Should Fabio Vieira be starting for Arsenal every week now?

If there is one thing that has been proven lately, it is that Mikel Arteta and Edu are extremely good at spotting young, talented players that would fit perfectly into the new Arsenal way of playing.

We have seen Marquinhos and Fabio Vieira as the latest arrivals to come into the side lately after being unheard of before Arsenal snapped them up this summer, and both have looked incredibly good value for money.

Vieira was particularly impressive against Brentford and scored a brilliant debut goal, and he certainly looks nailed on to be an Arsenal star of the future.

As Arteta pointed out after the game: “I think he’s having a good progression. Obviously he missed the whole of pre-season due to injury, that was really unlucky. But we know his talent, the reasons why we signed him and what he can bring to the team. To do it against Brentford, at this ground, on his debut, is a different story. He showed again his character and his qualities.”

In this game he replaced Odegaard who was suddenly injured, but it doesn’t mean it is a straight toss up between them as to who should play or not. Arteta was asked what he thought Vieira’s best postion was, and he replied: “That’s something that still needs to be decided. In those two attacking midfield positions, for sure. He’s played off the side as well, so it’s more about the relations he has in the unit and on his side, and where he is more comfortable. But the position he played today fits him really well.”

So maybe Arteta could play him alongside Odegaard, or even on the wing?

I’m not sure where he will fit, but for me he looks much too good to sit on the bench.

What do you think?

Sam P



  1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Its only his first game, that doesnt automatically make him better than our present first 11.
    He surely looks like a great prospect for the future

  2. F Viera is revealing some level of confidence and decent play. It looks like a Messi in the making. I think giving him more playing time will further cement his skill and ability to confidently take the risks in handling the ball. He should be given a trial game with no intention of substituting him. The young players need time to establish themselves and make fans and management believe and accept them. . Still I believe he should be coming in most times for Odegaard

    1. Nothing wrong with being on the bench sub appearances in the premier league could be the best thing for him right now -coming on to use his passing skills against tired legs.

      Plus there are the cups.

      No problem here.

    2. Martin Odegaard has been consistently good all season up to his current injury. Therefore a bit early in my opinion, to start Pablo Viera over him after one performance.

  3. This boy deserves more ….you know he is better than Xhaka and that is his position…if we were to start against Man United .. instead of xhaka we could easily win that game…always hungry for the ball pressing his opponent and his passing skills is what we lucking ..plz gave him chance especially against big boys spurs , Liverpool and Man City games …those are his games..xhaka bench

    1. This is exactly why Arteta has the badge and You don’t. Xhaka (I’m arguably his biggest critic) has by far been our best midfielder this season. But You want him bench for a player that gets shoved off the ball easily. Just wow

    2. How do we “know he is better than Xhaka” after one game, when Granit Xhaka is arguably having his best season in an Arsenal shirt?
      Positive to know Viera adds another option and depth.

  4. The fan that said Fabio Vieira reminds him of Luka Modric may have seen enough to come to such compelling conclusions.

    But the way he dresses and shoots to goal on receiving the ball on his debut , makes you wonder he’s in a hurry on a mission

  5. No, because Xhaka has been playing very well in the left mezzala position. I also think Odegaard’s high press and diagonal passes are currently better than Vieira’s

    Let Vieira play more often with his new teammates in cup games first

  6. I dont think any of our 1st 11 should be replaced .
    However its my persoanl feeling that against Spurs and Liverpool, we should start Trienny as we need to defend better and Trienny is a better defender then Zenchenko .
    If we stop Spurs front three , then I am sure they can ot stop our fron theree from scoring at Emirates . Same against Liverpool as their defence is leaking goals this season.
    Its remarkable that we are even discussing to reaplace our 1st 11, with players who have no PL expereince. Its a teatymony of our sqad debt and the players that we are buying .

    1. I think we should start Zinchenko against Spurs for obvious reasons, Yes we’d be susceptible to a few counter attacks but with Zinchenko we’d be able to almost monopolize possession coupled with the fact that we’re playing at the Emirates

      But against Liverpool (who are a superior side, regardless of their early season form) we can be a bit more cautious

  7. Everyone will have the opportunity to play when the need arrises. What is important is making a meaningful and positive contribution to the scoring that kind of goal as a substitute is worth commendable.

  8. What does this mean for ESR and good development? He worries me that he may be peaking in terms of potential. Could he be the next Tom Cleverley? Good at one or two things but not versatile enough for a top team?

    1. He just needs to get fit and have a run of games. We all know what he’s capable of at his best. Plus he’s our best scoring midfielder

  9. Squad depth is not a strength it is awful. We had a 15-year-old on the bench which makes for a nice story but was not by design. Had he not been the kid on the bench, it would have been a different random one who was just making up the numbers.

    We have 8 defenders which is enough, 4 midfielders which is not enough especially when Partey is always injured, and Sambi is not up to it and 7 attackers fighting for 4 positions which is not enough. I refuse to count Marquinhos as that is not fair or realistic, Martinelli for all his talent took 3 years to become a first team regular.

    After all this we know without doubt Tierney, Partey and ESR will miss half the season and Tomiyasu has to prove his fitness. We have 19 senior outfield players and we are likely to have at least 3 missing at any given time leaving us with 16. To me Sambi is not suited or good enough for us and Holding, Elneny and Cedric are just about scraping into the squad player level. None will change a game and at best fill in here and there. That then becomes 12 likely available outfield players who are better than just the filling in level and that’s not enough.

    The squad depth is our biggest issue the best starting 11 is good enough to challenge for 2nd in the league. Partey missing and we are fighting for 5th and 6th.

    1. The most reasonable eye catching fact to the point comment so far , God bless your Fantastic Brain.

      As beautiful as this season may have started , as hardworking Arteta has been so far coming to this season with a clear goal , I’m afraid Arsenal may even struggle to finish 7th of 6th this season.

      THOMAS PARTEY in Man-United game we dominated 85% without and Arsenal would have won easily with 3points

      For example , City has Rodri&Kalvin Philips , United has Experienced champion in Casemiro&Mactominay , Liverpool has Fabinho&Henderson … 👈all of this names are direct replacements without affecting that DM position as per whoever is called to play

      Who does Arsenal have 🤦‍♂️ Partey who can’t play realistic 18games in all competitions all season , he can’t play straight 6games in-injured 🤦‍♂️ And his absence at a very crucial time upset the balance of the team greatly

      And we Say Arsenal wants to really compete 🤷‍♂️ … it doesn’t look like we’re ready yet cuz this DM is very vital a position

      It’s high time Arsenal wake up to the reality that we need a guaranteed experienced and proven DM that can and will play 38games on his feet and that also come straight to the team.

      Not some experimental 19/21 year old Brazilian Danilo who is not a like for like or direct replacement for partey but almost suitable to xaka position as an Understudy … definitely not Douglas Luis from Aston villa who for me isn’t better than Mo-Elneny.

      We need Declan Rice , a proven premier league DM player who does it week in week out playing 38games on his feet , he’s still very young @23years and we would enjoy him long term. 👈 this will automatically fix this position once and for all and long term. And he’s a player who will come straight to the team who doesn’t need time bedding in. Partey can be his sub in winnable games we need to rest legs or VIP players .

      We also need a guaranteed goal poacher , imagine RVP in current arsenal team.

      Jesus is a good striker but won’t give u goals every game let alone 20/25 goals a season. We need a striker whom it doesn’t matter how badly Arsenal play on a bad day , he will still score mostly when the going gets tough.

      City has Halland , United has Ronaldo , Liverpool has salah/Nunes , Tottenham has Hardy kane and Son 👈 all this names Guarantees you at least 25goals a season … Jesus is a very good player but neither him or nketia will score this number of goals a season … Jesus didn’t score 20goals a season in the best city team who has won 4 out of 5 in the last 5seasons

      We need Dusan Vlahovic , he can come straight to the team and I strongly believe if we test juve with £75m-£85m with good salary for vlahovic and his Agent , he will come to EPL and Arsenal + Juve is having bad season at the moment with no guarantee Alegri will be spared , the earlier we take advantage of that.

      Marquinhos is good to compete with saka and our defense is pretty cool currently with no need for additions , likewise our Neil’s-feild positions is ok

      But we need a direct competitor , if not replacement for Martineli , a winger who score goals and assist like Robert pires.

      I’ll suggest Cody Gakpo. It’s similar to Martineli but also have Thierry Henry goal sense and pace. And he’s tall. For me he’s a direct replacement or competition like for like for Martineli, Artera may even prefer him to Martineli considering the goals and assist he would bring to the team and every games of the week.

      Mr Edu is really doing a great job alongside Arteta , Days of Gabbage signings are over.

      But to improve this current Arsenal side in a real sense

      1Declan rice., most important of all

      2Dusan Vlahovic , very important

      3Cody Gakpo or Son @Totheham

      4Danilo to understudy xaka

      I hope Edu gets this Atticle or comment , nothing is impossible and every Quality player has a price. How much Arsenal wants it is the main question.


      1. You have written off a lot of our players and I will tell you this, you are in for surprises. The Europa league will do wonders for Nketiah and Lokonga as they will be the reason we will be competing for the league this season.

  10. I too agree that Vieira must play consistently both to give him more game time and to utilise his talents to the fullest extent. That said, both Arteta and Edu have done a great job in spotting this fantastic talent. His ability to shoot from distance is an added ammunition when arsenal go forward.

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