for Arsenal as he claims, he would understand that its no longer about him but about the future of Arsenal and her chances of doing well this season. Ozil is deliberately punishing Arsenal, Ozil is deliberately making Arsenal’s transfer business difficult.
    Ozil, what will you gain by ruining Arsenal’s chances of signing Thomas Partey, Hassem Aouar and Gabriel? Or would you rather see Arsenal remain spineless? The club you claim to love?

    There is surely something called “divorce” if a marriage has gone bad.
    Ozil should just take a bow and leave for his namesakes.
    If there is any truth to the 15million Al-Nassr rumour, Ozil should grab it. Be the man and walk.

      1. There is more gain for Ozil financially, if he takes the offer in Saudi Arabia. He will have enough money for his wife to fly to any city in Europe to shop whenever she wants.
        Also Ozil will have great opportunity to address with the shrieks and princes, the many human rights abuses of his fellow Muslims.

        1. Do you realize that you are saying you know what’s better for Ozil than Ozil himself? Are you aware of how ridiculous that sound? What you know about Ozil is what you see on the pitch and what you read on the media. Apart from that you know absolutely nothing about the man. To come out and say whats better for him is just wrong on all levels.

          Let’s try this, I know whats better for you Ozzie, whats better for you is to not comment on Mesut’s articles. How about that?

        2. This comment makes me think you just don’t like Mesut because he is muslim. Guess what? Human rights abuse happens all over the world including your country Australia. Doesn’t your country oppress the indigenous people? The true owners of the land?

          What your country do to aboriginals is same like what happens to African Americans (funny there is no European Americans).

          When you point a finger to someone always remember three are pointing at you. When you want to talk about human rights abuse start at your home before you point to somewhere else. Your country is not a human rights paradise.

          1. Highbury so called Hero, my comments regarding Ozil defending the Urghars, which is commendable, was to point out that the situation regarding the ill treatment of the Kurds is closer to home for Ozil, yet he is a supporter of Erdogan and says nothing.
            Aboriginal people are not oppressed in Australia, they are guaranteed the same civil rights as everyone else. Yes there is racial prejudice, by bigoted people as there is in all counties. Yes past treatment was nothing to be proud of, but such behaviour has occurred in most countries. I have played sport with and coached many players of Aboriginal decent and count them as friends.
            As far as knowing what Ozil wants, I was just pointing out that he would be better off financially and get more playing time if he took the option to move to Al Nass’r.
            You have been on this site a relatively short time, but become personal about issues, when others have differing opinions. I have been on this site for a considerable time to both learn and educate; however it is getting to the point with more people like you, that it is not worth the effort.

          2. Yes I have been at this site in a short time but I have been a human being for a long time. And most of us were readers of this blog long time before we started commenting. Every long time reader of this site knows there is always a Sue in comments. Only when we start commenting do we notice other regulars.

            You constantly rumble about human rights abuse in Muslim countries but you have been fed those info by the media. Which Muslim country have you lived at and experience or witness those abuses first hand?

            The same media tells me aboriginals suffer a great deal at your country. They fill the majority of prisons because they are guilty by default, they die easily because of lack of access to medical care.

            There are a lot of human abuses in every country, every religions, every race. The fact that you only see Muslims says a lot to me.

            When you call yourself an educator and that you have given up on me but that is just glorifying yourself. You think you are superior than me. What makes you think you know better than me or other people like me? Because I don’t agree with you? You want me to just agree with everything you say for what exactly? So you can like me? And how will that benefit me anyway. Thankful I am among those who don’t look for happiness in likes from internet strangers.

            You can comment on anything you want that was my point. If you don’t want anyone to tell you what to do, Mesut wants same also.

            About your never ending rant of Mesut and Erodgan yes its hypocrisy from his part. Its so obvious it doesn’t need a daily reminder. Every person is a hypocrite now and then. I see one hypocrite every morning in the mirror as I am sure you do too.

          3. HH, I don’t mind discussing any issue, with anyone and disagreement makes one re-evaluate their position and check their facts, in light of new information.
            What I won’t tolerate is discussions in personal abuse, particularly when people can hide in the anonymity of the Web. People tend to be more civil when face to face.
            I have travelled the world widely, including Muslim countries. Australia has a great deal of cultural diversity, including a large Muslim community. At the last census 604,200 people identified as Muslim (2.6%). Countries of origin include, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iran and Egypt. Many have emigrated because of the conflict, political and religious persecution in their home countries. I have worked with, been neighbours of and friends of Muslim people.
            If you visited Australia you would be surprised.
            I have never criticised Mesut Ozil because of his religion or his nationality. I have lost family fighting in wars against Turkey, Germany and Japan, but hold no malice toward them.
            Just remember the words of Voltaire and like what you see in the mirror.

          4. You completely missed my point Ozzie. I know a Muslim lady who have migrated to Australia since her teens. She is in her forties now and she has nothing but only good words to say about the place and the people.

            What I am telling you is if you follow the media and choose the country of your choice and follow human rights abuse of that particular country you are going to have a lot reports concerning the issue.

            Your constant rumble about human rights abuses in Muslim countries is nothing more than the lies you have been fed by the media. I think everyone should know by now not to trust the media that much.

            You said you have visited Muslim countries can you tell me then did you find they are living miserable lives without any rights or just happy people going on with their lives.

            Since I haven’t visited much Muslim countries myself I will take your word for it.

    1. Ozil is a great Player and Arsenal a great Team..Like you say in a Marriage you tie the knots ..till death do us part…you have have your ups and downs then it does’nt work go your own way or so… if agreement is reached…But Ozil is still in love and want to stay with the club..Then why the fuss..its internal…Its only all the bad vibes plus some shitty supporters influancing and creating the ruckus..He has a contract he wants to see out which was agreed by Arsenal..We dont know the politics surrounding the freezing out of this player immediately after the lockdown,why so ,he did add some flare when he was playing and also winning …Sorry …we have the haters and the lovers,..but be it you in his shoe will do the will never walk he is the man …his was a business deal …let it end amicably..I LOVE ARSENAL.

      1. Hi samRSA

        This is nonsense, Ozil doesn’t love Arsenal he is in love with his pay cheque, and anyone who doesn’t see that his is a fool or fooling himself.
        The club he love so much ask him to take a pay cut of 12,5% to help the club in a difficult financial period, he Ozil who earn the most money said No and you telling me he love the club, I am saying again that person is either a fool or can’t think reasonable.
        This club who contract him for 6 year, give a Mega contract 2 and a half year ago of 350 000 a week, the second or third higher earner in the League, ask him to move on so that we can rebuild our team for the better of the team, he refuse
        We currently are not playing him, trying to convince him to move on. Let me tell you ever year a lot of professional soccer players who are not get playing time at a club move so that they can play.
        They move to small clubs, for less money, some even move to small leagues and small countries.
        Sanchaz & Mkhitaryan move because they want to play and like to play for a clubs that want them there. Ozil is not and will never be an Arsenal legend, current his is the bad one and with the poor character.
        This is purely a soccer issue and nothing else, and if you are not a soccer person, please don’t try and comment on this issue, you just sound stupid. Currently there are not one Europa club interested in Ozil and that must be because of soccer.
        I am not even talking about his soccer form the last 2 year, it was absolutely poor.
        And anyone who is current backing Ozil or telling us that Ozil is in love with Arsenal is not an Arsenal supporter or so someone who love Arsenal football club.

  15. Eventually he will play at some point, we cant pay him a whole season to seat on the bench, if we can’t get him out, sardonically he will be forced to play

  16. Leave Ozil alone,,, let him enjoy his contract. Useless coach for hating him. Bench or on pitch, give him his money and in full.

  17. If we were in Ozils shoes we wouldn’t leave either

    Blame arsenals contract negotiators not Ozil

    FYI he had the most chances created for us last season.

    1. Hi Nicholas

      Sanchez and Mkhitaryan left, so Ozil don’t want to play soccer, just want to receive a pay cheque

  18. Am like Mr Writer, ain’t you happy with AFC current state of Balling? Why would you be assuming putting Ozil in a team that’s been well coordinated recently?

    Terrible Mess!

  19. Gily
    Not true. Ozil was not playing well; he’s never played since he renewed his contract. Pre Covid-19; he had two assist and one goal. Saka has more assist and goals than Oziland Saka is not on 350k a week

  20. Why are we still engaging in Ozil conversations. I thought that he has retired for a while now. Because, since he received the bumper contract of 350,000 pounds weekly from Arsenal, what has he done on the field of play to justify his wages? Nothing. I respect him, as a former great of the game, but it is over now. Ozil has passed his best. While we can thank him for his services to the club and charity gestures, he no longer fits into Arteta ‘s Arsenal new philosophy. Ozil is tired. He just can’t get fit enough, as he regularly suffers from bad back and poor performances.Time to go bro. Move on Arsenal , must sell him asap.

  21. On the club’s web site Ozil is still listed as an Arsenal player and appears free of his ‘back injuries’ and unless he’s developed Rabies, Covid or some other ailment is fit to train & play. Problem is that he doesn’t really fit into the way we play under Arteta who wants his men to be multi functional and we all know that Ozil doesn’t do multi, just get someone else to tackle back, win the ball & give it to him. He’s been a luxury player for a couple of years now and could still play against lesser teams to give more worthy players a break, so perhaps he’s best suited to that role for his time left with Arsenal.

  22. Seems Ozil is just not in the managers plans. If he is staying and sitting on his contract then that is just reality. He can train with reserves until the contract is up while everyone else moves forward. ozil is allowed to stay as his contract allows him to, and Arteta can bench him if he sees no use for him.

  23. Ozil is not good enough. The game has moved on from luxury players.

    That said, why should he keep his mouth shut on religious and political issues?

    Should Rashford shut up about his issues? What about racism and the current movements?

    Ps you notice how Ozil played in most games before China decided to not show Arsenal games anymore?

    At least you’ve named the site correctly ‘justarsenal’, sadly the world in which Arsenal operate in involves more than just football. With a dearth in leadership across the world, famous people in all walks of life will be forced to pick up the batton. The sooner you accept this, and stop playing ignorant, the sooner the world gets better.

  24. Well said Jacob.Politicians throughout the World are struggling to gain the respect of the Public at large and I admire the likes of Rashford for breaking out of his cosy privileged bubble to bring about changes which are badly needed..Good on him and others like him.

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