Should Arteta stick with the team that won at Newcastle on Thursday?

Was Arteta resting players or experimenting for Thursday?

A comfortable win should put us in the best position possible for Thursday, right? Well, last time out we went into our second leg against Slavia Prague on 1-1 yet it was on the back of a comfortable 3-0 away win against Sheffield United that boosted our confidence and helped us beat Slavia 4-0 and 5-1 on aggregate!


So, if things are meant to be, then we will have the same comfortable scoreline at home given how we are going in on the back of a comfortable 2-0 over Newcastle.


And I, for one, hope Arteta was experimenting with the team he put out because the whole team barring Ceballos who is suspended, is more than capable of getting the job done on Thursday.


I thought the team played well, showed togetherness, willingness to get forward and determination. There was creativity and chances and we got unlucky to come away with only a 2-0 win.


A few players caught my eye and shone in the game, and for me the most impressive was Mat Ryan, Mohammed Elneny and Gabriel Martinelli.


Ryan was not afraid to come for the ball, made some good saves and despite a few nervy moments seemed confident in goal. Something we need against Villarreal no doubt!


Elneny did the job in midfield, defended well and attacked with purpose. He got his first goal in the Premier League for Arsenal and could have gotten a second, but his goal was well deserved, and his performance surely earns him a place on Thursday given that Ceballos is out.


And finally, Martinelli who for me was a thorn in the left side of Newcastle. He worked well with Xhaka down the left, wasn’t afraid to run into the box and take players on, and even put some good crosses in, getting an assist by setting up Aubameyang for our second of the game.


The whole team worked well and this is the type of team and performance we need on Thursday! If we can come out of the blocks as quick as we did against Newcastle, then we have all the chance to get to the final.


The boys just have to believe, persist and work as hard as they ever have this season to grind out a win and get to the final!


Here’s hoping hey Gooners!


Shenel Osman


  1. What nervy moments are you referring to with Ryan?He brought a measure of composure and calmness to the defence which is not usually so prevalent when Leno is in goal.

    1. There was a nervy moment where he was quite far out from goal and lost control on the ball at his feet

    2. I agree Grandad, no nervy moments just confident handling, command of his area and excellent distribution.

  2. that snake Leno must not come near our goal post (let him wait out the next few weeks and leave the club as he said)……..its saddening we lost martinez when club choose him over martinez and now he wish to repay the club by leaving…

    again elneny and partey must pair

    1. @mish.

      Snake ??????????????

      Let’s do it properly eh, and look EXACTLY at what Leno said.

      ““I know that I still have two years left on my contract and I’m also 29. For a goalkeeper, that’s not too old. I’ve still got some years to go.

      “I’m very happy at the club. I don’t know what will come in the future, but I’m open to everything. Maybe for a new adventure or to stay at Arsenal. Like I said, I don’t think about my future because two years is a long time. At the moment there are no conversations with the club or anything else.”

      Where did Leno say he was leaving ??

      Show me a pro’ who reveals their negotiating hand 2 years ahead of time. ;

      “Oh yea, I want to stay at Arsenal forever”, his agent would have a fit – one crap contract coming up !

      Whatever you may think of Leno as a player ………………………………………………………………………”Snake” ?

      Some elements of our “fanbase” !

      1. LG have mentioned Leno wanting out at the end of the season… any truth to it? I haven’t a scooby, AJ!
        Snake is harsh, albeit he seems to be public enemy no1 right now – Auba has a reprieve after scoring on Sunday!!! 😂 Unbelievable!!

  3. Other News:

    Mou named as Roma next manager from the start of the new season

    Poor Roma

    1. That’s another whopping pay out for him when they get rid of him after a season then….

  4. let us have it like this.

    Berellin, Holding/Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney/Cedric

    Partey, Xhaka

    Saka, Smith/Ordegard, Martinelli


  5. Ryan
    Bellerin, Chambers, Gabriel, Cedric

    Partey, Xhaka

    Saka ESR Pepe


    Martinelli would be my first sub in if the team struggles. Hard call starting with Martinelli on the bench, but Saka is too good, Auba looking hungry as ST, and it’s a tough call with Pepe.

    Unfortunately, I expect Arteta to chop the lineup as he is prone to do for no reason, so Xhaka could be at LB again, Elneny in the midfield, and Willian on the wing or as a false 9.

  6. Leno will start in goal – fact.

    I rate Mat a lot, and he is one of those players the fans seem to take to straight away – I hope the guy does really well for us.

    His performance in crossing practice at Newcastle on Sunday was outstanding.

    Really hope we sign him permanently.

    An indicator going forward could be the clubs remaining league fixtures and the No1 shirt.

    However, even if Leno is thinking of now moving on, I believe the club will move to sign another “first team” keeper.

    Could Mat Ryan fill that role, after falling out of contention at Brighton ?

    Anyway – Bernd Leno will start on Thursday.

    1. Mat Ryan is a QUALITY goalkeeper who has played regularly at every club who’s had him, and is a consistent international with Australia and Asian Cup Champion.

      I’d like to think that he was perhaps getting a little stale and needed a change in environment, and since coming to Arsenal he has been sharp, aggressive, and a beast in training. It’s clear he’s relishing this challenge and deserves our confidence. He’s built for the Premiership unlike Leno.

  7. To play Xhaka at left back would be stupid. He can’t get up the pitch…..he is SLooow. Put Xhaka in the midfield in place of Elneny and Cedric at left back…..and play MARTINELLI. Some things are obvious.

  8. i prefer Smith Rowe as a 10 opposed to Ord because he releases the ball faster and he is more mobile than Ord. Cedric should play LB and xhaka moves to DM.

  9. For me I know that Leno will be in goal, if only because Arteta painted himself into a corner by picking Bernd for the first leg. I think the saves he made that game were decent and expected from a goalkeeper of his calibre. Ryan is easily the solid and more reliable option but dropping Leno would be seismic and undesirable. And yet some IDIONTS wanted Leno to be picked for the 2019 Europa LEague Final ahead of Petr Cech who anchored us there!

    Bellerin stays at right-back and if pressed I’d have to go with Chambers and Gabriel as the centre-backs. BUT I’d love to see Saka at left-back who can provide good solidity and overlap if needed.

    In the midfield I actually wouldn’t have Partey starting because I think he’s been a bit cumbersome of late. Xhaka, Elneny and ESR would do it for me with maybe Partey to come on as a late sub to calm things down if needed.

    Martinelli on the left, Pepe on the right, and Auba in the centre.

    Game on!

    1. You are rght but i think the reason I wanted Leno picked on that particular age was because of the announcement that Cech was appointed at Chelsea. I would have never played him ever again. It was disrespectful to the club.

  10. OT:
    Can someone tell me why Chelsea under TT are playing like their lives depend on it? Where is all those nonsensical talks of “we are suffering together on the pick…”? Where’s the press?
    I’m really scared for us against Chelsea.

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