Should DT be allowed to do a video attacking AFTV but not apologise to his victim?

DT thinks he helped make AFTV and Robbie should have supported him.… by Dan Smith

Quite big news in the world of Football social media is that DT is back on YouTube, having served a prison sentence for kidnapping, assault, occasioning actual bodily harm and stalking involving serious alarm or distress.

I have often been critical of AFTV in educating the next generation of Gooner into thinking a supporter is measured on how loud you shout and how many swear words you fit into a sentence.

Why it can never be considered media like a radio or TV station or newspaper is that the parameters you can work in are different.

If Gary Neville has just got out of jail, I’m not sure his job at Sky would be waiting for him.

Yet DT is able to make money talking about the sport he loves based on the following he grew before pleading guilty to the offences above.

Let me clarify out of all the talking heads on AFTV he had the opinions that were relatable. He wasn’t trying to play a character and most often I felt his point of view was fair.

Nor am I against the justice system in the UK which promotes rehabilitation, the man was punished lawfully and now has the right to try and work and make his living.

This is simply my response to his video, because for better or worse the rise and fall of AFTV has often impacted on the image of Arsenal FC.

Out of respect for his victim, DT does not want to publicly go into detail about the events that led to his conviction.

He is though comfortable to talk for nearly 20 minutes talk about AFTV and how their host Robbie let him down, hasn’t been transparent, and didn’t support him during his battle with Mental Health.

So, to clarify he doesn’t want to allude to the pain and suffering he put on others, but is very much open to talking about himself and his ordeal?

I would argue that true remorse for your actions would make it very hard to record your account in the last year where the only admission was how badly you had been treated?

True sorrow would see him return to making content about the Gunners, nothing else.

Instead, he wanted to find the quickest way to garner hits, the easiest way to make his name relevant …. attack the most popular fan channel online and hope for a response.

At a time where his intention was to ‘for the only time’ address his guilt, he was in fact trying to make money.

Guilt would have meant an apology and zero mention of how you feel.

Your working arrangement with Robbie is not as important as your actions.

That’s respecting the mother of your children?

A lot of people suffer with depression, an illness that has been on the rise for years. It isn’t an excuse to break the law.

As a friend, DT feels Robbie owed him more support when he disclosed his mental struggles. This was the moment he realised Robbie was his boss and he was simply a number, someone who got him views and subscribers and made money for him.

Yet the only reason he has the subscribers he has is because of Robbie!

It’s scary that he lacks such self-awareness that he can’t see the irony.

He’s attacking the platform that gave him the stage to get noticed in the first place.

Not many people who come out of jail have a decent size YouTube channel waiting for them where you can make an income by talking about football.

Lee Gunner is another creator who thinks his audience grew out of his own talent and hard work.

He’s happy to critique AFTV but only after using them for the opportunity in the first place.

This though is the danger of taking an everyday man and women not used to attention, and making them feel like they were special.

In his own words, DT feels he was the main contributor to a business worth million.

In reality anyone can play the role he played. Just like anyone can be ultra-negative or positive. Robbie simply encouraged those personalities to go over the top when he saw numbers.

Don’t think that no one else could curse down a camera.

The problem comes when that person starts believing in their own hype.

When they suddenly realised, they were just a cog in a wheel and that company has moved on without them, that can mess your mind up.

AFTV is too big to be small but too small to be big.

It now has advertisers and sponsors to adhere too. Even if Robbie wanted to, this idea that any organisation would lose money based on loyalty is either arrogance, nativity …or both.

Yet before the length of his sentence was appealed, DT planned to record a video with Robbie where they would reveal the truth about why he had vanished from the channel, admitting they had lied about mental health, using it as a cover story.

To clarify, he was happy to talk about his victim when AFTV supported him and there was a chance to make money?

Again, DT was the one talking head I would listen to but he’s simply let himself down.

Not just in his obvious actions but his lack of awareness.

His stance is if you disagree with his right to make content, if you can’t forgive him, then simply don’t watch.

He questions why watch something that makes you so angry?

Yet the business model he’s lived off is critiquing a product and telling the world how bad it is.

He says the constant comments he received made him unwell and clearly felt he warranted a stronger arm round the shoulder.

Yet it’s okay to call Mr Wenger the C world, tell Bellerin to grow a tree, tell Xhaka to F off?

What about their mental health?

Just say that out loud ….

Based on a football match he has the right to express himself how he sees fit but if you disagree that he should be on YouTube after abusing his ex, can we please not?

What do you think, should DT be allowed to be back making money talking about Arsenal?

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  1. This piece, even though well argued, is not the type of piece that I am on JA to read.

    As I know almost nothing about DT, nor care to, it would be wrong to comment on him.
    A long while ago I did, for a short time, look at AFTV, as there were one or possibly two sensible people on there, among the many low IQ ignorant louts who had huge and harmful self publicity.
    Truly a sad and depressing episode.

    1. There’s enough information in this piece to make an opinion and comment on him. But if you aren’t interested fair enough.

      It’s relevant to JA as it has to do with Arsenal so I have no issues with this article

  2. if DT has a brain he’ll have a stand alone channel working for himself, with the occasional aftv appearance

  3. The man is a thug.i watched a video where a friendly game between both sets of Arsenal and Utd fans had been organised. I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to hear that he really can’t kick a ball.not only that he came on as a sub, surprise surprise that’s when troubles started.trying to start a fight for no reason except that he thought he had been fouled.during the game,he was constantly calling people names including the ref.after the game,he was still verbally abusing the ref(who was a volunteer) and even had to be physically restrained.the guy is a disgrace,simple as.mental health is no jokes, as a former soldier and vet of several tours,I should know.what makes me angry is people lying about it and using it as an excuse.

  4. Doesn’t sound like he’s taking responsibility for his actions. He should stop blaming others because he let himself and everybody around him down. AFTV is a brand, and no brand can and want to be associated with such negative publicity. You can’t expect to pull everybody down with you. He needs to own up and move on. And realize he is the cause of his own downfall. Stop blaming others and take responsibility…..

  5. Thought he was yesterday’s man. Can’t blame aftv for having moved on and wanting to stay well away from him.

  6. Eventually time will sort the cream from the rubbish, but
    when the boo hoo man can hardly get up from his couch
    to celebrate a goal I turn my attention to other outlets..

  7. I watched AFTV for a short while a long time ago after a friend put me onto it, it seems to me it’s just a vehicle on which people can shout, swear, generally vent their anger and get their face on youtube. Thank goodness for JA where the majority of Arsenal supporters seem to respect other peoples views and respond to them graciously. Although I don’t post very much, JA is my go to site along with Goonerholicsforever, It’s good to see people responding and interacting with each other without the need for swearing or aggressiveness. Finally off topic thank you to Dan for running the predictions league.

  8. I always liked Robbie and was pleased that he was eventually rewarded for the hard work he put in to make AFTV the success it became, but unfortunately he allowed himself to be surrounded by a load of self-promoting muppets & DT was the one I detested most and the main reason I stopped watching. Didn’t know about his health or crime issues and have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

  9. Are you out of your mind? Most loyal and sane Arsenal fans do regular jobs and they take responsibility for their actions. Even without commuting crimes, regular people suffer in their lives. The society really sucks if a celebrity wannabe commit crime and expect things to go back to normal after the fact. A lot of us are not dumb. We still remember what AFTV did to Arsene Wenger.

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