Should Hector Bellerin replace Aubameyang as Arsenal’s captain next season?

The debate on who should be Arsenal’s Captain has been raging all year, ever since Unai Emery made the strange decision to name five captains at the start of this season. Originally Granit Xhaka was confirmed as Arsenal’s new captain, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Hector Bellerin and Mesut Ozil all listed as joint captains after a Emery organized a secret vote amongst the players to decide his choice.

It was strange, especially as Ozil rarely played under Emery, and Bellerin and Lacazette were both injured for long periods. Then of course we had the Xhaka saga when the club were going through hard times on the pitch and he was stripped of the captaincy, which left Aubameyang as the new leader by default.

Now, of course, all signs are pointing to Aubameyang leaving the club this summer unless he suddenly signs a new contract, and it would appear that Hector Bellerin now wants to throw his hat into the ring. He told “For me, I had been speaking to the coach for a few months and he was telling me that I could be one of the people that could represent the team. I was really happy with it because I’m someone who’s been here for a long time and I know how the club runs. People may not see me as this massive guy who shouts on the pitch all the time or what people may have as a captain in their heads, but there are so many different ways of leading a team.

“Everyone in the team respects each other and we have so many leaders who don’t need to wear the armband to have an impact on how others think. After going through so many different captains and characters from my time here so far, you always get the best things from all of them. The time I’ve been here has been really useful for that and whether I was captain or not, I’ve always been someone who’s liked to help and talk from the team’s perspective.

“I’m not afraid of those things so for me, it’s something I’m very proud of. I’m very honoured to be part of this group and it’s something this team needs. I’m very happy that I was approached and then for the votes I received in the dressing room. That shows my team-mates trust me to do that job, and I’m happy to do it when I have to.

“In the group we have, we have so many different qualities where each person can give what they have to the team. I think it’s really important to have a strong captain but there are also people outside of our leadership group like Papa, like David Luiz, who have gone through a lot and have so much experience. When they raise their voice, they’re listened to as much as the leadership group are.

“That’s more important than anything else. Sometimes it’s not just about having that one figure, it’s about everyone in the dressing room respecting each other, listening to each other and moving forward in the same direction. That’s what we’ve got here at Arsenal.”

Well, he certainly talks like a captain now, and he is hardly too young any more having played over 200 games for the Gunners. Do you think Bellerin should be next in line to be our leader if Aubameyang does move away from the Emirates?


  1. If we have to change captain again, I believe the player needs to be a real leader, someone who is not afraid to shout and holler, give bollockings where necessary, console and put an arm around a player if necessary and organise while being the manager’s voice on the pitch. Not everyone will agree but in my opinion that person is a David Luiz 🥇

    1. David is also my choice GB.
      Nice we’ve agreed on something 🙂
      BTW, I meant to get back to you yesterday after your kind remark concerning my family and me and forgot. Thank you for that.

  2. i don’t think luiz should b made captain, because he’s not long term lets remember
    bellerin is a better fit and could lead this team for a long time
    i’ll suggest bellerin as captain and leno as assistant

  3. Hector – no.

    In fact debatable whether he should be one of our “cash generating” sales.

    I called Auba at the time, which raised a few eyebrows on here ( figurehead, player younger players looked up to, respected by team mates etc).

    If staying I believe Auba will retain the armband.

    To be honest, after Auba I then struggle, such is the lack of that very leadership in this current squad.

    Luiz is not the worse shout, but will he be around with the ever growing list of centre backs we are linked with, and have added.

    1. Bellerin, don’t have physical to be leader but this guy have heart. He could have catwalk to any big club but decided to stay wt us. In that term, I would say why not!

      1. “Bellerin, don’t have physical to be leader”

        I didn’t mention physicality ?

        Although now you happen to mention it, not a word I would associate with H B (particularly for a full back) – so you’re right there !

  4. I would like to see David Luiz as Captain. He has been a stalwart recently and has the vast experience that is needed.

  5. BELLERIN AS CAPTAIN? Hell no!!! He needs to be OUT of Arsenal, not captaining us. I don’t want Luiz either and for the same reason. If we are honest , TRUE and EFFECTIVE CAPTAINS are as rare in this day and age as teenagers without a mobile phone; ie practically non existent.

  6. Don’t get me started on mobile phones Jon.

    Aired my views recently with a younger work colleague, regarding those of a certain age seemingly having their thumbs superglued to those bloody things.

    Needless to say, my view wasn’t well received!

    1. AJ, Your views chime with me and I am, as you may guess, not backward in coming forward with my views on those darned things.
      I do not have one and am not tempted as I SPEND FAR TOO LONG ON THIS COMPUTER ALONE. If I did, my thumb would quickly become arthritic and as a keen bowler , both indoor and outdoor, until this “lemonade”* drink spoiled life for us all, I value real life and face to face contact with REAL, LIVING, VITAL, INTELLIGENT fellow creatures with something to really say, and say it to my face , be it a joke, a story or whatever.
      PHONES HAVE THEIR PLACE AND IN MANY BUSINESSES LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT ONE. So I admit to being an old fogie and have been told this countless times esp by my wife and she is right, damn her hide!

      * for younger fans, Corona was a soft drink that we oldies used to drink as kids and younger people , back in the middle ages!!! BTW, I am told it is now a Mexican owned company making Corona beer and guess what, sales have dropped off. Quelle surprise!

      PS, When are the Mexicans ever going to build that wall around Trump and then make HIM pay for it!

      1. Yes Jon, as often – agreed.

        In no way making light of the current affliction that blights us all, but purely for education purposes for the younger site users, our generation used to have Corona delivered to the door !

        A nice man with a large sign on the front of his lorry proudly displaying “Corona” would visit once a week.

        Used to get a few (real) pennies back on the empties into the bargain !

        P.S. Just topped up on Corona (beer that is, and no NOT panic buying).

        P.P.S. Mobile phone – don’t own one.

        P.P.P.S. Do you think we have finally lost the plot !! ??

        1. AJ ,If by “we” you mean society , than I think we began losing the plot decades ago when we stopped disciplining children and when teachers could not punish bad behaviour. I do NOT mean beating them but firm punishments like detentions and strict uniform and standing up QUIETLY when teachers entered, that sort of thing. Far too much lax behaviour from kids in general and steadily getting worse. The “I must have it now, ‘cos all my friends have it” society has betrayed our kids and adults alike. Rampant consumerism and greed is the enemy not only of our kids and us but also our planet. Many fans, esp younger ones on here, are completely oblivious to this tragedy.

          I am just waiting for the Tizer virus to follow the Corona one.

          1. Jon I’m currently a science teacher hear in the States, formerly taught economics in college. Don’t get me started about students, behavior, discipline, and the like.
            Though different education systems, I’d bet their attitudes and behavior is unsurprisingly the same.
            An unending source of frustration for me, and we would agree 100% on this topic I’m sure. Much could be learned from previous generations, though they sneer at the suggestion.

  7. I agree Jon. Leadership is primo, but also aspects like consistency, health and being on the pitch, as well as grabbing a game by the scruff when the team struggles. A captain needs respect of his teammates and has to get a response in performance from them when he needs one.
    Outside of Auba, I struggle to identify a player that has these qualities with us.

    1. Durand, After reading your posts for some long time now , I clearly see what a decent, intelligent and thoughtful man you are. I would much like to converse directly with you. Are you on Facebook or any other non purely Arsenal sites and if you agree, I would love to be able to communicate more fully and deeply but not necessarily in full view on this site? I will not be offended if this is not your own view and am equally happy to continue on here.

    1. georgie b, Aren’t you confusing wrestling ability with leadership ability! Being a useless , one paced thug with a face that would frighten a mirror does NOT make one a leader.

      1. Thank you jon , your sense of humor is MUCH appreciated. I was thinking about Sokratis’ making peace and his arm around opposition . Frightening a mirror. Never heard that. Best wishes. George

  8. Bellerin? No, he’s injured most of the time and when he is playing he hasn’t been anything special or even very effective the past two season. Like it or not I think Luiz is the best out of the bunch, second behind him would be Mari I think. Apparently he has a no nonsense personality and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. With all the youth they’ll need a strong imposing personality to lead them

  9. Hector have to wait little bit cuz leadership charisma sometimes need to be forceful… please Hector can be assisting Captain…we can trust David or Leno if Ozil don’t want to be.

  10. This is a difficult one because at present I don’t think we have a player with the personality to be a proper captain. Showing my age here but McLintock was my favourite captain, although not perhaps the best player in the double side but a real captain who all the players looked up to and respected.

  11. That sounds Funny…😁
    But I ain’t laughing duo..😏😏

    I object Luiz as our Captain..

    Bellerin million times NO.

    Leno. Considerable.

    Acquiring Thomas Partey and making him Captain seem cool.
    But in AFC football sense, Lacazette could be the next Captain.

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