Should Cech be playing in Arsenal’s Europa League matches now?

Petr Cech saved his first ever penalty for Arsenal in the win over Brighton last week, and in doing so he reached the milestone record of 200 Premier League clean sheets which he had been waiting for since December.

Now we all know that Arsene Wenger had made an agreement with David Ospina at the beginning of the campaign that he would play in all the Europa League and Caraboa Cup games, neither of which was a priority at that moment in time.

But now we are through to the last eight of European competition maybe it is time for a rethink? Cech himself has admitted on Match of the Day that he doesn’t like the idea of missing big games. “At Chelsea we never decided which competition you play, it was a game by game process.

“If you kept playing well then you were fit and you didn’t need rest then the manager had his choice to pick the goalkeeper for the competitions.

“Sometimes I would sit a game out or be on the bench but it would not be decided, ‘You play this competition, you play this competition’.

“I enjoyed that because I love this competition for example, to be involved and play FA Cup games. Any other competition makes it a bit more spicy and special.”

So does that make him frustrated? Cech continued: “Well, you have to respect the way your manager sets up the team or what he plans for the season.

“I had known prior to the season that David would play the FA Cup games. Obviously I would love to play the competition as well but you have to respect the manager’s decisions.

“I ended up playing the quarter-final and semi-final [last season], but then I didn’t play the final so I had some part in the process.

“It’s about respecting your colleague and your coach’s decision. Obviously you can tell you would prefer the other way but it’s the decision of the coach.”

So just imagine we got all the way to the Final, and are about to face Atletico madrid for our only chance of a trophy this season. Who would you put in goal?


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  1. Do be honest, yes. Even though i am not okay with him he still is e better goaly then his goaly rival at Arsenal.

  2. Weirdly we have two mid tier keepers now
    Summer time buys incoming .

    Believe it will be a German .

  3. Yes.
    His years of experience is invaluable and puts him over Ospina in my opinion

    Also, we can’t put all the blame on him. Our defense overall has been very average. We don’t have a top defensive midfielder and some of our other players are very lazy when it comes to their defensive duties.

  4. Definitely, I thought we’d already had this debate but let me say it again, it’s unprofessional to pick a keeper on the basis of turns eaches, and although Cech is nowhere near the keeper he once was, he’s still far ahead of Ospina. Ridiculous decision by Wenger to let Szczesny leave and send Martinez out on loan. Incompetent to say the least.

      1. Feel sorry for who? What are you talking about. The only people I feel sorry for is the Arsenal fans, let down by Wenger

    1. I said the same and totally agree with you again
      Szczesny should have been made to stay and learn finall piece of his trade which cech would have been great for that.
      To flog him off for just 15m is an utter joke.
      Ospina in your words is a clown dressed up as a goalkeeper and he’s our goalkeeper…Omg
      If we are going to at least attempt to try and win this cup then putting out our strongest team is what counts and ospina is not part of that. He’s a weakness

  5. to be fair to Ospina, he isnt nearly as flappy as he used to be.. ive got no problem with him carrying on the latter stages of this tournament.. but if AW chooses to stick Petr in.. i wouldnt hold it against him..

  6. Apart from Ospina,no Arsenal defenders are likely to feature in the World Cup Finals in Russia.Not surprisingly, Mustafi has been omitted from the latest German squad.This confirms the lack of quality defenders at our Club. Ospina should continue to play in the Europa Cup.

    1. Yes. If we truly had top players then they would be good enough to represent their countries.

      Our defenders have been very average this season.

  7. How many times has Cech blundered in the league?
    Swansea, Brighton as examples.
    Ospina has played behind defenses that have been more a second choice (Forest) back four, so that needs tobe taken in to account.
    I personally think that there is not too much difference between the two nowdays, but if what was agreed between the two players is what Cech is saying and that persuaded Ospina to sign a new contract, then so be it.
    Kenny, I believe that Scez has only himself to blame. His disciplinary record was awful and he disrespected the club.
    It is ashame because he has the potential to become a very very good keeper.

    1. I agree with you Ken with he’s ill discipline, the fact the manager caught him smoking in the showers, although not a sensible thing to do, surely not a sacking offence, especially when you have keeper, as you say, with tremendous potential, however having said that, the manager then goes on to let Iwobi off after partying till 3-30 in the morning and follows that with playing in the next game. No punishment whatsoever. Mind boggling.

      1. Kenny, with reference to Schez. the shower incident was the straw that broke the camels back in my opinion.
        With reference to Iwobi, cannot begin to understand or defend that decision.
        It adds fuel to the feeling that the manager has favourites and he leaves himself open to deserved criticism.

        1. I guess Iwobi could have blamed being crap on his late night partying for that particular game. But what about every other game? What’s his excuse then??

  8. Yes.
    Think about next season.
    Next season we are going to need 2 top GK, although Cech isn’t top in ability anymore, he has the experience which can be useful to the dressing room. Ospina wants out already and I doubt it very much that he would want to be backup to a new signing yet again, not after how he got demoted for Cech when he did.

    Imagine if we did sign Oblak, he would need to settle into London and learn the language, while he is settling we would have the experienced Cech. Cech has 1 more season on his contract and that is it, perfect last year for us to transition to a top GK and not expect instant results, to accept the new GK is human and may take 6-12 months to settle if he doesn’t hit the ground running.

    This is also interesting due to if it works, if so then it means we may not need to buy a GK for a decade, this could mean a big signing is worth it… Spend big on Oblak now and if he works for us then he could be our number 1 for the next 7-10 years. Arsenal spent over £50 million on a CF for a couple years, few at most.

  9. Its Honourable that he keeps Ospina in goal for the cup games, but would he do it with an outfield player, can you imagine him saying to Lacazette or Ozil you can only play in the league Welbs and Iwobi are my cup players.

  10. I think they both have a howler in them… just as I’m swaying towards one, the other will do something to change my mind!

  11. I do not think having two senior keepers who are both error strewn, though good on any particular day – as are most top level keepers but making many errors and mistakes is what downgrades any keeper- amounts to anything but incompetent management. I think both are not good enough for a post Wenger era team , which will, thankfully, be the case very soon now. Personally , I care nothing about this season and have not since around early November , when it became obvious to me we would easily miss top four. My ONLY longing for this season is to see Wenger removed and I am happy it will very soon be happening. If we need an exit in Europa Cup to ensure his sacking the soonest, then that’s fine by me. Anything at all that helped keep him here next season is a thought I cannot stomach and am sure will NOT happen.

    1. Agree Jon, the buck must stop with the manager but now you’re saying “sure will not happen”. A couple of weeks ago you were telling us “it’s nailed on”. believe me, I want you to be right and win your bet.

      1. Kenny,
        There was post earlier about Cech and the uncertainty about Wengers situation.
        I posted late on that one, but wondered if you might have the opportunity to read what I have said and if you agree?
        I think it gives another insight into what the end of the season might hold for the club.

        1. Hi Ken, just got home and read your post concerning Cech’s comments about a power battle going on amongst the hierarchy. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. With the introduction of Diamond Eye, Raul, Huss and even Gazidas carrying more power seems to me Arsene Wenger’s days are numbered. I think the arrival of Kroenke’s son has been the key factor but why Cech is being allowed to make statements like that mystifies me. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe he just suspects he’s about to moved on. Whatever it is, there is no doubt power is gradually being taken away from Wenger and the only situation that could save him now is winning the Europa Cup. If they release Wenger (I don’t want to say sack) they’ll want a new man in as quick as possible which means Jon’s bet for May 18 is looking pretty good.

  12. I think the jobs were divided at the beginning of the season………..Ospina takes cup competitions……Cech the league………..

  13. I have had people several time saying Ospina is not good enough. I don’t understand why people say that. Can anyone here highlight any mistake that Ospina committed that costed us dearly like the ones Ken 1945 are highlighting. I feel some people just gate Ospina yet Cech has costed us in several game. To me i haven’t seen Ospina making so much blunders like Cech. Some people hate him whilst some to trust him. We were plating final of the carabao cup and Ospina was the goalkeeper. Last season he took us to the final of FA cup but still people say he is not good enough. Ospina is way better than Cech right now. We like it or not.

    1. I remember a howler, think it was against Olympiacos… plus I think another against Swansea a few seasons ago?
      Like I said earlier I think Ospina & Cech both have howlers in them!!

        1. Hopefully we will. I do still like Sczcesny… even more so after his chin up gesture to the spuds fans the other week! Brilliant!

    2. Personally, I agree with you Ospina has featured in lesser games than he should which I think made him a bit rusty, but honestly, he his way better than Cech on current form & age.
      Arsenal should retire Cech by season end and get a new competitor for Ospina.
      Wenger didn’t create enough competition for both keepers; hence, both been too relaxed and going about their duties without any zeal or fight of place
      Ospina > Cech for me.

  14. Ospina made three riks last week against Milan in the first leg, the first one, diving at the Italian player’s feet and missing the ball,the player stayed on his feet, Ospina got away with it. He then made two riks with crosses where he got caught under the ball, if a player would have come from behind he have headed into an empty net, again Ospina got away with it, can’t make riks like that against good sides, you get punished.

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