Should Aubameyang continue to be the Arsenal captain?

Should Auba Still Be Captain? by Dan

While Arsenal haven’t officially confirmed what the exact disciplinary protocol Aubameyang supposedly broke was at the weekend, it’s believed it involves time keeping, with the striker, not for the first time, running late.

Arteta has always promised he has certain values and anyone who will not follow his ethos will not be tolerated.

I can imagine his mentor Pep Guardiola  teaching his apprentice the importance of showing up for work on time.

After all, if the everyday man or women were consistently late for their job, their boss wouldn’t accept traffic as an excuse.

If you care enough leave your house earlier.

Clearly though our captain felt the matter was trivial and did not warrant him being dropped for such a crucial fixture.

That is a problem.

If our manager had his way the matter would have been ended Monday morning, with his striker having had the night to process the development and everyone could move on.

Instead, it’s believed that Auba made it very apparent on the bench that he wasn’t impressed with not being subbed on and at the first possible moment drove away from the Emirates, not joining in with the celebrations.

Of course, you want your players disappointed to not play but the issue is this is our skipper, therefore the dressing room leader.

A Tony Adams, Vieira or Henry would have been happy enough we had beaten Spurs to put that above their own personal disappointment.

No one is bigger than the club.

A player can be gutted to not be selected but that does not mean they have a divine right to play.

The manager could have several reasons not to pick you, it’s not up to the player to decide if that reason is acceptable.

Arteta made it clear, his preference was for his forward to take his medicine, learn from his error and by the next day draw a line under everything.

Therefore, Auba’s reaction to the punishment is as concerning as his original discretion.

This is not a player who has been scoring 20 plus goals this season.

He is the face of a squad who finished in their worst League position in two decades last season and are on course to do even worse this campaign.

He should be embarrassed.

This, from a man who himself has admitted how accommodating his employers have been to his personal problems

So, if his boss says time keeping is important, he should lead by example, not be a liability. 

Being a leader takes more than making your peers laugh and coming up with fancy goal celebrations and high fives. You are meant to be the connection between management and the locker room. The one man the coach can trust when his back is turned to be implementing his vision.

A Roy Keane would not have been late for a Manchester Derby!

What about Gerrard in a Merseyside Derby?

A John Terry before a big game?

These men wouldn’t have slept let alone be the last to be prepared for battle.

For too long our armband meant nothing. A prop often to keep a player’s ego happy, who we knew wanted to leave.

If Arteta wants that role to be about representing the pride and prestige of the values our club once represented, then that’s good enough for me

If Aubameyang can’t do that, then maybe the captaincy isn’t for him?

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 Dan Smith



  1. Declan says:

    We don’t actually know, as you say, what the exact problem was, or in fact is, and what has been said in private between player and manager. It will be interesting to see how this pays out as it could all be a storm in a teacup and blow over very quickly or it could be the beginning of the end for the player at Arsenal. We will get a clue if he plays tomorrow and his demeanor in the game. I support the manager and I support the player but over the above, I support the club, whatever the outcome.

    1. Sue says:

      Love the last line, Declan 👌
      All looked well in training.. so I hope this is the end of it. Roll on tomorrow!

  2. Dan kit says:

    Answer to the question …
    Absolutely not ,I believe he was given it when Xhaka told the fans to fck off ,maybe an incentive so he would sign his contract Seeing he was in his final season .another balls up by Emery and his Gang .
    Luiz would be my captain all day long or give it back to Xhaka as he always seems to be first name on the teamsheet and he is a
    Leader even if some don’t like to admit it .

  3. Iykmatt says:

    He has always been the wrong choice for captaincy of arsenal from day one,the mistake arteta made was failing to appoint a new captain when he arrived instead he continued with emery’s madness of group of captains.though we don’t have enough natural born leaders in our squad apart from luiz,i still think bellerin or holding would’ve made a better captain than aubameyang

    1. Adega Olatunji says:

      Bellerin is not even supposed to be starting games any more let alone being a captain

  4. Indian Gunner London says:

    If we are looking to the future, I think Kieron Tierney should be the captain. But if we are just trying to steady the ship with some leadership skills, then Luiz would be captain subject to him getting a one year extension.

    But I do not think the captaincy should be changed this season as it adds further turmoil to this season which has at best been ‘Hot and Cold’ and at worst been ‘Poor’ especially considering the players in the team which has been the best in the last 4 years.

    1. Sue says:

      I agree – Tierney’s Open Mic instalment was brilliant! He’s so vocal and passionate.. exactly what I want from my captain!

      1. pardon says:

        kid is my captain.

  5. SueP says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself Dan

    There is plenty to believe in the captain’s armband going to Auba as a sweetener but if he is unable to carry out the role as expected (as in Adams,Keane and Terry variety) then I’d like to see him relieved of the stress of it all. His clear distress when the goals dried up marked for me his unsuitability. He needed an arm around HIS shoulders. Thisis not a criticism as such rather that he is too sensitive for the role

    As much as I would like a change, this could make matters worse and that isn’t a great outcome either. Oh to be a football manager.

  6. Highbury Hero says:

    Nearly everyone accept that Aubameyang is not right for captain and he has never shown that he is interested in the role which lead me to believe he never wanted it in the first place and was forced on him according to the circumstances at that time. He could’ve denied the role but he might have accepted it with good intentions to help the club go through the difficult time.

    Tierney is right for the role but now is not the right time for him.

    The captaincy should not be taken from him just like it shouldn’t have been taken from Granit. The way fan’s treated Granit that time that reaction was expected and the club should have lend him support instead of adding to his misery. The fact that he is still here shows he has a strong character.

    Just like we should not forget how Leno has carried the team for the past few seasons we should also not forget Aubameyang contribution.

    Last season 8th position was Aubameyang position. Without him carrying the team on his shoulder we would have been closer to relegation.

    He is still our most important player in my opinion. Some point out his contribution this season and I ask who has been better. The whole team and their manager have been shambolic this season and the results show.

  7. Jim wall says:

    1st…. Luiz
    Give it to Luiz now if he is injured give it to xakai,
    Then next season give it to Tierney.

    1. McLovin says:

      Xhaka captain? After the f****d off the fans last year? Seriously?

      Tierney first. Leno second.

  8. Jamie mclintock says:

    We need another great Scottish player as captain Kieron Tierney is in the the Frank McIntosh mould.

  9. Jamie mclintock says:


    1. Declan says:

      Good choice, or Tony Adams if Frank’s not available.

      1. guy says:

        Stop it Dec! You made me fall off the chair!

  10. Declan says:

    He was the wrong choice when Xhaka lost the armband and this incident may well be the way to rectify that by relieving him of the captaincy. Luiz would be my choice because he is a leader, is very vocal, not afraid to give someone a bollocking, holds his hands up to his own mistakes, apparently looked up to by the younger players and plays (in my opinion) in the ideal position to captain the team in front of him.

  11. Billy says:

    If Arteta had not announced to the whole world the reason for benching Aubameyang the situation could have been forgotten and everyone could move on.

    No one is bigger than the club and our captain deserves being benched.

    Problems between a player and manager should be kept indoors.

    Airing dirty linen in public makes it difficult to move on.

    1. SueP says:

      I genuinely wasn’t aware that it was Arteta who leaked the reason

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      He had to be announced to avoid speculation.

      1. Highbury Hero says:


  12. siamois says:

    I was disappointed to read that Auba had kept the captaincy this was a great opportunity missed by MA his decision to bench Auba was backed by all the senior players and he hasn’t had a great season add to that personal/family problems he should concentrate on himself what worries me is if MA decides to change captain in the summer as he will have enough in his plate with the transfer window!

  13. Goonster says:

    This Auba thing is starting to resemble the Ozil thing.
    Article after article on the same topic just changing a few words here And there. It’s getting irritating and boring.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Simples mate
      Just don’t read it if it’s not your cup of tea .
      20 comments show that people want to Read it .

  14. LtDan says:

    Irrespective of Aubamayangs transgressions against club protocol, he wouldn’t be my first choice if team captain. A captain has to be able to lead by example which means he must first be able to operate effectively as a player in his position, in the team. If you’re a player with a sound reputation of experience and have proven that from week to week and earned your position in the team by putting in commanding performances. Coupled with the fact that you can not only perform your respective role with aplomb but you can extend yourself beyond that and make up the shortfall of your team around you by leading and taking command, organising, directing as necessary. Uniting the team and keeping it steady !

    At the moment, Aubamayang is not even doing the first bit right. He hasn’t got his own game under control and doesn’t exert any real individual influence in the team other than being a high profile. He’s extremely underwhelming at the moment and showing no form, confidence or desire.

    He’s not even a reliable individual, let alone club captain!

  15. Tea says:

    I’m just glad this thing is happening for I feel auba is dragging us down( with his bad foot work, misses chances), he’s a bad team player and a worse captain. I’ve always wanted laca as d main striker for he is better, maybe arteta is realising it too and auba gave him reason to drop him. Anyways the following week will reveal things but I’m sure we’ll be better off with auba . Up gunnnerz!

  16. Kenny says:

    100% support MA. Nothing to argue when concerning discipline.

  17. TT says:

    Nice article Dan, well reasoned and hard to argue against. Auba’s future as captain is in his hands.

  18. Sean says:

    Mikel was spot on here with this call. If Auba cant do it then drop the captaincy and concentrate on your game… and timing in the fancy cars.

    My 1st choice is Teirney hands down, age isnt a factor when you are a born leader and the way the kid conducts himself with his no non sense, humble ways on and off the pitch is immense and perfect for face of Arsenal going forward. This should be addressed in the summer as Auba could be sold!

    No transitional captains like Luiz or Xhaka as in Kieran we have a pillar for Arsenal for the next decade. Even his shin pads on sunday shows how loyal he is to Celtic and now Arsenal.

    The young man has what we need as a leader with Arteta behind him.

    1. durand says:

      Agree 100%. Tierney is consistent, plays both sides of the ball, vocal, and you see him upset after a loss, not laughing and smiling goofing off with teammates and opponents.

      He has the characteristics to be a captain; age should not be a consideration, especially with how he represents himself.

  19. Shine says:

    Totally agree with most of us here.

    Some players make great Captains, nice Captains. But not everyone can handle the roles.

    Captain has to be quite expressive, vocal, good work ethics, set examples and lead.

    Auba is a great player scorer been going great for Arsenal. This season he has not been able to lift Arsenal n did not lead by example.

    It is nothing wrong even if captain role is taken away n pass to someone who is able to drive n motivate Arsenal to be better.

    Am sure he wants Arsenal to do even better if the new captain can at times push the whole team together.
    Maybe after Auba will have less stress and enjoy his freedom role even better.

  20. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    Like I said, Arteta’s “internal” handling of this situation really opened up a can of worms…clearly the can of worms he was hoping to open…think about what some of you are actually suggesting…I can’t actually believe I’m reading comments suggesting Xhaka, the individual who actually threw the armband on the pitch then flipped the fans off, without ever apologizing, and Luiz, who is an accident waiting to happen and should likewise be gone come the summer, if we’re really trying to build for the future, instead of a player who was functionally coerced into taking the armband during a period of upheaval after the XHAKA incident, which was likewise being used by the club as a tool to encourage his signature, who was LATE for the bus to a HOME game…no wonder we can’t get our sh** together

  21. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    meant to say, “are somehow better candidates for the armband” after “build for the future”…my bad

  22. guy says:

    Auba should never have been made captain, I think we all agree. It may hurt his pride to lose it, but deep down I’m sure he doesnt really want it. I respect Luiz as a leader most of all in our squad. But he’s at the end of his career, so what’s the point? Xhaka is another perfectly suited for captaincy, but we shouldn’t turn back that clock. He’s reintegrated himself fully as a player following the incident, but giving him back the captaincy is a step too far. In any case, a leader is a leader, with or without the armband. Tierney is the only other candidate for me, from the start of next season.

  23. Namo says:

    Seems like we’re making a mountain out of a molehill.
    Arteta says the issue is over. Let’s leave it that way. No need to disrupt the harmony in the team.
    I see people calling for Auba to be sold this summer, simply because he hasn’t hit 20plus goals this season. Such a shame. Fairweather fans.
    He’s still one of the best performers, in a rather shambolic team (So far this season).
    If we want to change Captains In the summer, that’s Arteta’s headache, but just don’t derail the team’s progress.

    1. Sue says:

      Thank you, Namo 👍

    2. Ikechukwu John says:

      Well said Namo

  24. Trudeau says:

    The last thing we need right now is a silly debate about who is captain. Right now we need eleven captains on the pitch to salvage the season.

    Focus on the 16 games (hopefully) left and deal with it in the off-season. Auba and others have plenty of time to make their case if they want the role next season.

  25. EDU says:

    You looking for captain? Then give it to Smith Row.

  26. Innit says:

    Not just yet. I don’t want his confidence to go down

    He hit a hat trick last month against Leeds so he still has some goals in him

    We need him for the rest of the season to score some goals

    Maybe when the season is over

  27. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    @The Real Veira Lynn, Namo and Innit.

    Thank God for you guys have spoken sensibly. I give you trio Kudos for your talking sense on this JustArsenal topical article posting on Aubameyang’s continuity as the Arsenal team captain.

    The benching of him by MA for his alleged breaking of match protocol, according to MA. Which to me could have been left in-club but not made public to avoid over embarrassing and shaming Auba, But MA chose to make the disciplinary action he took public for a reason that he hasn’t disclose. I think he should disclose why he made the incident public. So that us Gooners will appreciate it or not.

    And the senior players at club backing MA to bench Auba in our last home NLD match showed how envious of Auba they are for his success at the club as the leading goals scorer for 21/2 seasons, and the captain of the team.

    And the vast majority of commenters on this article posting who have slay Auba have clearly shown they are not different from the senior players at the club envying attitudes shown toward Auba. As they the anti Auba commenters on this site have called for the stripping of the captaincy armband from Auba and advocating for his selling by the club next summer. Thinking he has gone down as Arsenal leading PL 20 plus goals scorer per season.

    But forgetting that there are still 16 PL matches left for Arsenal to play this season. And if MA plays Auba in all the 16 matches, he could significantly improved on his current goals tally in the PL for the club before this season runs out.

    If I were Auba, for the showing o so much envy and lack of support when I need it my difficult moment by my club manager, senior team mates and the vast majority of the Arsenal fans on JustArsenal, I’ll resign as the Arsenal team captain now before I am stripped of it.

  28. Ackshay says:

    Arteta has stated the issue is over, it was a simple matter of discipline for lateness. Every coach has done it at some point. Aubameyang has carried arsenal with his goals the last 2 seasons and you could clearly see his distress when we were in trouble at the start of the season and the goals dried up.
    The pressure of being the star striker who has to save us with his goals amplified by being made captain has taken a toll on him. Making Tierney captain will allow him to concentrate on only scoring goals.

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