Should Jack Wilshere now be an automatic starter for Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has managed Jack Wilshere’s recovery from his injury hell quietly and patiently. The year he was on loan at Bournemouth not only gave Jack regular football, but he has also learned more in a different training regime to help improve his game. He returned to Arsenal at the end of last season with a hairline fracture, and yet again Wenger gave him loads of time to recover and only used him sparingly in Europa League and League Cup games to help him regain his sharpness, and now Jack feels that he has now got back to his best, but a bit more mature in his attitude.

“I think I’m close to my best.” Jack said. “I think I have been getting better and better each game,”

“I learned a lot last year about the defensive side of the game because when you play for a team like Bournemouth you don’t always have the ball and you need to be switched on defensively.

“I feel like that has really benefited me and I’m a better player for it.

“I feel a lot more sure defensively and confident that if I’m going into a challenge that I’m going to win the ball.

“I’m happy and hopefully it can continue.”

Wenger’s biggest worry was that Wilshere’s body couldn’t take an intense run of games, but when Aaron Ramsey was inevitably injured, Jack was given three games in the space of a week and was still impressive in all three. He has proved himself and should now start every game even when Ramsey returns to the side. Maybe Wenger could try playing both of them together and drop Xhaka down to the bench?

Sam P


  1. McLovin says:

    Hope he gets a new contract. No pay raise though. Pay for play would be ideal but I don’t think he will ever agree to that.

    Not looking forward to the match. We are notoriously horrendous during the holidays.

    1. jon fox says:

      Pretty much EVERY away game must be on a holiday then!

  2. Me says:

    No one should be an automatic starter.
    That is one of the problems of Arsenal – no competition for places equals complacency and laziness.
    Wenger’s loyalty to players who fail to deliver and lack of competition for places in the team makes for a club that constantly underachieves.
    I look at Man City with envious eyes wishing that Arsenal had a fraction of the ambition they have…
    Instead we have Arsene Wenger with his constant excuses for failure…

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Wilshere should be able to compete with Xhaka and Ramsey first. In my opinion, he is not better than them, because everybody has his own unique strength.

      But I believe he would get more chances after Ozil or Sanchez leaves. Arsenal should extend his contract as soon as possible, because he is a good squad rotation and homegrown player.

      1. kev says:

        How is he not better than Xhaka and Ramsey?Most foofball fans would agree that Wilshere is better than Ramsey and Xhaka and should’ve been twice the player he is today.He is twice the player Xhaka is and a level above Aaron Ramsey talking currently.He should’ve been far far better than them.
        What I want Jack Wilshere to do is to train harder and push himself to deliver consistent quality performances.I want him ti stop livingon potential because he still has the ability to play fod the best teams in tbe world.He needs to work harder,train harder and motivate himself more.This is why I want Wenger gone because I want a different manager with a new mentality for some of our players.A lot of our players would really improve and many here will be shocksd under a new manager.

        1. jon fox says:

          Incredibly, there are sheer lunatics reading your SPOT ON post(I am amazed they have the IQ to actually even read) who actually disagree with this common sense post. As they say, there is always one (or a very few, God help the poor deluded souls)

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Deluded, when people don’t know how to describe in every way the point they’ve made they just throw out the old deluded ..cos I say so. Midfielders esp central have many duties and they need to have allot of attributes. I added them up many times what these two players are good at and what they are not so good at. Ramsey won every time. Jack has his strengths but he falls shorter.

          2. kev says:

            Hahaha.Jack falls shorter?You’re the delusional one if you think Ramsey is betfer than Wilshere.This shouldn’t even be a question.Wilshere bests Ramsey in almost everything and if the two were two were to realise their potential Wilshere would still be the better player.As I keep saying most football fans would agree with me that Wilshere is better than Ramsey.It’s just like how most football fans would agree that Messi is better than Ronaldo.That’s not even debatable or worth debating on.

          3. jon fox says:

            Well at last someone with the courage to argue their point . Though you have not, I notice, said WHY “Jack falls shorter,” in your view. A proper explanation woiukld be more powerful. To be clear, I respect anyone who has the courage to say, clearly, how they feel, whether or not I agree with them. And I respect even more those who post under their own name , recognisable by those who know them personally. On that test, though, you fail, Mr. “Break-on-through” But it was at least a start . Something to build on perhaps?

          4. Xxnofx says:

            Hahaha have you ever seen Ramsay drop a shoulder and ghost past 2players ,or have you ever seen jack pass back unless it’s needed ,could go on and on .
            Jack is another lvl above all our midfielders expect Santi .the only reason he’s been held back is in my opinion bad management and ofc his injuries .

          5. Salmonella says:

            Yea our supporters are as deluded as our manager.
            This Wenger is doing some BLACK MAGIC & bewitching us.

        2. Maks says:

          If Ramsey is not from GB he would be playing at the Stoke or maximum Everton or Inter Milan.
          Wilshere is a rare talent in British football, not Ramsey, Wenger s captain – symbol of Arsenal s fall to avarage team.

    2. kev says:

      I just don’t even knoe what goes through Wenger’s head.A player keeps playing and causing harm to the team and yet is allowed to play every week when there are far better players on the bench.Xhaka is so bad and I wish he never signed for Arsenal in the first place.If we’re going to talk about potential I think Niles has more potential than Xhaka and is already the much better player.
      Last season Xhaka was able to at least supply quality passes but was still very average defensively.He’s never going to be good enough as a CM or DM in the long run for Arsenal if you truly assess his qualities.All he can do is pass and shoot.Everything else about him is average.

  3. Eat Pie says:

    He has been playing well, one of the few long may it continue.

    Think him and Coq will make a good partnership.

    I really don’t know what xhaka has to do to be dropped.

    1. McLovin says:

      Wenger hates to be wrong. So he will play Xhaka as long as it takes for him to prove everyone that Xhaka is not a flop. Might take awhile.

      1. Yeah like he insisted with Ramsey. Brace yourselves guys, its gonna be a few more years of Xhaka.

      2. jon fox says:

        Agree! And it has taken him twelve years and counting, with Weed Walcott who is still here stinking the place out with his cowardice, weediness and laziness and grotesquely wasted huge salary, after all those wasted years. If Wenger went shopping for a Rolls Royce but only offered enough money to buy a clapped out Morris Minor, he would take the Morris and keep it for over a decade while still expecting it to drive like the Rolls, even though it was broken down and useless. God, I hope the WEED actually reads this comment, just so he can see how many people want him gone , never to darken our doors again. Likewise Xhaka! Likewise Wenger!

        1. jon fox says:

          How are you Mrs. Xhaka, since it must be you or a moron who thumbed down my post wanting Xhaka out which has been echoed right across this thread with no conmment AT ALL supporting him. Ask yourself why, Mrs. Loony! Unless of course you are Spuds fan, which I strongly suspect. Either way, you clearly do not have the balls to say why you love /like this liability of a “player.”

  4. David Nelson says:

    Definitely! Wilshire is far much better than Ramsey! He can dribble, he can defend better than Ramsey. ! He is more creative than Ramsey!

    1. Maks says:

      What kind od blind people gave you 9 downs? Jesus, Ramsey lovers remind me od Trump voters.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Jack’s ONLY starting because of Ramsey’s injury, that’s it! Lacazette might start getting full games under his belt ONLY because of Giroud’s injury. It seems the ONLY way Xhaka, or Koscielny are ever getting dropped will be because of injury…fingers crossed for some injuries!

    1. Maks says:

      Yeah! Only way for us to finish top 4 is more injuries!
      I would like even more injuries and that will force Wenger to buy smebody right now.
      It s crazy that we wish that but Wenger pushed us over the rad zone.

  6. Tom 2 says:

    Yes make Jack wilshere a automatic stater and give him a new contract. Comparison to other attacking midfielder players he has got a outstanding record in the premier league.
    Played 154 games
    Goals 7
    Goals asst 15
    Yellow cards 29
    Amazing record let’s make him captain aswel

  7. DrewLovesArsenal says:

    All hail king Jack ?

  8. Salmonella says:

    I respect Kos & Giroud as ballers but I’ve been following Xhaka since his days at Basel.
    And you know what ? Every time I’ve seen him play, the only question that keeps coming in my mind is HOW DID THIS GUY BECOME A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER

    1. Ivan says:

      I agree.
      Looking at the thumbs down Xhaka has some fans even if it is inexplicable and they mainly try to be invisible.
      It does not change the fact that he cannot run, cannot track a direct opponent (requirement for all midfielders), cannot tackle, gives the ball away in dangerous areas, does not have very good stamina and is a physical coward.
      I await the thumbs down from his anonymous fans.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ivan , I totally agree and please read my reply to Salmonella, who also cannot stand him. Though he too has some thumbs down, these loonies do not post WHY they think so, for fear of the deluge of embarrassment they would bring on themselves. I am certain these thumbs downers are not Gooners and now I expect them to thumb me down toO from the cowardly safety of their keyboard while remaining anonymous. I have learned in my long life not to take any real notice of those who have not the capacity, or courage to say what THEY really think, but merely diss others who DO have the courage. I note we three too, also use our real nameS . We have nothing to hide, unlike them. LOONIES!

        1. Ivan says:

          I knew it was coming mate and as always amuses me that unlike supporters of others, including our favourite manager, Xhaka supporters always choose to remain hidden. A bit weird but like I say it does amuse.

          1. Maks says:

            Xhaka has his army, and sadly it has nothing to do with football.

    2. jon fox says:

      I see the Xhaka fan club, presumably all of them his relatives,have thumbed down your correct and sensible post. Unless they REALLY ARE relatives -which is probably unlikely, putting it mildly, – then they must be fans of our rival clubs as i have not met any Gooner who can stand Xhaka. Who are these loonies? Anyone actually know any of them?

  9. Sam-afc says:

    The one thing you get from jack is passion when he is out playing for Arsenal. Something you don’t see from hardly any of our players….

  10. big g says:

    OT – has anyone read about Eboue –
    Its a shame people contemplate ending their lives through financial mismanagement if it is indeed the case and its great that Arsenal FC are going to look at ways they can help him.

  11. Roachie says:

    Apparently he has been offered a new contract but will have to take a pay cut. Not sure he’ll agree to that.

  12. jon fox says:

    The articles final sentence talks about playing both of them, Jack and Ramsey and dropping Xhaka down to the bench. The real disagreement I have with this statement is the word “bench”. Drop Xhaka down the deepest mineshaft and then I firmly agree with the rest of it. IF THAT MINESHAFT BE IN TIMBUCTOO, ALL THE BETTER! It is an outrage that a manager paid well over £8 million has not the sense to ditch the appalling and statuesque Xhaka. TODAY!

    1. jon fox says:

      These mysterious XHAKA lovers who however, have not the power of writing among them all ,to say what and why they love him! Funny how you never ever meet them, never actually see them face to face in Gooner places/ pubs where fans meet up. Only possibly conclusion is they are just idiots who love thumbing down true and forcefully put posts. Oh and Spuds fans, to boot! Go on fools, thumb this true post down, like you do with the other true posts on here by all those who know Xhaka is rubbish. If it gives you an orgasm, well I am glad to know I was of use to you!

  13. Innit says:

    Its a pity we didn’t get Van Dijk. We would have had both a dijk and a coq innit!

  14. Brian Hjort Nielsen says:

    “I learned a lot last year about the defensive side of the game because when you play for a team like Bournemouth you don’t always have the ball and you need to be switched on defensively.”

    Great, now send a few more players on loan to Bournemouth

  15. Break-on-through says:

    I read an article saying ..should we give – Jack a new contract?, how does it go from that to automatic starter. No is the answer, we need to buy and he isn’t even an automatic starter when everyone is fit, so no offence but come on?. Someone posted Jacks career stats up above there, it looks more like a seasons worth of stats but it’s his entire AFC career, is the answer for sure.

    1. kev says:

      I find it funny that anyone who watches Arsenal and understands football can actually say Ramsey is better than Wilshere.So in an ideal world if the best teams were to choose between Wilshere or Ramsey at their best who would they rather have?

      1. jon fox says:

        I do agree Jack is the better player BUT if both of them , and the whole squad too were properly coached and by a proper manager who had a clue what he was doing, they could play together, as they have very differing roiles. If Pep Gaurdiola coached them you would see both fulfill their potential regularly. But we have Wenger! So weep with all us Gooners!

        1. Maks says:

          No. Sorry but You think to win PL with Ramsey running whereever he wants? You think smebody else would put him on the leash? No way, look at his eyes and listen his nterviews, and rember how Alexis, Ozil and Rosicky had lost their compouser cos of beeing angry of his stupid moves.

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