Should Edison Cavani be an Arsenal transfer target?

Today’s transfer rumour for Arsenal comes from a league Arsene Wenger is famous for purchasing players from, Ligue 1. However the player on his radar this time around isn’t some young prodigy, but instead a striker considered by many to be a world class talent.

PSG’s Edison Cavani has been linked with the Gunners for quite some time, ever since his days at Serie A side Napoli. The South American star moved from Naples to Paris to be the star striker in Ligue 1, but was shunted to the wing during the Ibrahimovic era at PSG. Now however, despite having more freedom in attack and 18 goals in 16 league appearances, it seems that Cavani is still dreaming of a move to the Premier League.

Comments from Cavani himself in a recent interview suggest that he is very keen on a move to England and the papers have linked Arsene Wenger to be one of the main players in the market for his signature. Cavani is quoted as saying: “Every footballer knows the Premier League is a great league. It’s very competitive and it’s among the best leagues in the world. In football you never know what is going to happen. If one day I have the opportunity to play in England, I am sure I would enjoy it there.”

In all fairness, it’s a very similar quote to what we see quite regularly from players when they are linked with a Premier League move. There is no suggestion in the quote that Arsenal would be the club of Cavani’s choice, but with the Gunners in constant contention for a new striker signing, you have to wonder if Cavani could be the man.

There aren’t too many quality strikers available on the market right now, especially with Arsenal arguably in demand. Cavani would certainly come at quite a price, but perhaps it wouldn’t be a fee as high as some of transfers figures at the moment. I don’t think Cavani is everyone’s first choice of transfer target, but should Wenger be keeping his eye on any developments on Cavani’s happiness in Paris?

I find it highly unlikely that Cavani would move midway through the season, especially given PSG’s hopes of glory in comparison to Arsenal’s. Not to mention the striker would also be cup tied for this season’s Champions League competition.

There is no doubt that the striker has his eye on the Premier League, but should Cavani be considered a realistic transfer target for Arsene Wenger, or is this more than likely another media rumour?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    There’s not too many strikers scoring more regularly than 18 in 16, similar to Ibra numbers when there. I think Cavani would look very good beside Alexis, and like Alexis, he can play out wide. Those two and Welbeck would torment defences that like to play out from back. I don’t see us making a move.

  2. Ace says:

    Cavanis movement against us in both legs in the Champions League group stages was brilliant. He was a constant threat and if it wasn’t for his poor finishing we may have lost both legs to them.

    I would love to see him at Arsenal! His movement and Alexis’ work rate will cause havoc for any opposition team.

  3. Ramterta says:

    giroud just signed a new contract now move on

    1. bran99 says:

      good point.

  4. Bobbyraz says:

    This same cavani who couldn’t help PSG put us to the sword, how is gonna help our average team put other teams to the sword

    1. bran99 says:

      you talk about 2 games only? Messi and Ronaldo can go 4 to 5 matches without scoring, even though the whole world will mock them on that, no one can beat them to that balon d’or thing coz they terrorize opponents in a daily basis. so Cavani is very good, don’t judge from the 2 games you picked for your liking

  5. ras911 says:

    Nope.. He has all the attributes of a world class striker but lord his finishing is awful! Imagine watching him miss sitter after sitter. The PSG team also makes him look like an amazing striker because he get fed a lot of great scoring opportunities, tbh even an average strike could look as good as he does for PSG. Cavani to me lost his mojo after Napoli.

  6. El Blaze says:

    Another irrelevant article. Wenger is not interested in Cavani and would not be buying him. Why are we acting like we don’t Wenger know and his transfer habits.

  7. tissiam says:

    i have to agree with @El blaze,this article is irrelevant ,if you read the full interview he said he&his family were very happy&love living in paris!why would he leave now that he ‘s back playing in his favourite position when he stuck for 3 years playing wide ??also he wouldn’t earn anything near to what he’s getting now at psg!!

  8. Jansen says:

    We could clearly do with a world class striker now that it looks like Sanchez is back on the wing. I just don’t think Cavani is the guy, he is also too old for my liking (will be 30 in Feb).

    We should look for a versatile striker with both speed and finishing abilities between the ages of 24-28 IMO. That’s old enough to be more than a one-year wonder and young enough to contribute for a meaningful spell.

    How to find such a player is not so easy since we won’t pay Aubmayang type money. We have to rely on our scouting ability to unearth a semi-great player and make him great as a result of playing in our system. We will have to be willing to pay £50 million or so but if we sell some of our existing players (hopefully not Sanchez or Ozil) then this should be possible with our financial means.

  9. jermaineBryan says:

    Cavani plays left forward and st (welbeck )
    Both are physically good and move well
    Both have problems with finishing

    Do we need a cavani type, for the price he will cost???

  10. marty53 says:

    Yawn,yawn, another transfer window and we’re still being liked with Cavani, if Wenger was gonna buy him he would have bought him by now. Can’t the press think of some new players to make a story up…..

  11. Wilshegz says:

    No.. we need a scoring leftwinger. Alexis upfront is best

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