Should Arsenal give Mesut Ozil a rest?

The German playmaker Mesut Ozil has been in scintillating form for Arsenal this season, and Arsene Wenger is well aware exactly how important he is to the team so he has no intention of giving him a rest in any game at all. This is the same as Alexis Sanchez who ended up needing a six week break with his overworked hamstring.

Wenger thinks he won’t have the same problem with Ozil as he is getting over the problem by stopping Ozil from training between games. “I gave Mesut a one-week holiday during the international break,” Le Prof said on “At the moment he doesn’t practice a lot, we rest him a lot between the games.

“He is a guy who, once the basic fitness is there between the games, he wants to play. There are types of players, sometimes the most technical players, it looks like it demands less energy for them to play – it is just natural for them.

“Rotation is sensitive more in the centre of the team than on the flanks. If I play Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and then Joel Campbell, that is not really rotation, but in the heart of the team at centre back or central midfield it is more risky.

“You also look at the impact Ozil can have on other players. The Premier League is very tight and if you go into the decisive game and [rest Ozil or other key players], the other players think subconsciously ‘Why?’, and even the player himself.

We all know that Alexis also hated being dropped or rested no matter how tired he was, and we all know how that panned out. Do you think Wenger is risking the same thing by not giving Ozil a rest?

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  1. Nope. Let’s put a string of wins together and get a 5-6 points cushion first while our fixtures are easier. You never know when a team like MANC will start blowing everyone away. And Ozil gets rested in the training sessions anyway. So keep playing him.

    1. How many times are Messi or Ronaldo rested?
      IMO the PL should be our focus. He can be rested in the FA Cup.

  2. OT : Honestly, it would make more sense going after another LB……… Monreal is in the best form of his Life, and i’m scared of Losing him to age (he’s hitting his 30’s) or injury as i can’t really count on gibbs to do the job excellently…… Ben chillwell (or any other good prospect) is being mooted….if the boy is good enough, get him!!!

    On Topic: oziL should be given a break in one or two games starting with the sunderLand (in the F.A) and probably the newcastle game 2day….. What i mean is try ramsey in the no 10 role(against newcastle), with chambers and flamini behind him….. See how it pans out….if nothing seemingly ain’t working(cuz we’d need those assists), take off chambers/flame…..bring on OZIL!!!

    1. We can’t afford to drop Ozil in such a game which we can’t afford to drop unreasonable points, dropping any point against relegation battlers will be a massive blow to our tittle challenge.
      If Ozil really needs a rest that much he can be sub off early in the second half, and then drop him in the FA as you mentioned.

    2. How things swiftly change!!! Sometime back we were saying Monreal should be sold becuz it seemed he was just not good enough, and. Gibbs seemed very outstanding and indispensable. Now the reverse is the case.

    3. @KAF………. I remember me wanting Wenger to play Monreal more…… Can’t recall feeling comfortable with gibbs at LB………

      Same goes with “GabrieL” now!!…..

  3. Alexis showed he was tired, overloaded with games including internationals and on top that he was dip in form.
    Ozil on the hand doesn’t show any sign, doesn’t play internationals, his style is less demanding than Sanchez’s, on top of that he is in the form of his life.

    Spotted the differences???????

  4. Rest him v Sunderland.
    and all FA cup rounds.
    If the Gaffer is worried
    about CAM cover surely
    he can find one in January.
    In March we have Swansea
    + West Brom at home.
    By March we should have Sanchez Cazorla
    Wilshere Arteta and Rosicky available.
    It can be done.

  5. the above suggestion to play ramsey in the no 10 role (instead of ozil) is based on only if ozil Looks worn out and is on the verge of a break down….. As well as the title of the debate……no one in their right frame would wanna do that, unless his fitness is threatened……….. OTHERWISE, there’s no reason to drop one of the most inform of arsenal players…..

  6. Players are there to play not rested.if he gets injured , sanchez will play his role .period!!
    These players arre not kids,they are professional millionaires.Besides, now is not the time to rest him

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