Should Cech or Leno start for Arsenal against Man City? (Vote now)

Everyone thought that Bernd Leno would automatically become Arsenal-s first choice keeper when he arrived early in the transfer window, but now that Unai Emery has watched both of them in pre/season I am sure that many Arsenal fans would prefer to keep Petr Cech in the starting line-up. In the previous pre-season games, Emery has played a different keeper in each half, but against Chelsea Cech was in for the whole 90 mins, and saved a penalty during the match as well as winning in the penalty shoot out.

The big Number One was very happy after the game. “Well, I have to say that first of all I’m glad we came into the penalty shoot-out because we were losing the game until the last minute, so credit to all of us that we managed to dig in and manage to find an equaliser. In the shoot-out everyone took their penalties very well and there was only one miss.

“I was very close to the first one which was a bit of a shame because I had my hand to it and it hit my head and I thought it was going to go wide, but it went in. But in the end our boys managed to keep their nerves and we managed to win. Its always good for the confidence before the season starts

“I felt confident. We’ve been working really hard and really well, so when you are prepared you feel confident obviously. The game didn’t start well for us when we went 1-0 down, but eventually we improved and in the end from both sides it was a really entertaining and quality game.”

He has certainly looked extra fit this year, and perhaps playing the whole of yesterday’s game means that Emery has made up his mind, but Cech says that there has been no decision made so far. Cech said: “No. We still have games to play. Obviously for every player you do your best, then the manager has his choice to make.”

Perhap’s Leno will play the whole game against Lazio, but whatever Emery decides, who do you think should be the one to face Man City on the performances so far?

Who should be in Arsenal's goal against Man City

  • Petr Cech (57%, 347 Votes)
  • Bernd Leno (43%, 264 Votes)

Total Voters: 611

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  1. LENOhappy says:

    Are you even asking this?arsenal defense let cech down a lot last season,I know he had he’s own moments where he could have done better,but believe me when I tell you,cech is not as bad the press make us think,so cech for me against man city at least until he showed us he can’t be relied on again

  2. Anesh says:

    Can’t believe that Leno has most of the votes. He needs to adapt to the team n premier league. CECH has to start. Plus he did well against Chelsea. Let’s see how Leno does against Lazio. But Cech has to start season as no 1.

    1. Focus says:

      with all due respect sir,
      did EDERSON adapt to the league?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Ederson was chosen for his foot work. Liv bought an overly expensive keeper for the same reason, but I reckon the price is not as high as first said, I reckon allot of success clauses are tied to it. We played around at the back allot last night and at PSG they done that to a high standard. If Leno gets the call it will be for his ability to pass it about with his defenders. If we’re choosing mainly for defensive capabilities then I think Cech is the man.

    2. Things are changing says:

      How do you adapt to the PL is you don’t play?

  3. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal defenders would pay heed to Cech, because he is old, more experienced and has won a lot of titles

    He made a lot of errors last season, but all previous season’s underperformers would have second chances in Emery’s team

  4. Midkemma says:

    “Everyone thought that Bernd Leno would automatically become Arsenal-s first choice keeper ”

    I said that Cech shouldn’t be discarded just cause we signed Leno and how Cech had more saves per goal last season than Leno.

    I said at the time that the new GK coaches should get Cech form back up again which could see him remain as number 1 for this season, Leno is a long term fix but he needs to cut out his errors before then and while Cech can still perform at the top then now is the ideal time, while he is settling into a new league and club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Cech looks focused this season, he took the competition exactly how you’d expect a pro to react. Bellerin could learn from him, Bellerin needs to realize that Licht wasn’t brought in for his forward playing abilities.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


  5. Gifted says:

    Agreed…Cech should start until Leno proves himself. Besides, the defense is the one that has been letting us down . And we have already addressed that by buying papa Sokratis and Lichsteiner

  6. Martin Galea says:

    if he performs like he did yesterday against CFC, then Cech should remain as number 1, but if his level of performance should drop, then change will be required

  7. Innit says:

    I think Cech has been fine this summer. And he was let down last season. We also didn’t have Torreira and Guendouzi.

    I do think Lichtsteiner (i need to work on memorising the correct spelling) should play instead of Bellerin. Bellerin didn’t play well last season and not doing any better this summer.

  8. Goonerbri says:

    Off topic I know, and admin I’m sorry. But are we ever gonna get the thumbs back??? They made the blog so much better and you new how many people agreed with your thoughts. If at all possible, can we have them back pleeeeeaaase..

      1. malch95 says:

        please x 100000

      2. Th14 says:


    1. jon fox says:

      They have gone the same way as penny farthing bicycles and betamax tapes. Can you not see how much better this site is without those cowards who would speedily thumb down a comment but so often had not the courage, language skills or wit to actually write something original of their own? Much better site WITHOUT the thumbs and I expect it to stay without them.

      1. Things are changing says:

        Betamax tapes!!! I love it 😉

        It was very frustrating to find a high number of thumbs down without a single explanation.

        It would be too much to ask of admin but the only way the thumbs system would work for me would be is a thumb down could only be entered with an accompanying (non-insulting) reasoned reply.

        1. jon fox says:

          Yes I agree but many of the thumbs down folk are incapable of writing . That is my whole point. You cannot debate with someone who is too cowardly, or simply unable, to contribute something of their own. THAT is why I think we are better off without these types. We NOW have far more debate than previously, though many still can’t or won’t write anything substantive and often post one or two words only. I wonder why they bother , frankly,

          1. ozziegunner says:

            I personally use the thumbs up ? if I agree with a post. If I disagree or want to provide additional information, I give written comments.

      2. Sheet head says:


    2. Break-on-through says:

      Things are more honest now.

      If someone said Ramsey should be taken out back and shot because he’s so average that 70% of the time he’s pure s**t, that shouldn’t make any sense to most people but everyone almost who wants him sold would thumb it up. This type of stuff happened way too much. People were seeking approval the easy way, also it gave genuine trolls an opportunity to mess with our atmosphere in here.

    3. classyGunner says:

      Fourthed, fifthed and sixthed

  9. Joshua Bryant says:

    Just my opinion but i dont buy into a goalkeeper needing to adapt to a different league. Outfield players yes but not the goalkeeper. Anyway my choice to start would be Cech as hes looked great in pre season and has been handed the no.1 jersey. Cech knows as soon as he makes an error we have Leno raring to go amd i think Cech is relishing the competition. Im getting excited now.

  10. jackson mutinda says:

    cech is in good condition and is willing to fight for his pisition.all together he is more experienced and willing to learn from his previous mistakes.

  11. Lomomi says:

    Cech Starts!

    Thumps Up/down back!
    I support thumps being Up!!!

  12. Things are changing says:

    IMO this season should be a write-off. Not only does the manager need to get used to the PL (which would probably take around 1 season) the new players also need to get used to the PL and the players from the Wenger era need to get used to the new manager.

    Leno is our future, would we rather have him get used to the PL in a write-off season or some time in the future?

    Also, if we really start pressing higher up the pitch, which the Manager seems to prefer then we need a quick and mobile keeper which Petr is not.

    I won’t lose any sleep over Cech in goal. He is a good keeper. But I do prefer to get all our learning done this season so I prefer to see Leno in goal in the PL.

  13. Dory says:

    Chec has apparently been hitting the weights this offseason. He looks fit and should start.

  14. Innit says:

    Emery has been a huge difference to Wenger by focusing on our defense and getting a quality defensive midfielder. This is awesome.

    BUT I am dissaponted that he hasn’t sold many players this summer. I understand he wants to give some players a chance but some have already had chances to prove themselves for years. ie. Iwobi, welbeck, campbell abroad, Jenkinson, elneny etc.

    We really need a top winger and upgrade box2box central midfielder to make a break through. Probably next summer.

    I honestly can’t see us breaking into the top 4 with one major signing. That’s why my hopes are not high this season.

    I’m still excited about this season because a defensive midfielder will improve us. And its a start to something new. We are no longer in purgatory

  15. I have NO DOUBT Cech will be starting, he is also one of the CAPTAIN candidates. CECH looks like a NEW SIGNING, what so ever he was doing after last season i hope he continues. I have no doubt he is watching Buffon and is inspired.

  16. Twig says:

    Cech will and should start. We haven’t seen enough of Leno yet.

  17. Hubaidullah says:

    Cech should give opportunity to prove himself when the season starts but he should be immediately taken out of the team if he repeats the same mistake as last season.

  18. Damm says:

    I dont understand why people write us off winning the EPL claiming a new manager need at least a season to get used to PL. Remember this is football, anything can happen. Chelshit did it in Conte’s first year. All we need is consistency and Lady luck.

    1. DDK3 says:

      Conte inherited a side that won the premier league and didn’t have European fixtures to deal with. We do not have a premier league winning side and we do have European fixtures to deal with. If I look at the other clubs in the top 6 on paper, then we are definitely up against it. We would be punching above our weight class to make the top 4.

      Personally I believe that our best chance of Champions league next season will be winning Europa and that 4th is the best that we can hope for. I believe that we will improve as the season progresses, and it is therefore vital that we try and get something out of our first two games as it will probably come in handy during the last few weeks of the season.

      1. Things are changing says:

        well said.

  19. DDK3 says:

    It is early days for Leno and our defense is looking very shaking at the moment. Although I hope it won’t happen, we might get pummeled in the first two games. That could do serious harm to the new mans confidence and could take a while to build it up again.

    I would get the season started with Cech, who has had an encouraging pre-season, and start Leno off in Europa and see how he goes.

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