Should David Ospina leave Arsenal to make room for Cech?

There are so many stories about Chelsea’s Petr Cech being a done deal this morning that it is hard not to accept it is going to happen, but IF it is confirmed then there are other questions that need to be raised.

Today’s Star has reported that the Arsenal goalkeeping coach, Tony Roberts, has gone to join Lukas Fabianski at Swansea, leaving room for Cech’s mentor Christophe Lollichon to move across London with the 33 year-old.

That is a pointer in itself that this transfer is nearly completed, and they also report that Arsene Wenger has assured the Czech international that he will definitely be first-choice for the Gunners next season.

So where does this leave David Ospina? The Colombian has the best stats of any keeper in the Premiership in his 20 games for Arsenal since the New Year, but the Express are saying that Arsenal have already agreed to sell him to Fenerbahce, while the Pole Wojciech Szczesny is set to stay as understudy to Cech for the forseeable future.

If this is true then Ospina must be one of the most successful signings of Wenger’s career but also one of the shortest reigns as an irreplaceable fixture in the First XI. In my opinion it would make much more sense to let Szczesny to go out on loan for a year or two and keep Ospina as backup. Even the best keepers in the world get injured as was shown by Cech replacing Courtois for 8 games for Chelsea last season.

I certainly believe that we would have much more chance of retaining the FA Cup for a third season in a row if we had Ospina between the sticks rather than Szczesny. Who agrees?

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  1. Ospina has done a great job for us this season. Before all this Cech talk I was quite happy with our goalkeeping options & I didn’t really see it as a position that needed improving this summer. However I think all would agree Cech is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and an upgrade on what we have. Ospina is a goalkeeper at the top of his game I can’t really see him getting any better than he is. Szczęsny in my opinion is a very good goalkeeper who has faults but could really develop into a top keeper. So for me Szczęsny is the better number 2 plus Cech will be a great mentor for him. It’s not Szczęsny’s goalkeeping skills that is the biggest issue its his mentality and that can be worked on and will naturally improve with age.

    1. I would rather let Sczeszny leave than Ospina even if Cech comes.And how the fu*k do we justify Ospina leaving?

      1. what if opsina is allowed to leave and cech had a falco like season?
        cech is aged and he is not played lot of games last season.

      2. We justify it by saying Woj is a better keeper. Woj had a bad year, but our knee jerk reactionaries forget a season before he was the 2nd best keeper behind Cech. His maturity and propensity for making a bonehead error is his problem. This will change with Cech mentoring him. Ospina is good. He really is, but people overrate the hell out of him around here. However if you think that the back 4 finding form and getting healthy didn’t contribute to Ospinas form you’re just dumb.

        1. maybe it was the other way around due. Ospina arrived and THEN the back Four got the form…? just sayin

    2. No ospina should stay and provide competition for cech. The young pol needs to pack his bag. Sorry we need to be ruthless if we want to win the bpl ffs.

    3. Ospina is 26, I think he still has room to grow. Not always a keeper comes into a league, into the season begun and stands out as he did.
      Also…did you see those stops on Neymar shots? twice? I know club football is not the same, but still, he stopped shots att range from the Messi sucesor or seomthing like that

  2. Ospina should stay, he earned it. Also it is good that he is south American, someone for Alexis to relate to. Szcz, would it not be better for his development if he were to play each week, i would have thought so.

  3. Well obviously we can’t have all three as none of them will be happy with second never mind third

    It’s a difficult question as right now Ospina is better than Szczesny. Szczesny is a year younger

    Cech is World Class
    Current WC players at Arsenal (in my opinion)
    So we will have 5 now

    Either Szczesny or Ospina will still have their hands full with FA Cup and League Cup duties in addition to subbing Cech.

    No matter who goes, the person who stays will hopefully improve having a top class Keeper around as well as a new keeping coach.

    My answer is either will do.

    1. That’s was the answer to the title question.
      Ospina must not leave.
      I don’t even say no one leaves. One keeper for every competition . Even Damian Martinez leave him for the carling cup

    2. Im split on this. I see where you come from, but then again – if we sell Szcz instead, Ospina is demoted to second choice again – and does he really deserve that? I don’t want to sell him, but neither do i want him to be second choice.

      Tough choice, I’m glad im not the one to make it!

  4. Begs the question,how many trophies would we have won if Arsenal had shown the same tenacity that chelsky did in aquiring the services of Cech though we went after him first?

  5. if cech comes, then feelings aside ospina should be sold cz hez a really good keeper n it would hurt me to see his talent just lay idle on the bench for a whole season especially now hez hitting his best years…
    id say the same for sczezney but you never know, we should have at least 2 top keepers…
    even if we dont sign cech, am ok with what ospina has done n i believe we can lift the title with him btwn the posts

    1. All this talk Of Czech just make for good laugh do you really think mourinho would sell us Czech? Do you? I am not sure how long you guys been arsenal fans but i have been a while now and ever transfer Window there is so much speculation Of who we will sign and honestly we rearly sign any Of those players. Arsenal and Man city Will be chelsea direct competitor because i still think man united will not be as competitive as they always were under ferguson. So really why would mourinho sell us czech.

  6. People are already attacking this transfer, saying Cech will make little difference

    Even if Cech saves a handful of extra goals, that could make the difference between 1st and 2nd place. Even with Cech, every little bit helps

    So in my opinion Cech is well worth the money

  7. What is clear is that if Cech comes then one of Sczseney or Ospina will have to go. Sczseney is homegrown and that means we cannot sell him as things may change in future with the new homegrown rule coming in place. There are 2 options for me that the club could take

    1) I will send Sczseny on loan like to southampton and keep Ospina as number 2
    2) I will keep Sczseney as number 2 keeper and I will sell sell Ospina.

    But i don’t see any way in which we could make Sczseney Cech and ospina happy.

    1. all of this….
      I know how to make them haopy, you all playfor Srsenal.
      Not happy beind someone better? leave!
      also, Wojo made his name HERE, Ospina had a great world cup and still chose US.
      For me there is no question about this stuff.

  8. big fan of cech …vry hpy he is signing for mighty arsenal …..perfect revenge by wenger for taking away cashley cole from us ..cech welcome to arsenal ….

  9. How confident our folks that we are still going to sign Cech? I feel as if he has been close to signing for months

  10. Hello everyone this my personal suggestions am saying since all pundit always say @arsenal did not have natural leaders in our team, should wenger sign cech and make him captain since Ateta will not get regular playing time next season

  11. I have it on good authority that Petr Cech has just been seen shopping in Islington decathlon buying a red and white head protector!

  12. What I’ll miss most is the chant Oooooooooospinaaa.
    More seriously, Cech is an established keeper and refused to be an understudy to Curtois. Same applies to Ospina and Cech. Ospina is an established keeper in his own right. It’s not pride, but I think he’s free to leave (no hard feelings).

  13. Hhhmmm… this is a complicating matter though happy to see Wenger feeling a strong headache on who to choose.
    For me, i would suggest Secz go out on loan for 2 years while Ospina stay as a back to cech. Looking forward to hearing more positive transfer Arsenal news.

  14. OT,

    Anyone else watch Carvalho physically destroy England in the U-21 WC. Looked like a man among boys bossing the midfield. Still feel a cash bid plus Joel Campbell would be a nice piece of transfer business

  15. This is all classic Gooner stuff – so many want their cake and to eat their cake and to f%%k the baker. Year in, year out moaning about Wenger not ruthless this, not ruthless that, we need world class signings, look how Mourinho does it etc etc. We look like we are signing Cech and everyone wringing their hands and their consciences about Ospina and Szczesny. Then as we move toward strength in depth others moaning about what happens to Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky, even seen some fretting about Afobe. Even some of the posters who throw around the “4th place junky” jibes around seem to be getting cold feet and not wanting change. Come on guys whats it to be?

    1. I can’t be a gooner then as I want them all gone! While your at it lets sack AW and make Cech our No1 Goalkeeper and manager.

      Will save on wages. Everyone else has to take on tasks beyond their role in these times of Crisis. Why Not Cech?

  16. Goalkeeping…is the least priority of the positions that need strengthening.
    1. A world class CF or ST to replace Giroud. (10 out of 10 priority rating)
    2. A CB to replace Mertasacker. (9 out of 10 priority rating)
    3. A quality DM (7 out of 10 priority rating) to take Coquelin’s place or at least bring out Coquelin’s best.
    4. A GK (4 out of 10 priority rating)

  17. Think we should go in and get man united goal keeper. AW says only great Quality players will come in. Smash the world record and take him and in my eyes he saved them over 30 points last season. This would make a statement to the EPL

  18. These transfer romous can make you have a heart attack coz where the f*ck is ospina going, tommorrow the daily, the sun will report sanchez to real madrid to replace bale.when will the transfer be over. aargh.

  19. I hate these Ospina Out articles. he was one of the best at last WC, was the best in EPL and now proving every bit of worth at Copa. Cech is no doubt world class, a top GK with a gr8 record, but he has was at his best and the best he can do is to maintain the level, I doubt he will though. He will be still better than Ospina coverage wise, but Ospina is too agile in front of goal. He should remain our number one. And why not? He is at one third of salary that Cheh gets!!!

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