Should Granit Xhaka be made Arsenal captain once again?

It has been revealed that Granit Xhaka has been given the responsibility in taking over from Stephan Lichtsteiner to become the new Switzerland captain.

Having been appointed the new captain on his return to the national team for the latest rounds of internationals, questions arise that they have put their trust in him and clearly see something that we once did, so would he also benefit from being picked as one of our captains again?

We all know what happened the first time around when he had the captain’s armband. At the Emirates in the Crystal Palace game in October, Arsenal fans were given a rather different side to Xhaka. Fans all over then thought he had played his last game for us with his agent at the time even confirming he would be leaving in the January transfer window..

Forward on almost 11 months and Xhaka has had one of the best turnarounds we have seen for a while in any player.

Under Arteta, he donned the captain’s armband for the first time since that October incident, in the game against, no coincidence, Crystal Palace again, this time in January 2020, only because Aubameyang and Lacazette were both off of the pitch.

It can be said that if Arteta has the faith, where he clearly sees Xhaka as a key figure in our team, then would it be fair to say that we could see Xhaka as one of our captains again come the future.

He has clearly learned from his mistakes and turned over a new leaf, so if Switzerland have the faith and trust that he can lead the team from the top, then why can’t he join the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette in being a captain for us again.

Because it is clear to see that his performances, communication and attitude on the pitch surely fits the role of what is expected of a captain.

Gooners would you like to see Xhaka as captain again?

Shenel Osman

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  1. A big fat YES! He is a natural leader and is highly respected in the dressing room. They should let Aubemayang just do his thing without the weight of captainship.

    Granit can handle it.

    1. This is absolutely outrageous.. Would never pick Xhaka as a captain for Arsenal ever, he’s got his chance.

      1. 👍 There are repercussions for your actions, particularly when you are privi to be captain and leadership is expected.

    2. a leader should lead by example where Xhaka fells flat. if arsenal really makes two new midfield purchase, he is going to be a bench warmer. if you like a captain sunbathing in the stand then yes.

  2. I have forgiven him, he is now behaving and given high performance regularly knowing that he wil be benched or shown the door by the ruthless manager, that was not the case wit Wenger and unai, if he was in man c, Chelsea , Man U , I bet we wud never hav seen his poor behaviour

  3. I think the blame must lie with the manager at the time ,to give the captains Armband to a player who wasn’t playing well it was like throwing him to the wolves ,this was a manager who said he liked to cause friction amongst the team (whatever that ment )looked to me like he didn’t care for his players .
    We all knew the atmosphere was toxic leading upto that game at a time we was witnessing the rein of probably the worst managers ever at the club .
    We can now see 12 months on what a proper manager can do to players that aren’t the most gifted but gets 110% out of them .if only we would have sacked him 6 months earlier We would probably be playing Champions league football this season .

        1. Dan kit, I would have loved to see your comments on JA during the 22 game unbeaten run, after we beat spuds 4-2 at the Emirates. I wish there was a way we could check history of people’s comments.

          1. Kstix
            You are being humorous but it is a well made point. In footie, as in many things, you are only as good as your last result.

          2. I’m sure if you ask pat he could find it for you ,if your trying to catch me out I wouldn’t bother like I’ve said I’m not a fair wether fan and will stick to what I believe in I can Honestly say I wanted him gone way before he finished his first season with us .
            But like I said ask pat I’m sure they will be happy to oblige.

  4. He was massive against a Germany. If you haven’t seen the highlights then watch now. Why the hell he can’t play like that for us I just don’t know!

    1. I watched the full game Declan,he had a very solid game and was involved in his team’s best attacking movements,I rated him 7,5 may be 8 but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he was massive unless you judged him based on his usual performances.

  5. I’d say he would deserve it based on his performances and commitment but that he shouldn’t gey the the Captain’s armband, aside for moments where Auba gets subbed out (as I believe it already happened in some games)
    There’s no actual need to add any unnecessary spotlight and public pressure on Granit and let him continue to do his thing well.
    A player can still be an example of on-pitch leadership without the armband, just by leading from example and attitude! 🙂

  6. Are you mad, a greater Arsenal to come will be without Granit Xhaka. What a wistful article. Why don’t we bring Wenger or Emery back, nonsense. What needs to happen is, we need to move Granit Xhaka on, out of the club at some stages.

  7. I’ll use the word of our ex-manager: we can have many captain.
    Having the arm band isn’t the only way to lead, Xhaka is a leader and seems to be showing that recently which is fine, having leaders in our team is what we have been lacking, now seems Luiz has assume the leadership at the defense and Xhaka in midfield, AUBA leading the who attack and the whole team from the front, better days ahead, no need to strip AUBA off his captaincy,

  8. No, he should not be captain. Focus on staying in the team. We have a top captain in Aubameyang, who is winning things. Why would we change things?

          1. He was very good for sure and that’s in great deal due to the work of the man next to him and their partnership.
            A simple look at how impotent our midfield was against Brighton when Xhaka was being rested and on the bench shows how crucial he is to Arsenal.

        1. Hi zTOM
          Another who is picking up some info and can’t use in context. I am sure what you are trying to tell me regards who our best midfield was of late. Now you said Xhaka was our best midfield since Arteta took over, I corrected you by saying it was Dani and that is a proofing fact.
          You are now defending you point by referring to the important of Xhaka partnership with Dani and the Brighton game why he was injured, and that is why Xhaka was our best midfielder since Arteta took over, it sound stupid.
          Please let me help again, if you have to pick the best midfielder of a team, it would be the individual perform of a player against this peer to determine who the best is. In the case of a midfielder it would be stats like tackles, interceptions, fouls committed, assists, chances created, field cover(now this is running, one you man can’t do), goals scored, ex.
          Now for Arsenal DANI CEBALLOS was not just very good, HE WAS OUR BEST MIDFIELD AND NOT JUST, BUT BY FAR

    1. Where I disagree with you in on the point of being captain. Not all players are cut out for such roles and as far as I’m concerned he should be captain on the basis of his leadership skills. Being the best player doesn’t automatically qualify you to take the armband.

  9. Are you effin mad, what the eff are you smoking? Seriously, he should be sold to make room for someone who can can perform at the required level of Arsenal football club although I know that no other to club in europe will waste a dollar for such a sh** player who can’t run nor tackle, which are two fundamental elementary components of the game

  10. I hear Ballerin showed alot of maturity in discussin the issue of the pay cut,and has since gained alot of respect in the dressing room.He will definately always be ahead of everyone in the pecking order whenever Auba is not on the pitch

  11. My position is that Xhaka is in theteam to stay for the foreseeable future, whether or not we like it, though I do NOT like it.
    BUT he is by far the most suitable captain of all those who are regular players. Auba is not captaincy material but Xhaks IS, even though as as a player he is a long way from my cup of tea.


  12. Granit Xhaka is an Arsenal captain if he wasn’t then I would understand the need to want to make him one.. The players say he is a leader in the dressing room the coach gives him the armband when Auba Laca and Heck are not playing so what people going on about saying he doesn’t deserve it or he isn’t good enough for Arsenal.. I have realized that no matter what he does some people will never like him.. this is a man that got a message where a fan is wishing his daughter cancer and for fucking what? He has been performing at a high level since MA got into the club what more can the man do to please some people.. Fans owe him an apology if you ask me but the good thing is MA likes him and that is all that matters I hope you make peace with watching Xhaka because no matter who comes in Xhaka will play more regularly than any other midfielder this season.

  13. The answer is a big NO.. Firstly xhaka getting the captaincy means its gonna strip off Auba which is madness in the aspect how much he did for the club past season. Yes xhaka is the captain of swiss and yes he might have better leadership qualities than auba. But the fact is that Auba is respected and loved by the players and is someone who they look up to. In overall the harmony can be clearly seen between the players is the last 2 final games. U would not want to take tat out. Xhaka is a decent player imo. His pass distribution is exceptional but he has to be more quicker and make better decisions in future

  14. Aubamayang is our captain and should remain so as there is no reason to change but Xhaka should certainly remain at Arsenal based in his current form for us in his last few games and his outstanding game against Germany. I’m not saying it on the basis of one game but if he can play Perloesk for Germany he can do it for us especially as it seems doubtful we will be signing any more midfielders.

  15. He couldnt handle beeing captain of arsenal thanks but not thanks. He did the same as Gallas so no thanks he should focus on being in the team. Auba handling it

  16. Xhaka as a starter last year – average 1.8 ppg
    Xhaka not starting – average .6 ppg

    Until Edu et al magic up someone better, I’m good sticking with what we got.

    1. Hi Trudeau
      And what does this mean for Arsenal, are we making top 4, winning the league, on our way to win the Champions league. No Trudeau, since Granit Xhaka joins Arsenal our performance is in a downwards spiral. Auba got the gold boot last year, came second this year, but we still had a bad seasons. Some stats just mean absolutely nothing. We came 8th this year my friend. We need great, top players to take Arsenal forward. Xhaka will never be a top player,
      HE CAN’T RUN

  17. One of the performing players at the current moment. The guy doesn’t even deserve to wear Arsenal shirt

      1. Hi Sid
        Matteo Guendouzi
        Hi is better that Xhaka in the following
        1. He can actual run
        2. Pass % accuracy is already better that Xhaka
        3. Interceptions per game are more than Xhaka.
        4. His ball skills is almost already better that Xhaka, he can move with the ball not just pass like Xhaka, like move into better position before passing the ball, and this one of the reason his pass accuracy is better that Xhaka, he can beat players and turn on them.
        5. Has less fools committed per game as Xhaka
        6. Less errors that leads to conceded goals per game that Xhaka
        7. We don’t need to spend any money to buy, especially with limited financial resources we currently have.
        8. His game in still busy developing, still need to reach his limit. He can even become better that Partey.
        9. He is also captain material, current one of the France under 21 or 23 Captains
        10. For me, his assists to Auba goal against Spurs (first game of the season against Spurs) to draw the game than we were busying losing because of Xhaka penalty was the best Arsenal assist of the season, please take note that it is my opinion.
        11. The latest Arsenal player who gain the most value base on speculation, before we depreciated his value by throwing him out of the team, what a smart move was that

        Yes, he is very hot headed, very emotional and irrational, but he is still young, just need good coaching, guidance, leadership and support

        Yes, he was foolish against Brighton, but the FA didn’t even charge him.
        Look a lot of player make mistakes, but all good clubs manage the situation to the advance of all.
        There are plenty of examples
        Harry at Man, charge in other country with a criminal charge, Man stand by him, protecting 80mil, it’s a lot of money.
        Spurs, the goalie wanted to attack Son, teammate’s needs to stop him. The coach come out and say, what a beautiful thing to see, protecting his players, manages it in house, and outcome afterward, everyone is okay.
        Liverpool, Mane very unhappy with Salah not passing the ball, coming off the field shouting and screaming, teammates must cool him down, What does Kopp do, literally laughing at the situation, Kill it in the first interview, manage it in house and never heard of it again.
        Something very simply GOOD PLAYER MANAGEMENT to the advance of the club.

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