Should Arteta think of resting players for the Newcastle match?

Maybe Arteta should consider resting a lot of players in our next game! By Sylvester Kwentua


Hello again friends. I wish to quickly share with you what I feel Arsenal should do to revitalize the team to successfully persecute their next match against Newcastle United.

Against Liverpool, I noticed extreme fatigue in some of our players, especially the ones who have been driving the team on. From Smith-Rowe to Saka to Partey and then Aubameyang, I saw extreme fatigue in them. Partey and Aubameyang had injury concerns during the international games, down to a day or two before our game against Liverpool. Against Newcastle, I suggest Arteta rests these players, and allows them to get really fit before slowly easing them into play.

As for Saka and Smith-Rowe, they have played a lot of games recently and they look like they could do with a well-deserved rest.

These young lads are still developing and playing lots of games will wear them out faster than expected. Fine, I get that they are doing well at the moment, and it will only be fair to play them, since they are in a fine form, but we need to also think about protecting these players from wearing out before achieving their full potential.

Famz, these are not the only players that should be rested, several other players who featured in that game, look like they could do with a rest…

I don’t know if you guys also noticed how some players were nowhere to be found in the first half that Arsenal played better? In the first half, our midfielders found it hard supplying the strikers with passes to score, even when they found a way to lay a pass, the strikers didn’t score!

I believe we have other players who can get us the three points against Newcastle United if the coach decides to rest some of the players who played on Saturday, right?

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. The fastest way to ignite the Arsenal Manager and the players to the quickest mentality and mindset change to step up their game and play at a high tempo in every game for 90 mins is this hashtag…………… #ArsenalPlayersLackStaminaFor90Mins
    If this hashtag trends, the manager and players will respond positively and be fired up to play for 90 minutes at a high tempo. Even substitutions would be made for the purpose of maintaining that high tempo for 90mins. And in no time, we would match the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City pace for pace, stamina for stamina and skill for skill. So lets get this hashtag trending on a all social media platform.

    1. No, it should’ve been #ArsenalLackTesticlesToPressHigh

      You’ll notice our attackers’ high pressing improvement at the Emirates, as they did against Spurs and Aston Villa

      Pathetically, they don’t dare to increase their distances from our midfielders, if they play in the big oppositions’ stadiums

      Had they been braver in pressing Ederson and Alisson, we might’ve still got trashed. But we would’ve created better chances from intense counter-pressing

  2. Newcastle is the real test for this team.
    The Liverpool game we were supposed to lose.
    This is a game we should win.
    Newcastle are bottom of the table.
    We are at home.
    The Liverpool loss meant nothing.
    But lose to this lot + the shy te will hit the fan.
    With new manager bounce Man U away then desperate Everton away 3 points against the Magpies is a must.

    1. Losing at Anfield meant something to me PAL.
      It also meant a lot to most others on this site. You ought to try going to watch a game and seeing the crowd reaction, especially at away games. Do you seriously believe the 3000
      supporters who travelled up felt the result meant nothing? You really are an idiot PAL

  3. No. IF one week isn’t enough for them to recover, they won’t be able to play in EL or UCL next season and they must be replaced with fitter players

    If we really need to bench someone, maybe we can try the young Balogun again to replace the old Aubameyang. But Smith-Rowe and Saka shouldn’t be benched, because we rely on their youthful stamina to press, score and get free kicks

  4. Tbh you say about Auba being Fatigued, why. He’s not fatigued he’s just become a passenger in the first 11. If he doesn’t score he offers very little if I’m honest. I thing it’s time we had a go of Martinelli and Laca up top. Ainsley next to Partey as Sambi though very good is lacks in possession at times. Get Tierney back in for Prem minutes before the December fixture rush. I agree that Saka and ESR needs a rest getting Pepe and Odegaard to step in or even give young Patino a shot with Pepe replacing him.

  5. Absolute nonsense. Fatigue after a few games, were the Liverpool players fatigued ?. Some people make me laugh

  6. We were told bowing out of Europe for a season (?) would be a good thing as we could concentrate on the league!! One game a week and some are knackered – come on!!! Really? What goes on in training??!!

    As for ‘resting’ players, I don’t think MA can afford to.. Newcastle up next; bottom of the league and without a win, imagine the uproar if we fail to bag all 3 points!!!

    Best 11 out there on Saturday to give their all thank you.. let’s get back to winning ways and put that horror show behind us

    1. How about resting the manager Mikel Arteta? Even the simple folk knew that PEA needed to be replaced with the energetic Martenelli, yet Lacazete comes off for another light weight Martin Odegard.

  7. Definitely I feel there must be changes to the squad. I suggest the inclusion of AMN, Elneny, Martinelli, Pepe, Nketiah, Soares, Tierney, Holding and Mari and give the other players a rest. I think the above mentioned players should be able to take care of Newcastle and give Arsenal 3 points. TP, Saka and ESR specially need rest.

  8. Which fatigue? After how many games and also out of Europe. Were Liverpool players fatigued? Reality: We need to do a lot to our fitness and tactics! Do other teams that played Liverpool looks fatigued when playing them? We suppose to have the fittest team as our players are the youngest and out of Europe!

  9. Pick the same team for Newcastle if everyone is fit and try to start another good run

    If we lose a couple more games we need to change the team

    I don’t understand the “resting” thing at the best of times, our players looked knackered in the second half on Saturday because Liverpool run them ragged

    Newcastle is no gimme but they are a similar sort of team that we got results against on our run before Liverpool so I say go again

    Still hurting from Saturday and can’t just airbrush it out but this coming weekend is a different game to that one

    We are at home for a start, Auba is better at home and scored against them in this same fixture last season if I recall and he was on a worse run then and Newcastle’s defense has been their main problem this season

    Meanwhile our same defenders had a good few clean sheets before Liverpool and can hopefully do that again, Partey needs a dominant game but otherwise midfield has been OK

    Maybe look to change it up for ManU away afterwards but nothing to do with resting players

  10. Arsenal bave los t to the three top teams conceding 11 goals and not even scoring
    a single goal.This is truly lamentable.
    We have a wc striker in Abu
    Whats the problem?
    There are many systems and tactics.Too gung ho on the attack risks a swift sucker punch as Wenger got beaten regularly.MA is paid to resolve the goal drought.
    Failure to compete could result in the gunners being consigned to the wilderness for a considerable period of time.Imho,no team ,Mu including Arsenal,have a divine right to win and win all or most of the time

  11. I really don’t understand the “rest”, Liverpool play same team and are still fired up,

    Arsenal players lack stamina, it was terrible to see Lacazette subbed for odegaard, when it should have been saka and Aubameyang for Pepe and Martinelli,
    We need Martinelli for Aubameyang, Maitland-Niles for Sambi,

    Arteta needs to get Fast, strong goal scoring midfielders this January, likes of Bruno, Ascensio , Adama, Wardprowes,

    This is the only way our Attackers can score double figures,

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