Should Giroud now stay on the Arsenal bench?

When Arsenal started the season with Alexis Sanchez up front, I think although we were all aware of his qualities in striking the ball, but the majority were also quite hesitant towards the change. Arsenal fans wanted to see a real number nine bought and put up front, rather than Wenger wanting to convert a player already on our books.

Despite being sceptical towards the change, Alexis and Wenger have however proved that majority wrong, with the Chilean proving vital to Arsenal’s good run of form. After the 3-0 win over Chelsea, in which Alexis scored and assisted, many have called for Alexis to remain up front for now, despite having signed Lucas Perez, as well as the return of Olivier Giroud.

Giroud is of course suspended for tonight’s match against Basel, after getting sent off on match day one against PSG. Aside from suspension, there is also still many concerns about Giroud’s fitness, with the French international still not quite looking up to pace with the physical demands of the Premier League.

Just last weekend we saw how the introduction of Olivier Giroud, slowed our attacks down and ultimately we failed to have so many opportunities on goal. The difference in quality between the likes of Alexis and Giroud is massive and based on current form, there is no way I’d want Giroud starting up front for the Gunners.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has also had his say on the matter and he was keen to point out that Giroud should be nowhere near the Arsenal set up based on current form. Wright said: “I thought Sanchez was brilliant up front (against Chelsea).

“Now you’re looking at it and thinking I wouldn’t like to see Giroud get back into that side because he’s just going to slow that team up.”

Whilst I would personally like to see Lucas Perez get more of a chance up front, because ultimately that’s the position I assume Wenger bought him for, I do however understand that perhaps we should look to keep playing Alexis up front. Lucas is also more than capable of playing on the wing and so whilst Alexis is doing his job well in front of goal, I see no real reason as to why we should look to ship him back out on the wing. I think that whilst Alexis is on form, Lucas should be put out on the wing, in the Chilean’s old position, whilst as for Giroud, he can stay on the bench!

Giroud really needs to make the step up this season and work hard on this fitness issue that seems to be weighing him down. If he can’t prove his worth, he’ll surely soon find out how difficult it is to get back into this competitive Arsenal side.



  1. Liang says:

    Giroud is a good and powerful striker.

    His physical presence and ability is unique in our attacking lineup. There will be games where our passing is not 100% and there will be games where our opponent just sit back and play for a draw, he will be our plan B in such case.

    1. Ozone says:

      In summary he sits on the bench. I guess that’s what you’re trying to say Liang.

  2. NY_Gunner says:

    If fit, I think we should deploy him against Burnley. They have some tough defenders who would do a job on Alexis, Olivier;s strength and height is whats needed against them.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing as Ian Wright yesterday!!! Alexis has explosive pace and movement drifting wide across the front three supplying crosses from either wings supporting ozil and walcott. He really opens up the pitch and looks so predatory latching on to loose balls and harassing defenders who dwadle around with the ball. All he’s got to do is now convert his effort into solid results and man we won’t even want to think about Giroud.

    1. Juhislihis McLovin says:

      Plus his pace and stamina helps with his constant pressing of opponent’s defenders. Just yesterday we got a chance when he literally robbed Suchy of the ball. That is something Giroud is, sadly, not capable of.

      If it ain’t broke why fix it? Field the same players against Burnley. If there are fitness issues, we still have Perez, Elneny, Holding/Gabriel, even OX on the bench.

      Coquelin will be back in 3 weeks, Ramsey after the international break. Giroud soon as well. GOOD TIMES!

  4. damzy says:

    giroud!!!!!!!!!wat is he needed for now…will city need ti change agueri against burnley because of the height of dere defenders………up SANCHEZ

    1. Soweto_Gooner says:

      Hahahaha. Thats Arsenal fans for you. We have been so loyal to Giroud for 4 years even though he has proven that he wont win us the league and Champion’s league. I honestly think this season is our season. We cant be doing the same thing for 4 years and expect different results. If fit, Sanchez MUST start. Giroud and Perez must fight for their positions.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      We’re not City…Alexis can only play so many games. If and when he gets injured, the muppets will be out in force slinging barbs against AW for not rotating…

  5. Jansen says:

    I think the last two games alone underline what trouble three forwards with pace can cause defenders. Giroud simply does not fit that description.

    Bring him in a sub when needed but let’s give Sanchez a chance to own the position and get a consistent run of games and let’s not forget about that striker we just bought (Perez ;-))

    We just need to take our chances better. Sanchez had many misses yesterday (uncharacteristically) not playing him this weekend might harm his confidence.

    We should have won 5 – 0 yesterday, we played that well.

  6. GunnerMann says:

    I believe the reason for Theo’s sudden leap in brilliance is down to the fact that Arsene Wenger has finally collected enough candies to evolve him…

  7. Pam says:

    Walcott’s dip in form last season was largely due to his ambition to play as a centre forward. He is a natural winger. Now that he is back there, we a seeing the results.

  8. Carbon-12 says:

    I hate the treatment we give to some of our players. I bet everyone, had Giroud played last night exactly as Sanchez did, fans would have demanded his head for the numerous chances he failed to score. Few weeks ago a large number of fans were asking why Theo was not sent on loan instead of Campbell.
    My duty as a fan is to be happy for our players that are performing well right now and wish those that are not to improve, rather than making negative remarks against them. The fact about the matter is that they as well as fans want the good of Arsenal. So let us be supportive to one another, please. Giroud can still improve and prove very useful to Arsenal. Why can’t us celebrate our recent success without slating on of us?? COYG

  9. tiyas says:

    definitely, he shd stay on z bench there are a lot of games which needs his hold up and his ability to use headings. but right now I’m more than happy with our hole squad the pressing starts from our strikers. they track back, create goals, score a lot of goals and most of all they have developed a very good understanding between themselves. so i say winning team shd’nt be changed!!

  10. Wilshegz says:

    Giroud shouldn’t be on the bench he should be sold to WestHam or any average club that admire his sluggishness and wastefulness.

    Lucas Perez is the one who should be on the bench and be the Vardy to our Aguero(Alexis).

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