Should Giroud stay as Arsenal’s “supersub” or start every game?

It is quite amazing that Olivier Giroud has scored five goals in his last five games for Arsenal, but he has actually only started one game, and in that match it was the first one that he didn’t score from open play. So would you say that the French hitman has earned a starting place against Bournemouth this weekend?

Wenger was asked that very question and his answer surprised even me. “No,” he said. “It’s just game by game I choose a solution. I’ll make a decision for the next game. I thought in this game [against PSG] that his physical presence could give them a big problem at the back so I decide game after game. We need everybody on board now and it’s just the next game that matters.”

That would appear to signify that Giroud will go back to the bench, and we can’t deny that he certainly seems to be hungrier when he comes on when he is needed, with that “positive anger” that Arsene spoke about. Maybe it makes perfect sense for his role to be a “supersub”?

But then again, perhaps it is time for Giroud to start more often, especially considering the games that we have coming up in the next month. Look at this excellent looking fixture list….

Bournemouth (H) – Sun 27 Nov
Southampton (H) – Wed 30 Nov
West Ham (A) – Sat 3 Dec
Basel (H) – Tue 6 Dec
Stoke (H) – Sat 10 Dec
Everton (A) – Tue 13 Dec
Man City (A) – Sun 18 Dec

Until the City game, we have a real chance to rotate and rest some of our stars, and in fact we could play our League Cup team against Basel as it means nothing now. Admittedly all the League matches are must-win games right now, but if we are going to stay consistent until the end of the season then we can’t afford to burn out any of our stars, especially Alexis.

So what do you think? Giroud as a supersub or regular starter in the upcoming fixtures?



  1. chinaka1 says:

    He should start some but must remain a super-sub.
    He performs better as a super-sub.

  2. Ramterta says:

    In no way should giroud ever be considered a starter.
    Bench player at best.

    OT. We have rode our luck far too many times this season.
    We need to perform 100x better

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Start some games, start some from the bench but he is doing pretty well as a super sub.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    He’s good enough to start some games, but we need Alexis starting most games if we want him to develop into a true CF. Whenever Wenger puts Alexis back on the wings I think it removes some of the strides he’s been learning towards being a CF. That’s why Alexis ends up in Ozil’s area so often, because he looks a midfielder come CF.

    Giroud like all strikers will have some good form against certain opposition. I’d maybe think about playing him in those games, a team he has good stats versus. For the most part he is an excellent weapon to have in reserve.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He is a very good striker and if he had to start he would do fine
    I am sick to death of defending him
    Giroud has scored 3 goals in 5 PL matches (as a sub)
    He has scored 2 CL goals so far
    87 Goals Total for us since he joined
    #1 last season in headed goals in the PL
    6th Top scorer last season with 16 goals (taking into account a 12 match goalless spell)
    He is far from bad

    I believe that with Alexis doing so well up front and Giroud scoring as a sub, it would be better to keep Alexis up front and Giroud as the SuperSub

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      I agree he should be a supersub, but then again I think that Sanchez needs a rest!
      I’m looking forward to seeing Lucas and Giroud start together at some point….

  6. proffetic says:

    If Giroud is to start games then we need to provide the right service to get the most from him. Probably the best aerial game with a lot of power and strength.Against PSG he was left to his own devices which of course showed up his lack of pace. For some reason Wenger decided not to play with recognised wingers so he was left to plod up and down the pitch without any purpose. At least give him a chance to play to his strengths.

  7. josh37 says:

    Crazy idea… If he’s in form and scoring he starts… If he’s out of form he try and make an impact from the bench? madness

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    As fans, it seems we delight in debating issues pertaining to formation, often professing to have the magic formation that will solve all situations. When things do not go our way the common accusation if that Wenger does not know his best eleven. For me, Wenger gets paid £8m per year to make some key hard decisions regarding formation. These decisions should be based on certain criteria which are:

    1) Players who are fit and available.
    2) Players who are in form.
    3) The preferred formation.
    4) The opposition.

    To me, Wenger would not be doing his job properly if he had a set team with a set formation for all situations. To suggest that Giroud should either automatically start or be a super sub is ridiculous. As with other players, Wenger should assess each situation separately. Having said that, Wenger should realise that making whole sale changes can prove to be counter productive.

  9. Jansen says:

    Giroud should never start a PL or CL game again . He has proven for years to be average, unreliable and inconsistent as a starter, but appears useful as a sub.

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