Should Aubameyang play in Arsenal’s Europa League games?

Why isn’t Aubameyang playing every single game/competition! (Opinion)

With the fixture list not getting any easier and games being crammed in left right and centre, people are always saying that managers should rotate for fear of injury or burnout, but- and this might divide opinion,- if a player is available and is a key player at that club then why shouldn’t he be picked for every single game!

I say this because we have seen Arteta leave out Aubameyang, no doubt for a rest. in the past two Europa League games. Then come the weekend he comes back into the fold, and still fails to make an impact and perform at the levels we are used to, and we expect him to. Surely he could restore his confidence a bit if can start scoring in the easier midweek games? In the last two seasons Aubameyang had 14 starts in the Europa League and scored 11 goals!

So my point is, should Arteta just play the same or similar players week in week out to see if that makes a difference, because for me, and with the way things are going with Aubameyang right now, maybe it is a lack of inconsistent game time for his failure to string a pass or chance together..

It seems that if he plays in the weekend’s game in the league then he knows he will get a rest three or four days later as Arteta won’t be picking him for the Europa ties. He even left him out of the Carabao cup tie games against Leicester and Liverpool meaning he only plays him really in the league, and whether he uses him in the FA Cup this season remains to be seen.

Last season, Aubameyang pretty much was a starter in most fixtures week in week out and we all know how well he performed, so maybe just maybe Arteta needs to take that risk and play his star player for as long as he has the option to. Without him we can struggle at times in games as we have seen, and with him the same, but as they train nearly every day and they get paid to play football why shouldn’t they play in each game that they are able to.

Maybe if he has that consistent game-time then maybe he will step up his game, knowing that he needs to perform every few days rather than for one game, then he gets a rest and then comes back a few days later. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I agree at least a player can come off after scoring a couple of goals or hat trick he can sub and rest the player. Last season it took the first half to get the players going because they hadn’t player for a week we managed to turn things round and get a win especially at home. I think our captain should always start no matter who it is in all games and rested once we are leading comfortably. Plus stop tinkering it has never worked if it has its its rarely.

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