Should David Luiz be named as an Arsenal captain?

I have a routine that I undertake each day when it comes to Arsenal, I check the news sites, visit some of my own personal Gooner websites, Untold Arsenal as an example and check out the latest videos on Youtube, normally from AFTV.

Today, I checked the news, mainly rubbish and clickbait, as usual, read a few articles and then jumped onto Youtube and saw that Claude and Ty have done a video for AFTV titled David Luiz for Arsenal Captain?

Now, I have yet to watch the video and so have no idea what they have said and this article is in no way a reflection of their comments.

But it got me to thinking, should David Luiz be the Arsenal captain?

Well, anyone that has read my previous posts on the Brazilian will know I simply do not rate him as highly as some do, I do not think he is good for Arsenal long term and believe he is a liability these days and therefore it will come as no surprise to anyone that I am vehemently opposed to Luiz being named the Arsenal captain.

For starters, I simply do not see him a true Arsenal player, to me, he is a Chelsea outcast that we have picked up.

I know some will say that is being silly but I felt the same about Petr Cech as well and cannot change my belief system.

As for his leadership qualities, I ask what leadership qualities? Are we talking how he lead Brazil to their greatest ever humiliation losing 7-1 to Germany on their own ground in the world cup?

No, I do not feel he has the leadership qualities Arsenal are looking for, I do not feel that he understands the Arsenal culture, I do not feel he has the quality to be even guaranteed a first-team spot on a regular basis.

He is an Arsenal player now and so I will support him every time he pulls on the shirt but it does not mean that I have to delude myself and claim that he is some sort of fantastic player with outstanding leadership qualities.


  1. this article is not necesary….. The coach has named his 3 captains xhaka, ozil and monreal. He actually likes working with 5 captains and he has reserved the other two slots for british core players. Luiz is certainly not british. So pls dont bore us with this article…… Thanks.

    1. Bore? Did you not read what I actually wrote, how I came about the article? I suppose you have gone over to AFTV and commented it was a boring video. You do understand the concept of debate I hope.

      1. The point is you’re commenting on another video commenting on Luiz. And now we’re commenting on the comments on that comment, all of which is, as bajaja points out, completely pointless as we already have our captains for the season.
        And to be fair how can you tell him to go watch the video when you admit in the “article” that you haven’t even seen it yourself?

        1. I suggest you read the article again, in particular, the part that says “But it got me to thinking, should David Luiz be the Arsenal captain?” That is a question mark which makes the article a debate piece and so it is strange that you find it necessary to criticise me for partaking in such a debate, a debate I started.

          1. Pot, kettle, black? I never criticized you for taking part in a “debate”, I criticized the nature of the debate. You can start a pointless debate by all means, but it is still pointless by definition. However you seem to have taken it so personally.

  2. David Luiz was not the captain of the Brazil team in that tournament. That honour goes to Thiago Silva. However, for the semi-final Silva was suspended and Luiz took the armband. Shorn of Silva’s defensive and leadership qualities it is true Brazil fell apart, and Luiz was at fault for more than one goal.
    Two questions spring to mind therefore:
    What happened to the Career of Luiz after 2014?? Did he decline or did he improve? Did he go on to win countless trophies or disappear from the top ranks of football? Answer this question then compare it with certain German players who were in that World cup winning team.
    The second question would be, who was the captain of Arsenal in the 8-2 thrashing of Arsenal by Man Unitedin August 2011?? This player having the armband thrust upon him after Fabregas’ untimely exit from the club. Did Wenger strip that player of the armband? Did that same player go on to have an amazing or mediocre season?
    It seems to me this article is all gut reaction and no context!!

  3. Ideally a captain is:
    A player who is the first one on the team sheet
    A player with a natural “leader” personality
    A player, who even in the most adverse conditions, sets an example by always giving 100%
    A player, which colleagues, fans and maybe even the press respects

    We haven’t really had one for years.
    Maybe Luiz doesn’t tick all the boxes, and it is too early to make him captain. But I am confident, he can implement some sort of leadership on the defense, and that is positive.

  4. @ AndersS……..””We haven’t really had one for years.”
    We’ve had one in the mold of kosceinly, he’s gone now.

    1. @lekan gunner
      Bar the way he left us, I have a lot of respect for Koscielny, but I don’t agree he “ticked” all the boxesto be the ideal captain.
      He didn’t seem to “lead” the team to me.

  5. luiz as captain….. Guendozi as vice captain….. Then maruone felaini to replace unai emery as coach. Then colombian legend valdarama to replace kronke as owner………… Lol hairstyles all the way. Hahahahaha

  6. True captains hardly exist anywhere in this snowflake generation Fact is that most young people are as soft as rancid butter and cry, metaphorically speaking, if someone says “boo” to then. I am older and grew up -to my eternal relief- in the days when men were not afraid of being told off, who accepted necessary discipline and could fight their corner in life and on the pitch. Many of todays players and younger children make me despair. A proper man can show compassion, can cry in empathy or when bereaved but does not cry for himself over a mere disappointment in life or when in physical pain. Weedy men like Walcott, Ozil Mkhi and many others at most clubs everywhere I scorn as young kids in adult bodies. They are boys, not men.
    Off the top of my head I can immediately think of very few current proper captains. VVD at Liverpool, Noble at West Ham and Kompany at City til recently, come to mind. At Arsenal though? No proper captain since Adams and a half decent one only in Viera and nowt since who was remotely captain material. Kos was a joke captain, with nothing about him at all as a leader . I DO NOT YET KNOW ABOUT LUIZ BUT HE SEEMS TO BE A CUT ABOVE ANYONE ELSE WE HAVE RIGHT NOW AS A POSSIBLE LEADER. I LIKE MONREAL BUT HE IS OLDER AND INJURED A LOT AND WILL NOT BE A REGULAR VERY SOON NOW.

    In short, captains are a dying, almost extinct breed today, sadly!

    1. I realise the actual Liverpool captain is Henderson but they have a number who are in reality true captains. Milner too and several others, whilst we have had NONE AT ALL for over a decade. I much admire how Liverpool is run, managed owned and also their fans. The stupid Gooners among us may now ask me why I don’t support them instead of us. The answer is”duh” because since the age of 5 I have had ONLY AFC in my blood. BUT as an honest man, I feel free to give my unbiased opinion that LFC is a great club and better owned than we are. That is not difficult to see, about the relevant owners, is it? Unless, unlike me, you are biased.

      1. Jon, you just said there wasn’t too many captains about these days now suddenly Liverpool have them in abundance. Please make up your mind.

        1. KENNY , What I ACTUALLY SAID, rather than what you say for me , was that “off the top of my head” I could think of only three which I then named. THEN, approx an hour later , having had time to think more fully, I then wrote that Liverpool have a number of them – which is NOT the same as having them in “abundance”, YOUR WORDS, not mine! I was clearly making a general wider point about there being very few real captains in top level football today. Even four or five currently at Liverpool does not negate this truth, I hope you will now agree, being the long standing and fair minded fan I know you to be. Any fan who has seen Adams come through and be such a great captain, as we both have and who go back much further too, as we both again do, could not fail to see how scarce todays number of real captains are, when compared to decades ago. Surely?

          1. I realise the actual captain is Henderson but they HAVE A NUMBER WHO IN REALITY ARE TRUE CAPTAINS. MILNER TO AND SEVERAL OTHERS, your words Jon not mine, sounds in abundance to me.

          2. The second part of your post about not many captains about these days I agree fully with you Jon but LIVERPOOL HAVE A NUMBER OF THEM, your words again not mine, does in my opinion equate to in abundance.

  7. Watched Burnley game again and I noticed how well Monreal played, and he was the captain too, so I guess the armband works for him and for us too.
    Luiz is captaincy material, but far too early for our club.

  8. Got to admit, I wasn’t to enthusiastic about signing David Luiz, however, for the price and the outlay on wages I began to think different. After watching the first game and seeing how instrumental he was at arranging the back four and organising the defence, I’m now converted. So the answer is yes, make him captain immediately.

  9. I can’t see a reason not to have him captain. He is a talker and likes to lead. Larger than life characters do make good captains. Adams, Terry, Gerrard etc. CB’s see the game in front of them which gives them a better perspective and view of a game to direct it. So I say give it a go.

  10. Referring to the 2014 world disaster was out of context cos luiz has absolutely made up for that by being instrumental in Conte’s 16/17 winning side as well as last season’s UEL triumph and even the current Chelsea defence could do with having his presence in it. I actually feel Luiz’s game has more of arsenal than Chelsea in it…

  11. Real leadership qualities are in very short supply in the current crop of players. With that in mind, Luiz is actually not such a bad suggestion. Özil is a joke, Xhaka not too bad, Leno next best. Imho, nobody else.

  12. For me, Luiz is the only option. Agreed it may be a bit early in his Arsenal career but among the current crop he stands out. Monreal is not going to get too many games once Tierney is fit and hopefully Xhaka doesn’t play too many for any reason. Özil’s a senior player but isn’t captain material. Doesn’t leave a lot. So, Yesh, Luiz for me.

  13. I know you have to write new articles every few hours but you should realize that footballers are human beings too and the way they feel affects the way they play. Luiz should be encouraged to give Arsenal his best. The endless stream of criticisms can only hurt Arsenal if his performance is affected. Win or lose he gets paid. Tone it down please. The season has started now lets judge him by his performance, not his history.

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