Should Joel Campbell quit Arsenal this summer?

Get Out Whilst You Can Joel! By AH

One of Arsenal’s most current forgotten men seems to be Costa Rican international Joel Campbell, who despite having several bursts onto the scene this season, has never been able to hold down a starting role for the club. The issue is that, it is not necessarily the winger’s performances that have kept him out the team, but instead according to some fans, there is some form of rift he seems to have with the manager.

Joel Campbell is arguably Costa Rica’s biggest current star in the national team and has helped the team rise through the ranks and they even achieved a more than respectable place in the 2014 World Cup. After his performances on the international stage Arsenal fans had hoped to see a bit more of the South American star on English soil, however the 2014-15 season was again not time. Over the summer there were rings of ‘Get Out Whilst You Can Joel’ murmuring across Twitter, as Arsenal fans came to the belief that Campbell was getting held back by Arsene Wenger. Over the course of the summer transfer window there were rumours of the winger leaving both permanently and on loan but nothing materialised and Joel was given the chance he deserved at the Emirates.

This season he impressed greatly with important goals and assists in both domestic and cup competitions. However in the latter stages of the season, Campbell again returned to the bench and was eventually relegated out of the match day squad altogether. Arsenal fans have come to question Wenger’s decision as to why Joel has been firstly left out of many match day squads in his current form, and even when he does get into the 18 man squad, why he isn’t utilised as a sub.

On more than one occasion this season, when the forward has shown so much promise, the manager has instead chosen to bring on the more experienced Theo Walcott, despite his poor form. This weekend’s clash was a perfect example in which Walcott squandered a number of openings for the Gunners to turn the game on its head, but instead Theo done what he does best, much to the Gunners disappointment.

As mentioned, some Arsenal fans believe that a rift between manager and player seems to exist, however with Wenger’s professionalism you’d expect that if it was truly the case, Campbell would have been off Arsenal’s books a long time ago. However the star remains with the club, with spells on the pitch every now and then, which this season have left Arsenal fans wanting more.

Campbell himself must surely be frustrated and he must be seriously considering his future at the club. For the betterment of his career it has become apparent he probably should leave Arsenal, whether permanently or on loan, however I cannot help but feel that he still has the talent to grow into a player that Arsenal will forever regret letting go in the future.

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  1. yes leave, we all respect you and your efforts, but wenger seems to have issue with u or ur deserve better

    wish you well joel. always a gooner to us mate.


    1. Does anybody remember Carlos Vela and how he was forced out of the club ? He was also repeatedly overlooked ahead of Walcott, now it’s happening to Campbell.

  2. I really hope things work out for him and he stays! I personally don’t want to leave, especially if he goes to one of our epl rivals!

  3. Joel should quit (No more Loan deals pls) and establish himself where he’s really needed

    Pointless wasting such talent on the bench while favourites grace the pitch

    it was initially thoughtful to think he’s still young and really isn’t ready for 1st team football……Nowadays, it’s annoying.. he can’t even get game time and only makes up the number on the bench

    [I know he got his own weaknesses and flaws]

    but it’s frustrating really….No more…No more!

  4. Joel should Leave to wherever his heart wants him to

    it’s unforgiveable….how is it that he went through all those Loan deals just to get a work permit

    and then suddenly he doesn’t look needed at Arsenal?

    Can imagine how hurt he feels within same goes with all the Costa-rican fanbase

  5. After the way Wenger is treating him as a bench warmer, wasting this talent on the bench who can blame him if he wants to leave!

  6. How about chucking some stats up!
    And comparing Campbell with Ramsey, for example?
    I bet Campbell comes out on top, by a mile!
    It really is beyond a joke.

  7. People are talking like he is world class
    If we want to win the PL we need better

  8. Joel campbell is a good footballer don’t get me wrong but I feel his ability would suit say everton maybe West Ham . I think we should cash in on him and walcott and buy genuine WC winger . If campbell had cost 25m everyone would say he was shit and hadn’t justifi the price tag! Because there is no price tag a couple of decent performances everyone thinks he’s better than what he is

  9. 18 apps in the league this year, granted not all full matches, 3 goals, at villareal he played 14 matches, 1 goal, in greece he had his best season, 32 apps/i goals and at real betis he played 28 matches for 2 goals…. numbers do not lie, he is not a consistent scorer, not even a 10 gps striker, we need a goal scorer! remember higuain? he has 33 goals in 34 leaque matches at napoli, now that would have been a good pick up!

  10. I really like Campbell to be honest. Spent all that time out on loan to get a chance at his dream of making it at Arsenal, just to get cold shouldered when he finally got his visa to play here. He fought his way into the team and impressed many fans, but it seems Wenger just doesn’t rate him. So yes, if he wants, let him go.

    We have plenty of wingers, so I wouldn’t mind a few sales. Welbeck and Iwobi are good as covering players. I’d look to buy another top class winger to play with Alexis.

    With any hope, we’ll sell Walcott to West Ham for £25m (they were strongly linked with Walcott today, after announcing they may will offer £25m for a forward in England if their first choice fails).

    I dubbed this to be Ox’s season, but he’s disappointed more than anyone. I’d be open to him leaving too. With Iwobi’s emergence, we don’t need Walcott or Ox anymore. Confident we could get £20-25m+ for each of them with some decent negotiating.

    Then I’d put £50m on the table for Marco Reus. If that gets rejected, which is probable, then I’d put £35-40m on the table for Mahrez.

  11. Campbel has been consistently good this season despite the little opportunity Wenger gave him. Most of his assists were high high class. i just dont understand why Wenger is holding him back like him. He has so much more merit than Walcott. He better go show off elsewhere and make wenger regret.

  12. Joel can deputies Sanchez, He is better than Walcot by far. If he leaves let him join Totenham or Leicester. Bt in Totenham he will progress faster under Kapuchino than in Arsenal under Arsen wager

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