Should Aubameyang apologise to Odegaard?

Aubameyang owes Odegaard an apology by Sylvester Kwentua
Hi guys! The Arsenal team has shown unity and togetherness in recent games, which has in turn resulted to match winning performances. The unity and togetherness has not been the only thing working for the team; the drive and hunger to make impact in games by individual players, has also improved the performance of the team as whole.
Great winning teams have combined all these aforementioned qualities to great effects and this gives me the hope and feeling that Arsenal is on the great path. Good to realize this.
However, one thing about having a team of hungry players, is that there are times when the hunger and passion of a player would obstruct the impact of another player. Let me explain further..
In our last game against Watford, Martin Odegaard was brought on as a substitute for Lacazette. He had hardly settled into the game, when the chance to score fell to his feet. He took his chance well, but just as his effort was about settling in the net, Aubameyang intercepted his goal bound effort, and from an offside position, Pierre poked the ball into the net. The goal was ruled out and from then on, Arsenal had to struggle to hold on to their precious one goal lead. Now do you understand me?
This particular action from our cap, has made Odegaard voice out how frustrated he was… Well, the good thing about this is that in my opinion, Auba did the right thing.
Yes, Auba is a striker and every good striker does everything possible to score, which is what they are paid to do. I am sure, Auba never knew he was in an offside position, and all that mattered to him at that moment, was for a goal to be scored for Arsenal. He did right, but according to reports online, Odegaard was not happy with what Auba did.
Odegaard felt he had the chance to score another goal for Arsenal and he felt bad that his legit goal bound ball was deflected. He has a right to be angry, as any passionate player should, but I am happy to read that he is happy that the game ended in a victory for Arsenal. If the game had ended in a draw or loss for Arsenal, maybe his anger would have been 100% justified. Hopefully, his anger would have been destroyed by the joy that comes with a victory.
Auba did what he had to do, and Odegaard has a right to be angry that his effort was twarted, but in everything, the victory of the team should be the most important; more important than personal glory… if I were Auba, I would ring Odegaard up after the international games, and apologise to Martin.
Keep the team spirit going!
We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. Jesus Christ, apologize for what?
    Move on bro!
    Ødegaard was asked about it and he said we won and that was the most important thing.
    Why are you trying to linger on this?
    This article is amusing and cringy

  2. It was simply a bad day for Auba. he got everything wrong. It happens:
    Made an unnecesary pass to Saka who was offside
    Missed a penalty
    Foiled Odegaard’s effort.
    Should we thrash him? No.
    The game was winnable by 4 goals to nil without all of the above. But we won. They will all learn from his mistakes.

  3. Sylvester, you are gaining yourself an unpopular reputation as a writer who is intent on stirring up trouble between our players.

    You are still very new on JA and clearly very young.

    You need to learn a great deal about how football works before annoying our fans – as happens regularly, to judge from the many comments against you – with this sort of untrue and deliberately divisive article.

    It is a poor show, though you have an ability with words but you need to learn about what you wish to write about,ie football, before any more of these daft articles about nothing, ever appear again.

    1. You seem to be having personal issues bro…i pray you get to sort yourself out and stop taking out your anger on innocent people…i wonder how they still let you comment on posts with all these bitterness in you…the dude has not stopped you from writing, so if you feel he writes annoying things, then go write yours.

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