Should England be allowed to host another World Cup?

England Shouldn’t Host The 2030 World Cup by Dan


It wasn’t meant to be like this was it?

England no doubt had some sort of parade arranged for Monday had they won the Euros. Instead we have had days of players being racially abused, Downing Street condemning behavior of fans inside and outside of Wembley, and a UEFA investigation having already been fined the FA after the Semi Final.

In essentially a home tournament, with the world watching, this wasn’t a good look for the country.

That’s not even including; booing of national anthems, laser pens being used, fireworks set off, Denmark fans complaining of vile chants, etc.

The fear is now it will impact Great Britain’s and Ireland’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup. Which it should!

There’s a perception of England within the sport of being arrogant. They self-proclaim they have the best League in the World, every tournament singing ‘It’s Coming Home’, etc.

Worse though they are very critical when other nations struggle to contain racism or hooliganism, etc., like Bulgaria, Spain, Eastern Europe, etc. England have rightfully preached about tougher sanctions and justifiably been bemused by UEFA’s light punishment over the years.

I wonder if the Football Association will be demanding huge fines now that they are the ones having to pay them?

Of course it’s the minority, but we have to be careful with that thinking.

In a venue of thousands, most are decent people. Yet what’s the number of people you accept as being in the minority?

I would be interested if that were the World Cup Final being played in Moscow where fans broke in, would the English press be calling them the minority?

In 2021 shouldn’t we aim for one person being racially abused being one too many?

The numbers of anti-social arrests are increasing on Match Days as are complaints of discrimination online.

There are countless examples of grown men and women who seem to think that in their footballing bubble they can act however they want.

That’s why you hurt what’s most important to them. If they knew stadium bans, point deductions, etc. were a consequence of their behavior would they think twice about their actions?

In a sense, I’m not worried about those cowards, but more concerned about educating the next generation.

There are children who watch YouTube and think it’s normal to swear at players if they play badly.

They are constantly hearing players being abused online to the point it’s normalised.

If a 10-year-old sees the events of the weekend and then hears we are hosting a World Cup in 9 years, what are we teaching a child?

He or she needs to see adults treating it like a big deal.

In the last two months, 2 of the UK biggest stadiums have been broken into. If that were another nation, we would say that country had a problem.

Are other nations just as guilty?

Will places with worse crime rates, human right issues, political issues, etc. still bid to host events?

Of course.

I’m asking my country to be better.

Pointing to other countries that have crowd and racism problems as well, doesn’t make it okay for you to have them as well.

We have to accept we have problems which are increasing.

Lasers, Fireworks, Breaking into Stadiums, racism …. that’s some crime sheet to build in the space of one month.

Is it fair on the majority of decent people to miss a home World Cup due to the minority?

Correcting a growing issue is more important.

Protecting players from this treatment is more crucial.

Showing that next generation this country has a zero tolerance towards this behavior must be paramount.

No different to English clubs being banned from Europe in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Not every fan caused crowd trouble in that era, but it reached a point where Football had to say enough.

In 2021, I fear there is too much money around for anyone to really force reform.

When FIFA picks who hosts the World Cup, they are not basing their criteria on who’s fans are behaving.

The same reason why Facebook and Twitter won’t demand users register details.

The same reason why the Prem owners don’t demand Stadium bans or point deductions as a consequence to racial abuse.


Every few decades though you have that one person who wants to make a difference. An inspirational figure who demands change. I will wait for that person who says… Enough is enough!


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    1. God you always have a problem with the English don’t you if it’s not the players it’s the country

    2. Yes why not those people don’t belong in football and every country has it’s problems and you will always have it

      1. Tom the article asked a question and I gave my opinion. Is that not the point of a comment section? If you have a problem with the article and/or question don’t take it out on me son.

        What would you like me to answer?

        1. Fair reply, if it was some other country there would have been stringent sanctions by FIFA/UEFA, England has been let loose for obvious reasons. While the racist abuse is unacceptable, the manager should be questioned for letting Sterling and Jack being sidelined for Saka. I even found that laser beam at Kasper equally damaging. The ref should have cancelled that shoddy penalty there itself and restarted open play. Lastly there was very little effect by the law enforcers to contain the post match violence. Back to the question, cancelling the chance to hold the 2030WC would serve as a deterent to all countries law enforment agencies to shape in or ship the tournament out of their country. Human life comes first, then any finacial or entertaiment event.

          1. Qatar have a great record on the human rights of the foreign workforce building the infrastructure for the World Cup – I don’t think. Other countries have a poor reputation for their treatment of their LGBT communities

            To imply that the English are worse than other nations is simplistic. There are countries- far too numerous to name who have never been granted a major sporting event. Perhaps their record on racism and human rights doesn’t bear scrutiny

          2. SueP, Australia was dudded over the selection of Qatar to host the next World Cup as well. Agree with your comments on Qatar, which shouldn’t have been selected on a number of criteria. No country is beyond criticism, when under the microscope. Unfortunately money talks and you just have to pay the right money to the right people.

  1. Normally, the way that an England fan would acquire a ticket for the Euros or world cup would be far strickter than the final was for this last final, so reprobates would find it harder to get one. Because of covid it became easier to acquire a ticket and many true fans couldn’t get a look in. At this moment in time, i would be ashamed to host a big tournament in this country and our mindless hooligans that are desperate to cause mayhem and are alway ready and waiting to shame our country. But the WC should not be held in Qatar, for different reasons, or Russia but it is and was. Do we deserve it? No! But that answer is purely down to the hooligan element and they should not be stopping us hosting a tournament but we need to stop the plank heads getting a ticket.

  2. NO!

    Fine the FA for the shambles they are, too! Add to that the shambolic state of our police force.

    England as a nation don’t deserve to represent football unfortunately. Our behavior and our poor reputation send out the wrong messages all over the world. We look like a nation of beer swilling, uncontrollable, disrespectful morons. What is worse is that most of these idiots are the future. God help us all!

    1. Even South Africans were better behaved during their World Cup than the English fans every Euro 2020 game!

      Embarrassing for a “1st world” population. And no, it wasn’t only a few English fans…it was a lot.

  3. Only if the authorities impose harsher punishment, bigger fines and longer jail time for the attackers/ racists

  4. The problem is this is not the first time look at Euro 2016 and the trouble there. Okay it was on occasion instigated by Russian Ultras but none the less it was exactly the same. I’m Welsh and enjoyed 2016 as I did 2020-21. Were continually punching above our weight and that makes me proud for such a small nation. Our fans and I wouldn’t say all of them because there are a few idiots in our fan base as any, acted on a good nature at 2016 even winning awards from Eufa.

    What was our reward playing games in Baku not having our stadium used for games. When as we said in France where English hooligans did what they do, and get rewarded with all their games at home bar 1. It’s not about anything else but the hiest bidder and Ceferin is even more bent that Blatter and Platini

  5. Come on now.

    Just because there are a few anonymous racist trolls online shouldn’t mean the whole country should pay.

    Lets be honest, racism will never be eradicated entirely. Lets not delude ourselves. You will always have a section in every population that is racist. As long as we don’t allow them to express their ignorance face to face in our stadium or around our clubs then that’s the best we can do.

    There are brazen racist nations that have not done anything deal with racism, but England is definitely not one of them.

    Just because there is a coward group of ignorant online trolls shouldn’t be reason enough to punish a whole nation.

    1. Thank you. You have saved me a comment. Agree with your whole post.

      If might add regarding England being vocal when it happens to other countries aren’t we all like that?

      How many of us condemn countries without free speech to the best of our abilities but we can’t give other people a chance to express their opinions to the point we refuse to converse or choose who to converse with?

  6. No, the football authorities and police in England have shown that they’re simply not up to the task of running an event like this safely and there are too many football fans in England who cannot be relied on to act respectfully and responsibly, it’s sad but it’s what it is.

  7. A better question should be: Should non footballing nation Qatar, which has a really poor human rights record, be allowed to hold a World Cup?

    1. It still come to the same thing. Don’t condemn the whole nation for the actions of few. Is the whole Qatar population human rights abusers? A non football nation, did you have the same view USA 1994? Remind me what was the reason behind giving the USA the chance to host and talk about non football nation again.

      1. To compare England with Qatar is ridiculous! What’s next, North Korea? Certain countries get sanctions, and for good reason. World Cups should be part of any sanctions.

      2. Although Third Man didn’t reply., HH the reason behind the USA hosting the WC was to spread the profile of the sport where it had very little following.
        Well that was how it was sold to the world at the time

        1. Yes SueP. That was my point regarding a non football nation. I know he won’t answer it is not the first time.

          If the USA hosted and will host again, why not Qatar? Because it is in the Middle East?

          Human rights abuse on a small number of workers vs Iraq war with devastating casualties, which is bad?

          As others have already said if we are to look for an angel country to host they better discard the competition because there is none. Or it should be renamed to the Only Certain Parts of the World Cup.

          The only reason I was against Qatar hosting the World Cup is the heat, having experienced it for a number of years but it has already been addressed.

          My question still is, are the actions of Qatar government reflective of its people? Are Qatar people going around abusing all human rights?

          The World Cup is a prestigious competition. Any country which can afford to host it should be given a chance. We should not think only certain countries are privileged to host it.

          If anyone strive to look for anything to put down other countries while ignoring the shortcomings of their own countries or the countries in their good books are no better than Saka abusers.

  8. It’s estimated 5000 people got into Wembley without tickets, many by force as we have seen, some stewards threatened with knives ffs! But also some stewards were letting people in after being “bribed” at £50 a time. The Wembley organisers were a shambles and whilst the police were guilty of not sorting things out, outside the stadium, they were of course not employed to police inside the stadium.

  9. YES they should, unless you apply the criteria that Dan is putting forward to EVERY country…. and then there would never be a world Cup would there?

    We need stronger punishment, naming of culprits and life time bans for any hooligans… and let’s not kid ourselves it’s just football.

    We have also shown that every one of our home nation teams are not racists in any way – Germany (as an example) most certainly haven’t.

    I think our own FA needs to stop preaching and act upon their own short comings within their portfolio – deduct meaningful points, relegation, empty stadiums if any club fails to react…. we need someone with a backbone, honest and with the game of football as his/her sole purpose to clean up……. anyone come to mind?

    I can think of two and they both formed a lasting legacy at our club and in football world wide.

  10. Though i have come to notice that the English people are not that friendly&are mostly arrogant but as one of the top footballing nations,they should never be denied an opportunity to host a tournament,especially the 100th anniversary one they are planning to host with Ireland in 2030.

    1. I don’t know much about English people to comment on that but I agree with the rest you have said.

    2. I understand what you are saying, but I must tell you that I have noticed that people called Matthew are mostly unfriendly and very opinionated, but I wouldn’t wouldn’t be so arrogant to say that ALL Matthews are that bad!

        1. Been to England 13 times before for business, roughly around 7 monthd spent there in total and I’d have to agree with Matthew. Obviously not all English people are bad at all but out of the 19 countries I’ve been to Id have to say the English are the least friendly definitely.

          1. It would be interesting to know how you view your own country… wherever that is before starting on all of us here in England

      1. Well said Admin
        For heaven’s sake to call the English out like that! I could have a totally unrealistic and untrue belief about any nation. We are not all racists or hooligans

        1. Gladly SueP. I am from Zimbabwe where the country is in absolute ruins and despite that the people in general are wonderful and friendly. Feel free to ask anyone that’s been to Zim how lovely the people are.

          I just find it very sad that people with so much can still act like that. If you are offended by what I said that’s fine, it’s my own observation based on what I’ve experienced. I don’t need you to agree with me 👍

          Feel free to visit 13 times and form your own opinion of my country, I hope you do then you’ll have a better perspective 🙂

          1. I’m not offended in the slightest, but it is always good to know how far JA reaches.

            I was lucky enough to go to Zimbabwe over 20 years ago, and it was a wonderful experience. I was in a tourist setting but, I have no reason to think that people are anything but kind , or for that matter anywhere else in the world. I think you misinterpret the general English public who away from the major urban areas are nothing like you suggest. Even there, if you have a chance to integrate, there will be kindness

          2. Ah Martinelli, the words that stand out to me are “the people in general”… so does that mean that you also have a minority of racist, unfriendly and moronic people, or do those words not apply to England and it’s inhabitants?

            Meanwhile, I wish you and all of your people the very best and hope your country is led out of the “absolute ruins” that, I assume, fellow Zimbabweans led you to in the first place.

          3. Martinell av been to your country and I ad my belongings taking of me but does that mean I should hate everyone in your country for that no because it was only 6 man anyway av you ad anything like that happened to you

          4. Ah Ken nice attempt at a dig at the end there. Yes you are correct it was fellow Zimbabweans, if you could call them that.

            If you’d care to read my comment again you can clearly see I don’t say all English people are bad people or that any are bad infact. I simply said the people I’ve interacted with have not been too friendly. Just because people are unfriendly it doesn’t make then bad people, it just means they aren’t friendly which is shat I said.

    3. Ah matt were or you from av you been to a proper working man’s pud up nouth they or the must friendlys people you could come a cross

      1. I’m sorry that you are so offended Tom. Please can you tell me what I said that was upsetting so I can maybe explain better. English is only my 3rd language.

        Yeah mate been to lots of locals on the corner in England, Scotland and Rep of Ireland.

  11. Social media amplifies the bad and the ugly a lot quicker than it amplifies the good. It’s been a painful couple of days and doesn’t bode well for a WC bid. But some of the responses have been beautiful – the support for Rashford in Manchester, Hibs’ Saka shirt etc

    Leonard Cohen said it best – “there are cracks in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

    Good article – there is plenty of time for the FA and country to turn this around. If they seriously want to.

    1. Spot on Voyaguer I have been reading just now about school children in Ipswich and the North East writing letters to the squad thanking them.Monday was a very depressing day but my faith in humanity has been restored by some wonderful people who have reacted against the hate and bile spouted by dipsticks.

  12. Is there a country in the world that doesn’t have its fair share of gormless oafs? The ones that don’t have the intellect to be concerned about their actions; the ones that use criminality and ignorance to put down others.

    I bet there isn’t, because human nature has the power to be good and to do harm too. It isn’t just occurring in England.

    So go for it England.

  13. I am black and i have seen some journalist here in Nigeria who are also racist. It shouldn’t disturb the WC bid

  14. Heartless people everywhere. And the media perception of things falls into the general too often. Not all Americans like baseball, not all French can cook, not all Iraqis are terrorists and not all Nigerians are scammers. For a country who gave us Harry Potter and Arsenal Football club, there are great people there. So yes, England should host the World Cup, maybe football would decide to finally come home.

    1. Well did that stop US from attacking Iraq and Afghanistan so when it is suits west then justice needs to be delivered to specific people who are responsible and judgment should not be passed to all but when otherway around then they don’t see minority is at fault they deliver judgment on all.

  15. No no and no. English fans where ever they go are a headache for everyone. Any tournament any country they always brace them selves for English supporters and always deploy extra security personal for their matches. They break stuff and start fights. Look what they did to Italian fans. Media is saying it’s minority but does look like form amount of online abuse recieved by players and what happened at stadium.

    1. Logic, how do you explain the actions of Russian and Czech fans (for example) with their racist behaviour and hooliganism – in fact name me one country that does not have the same disgraceful morons that England have?

  16. Well said ken not all fans go looking for a fight just a handful proper ones go to watch the game anyway how about when English teams go to Turkey they get signs saying welcome to hell and they fans or in wait for ours but nothing is done about that

  17. Yes. A joint bid with Ireland would be an excellent idea. I’m a Scot and even though we didn’t perform particularly well having games in Glasgow and London, on the door-step if you like, was great. Most European countries have an “hooligan element” and problems with racist abuse of players so we can’t just label England fans. However you need to look at the press and BBC/ ITV who, every tournament, whip-up xenophobic tendencies and then take great pleasure on reporting the outcomes. I support Arsenal, an English team, I’ve sat with English fans week-in week-out supporting Arsenal and the majority of you are great people. Why let the racists and drunken morons ruin it for everyone else.1

  18. Well said grant not all English fans or morons 99% or they for football and the 1 % not not fans they or they to course trouble

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