Should Aubameyang now be the back up to Martinelli?

Aubameyang is Not Undroppable. by AI

Aubameyang, without a doubt, is the best striker at Arsenal. His movement and decisiveness in the penalty box are unmatched. However, beyond that, there is not much else.

Aubameyang is not great at building play, whether on the wings or in the middle. His hold-up is abysmal for a top club and his game-intensity and defensive workrate leaves much to be desired. Recently, his body language has been stinking, despite having the captain armband. And he seems to have lost his finishing, too.

Gabriel Martinelli is some stark contrast to him. Despite his injury, the Brazilian showed his decisiveness, workrate and intensity on his return. He is a better dribbler than Aubameyang and is not far off at finishing, either. All in all, Martinelli looks to be a better option than the Gabonese, and only previous exploits and squad politics count for the captain.

Aubameyang’s new, huge contract requires him to be play like the superstar he is. Arsenal can no longer afford ageing players on their last legs with huge salaries. Enough of this Ozil nonsense. If Aubameyang is not producing at the level required of him he should not be undroppable. Drop him for someone who will end up leading the line for Arsenal. Maybe that will fire his ass up.

Agboola Israel

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  1. Excuse me I think it is too early for this. He can be dropped for some matches to get his form fixed but not saying he should be a backup to Martinelli. That why most of us can’t be good managers. Not a fan of auba but this article should be for next season if he fails to get things sorted.

    1. Yes it’s kind of early, but it depends on what the writer means by “back up”.

      If he means temporarily starting Martinelli ahead of Auba, until the latter rediscovers his form or the former experiences a dip in form, then it fine.

      There are no permanent back ups in football. It’s rather short term and performance based. The better player, based on current form, should start the next game. That’s what competition within the squad is for.

      Martinelli should start ahead of Auba, until performance indicates that Auba is a better option than him.

      Just like at the start of the season, I felt that Martinez should have started ahead of Leno, until either Martinez makes an error or Leno justifies in cup games or in training that he is outperforming Martinez

  2. What a terrible article! Yes he’s lost his mojo somewhat but there’s hardly a need to slaughter him like you just have. Shame on you!

      1. This article is ridiculous. Even the greats like Messi and Cr7 suffer from dips in form and confidence.Benching him might do more harm than good.He must be played until he regains form.

        1. Agreed it’s not nice but we sold Martinez to Villa who was a hero aswell as Auba to win the FA Cup and he was an Arsenal lad for 10years.

          Sentiment cant come into it as we are not able to carry these sort of players anymore due to the positions we are in finincially & on the field as we need wins and back in Champions league with the process of this squad.

          Dont compare him to Messi or Ronaldo that’s just silly mate… these guys are goal monsters even on a bad run they still manage to score goals not playing well. Auba has 2goals from open play and we are halfway through the season, look at the other 2 mens stats they dont do that even in a bad patch or contribute in ither ways. Auba needs a shake & maybe Captaincy is too much of a burden round him to concentrate on playing properly.

          Get Teirney as Captain and free Auba to concentrate on his own thing. If he cant handle that, like Xhaka did, then he can leave. We can still get some money for him and I dont think he will do a Mesut and out stay his welcome.

      1. Destructive? This is simply a discussion about whether Martinelli now deserves to play ahead of Aubameyang or not? Who is this destructive to?

        If you don’t want to discuss the subject, why put down the writer?

        1. Martinelli deserves to play ahead of Auba, i defnitly agree,very energetic on the pitch as well, perfect replacement, Auba should become a sub

  3. Auba could be dropped and brought in gradually to regain form.there are ups and downs in life and auba will eventually bounce back.

  4. I swear arsenal fans are the worst. I don’t know if it’s just that we’ve been so used to having one obvious star that we simply can’t fathom the idea of a fully functional 11 or if it’s just that people have poor analytical skills.

    Simply look at the last 3 articles counting this one and you’ll see what I’m saying.

    Where did this idea of starting player-backup player come from? Can’t we just have arsenal players? So does Martinelli have to be better than Auba or vice versa? Can’t your prayer just be that they are both at their best so that we just choose the starter based on what the gameplan is ?

    Same applies to the Pepe/Saka argument . Rather than choosing who should start and whom we should bin, shouldn’t we just support them and give them both the best environment to be starters so that we can have different options?

    Finally, when it comes to linkup play, in the middle, you are right. Auba’s linkup is poor. On the flank though, he does linkup well.

    As an arsenal fan, I want to be in a position where any player being on the bench is there for tactical reasons as opposed to form reasons.

    1. Joe Allysons bro you have been on JA for long to know that they are just looking for comments and presently aubamayang name is the trending topic on this site. Don’t take it personal sir. There are lot of stories out there on Arsenal worth reporting but the admin decided to report this as it divide people. For example Saliba just agreed to move to Nice for the rest of the season but no JA refused to report that instead they decide to put down our best player for the past 2 seasons. Like you said, some Arsenal fans are worse than the players the always criticize.

      1. @lenohappy. This is the reason I don’t agree with those who think AFTV are negative.

        Admin has been on AFTV for being negative towards Arsenal but he instead posted this article. Our admin is worse than AFTV.

        1. Why are you thinking this article is negative? It is a discussion about the relative qualities of both players and which is more useful to Arsenal right now.
          You can disagree certainly, but AI is simply saying that GM should be his first choice at the moment…
          Do you disagree?

      2. You are right ,,just for comments,, that’s why most of their topic here is either Ozil did this or said that ,,there are better things to talk about ….some how one of the most boring football site I having ever know,,,even my friend that introduced me to just arsenal many years ago have nothing to do with this site again, how reliable are they ?if not copy and paste …they have to improve for the betterment of everybody not deliberating on unnecessary discussion

      3. Lenohappy…. “Aubameyang is a trending topic” ?

        This annoys me! Have a look and you will find that THREE of the last FIFTY articles have been about Aubameyang.

        As far as I am concerned, anything that is about Arsenal is a “trending topic” on JustArsenal!

  5. Shouldnt be too hard on Auba, he has been carrying us pretty much one handedly on the goal fron for what the last 3 seasons or so banging them in non-stop, this is his first ever goal drought, we just need to have some faith in him

  6. Another negative article, who is doing all these notions and articles. Please let it stop and start writing something positive.

  7. Please we should not forget what Auba has done for Arsenal! Although Martinelli is good and a player for the future but it’s not right to be comparing Auba with Martinelli. Let the Coach pick the best players deem fit for any game! What we need is to support the team. Any criticism should be constructive!

  8. My goodness, he’s been carrying the team for two seasons at least, a small goal drought and so called arsenal fans are ready to slaughter him. We are the most ungrateful fans out there.

  9. No. Because it will upset the dressing room, since Aubameyang is our captain, a senior player, on a huge contract and he made us get FA Cup last season

    Martinelli might not want to wait though, like Saliba. Therefore Martinelli has to be the main substitute for Lacazette as well, instead of Nketiah and Balogun

  10. It’s not Aubameyang…’s the general use of the most uncreative midfield in Arsenal history. Xhaka is on planet ‘kickum’ who follows the sideways, backwards, foul them, protocol. Ceballos is a ‘headless chicken’ who has no football radar, and Elneny a ‘sideways tortoise snore-bore.’ How can Aubameyang survive those. Martinelli has total enthusiasm and should play with Aubameyang. Drop Xhaka, Elneny and Ceballos ‘immediately’.

    1. I’m no fan of Xhaka/Ceballos or El
      Neny but with TP unavailable thru
      injury and AFC seemingly unable to
      add to the midfield room this window
      who exactly do you see featuring in
      the middle of the pitch? Lol

      And AMN isn’t the answer

      1. ACE
        Who said anything about AMN? I am making a statement. Xhaka, Ceballos and Elneny are not good enough for Arsenal. To me….purely IMHO, nobody else’s opinion, Arteta got rid of Guendouzi and Torreira, who to me, are better than the piss poor Xhaka, Ceballos, and Elneny. Yes we are stuck with the fabulous three numpties, Xhaka, Ceballos and Elneny, so our results will be up and down like a proverbial yoyo.

  11. Ah yes another Bandwagon to jump on ,had a feeling it wouldn’t take long .
    Now I’ll just wait for the LAZY tag to appear .

  12. Jeez!!!! I’ve noticed lately that articles from Al has been strange. Make our top scorer a backup wow. We Arsenal fans re one of a kind ooooo

  13. I’m not for or against this article. But i have a feeling we might as well have scored more goals against West Brom, if we started Martinelli instead of Auba.

    It’s just my feeling, though🤔

  14. It’s a bit early to write Aubameyang off even though he’s having a terrible time of it right now. I’m ambivalent to his situation as resting for a couple of games might help, but he’s good enough to play himself into some form, and he looked good for his goal against Southampton. We’re in the position of having three top class goal scorers to permutate, so will eventually get the best pairing by the season’s finish (a bit like Wenger’s first full season).

  15. I dont get, finally a few wins a row to be happy about and all we get is articles stalting players. I understand when thing are not working out peiple looks for reasons and excuses but not now.

  16. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have both Auba and lacazette in goal scoring form at same time at moment it always only 1 of them having a purple patch if could get them both firing would be unstoppable fingers crossed it happens at some stage!!

  17. I do like AI articles though, we can’t have articles with similar tastes, he offers a different dimension to what we are used to reading. Most of the time humans are very reactive when they are told a truth they don’t want to hear. If Aubameyang is underperforming he is underperforming, period. Same goes for Pepe and all the underperforming players in the squad. Nothing terrible like using someones good past to cover for his present woes. We benched pepe it worked, we benched kolasinac it worked, we did away with old, injury prone center backs it worked. Smith rowe earned his spot and it damn looks like a good decision. Time we went on with the hale enders project. If Martinelli has something to offer more than Aubameyang in the present then play him, when Auba regains his best form exceeding what we have on the pitch we bring him on. Its high time the club starts acting like a premier league winning team, men’s team not a nearly men’s team.

    1. Ambrose , well said and such sense in your welcome post!

      Well Agboola, a timely and important article full of sound sense. No player is undroppable but ALL lazy players are UNPLAYABLE, in my book.

      That seems so obvious to me that it really should not need saying. But with some posters on here, it seems it DOES need saying . Sigh!
      In consistency with this vital principle, I would certainly drop lazy Auba until he gets the message that all players, no matter what their PAST record, need to work HARD all the time. REALISM!

  18. I thing AI should be benched and only be allowed to do articles if AdMart, AdPat or GoonerP have a few bad ones😜
    He could of course be loaned out to LG or HH😊

    1. 🤡👏He’d come back with some actual humour if he went to LG. In fact I’d like to see Pedro (Peter) guest here occasionally.

      1. I’d say that Pedro is far too articulate, insightful and intelligent to write on here but it might upset some people, so I won’t say it 🤔

        1. Jon’s not good with emojis!
          (I’m not too sure about humour either but I wouldn’t say that in public lol)

        2. Declan, Emojis are for children in my world and I am an adult. So you are right; I do not understand them, nor do I want to. I have nothing against cartoon symbols, as long as they are in childrens books or kids TV etc.

          I love humour too btw but humour is a subjective matter and generally adults appreciate adult humour, not childish nonsense!

          Sue is the emojis expert on here, so she will understand but I do not, thankfully.

          1. Jon, I agree with you to a point but perhaps you can explain to us mere mortals, (who obviously do not share your vast knowledge of language and semantics), how one is to convey that the post was meant “tongue in cheek” or, if you don’t understand that phrase; a joke, humour, jest, bit of a laugh, get it?

  19. Wow! Today AI has been a little negative for sure. But isn’t it the wrongtime to pump out articles like this? Just when we are turning our form around and possibly may save our season? Aubameyang these last couple of games may not have scored, but to say he has nothing else is stretching it too far in my opinion. Through the middle Auba is not an elite linkup player, but he is capable of good passes. Also on the wings, he has a great linkup with any overlapping fullbacks, and not to forget he has a sweet cross too. In my opinion just consigning him backup is what you would call reactionary thinking. As @Joe Allysons said, why can’t we think of performances as a team, rather than as players. Solid comment that IMO.

    1. Very well thought Sid. Though he has lost his form (God knows what has happened to him) we should not forget he has been EPL best striker (in my opinion) since he joined us up to last season. Class is permanent he will be back to his best before long.

      1. Agreed. 75 goals in 120 games is not a mean feat. And to people saying this is another MO situation, well then please support the player to help him come out of his rut rather than criticize him by calling him Lazy. This will help a lot to avoid the previous situation.

        1. Sid So you HONESTLY think then that Auba is giving 100% in effort do you? If not, why excuse laziness. If so, then you need your eyes testing!

  20. You guys should calm down, he will start ahead of Auba in our FA cup match against Newcastle then we all will now see

  21. We can’t have our Captain as a Sub, Need to help him get back in form, with Laca Auba and Saka in form Arsenal would be a force. Now having Pepe, MArtinelli Nelson and William as back ups does not seem to bad.

  22. He just needs service, as evidenced by the last game.

    Inches away on both shots/crosses, he could have had a goal easy.

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