Should Joao Felix be Arsenal’s Number One target over Mudryk?

Joao Felix Could Be What Arteta Needs, Here’s Why

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Mykhailo Mudryk’s rumoured deal does not directly fill the void left by Gabriel Jesus.

There are suggestions that Mudryk can play in almost every position in attack, but at the end of the day, he is more of a left winger, so if signed, he should be introduced into Arteta’s starting lineup as a left winger. If Mudryk is moved to the left wing, it will not strengthen Arsenal’s attack as much as some had hoped, as many had hoped for a January swoop of a striker who can be deployed to lead Arsenal’s attack and be a rich source of goals.

Yes, Nketiah has shown he can deliver for Arteta by scoring twice in his last three league starts, but with Jesus’ return uncertain and the PL title and Europa League on the line, Arteta simply needs another option besides Nketiah.

Could Joao Felix be the other option? Dean Jones believes so. Although the football pundit believes Manchester United are also in the running to sign Felix, he says Arsenal are the team to watch in terms of his next club. “I think it’s looking like Arsenal and Manchester United, and then Chelsea. I can’t make my way between those. I would say Arsenal need him more because he’ll make a bigger impact; at United, he would be a good move, but I don’t think it would be as defining in their season as it potentially could be for Arsenal,” said Jones on The Football Terrace.

“With Arsenal, [Mykhaylo] Mudryk on the left side, you have [Emile] Smith-Rowe coming back soon, you have got situations which can unfold to help them. I just feel centrally, Joao Felix could be so helpful—he could be to United too—but I just feel that Arsenal have the edge.”

Jones’ argument should be music to Arsenal fans’ ears, given that he has four goals and three assists in limited game time (though he has made 13 appearances in La Liga). Imagine if he were signed to lead Arsenal’s attack, which is “served” by the creativity of Odegaard, Saka, Mudryk (potentially), Xhaka, and Martinelli; he could turn into a goal machine.

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  1. My answer is a firm ‘yes’; I’d take Felix over Mudryhk right now. Two of them would be wonderful, but the more critical need for Arsenal is an outright striker.
    I shudder to think what would happen should Nketiah be injured or suspended. Even before Jesus’ injury, some of us have been screaming that another striker is needed in that squad
    Please get Joao Felix in. This Mudryhk deal is becoming too muddy for my liking. What with Shahktar’s greedy disposition and now Chelsea poking their filthy fingers into the whole thing.

    1. we should go for both Felix and Mudryhk

      If either one get suspended or injured we will have enough cover

      100m each will get the deal done by the end of the month

  2. Issue being if we dont get Mudryk then Chelsea or someone else will… his pace will be a big issue for lots of defenders… let it not be ours.

    Be good to get both – that would set up this season well. Fans cant complain if we get those two

    Then Tielemans (still not convinced) in the summer along with eg Amrabat as cover for Partey though would welcome cover for Partey now… for all our attacking intent it starts with Partey

    1. I read that from previous activity it emerged that there is a massive gap between what Tielemans wants and what Arsenal would be prepared to pay him, so it’s a non-starter. Probably for the best too.

    2. That was said about Pepe he was poor mudryk could be Same Felix all day and savic I’d get need some nasty ness but it’s ok for conte and touchel to nearly fight fa is a joke passion and there were two blatant penalties against Newcastle but Man City get penalties if hits people in ribs joke corruption

  3. Personally, I don’t think we should take either at the reported prices being asked. Let Chelsea pay way over the worth of Mudryk and United waste millions on a Felix short stay.
    Our squad may be limited for the push we’re attempting, but that’s no reason for Arsenal to be completely ripped off by agents and lesser clubs.

        1. @Droy You must not watch many, if any, West Ham games. Or England games for that matter. Rice is worth every penny and more. Would rather have him than Mudryk or Felix.

  4. Well both should not be priority lol!, our priority should be a DM who can help us sustain the level if/when Partey gets injured. We have ESR coming back and looks like Jesus might be back by February. Felix and Mudryk are both not prolific scorers and people you think Felix is a striker must be kidding. He is not a striker and does not score too many goals. If you then add on top of that both coming into a new league it’s hard enough when you are in form but it’s absolutely tough when you are struggling for form. Unless we get a proven goal scorer who is on song at the moment in his league I won’t hold my hopes up of any of these two will make our firepower more fearful n deadly.

    1. The way it seems, it’s clear he’s already pointed Felix and Mudryk out isn’t it? I mean there are solid and credible sources saying we want both players and are pushing to get both players.
      The reason I’m not worried about Mudryk to Chelsea link is because he’s not going there, except we refuse to find a ground with Shaktar. He’s done numerous things to make it clear he wants Arsenal, it’s just like the Raphina deal was, Chelsea can wave all the money they want, if the player says no.. that’s it.
      Now I don’t think Mudryk will be interested in fighting for the Conference League and playing Europa next season when he can fight for the league alongside his captain and millions of Arsenal fan who he himself has said he’s gotten love like he’s never seen before because he’s wanted. Also, he admires the manager and the young squad.
      Shaktar are not even demanding 100 million like the media pointed out, it’s been reported by Ben Jacobs, the only journalist who actually has had close contact with Mudryk as Shaktar, seeing how he’s interviewed Mudryk twice and he was the one Mudryk first spoke to about us. Also he’s interviewed Shaktar’s director, Ben Jacobs is actually the closest to the deal and he’s reported the base fee is where the problem lies not the overall package. I understand we’ve been smart with signings lately, the difference is we’re in a strong position now and we have the chance to be league winners by the end of May. Why not just do what’s needed to finish the race. How can you offer to pay 60 Million out of 80 million the club wants yet, you’re proposing the club accepts base fee of 40 million and 20 in add ons? Sentiments aside, I wouldn’t accept such offer either.
      Why not just offer 50 base fee upfront and 10-15 in add-ons?
      The player clearly wants to come, the only reason he’ll go to Chelsea is if we pull out of the deal.
      If you ask me 70 million to win the league and have the player for the next 6 years with his insane potential would be great business.
      This is also the same reason if any team ever comes for Saka, we should demand for nothing below 180-200 million.
      Makes sense, No?

      1. The reason is likely to be that delaying the £20m until next financial year changes the FSR regs position (basically, we then haven’t spent £20m because it’s conditional – even if the conditions are easily met, as is reported with this deal, the fact that it *may* not happen shifts it into another FSR window).

        If we want to sign a number of good players in this window, after a spending splurge in the summer, then we may need to move some of the expenditure into the future in each case.

  5. Let Chelsea have Mudrky at that ridiculous price. Chelsea has multiple good players sitting the bench, Mudrky will do likewise as Chelsea dosen’t have any patience on players. Then we will get him back at half the price in a couple of years.

  6. I’m actually surprised a lot of people agree with we should get neither because of their price.
    Arsenal and City played a game, both were held 0-0 at halftime.
    Do you know what the difference was at Full-time and what influenced the league table?
    One manager went to his bench and picked 2 players worth over 100 million pounds and subbed them on, while the other manager barely had an sensible option or a convincing option from the bench.
    Do you know the difference Felix or Mudryk would’ve brought on in that game? Especially when Martinelli couldn’t beat his man once that night after bring set up on 1v1 situations repeatedly?
    Yeah the difference is one other club won’t let sentiments get in their way. The second one is us, getting sentimental saying we shouldn’t get one of our priority targets if the price don’t come down.
    Do you see how much average to nothing players get bought for these days? KLOPP after signing smart just as Arteta has done with our squad, went out to pay premium for the two players he believed would elevate his squad.
    Paid a record fee for Allison, who at the time at Roma, nobody thought he was worth that amount. Was forced to pay a record fee for Van Djik who was playing for Southampton. I’m sure you remember what happened with that team afterwards… Yeah, drop the sentiments. Mudryk at 19 got a standing ovation and round of applause at the Santiago Bernabeu in a UCL game. Fast forward to this season, his figures ain’t bad, and I’m looking forward to what he could turn out to be under our manager and coaching team.
    So yeah, I do understand why Shaktar want a fee close to what United paid for that fidget spinner.
    Elite teams have to go big once in a while, I hope we do it and bring both players in so we can go all in for the EPL and Europa league

    1. I have a different opinion to yours. I think yiur comparison is flawed. First there have been occasions where Pep has turned to his bench but still lost or drew the game how about last one against Everton. Second city bench players are proven quality and have been playing EPL. Where as Mudryk is not a proven quality on highest level yet, has no EPL experience. Add on top of it new environment, price tag pressure and game pressure to win the game of the bench. So no city players coming off the bench is not similar in any way to If we had Mudryk on our bench. Also with regards to Felix he has not struggled this season but has struggled since he joined AM and he did not score too many goals for Nationak side either in last year so I don’t know how a struggling out of form player is supposed to come in the most competitive league and performs wonders in such short time.

      1. Felix is clearly a talent we all know that. It was why people were questioning why he went to Atletico given the style of play.
        You can’t tell me Saka won’t struggle at Atletico or won’t even be converted to a LB by Simeone a manager who doesn’t attack and plays exactly how Newcastle played against us.
        Ødegaard wasn’t proven anywhere except what we knew of him as a wonderkid and his year at Sociedad. Seems to be working out great now that he found a place to call home.
        Dont see why a player as talented as Felix won’t do the same given the freedom and system our players engage in

    2. I respect your opinion, but I see it differently.
      There is very little guarantee Mudryk will be able to slot into our team and give us extra strength right away. I see him more as a talent, which can be developed further and who can be very good for us long term. But then the price mentioned (80 m. or more) is too risky IMO. We have done very well lately by spending our money on players in the 20-40 m. bracket, nd letting them develop over a period of time.
      Felix is a gamble. He hasn’t produced anything lately and six months loan?? Do loan players ever perform well for us? Odegaard was decent when on loan, but so much better, once he became a 100% Arsenal player.
      I prefer we stay true to our current long term plan, and invest only in players, which fit into the plan.

      1. Clearly they’re not asking for 80 million or more are they?
        Every other credible sources always said Shaktar privately would do a deal below 100 and the figure they want.
        If you go deeper into reports you’d see that it’s the base fee we are offering thats the issue, which is exactly why Arenal are still confident about the deal.
        Shaktar want an higher fee upfront and not as add-ons. Also he’s proved himself in the UCL. There’s a reason Arteta and Edu picked him in the first place.
        We can’t just be losing priority players because we don’t want to add some more cash.
        Case number 1, Lisandro Martinez was our priority but we pulled out of the deal because we didn’t want to go further. I love Gabriel and I love that we got Zinchenko, but have you seen Martinez this season? Imagine we got him as the priority he was and he’s to be paired with Saliba.
        My point is if you label a player as priority, go all out for that player until it’s clear you can’t do nothing anymore.
        If you don’t think that player will be worth the extra attention, time or money, why was he your priority in the first place?
        With Arteta and Edu’s record with transfer of young players, I’m not sure I want to see them lose out on any of their priority targets bro

        1. If Arteta and Edu see Mudryk as one of their prime targets in their plan to build a team, which can compete for the title in 2-3 years time, along with the 4-5 more players we need to have to have good cover in all positions, it makes sense to get him. But not to pay 80 m., which is the number I see reported in most reports. It is too much, and I think that money could be spent more wisely.

    3. And then… one club was found to be in breach of FSR (then FFP) regs and the other club wasn’t.

  7. If we want to win the EPL …..yes. Mudryk is for tomorrow, Joao Felix is for now. We top the league and we should want to stay there. It’s a no brainer….Joao Felix and a midfield player. Youri Tielemans is EPL ready and seasoned. Do we want to win the EPL….this season????????? Yes Joao Felix.

  8. I sanction that deal for both of them, my key ponit sign Joe first as that’s the easier of the two as Mudryk may take a longer time, Joe Felix is a six month loan that could provide top quality covers for many position in the interim and will be very useful in the cups games as well when the season progress.

    So getting Joe now would ease the pressure some what off getting Mudryk right now.
    But we should not give up on Mudryk, Chelsea do need need this guy but they won’t make life easy for us either

  9. Nice one Eddie👍🏽. Logic I don’t understand your reasoning together with other comments I’have read ( they lack ambition and rich in sentiments). Common if man u can pay wot dey payed for Sancho and to dat charlatan baller Anthony, remember chelshit n cucurella among others , I don’t know how Liverpool managed to get gapko 4dat not much amount but aside him there is no way mudryk prize is high considering he’s better than most all if not all of the afore mentioned ballers. That aside, we have d thinest squad in d league so how can we not need more quality legs especially in our wings if we want win d league. Sometimes I feel matinelli will do better upfront coz his one on one is not so great, he’s reliance on speed is too much, saka has a blend of skill n speed and that’s why he’s a better player, I see mudryk in same vein with saka. Jesus is a genius, he can play anywhere in attack, even as a no 10 or supporting striker, which that’s what he is anyways. In short they should just sign him already, a baller central midfielder like partey is well needed. We need to prepare for casualty or didn’t last season teach us a thing? Saka n martinelli are almost for free when others are spending fortunes yet we are reluctant to spend and get one baller. Even uselles pepe cost us 72mill. So I don’t understand d logic behind why we are not signing mudryk and already b4 dey hijack him. UP GUNNERZ

  10. I would take Mudryk over Felix right now. I think Felix has a lot to offer but Mudryk is a better cultural fit and genuinely seems to want to come to the club. Arsenal need a goal scorer and Felix ain’t that. Perhaps neither is Mudryk but I think it’s pretty even in that regard, so I refer to my first point. We can’t afford Vlahovic, which is a pity as he would be ideal. I like Jonathan David but I wasn’t impressed with what I saw at the World Cup. He did a lot of running but didn’t get into any dangerous positions where he was likely to score from what I remember.

  11. If Felix can be involved with a lot of our play, has a great first touch, can lay the ball off or slip the ball through, take potshots from half chances, and can tirelessly press the opposition …then I say yes bring him in. We miss that involvement from Jesus. Fair play yeah Nketiah has a goal in him. but we miss having another presence through the middle. An unorthodox striker would be great..if we had a team player as well as a goal poacher, giving us options

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