Should Cech or Ospina play against Sunderland?

Arsenal’s brilliant new signing Petr Cech already has four FA Cup Winners medals from his time at Chelsea, and he has made it clear that he considers it to be an important trophy to him. “I always say it is a special competition,” he said on “I always love to play in FA Cup games because first you start with the fact you can play teams in lower divisions.

“The atmosphere and everything surrounding the game [underlines] the fact that this could be history for the club you play against. Even if you play a club in the Premier League, the elements of the away fans changes for FA Cup games.

“The away team has a much bigger support than all the other games and the atmosphere is lifted. If you take the history of the cup – it is the oldest competition in the world and that is special in itself.

“I always love to play the FA Cup no matter the team we play because it is always special to be involved,” he continued. “The second reason is if you play in the final or semi final you get to play at Wembley Stadium.

“You always play big games there. This means once you go to the game you have this pressure, tension and atmosphere, so they are always the games you look forward to playing in and that is why the FA Cup is special for me.”

Cech certainly has the experience to make a difference in a Cup Final, so it will be very interesting to see if Arsene Wenger even picks Petr to play his weekend as Le Prof has traditionally played his substitute keeper in all the cup games. But David Ospina has only played in three games this season, losing badly against Zagreb and Olympiakos and only winning against Tottenham. Luckily an “injury” kept the Colombian out of the remaining Champions League matches and we managed to scrape through, and there has been rumours of grumbling from our backup keeper with whispers that he wants to leave the club for first team football.

So do you think that Wenger wll now give Ospina another chance to redeem himself in the FA Cup, or will he decide to stick with our charismatic Number 33?

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  1. Lets give Ospina some chance to play.

    Even super Cech needs some rest, his played a lot of games so far its time for him to sit back and watch the game on tele. If Ospina cant be trusted to face a team in the relegation zone then he does not deserve to wear our colours and get a fat pay. I am confident he can do it.

  2. Cech can’t play in every competition for us….. He is already keeper for the champion league and the Epl… So let Ospina take the helms in the fa cup.
    True Ospina made some unforgivable mistakes in the Champions League group stage but we should also remember during the Carling cup Cech picked up the ball three times from the net. Truth is, your defense helps a lot and if they are non-existent, there is little a goal keeper can do.
    Ospina takes the nod for me.

  3. Oooooooooooooooooospina!!!
    Cech needs to rest as we have some crucial games coming up within the space of days.

  4. i really commend cech’s effort and contribution to this arsenal team…..

    But its fair to say Ospina is still arsenal’s no.2 and he deserves some games :….yes we know he had a howler in the CL and a few others that could have cost us… Everyman who comes to realize his shortcomings must be given a chance at some point in time to redeem himself ….right?….. Many on here are willing to bring back sczcesny after somuch recklessness (won’t name em)

    if Ospina must Leave at the summer (or this window) , then he should granted a few games in his honour for his services…… How could we easily forget this same man was EpL’s best Last season?

  5. Ospina should definitely get the chance to play against Sunderland.
    Cech has been awesome this year but playing the reserve keeper in these competitions is a tactic I respect from wenger.
    And most importantly when we welcome
    Szczesny back to the club who will hopefully grow into our number one over the coming years, he is going to be have to be happy with only playing these competitions as he learns from the great Cech !!


  6. Everyone has really spoken well, Ospina deserves to start, it will be very unfair to not start him again…he is a good goalkeeper

  7. Peter end of and play the best 11 we have. All games need to be played to win. As for resting the keeper why? Sorro no need

  8. Cech is the most down to earth footballer in the premier league, he was photographed on a commuter train with his family during rush hour yesterday.

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