Should Eddie Howe be the next Arsenal manager?

Increasing Rumours about Eddie Howe taking over! by AH

There has been an increase in rumours this week surrounding the position of Arsene Wenger and his future at Arsenal. Although there seems no reason behind the increase, it has been anticipated that this season could well be the Frenchman’s last campaign in charge of the Gunners, with Le Prof in the final year of his contract.

Wenger has maintained that he will not look to engage in new contract negotiations with Arsenal until the end of the season. It entirely depends on how the Gunners do this year and seemingly if Wenger feels if he can take this club any further. There have been a few hints that he may have already made his mind up to leave at the end of the year, based upon some of the suggestions about his future, however it all remains unconfirmed.

With his future being up in the air, of course the media is going to start wondering who will be next in line for the Emirates hot seat. There were some links to the Borussia Dortmund boss last week, whilst rumours surrounding Diego Simeone and Joachim Low continue to be persistent. Whoever is picked to take up the reigns at Arsenal post Wenger, one man who must surely be the favourite is Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe. Howe has been linked with the role since last season and it seems as if based upon what Bournemouth have suggested, perhaps Howe has been contacted regarding a possible new management opportunity.

The Bournemouth chairperson Jeff Mostyn has claimed that Howe will undoubtably have speculation linking him elsewhere, primarily because of the success he has achieved during his time on the south coast. Mostyn said: “We have a man of immense talent and any man of talent, whatever business you are in, is always going to be sought after. We see that very much as a compliment. But Eddie is a Bournemouth boy through and through. He has been with the football club since he was ten.

There is unfinished business. He wants to ensure that if and when he does move on he will leave a legacy. A legacy that will ensure AFC Bournemouth are a Premier League side, not a side that is aspiring to retain its position every year.

He has made it clear that over the next two or three years hopefully we can establish ourselves as a thoroughbred Premier League side and only then would he consider moving on.”

If Arsenal truly are interested in appointing Howe’s services as a manager, then it seems that it may not be so easy to see Bournemouth part ways with their main man. Surely however, an approach from Arsenal would take a lot of consideration and it would certainly be difficult to turn down.
Despite still being very young for a manager in the top flight division, Howe has plenty of experience being in charge of a side. Howe, who is 38 years old, has been in football management since 2008 and has led Bournemouth from League Two to the Premier League, over the course of two spells with the Cherries.

Would Howe be a good candidate for the Gunners, or should we be targeting a manager with more experience at the highest level of competitive football? Don’t forget, Arsene Wenger was pretty much unknown to us all back in 1996.



  1. Trudeau says:

    No where near ready for Arsenal. He’d be chewed up and spit out. And that would be a shame because one day he might be ready. Just not yet.

    1. RSH says:

      it seems like a Moyes to United move. The whole “let’s get this guy cause he’s British” approach is so stupid. Arsenal should learn from United and get someone who won’t be risky, and can bring some stable ACTUAL success back to the club.

      1. Tas says:

        We need a big name to attract big players

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          And that Big name is ‘Arsenal fc’ and if that’s not Big enough for the so called big players then they can take their big egos somewhere else! ? ?

          Don’t forget that George Graham was the manager of Millwall (where he got them promoted up a couple of league’s) when we signed him and he didn’t do that bad as the Arsenal manager.

          1. The12thMan says:

            Jush like players a club has to earn its respect and since the invincibles season we have systematically lost ours. We haven’t won anything of note for over 12 years and refuse to pay top players what they are worth. Why on earth would they come given the landscape of football.

            Time has moves on since George Graham’s days. Say what you want about the old man wenger he is a still a renowned figure in world footballl and just like we would expect to replace the loss of our best players with better players we should have the same standard for whoever our new manager is.

    2. Jimbeam says:

      Simeone who can bring Grizmann or Tuchel with Aubameyang would be good choices. Who the hell Howe is going to attract in a league with Morinho, Guardiola, Klopp and Conte.

      1. FCL says:

        I’m not sure I would like Simeone at Arsenal… He’s a proven winner and brings a lot of things we’re missing these days, but I like football, and specially Arsenal, because it’s a eintertainment. Best coaches available in the near future:

        Simeone (if he brings winning spirit + eintertainment)
        Sampaoli (if he proves himself st Sevilla)
        De Boer (if he proves himself at Inter)

  2. NY_Gunner says:

    Why not?

  3. Vlad says:

    When a Man from Japan took over Arsenal in 1996 the club was nowhere near the same level it is right now. No disrespect to Bournemouth and Eddie How, but we’re one of the big boys, and they are not. Massive fanbase; biggest sponsorships; tons of cash, CL football year in and year out; etc, etc, etc. vs One season in EPL in club’s history. Now if he wins the title this year a la Lester City style, then sure. But as it stands at the moment, I say he needs a few more years and a few more clubs like Soton or Everton to be ready for us.

  4. blugooner says:

    Diego Simeone. Nuf said.

  5. blugooner says:

    We need someone who knows how to bring out the best in big players. Not an experiment or a Trialist.

  6. frank says:

    Diego Simeone would be my first pick.

  7. Vlad says:

    When people start throwing names around without even thinking, I can’t help myself but laugh at some of the comments. Tuchel, Simeone, Ancellotti, Pellegrini, Mancini, etc… First of all, you have to ask yourselves, out of all these managers, Who will want to come to Arsenal? Who is most suited to continue the tradition of the style of football we play? Who can take us to the next level? Who can make an instant impact, and stick around for more than just 2-3 years? For me, personally, none of these guys. Ancellotti won’t come, he’s a step above us, IMHO. Pellegrini, and Mancini didn’t do enough with their respective clubs given the resources available to them. I don’t want to see Simeone because of his defensive approach to the game. Tuchel? The jury is still out for me on this guy. He never really challenged BM for the title, and haven’t done anything in the CL yet. The perfect candidate for me was always Frank de Boer along with his assistant, Dennis Bergkamp. But Inter snatched him up, and now I’m afraid that we’re gonna see Steve Bould get promoted, and become just a Yes Man to the board, and Silent Stan.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Spot on…

    2. RSH says:

      i’ve also wanted De Boer for a while, it’s inevitable he got snatched up. Funny that almost every top manager has been available in the past 2-3 seasons, and now none are moving at the moment.

      1. Tas says:

        I’m sure one or two of those managers will be sacked by the end of the season

  8. jonm says:

    I cannot see it being Joachim Low, his club experience is with small clubs like innesbrook and kahlsruh. Managing a national team is very different to club football.

    1. Germany is not just any national team.. it’s full of superstars and big egos which he have been able to manage very impressively, and that’s a main trait anyone must have to manage massive club

    2. Big G says:

      agreed but Joachim Low is no Roy Hodgeson.

  9. RSH says:

    No, we should get Joachim Löw.

    1. jonm says:

      summary Low experience
      – 4 years, club youth and assistant manager
      – 6 years club manager, stuttgart, innsbruck, karlsruhr, wein, fenerbache, adanaspor, no big clubs.
      – 12 years assistant and manager of Germany

      Managing an international team requires the ability to select the players from a large pool and forming them in to a winning team quickly and for short periods of time. Club football is very different, small squad of players, transfers to sort out, player contracts, who to send on loan, dealing with the owner/board.

      Low is very sucessful at international level but his club experience is very limited with nothing to suggest he would be successful at a big club.

  10. blugooner says:

    Wenger may have a hand in who replaces him. I dont see him bringing in someone with a different philosophy, or someone even better than he is. Simeone may be defensive but thats what makes you a winner, the ability to refuse to lose. Arsenal lacks that. If Wenger was managing Arsenal in La liga, they will hardly make the top 5 because he panics easily. We are tired of participating endlessly. WE WANT TO WIN! Now every team in Europe is afraid of playing Athleti year in year out. Why? Because no matter who you are , they never get intimidated. That is the type of team i want my Arsenal to be like. Not some kind of sissy team that the likes of Bayern or Barca will be licking their lips to play against.

  11. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Experience? ? Humbug! ? So how would you explain the experienced Mourinho’s fortunes, last season?
    Wenger is the most experienced manager in the EPL with 20 year’s at Arsenal and? … So? … 12 year’s and waiting! ?

    Our next manager doesn’t have to be vastly experienced, he just needs to know modern day football, tactics, motivation and the desire to succeed.

  12. Fatboy Gooney says:

    What?… Nobody is mentioning Ronald Koeman?
    Anyways, I get the feeling that wenger will probably Win a major trophy this season and end up signing another 2 year extention…. I won’t be complaining if it’s the Premier league or Champions league trophy! ?

    1. Peter12 says:

      Yes, I guess he is a possibility, though I don’t see anything wrong with Eddie Howe either. This job is not difficult you know – I mean managing a team like Arsenal. The fans should not be conned into thinking that it is. Almost anybody could do as well or as bad as any of the big names. Mourinho is not a magician (he may be a self celebrating thug – or not); Ancelloti is ordinary (but a gentleman); Mancini is less important than he thinks (not a good man-manager), etc, etc. Now Klopp is a massive character but unfortunately loves the Kop and is committed there. No, to my mind Simeone and Tuchel stand out, though the latter has not proven anything. So, for me, Howe appointment would not be such a bad thing unless we can get Simeone. Like I said, it isn’t a difficult job, it isn’t rocket science. These people are absolute nobody’s. If they are lucky they do well, if they are not they get the sack, but in either case they make millions (at least footballers – some of them – have skills). In my book, only the agents are less talented than the managers. This is my opinion.

      1. blugooner says:

        So you figure its not rocket science. That any one can just accidentally become a successful manager, and there`s no methodology to it? You think tactical astuteness and man management is anybody`s bread and butter? Your naivety is alarming. Did you just stumble unto this website?

    2. NY_Gunner says:


  13. Raoh says:

    Like Bournemouth attractive brand of football, nice for the eyes but that’s where it stops. Now not to say he can’t get the job and do fantastic but Arsenal is a different kind of beast.
    For one, I believe we have as fans high expectations most often than not no matter what we say. There’s a lot more pressure to win and deliver silverware. Also you have to cope we champions league football and the fact that you train some of the top players out there & there ego.

    Second I think to be fully ready he would need a year or two at a bigger club like Southampton/West Ham/Everton type. He can also go abroad and oversee a team of such caliber specially in Spain where possession based football is encouraged with a lot of technical players.

    Finally some other managers out there are more ready for that sort of challenge. Simeone & Tuchel. Both have shown they are winners and each have there own style.
    If you want to break/reshape the way Arsenal play than Simeone it is. He would bring steel to the team, a spirit and fight until the final whistle. Or maybe blend his style to adjust a little bit.
    If continuity is key than Tuchel is the guy. Dortmund play a great style of football based on pace & possession based football but more direct. He would certainly bring his own ideas to the team but without altering too much.

    Out of the 3 candidates the last 2 are more ready in terms of club size, expectations, dealing with world class players and showing an ability to win at the highest level, Simeone in particular. All of them seems to have a keen eye for talent even when working under a reduced budget (look at Atletico mercato in the past 3 seasons and Dortmund this summer). Also the last 2 coaches could potentially come with a nice package in the next 2 summers. Both teams managed by them now boast young & potential or ready made world class talent.

  14. MarlonE says:

    I am thinking Frank De Boer, he continued to develop talent at Ajax and has won the Dutch League several times. He has Champions League experience and he plays attacking football, the only draw back is he just signed at Inter, not sure he would pick up and leave.

  15. tissiam says:

    you cannot compare howe with wenger!!wenger might have been unknown to you but not to us in france,when he came to arsenal he had over a decade experience as a manager,he won the french title,french cup and lost an european final he managed players like weah,petit,hoddle….and also managed in japan

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