Should Arteta drop Partey and go all out in attack?

Should Arteta risk trying an experiment?

After watching the team last night, I have even more questions to be asking. Two very different halves producing two very different sides is not what we want to be watching!

We started so well and dropped off after the goal, which is understandable, but we failed to be able to pick things up and that was worrying to see!

I know we have been struggling for goals this season, but with the firepower we have that should not be the case!

To me, a lot of our players are just average!

Thomas Partey did not do well enough, he was slow, and despite his shots on goal that went just wide, up until now, I really am not impressed with him and whenever he gets the ball outside the box I find myself saying “please don’t shoot.” I cannot wait for the day one of those shots actually rifle the back of the net but until then I beg him to stop. I know he has struggled with injury but he slows the midfield down too much and hasn’t improved.

A similar thing can be said for Pepe, sometimes he seems to slow the game down a little too much and then other times he realises his ability and shows bursts of pace.

But what I want to know is where is the fast-paced football, the one touch football that we like to see?

Teams cannot cope when you come at them with fast football but Arsenal even though they at times start bright cannot keep the same energy up and that is frustrating!

So, I wander if it is time for an experiment.

Maybe Arteta should sacrifice Partey and go one man less in midfield, to then stick a Lacazette up front or a Martinelli on the wing or something along those lines!

Why do we have to be so defensive? Why can we not go out attacking? After all we need goals to win games and everybody can then pitch in for defending.

Aubameyang was running around defending with high intensity last night and Laca holds the ball up well. The team needs to work together, it doesn’t matter if that is not your role you should be able to do everything once on the pitch.

I am not a chef but I cook sometimes, I am not a formula one racer but I can drive.

So even you are not a defender you still need to know how to defend and if you are not an attacker you still need to know what to do when going forward.

A team is all about learning, building and being versatile and having experience in many different positions, so why can’t Arteta use that to his advantage rather than going with either/or.

I guarantee if he does explore the possibilities of mixing things up and having more versatile players on the pitch he won’t be disappointed as long as he can ensure he has a balance from all of his players at all times.

Who’s to say it won’t work? You won’t know if you do not try it.

And if it doesn’t work, he can revert, but as things do not seem to be working out as we had hoped and we seem to be scraping through draws and holding on, maybe he should push the boat out and try something new because then and only then will we know what will work!

But what have we got to lose? Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. and if it doesnt work, who takes the blame… or Arteta?

    When will people realise its going to take a few years for the core players to grow into big players? Its a young young squad, building for the future. Success isnt going to happen next week however much you talk about it.

    1. Project youth has the tendency to crumble without a leader or mentor in the team like how it was for Aston Villa a few seasons ago. Or even our attempt at youths a decade ago and that was with some inspiring seniors in the squad.

      If the ongoing draws and defeats are unaddressed, it is very unlikely for our “core players” to evolve spectacularly. The likely outcome is that they will become stagnant at the level which they are at today.

      I certainly hope that is not our fate.

      1. Everyone talks like our team are all 11 years old! They are mostly fully grown men of 23-24, not Job Experience teenagers. Scholes, Beckham, Butt etc all became Man Utd regulars when they were 19/20. And they have all been playing at a high level for some time. The 6 summer purchases were partly chosen for their maturity and leadership qualities.
        The difficulties are not down to their ages. Partly adapting to the toughest league in the world, partly due to getting to know each other, but primarily due to a manager who thinks they should master every position in the team, and constantly plays them in unnatural positions. Due to a manager who instructs offensive thinking players to play negatively and discourages natural flair. Due to a manager constantly changing formations, few of which fit the players available – expecting the players to change to fit the tactics rather than choosing tactics to fit the players. Expecting them to be able to adapt readily, having only previously worked with the best, most versatile players in the world.

  2. After watching Partey for one season, I think Arteta had better instruct him to focus box-to-box work like Vieira and Kante. If Partey can attack like Ramsey, a good DM should always stay behind to cover him

    1. Pathey likes to move the ball forward but he he is not too good at scoring. Ramsey is far ahead of Viera when it comes to scoring. I think Pathey does much better as a DM when he plays with Xhaka. Hence, I think Arteta should try him with AMN or they should get Bissuoma or Sanda Berge in January. May be the players drilling in training should be improved. With the young players we have the boys should be able to sustain their high press for more than 45 minutes. Remember Reise Nelson new coach complained about him not coping well with the training of his new club. Aston Villa will run at us throughout the game. I hope Arteta make right selection and tacticaly decision on Friday.

      1. Aston Villa would likely target Partey, after watching what Palace did to him

        Arteta tends to adjust his formation based on the opposition’s. So I predict he’ll use two DMs, to keep up with Aston Villa’s five-men midfield

        I also want Maitland-Niles to play, but Lokonga would likely be a starter. Because Arteta usually gives another chance to the players who made mistakes, to maintain their confidence

  3. I think Partey should shoot whenever he’s in range as one will go in eventually and that will do us good and his confidence. I fondly remember SuperMac shooting as soon as in range and a few went high and wide but at least one went in every other game or so. Carry on shooting I say……was that a film back in the day……..?

  4. I think Arteta needs to change the stupid one man midfield and actually play a proper working formation, that can take control of the game and build an attack from. The way we are playing suits nobody in this team whatsoever.

    1. Thanks, just my thoughts. Artetacwants to play Saka, ESR, Odegard and Pepe and sacrified team’s balance.

  5. Wow, that’s one way to go – double down on an attacking formation that didn’t work on Monday night.

    I’ll humbly suggest a saner approach is to put Lokonga or AMN (my choice) beside Partey and play either ESR or Odegaard ahead of them.

    Take control of the midfield and build from the back.

    1. AMN has been In and around the first team since 2018. I have never seen anything in him that I can point to as his biggest attribute. May be his pace, that’s about it

      1. Goostar,
        AMN is good as a DM. You need to watch him play and graduate from under 23 even in pre season. But Arteta don’t believe in him enough. He needs to be trusted and given time to improve his skills and show what a talent he is. Lokonga is an overhyped player who is not really better than AMN.That was how we lost AC Milan Benaccer and Denis Praet to Leceister.

  6. Why is it “understandable” that we dropped off after scoring a goal?
    I don’t recall The Invincibles, either of the Manchester clubs or Liverpool dropping off.
    It is incomprehensible to think like that.
    Get someone (as Xhaka has shown) who is prepared to partner Partey and we might then see the player we all rejoiced about when we signed him.
    I believe we already have him in AMN, but that’s just my opinion.

    1. Ken, I was just about to make the same query. I’ve just finished watching the Benfica/Bayern game. Bayern were 4-0 up and still trying to score the 5th., totally ruthless, they didn’t back off all match and they were away. That’s how we used to be not so long ago.

  7. Utter tripe Shenel!
    Firstly Partey is a BTB midfielder who can play DM but its not his best position. He has been hung out to dry by Arteta who is asking him to do both, largely on his own. He needs support not replacement.
    Did you not watch the Palace game? You can play 10 attackers but that doesn’t make you an attacking team if you can’t get the ball! We paid for expecting ESR and Ode to play as holding midfielders when they aren’t tacklers. On the odd occasion we got the ball they were then too deep to do damage, as Auba and Pepe were told to stay upfield 75 yards away! Arteta the genius at work again.

  8. A more offensive formation ?when the obvious problem against Palace was that in midfield TP was overrun and targeted,we lost the midfield battle,both goals conceded came from our midfielders being pressed and losing the ball.

  9. I am getting frustrated with Partey by times but to be fair, he is being asked to do too much by himself. One guy can’t do it all and Arsenal has to be set up to assist him.

    If he-who-must-not-be-named (Arsenal’s Voldemort) is on the field it gives Partey more cover and support. Maybe Elneny or AMN can do the same.

    I would want Arteta to speak with Partey just to make sure that he isn’t secretly trying out to be a US Football fieldgoal kicker – but even with that he is outside of the uprights too often. Seriously, he has been close once, maybe twice – way off a lot.

    1. Theyre all being told to shoot more often Stewart – Arteta wants more goals from midfield. Or should I say just “more goals”! lol

  10. Pepe coming back to defend!! He can’t keep the ball when he’s upfield let alone win while defending, god know how many free kicks or pens he’d give away.

  11. I’d like to see Partey and AMN in midfield, Auba and Laca up front with Saka and ESR feeding them. I’m just so fed up with the sideways backwards forward backwards sideways football we’re playing.

  12. Partey can’t pass, can’t defend, can’t shoot, easily ghosted past most times..
    I have seen enough already and I do think we overpaid for him.

  13. Why are you all actually responding to this stupidity.

    Had we bought Bissouma instead of White (or Odegaard), we would not be discussing such tripe.

    Last year we had the third best defense in the EPL

    Leno in goal, and a back four of: Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, supported by Chambers, Mari and Cedric.

    Bellerin has gone, Leno is going and Holding is now a bench warmer. Chambers will be out soon and Mari and Cedric are keeping Holding company

    We spent $150m in the summer, and are we really any better?

    The summer transfer business looks more like change for changes sake.

    1. So we shouldn’t reply unless we agree with somebody, JW? Then why may I ask are YOU replying?
      And please try googling “Bissouma” before you claim he is the answer to all our problems.
      At least we did our DD – God help Arsenal if you are put in charge of recruitment!

  14. Smith rowe – odegaard as dm right? When it failed you posting the formation will roast Arteta dry… Clueless suggestion from a clueless fan. Patiance is a virtue FAM #COYG

  15. I would still blame it on the lack of freedom in our play. You can pass the ball as well as you want but without movement and creative ideas, you are not going to make leaps on the pitch.

    And Auba, at least for me, is now a poacher. Feed him the ball for tap-ins instead of making him run pass defenders.

    Partey’s long attempts have been a question mark for me since his fourth of fifth game. It is amazing how he still can’t hit the target.

  16. Without Partey we don’t have a midfield, so I cannot make sense of what you are saying. Partey is always around the opposing penalty area and if he could shoot on target would have a few goals. The whole team are playing poorly because of poor coaching/management.

  17. This would be a very risky approach against most teams in the premier league. History tells us that it does not generally work over the long term. To make it work you need skillful, efficient and technically sound players up front. You are also likely going to have to accept that you are going to give up a lot of chances to the opposition.
    Evidently it is an approach that is sometimes used when desperately chasing a game. Setting yourself up like this from the start of a game however is generally “suicidal” against good opposition.

  18. Partey can’t do it on his own.. It’s like imagining Diego Simeone paring him in midfield with Joa Felix and Carasco at Athleti and expect him to boss the midfield all by himself… As good as he was he was helped and mostly supported by the tireless Koke, Correa etc… Not the likes of ESM and Ode..
    Lokonga is the closest thing in that midfield that could partner him effectively if given a good run of game, playing him this week and benching him the next is definitely not helping his confidence..

  19. No, we need to get rid of Arteta. We have a good squad, we just need a manager who can actually manage and not just make it up as he goes along.

  20. Why not play chambers as DM next to Partey and move Partey back to B2B role. Chambers is good with ball control and in actual is surprisingly comfortable on the ball. I think him as DM will work. Partey chambers and then Martin Infront of them in 3 man midfield triangle seems to be a good solid and technical combination.

  21. No, he should think and act fast instead, MA should at least have one DM and Partey is our best. I think MA will play Lokonga next to him in the next match.

    Not sure if it’s worth trying, but I would play Laca and Auba in front with ESR and Saka behind and the formation can be switched from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 during the game with Auba having more free space behind Laca instead of keeping him on the left side only.

  22. Can’t drop Partey, he’s Arsenal’s best DM, Arteta should go back to 4-2-3-1 & put Elneny back there with Partey if MA is worried… Start Laca up top & we should be fine! COYG!😹

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