Should Gabriel be supporting Aubameyang over Arteta?

We all know that Mikel Arteta and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had a big falling out due to disciplinary issues, which we first became aware of when our then captain missed the team bus on it’s way to the North London Derby. Considering that the captain is supposed to be an example to our youngsters and the one enforcing discipline, I can understand Arteta’s point of view.

It would appear there were many more breaches of Arteta’s rules which were obviously causing a rift between the Boss and Auba, and once the Gabonese hitman was stripped of the captaincy it seemed that the rift was irreparable.

But Auba was not just failing in his duties to the team, he was also failing on the pitch, and had only managed four League goals this season until he was finally banished from the team, despite earning massive amounts of cash to do just that one thing for the club.

So it came to pass that Auba left and went to Barcelona where he has finally starting scoring again, and although Arteta must be relieved that Auba is no longer around to disrupt the the dressing room and carry on missing sitters while filling his bank account, it would appear that the players were not too happy to see him leave. As Gabriel told Ohmygoal: “Aubameyang is in my heart, we all wanted him at Arsenal. It’s something that happened between him and the coaching staff, the other players weren’t in it,”

“I said goodbye to him before he left, I hope he enjoys Barcelona, he is a very nice person with a big heart and I love him very much.”

So the question must be asked as to whether the other players resented the way Auba was forced out of the side and may hold it against Arteta. I would hope not, but should Gabriel even be discussing the situation in the media at all? Especially seeing as he implies that it was Arteta that fell out with Auba, but nobody else…

Darren N

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  1. If we ask a player about his ex-teammate and ex-captain, we could always expect that kind of diplomatic answer from him

  2. Auba said the same thing “it was just with the manager”…. The players have not shown they have a problem with Arteta though and I don’t have a problem.

  3. Thats why gabriel shouldn’t be arsenal captain candidates.

    arsenal captain candidates must be from : ramsdale, ben white, tierney or odegraad

    1. Nothing wrong there, players support each other all the time, never had a player badmouthing another one.

  4. DARREN N, There is something precious that ALL in the free world share. It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH and is a sacred right that all evolved and wise people will defend with their dying breath.

    Nothing in his quoted words says anything anti MA. YOU HAVE PUT YOUR OWN AGENDA on his harmless words.

    It is laudable that Gabriel should feel warm feelings towards a former team mate and that is natural and normal.

    What is neither of those things however, is your own rather silly and wrong agenda that you have tried but failed to attach to GABRIEL.
    Poor show DARREN!!

  5. Well said Jon. I never understand it when Arsenal fans try to sow internal discord where there is none. An unnecessary ending to your article, which was already based on a trivial story, Darren. Not only did Gabriel say nothing derogatory or untrue about anybody at Arsenal is he supposed to deny that he likes Auba as a person, as do all of the team and quite honestly most of the fanbase. He did not discuss either his disiplinary record or his football, so what’s to censure?
    And whilst Gabriel may or may not be a suitable captain, Eric, his interview should not affect that decision.

  6. Not sure what the problem is here.

    Diplomatic answer, spoke the truth, free speech.

    Did not trash the manager or former teammate, and said problem was with coaching staff not the players.

  7. Should Gabriel be supporting Aubameyang over Arteta? @Admin Pat, Should you be looking to create an issue where there is none for the extra clicks?
    ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’. Translation: ‘Victory grows out of harmony

  8. so much for the argument that Auba was a divisive force within the organization…good on you Gabs for providing a real glimpse behind the curtain

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