Should Kai Havertz or Fabio Vieira start Arsenal’s Champions League game against PSV?

When the team sheet came out for the game against Everton, a big name was clearly left out. Arteta who made three changes from our game against Manchester United, decided that Kai Havertz would be dropped to the bench and Fabio Vieira was set to replace him.

Havertz, who hasn’t really hit the ground running since joining the Gunners from Chelsea this summer, had started every game this season coming up to the Everton game. It’s hard to judge why he was dropped, having just come back from the international break with Germany, it could be as simple as Arteta not wanting to risk his fitness and wanting to rotate the squad or it could be the fact he hasn’t impressed in red and white so far.

Vieira, who did look good on Sunday afternoon, came in with a lot of energy but in my opinion didn’t really change how we’ve been playing dramatically, although he did make a great through pass to Martinelli for the goal that was ultimately disallowed with VAR for offside, I still didn’t think it was a standout performance over what we’ve already seen from Havertz. 

Havertz came on from Vieira against Everton in the 80th minute and had a good 10-minute cameo, nothing that really stood out, but he did his job. After coming back from the international break with an assist for Germany against France, Arsenal fans would have been hoping that he came back with some needed confidence.

We have a lot of games this season, playing in four competitions and playing a game almost every three days, so rotation is going to be key if we want success, and having two good players to compete for a position is always what you want as a manager. If you look at Pep and Man City, their bench is always jam packed with quality and is always able to look to his bench and trust those coming on, ultimately this is what we want to see at Arsenal.

At this moment I wouldn’t look too much into it, I expect the change had more to do with rotation and the game against PSV in the back of Arteta’s mind, but it will be interesting to see who starts against PSV in our first game of The Champions League campaign. With a lot on the line and Arteta and the squad wanting to make a good impression after being out of the competition for so long, I’d expect him to be picking his strongest team.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Who do you think starts against PSV?

Daisy Mae


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  1. You got to start the sixty five million dollar man, its call Manmagement, you don’t want to damage such a huge player confidence.

  2. For PSV am hoping to see ESR…..the young man deserves a call & run of games and am not sure he is a mile behind both Havertz and Viera……

    1. Yes, let Smith-Rowe play in Xhaka’s position for the cup competitions and try Havertz in Odegaard’s position

      Keep Vieira for the NLD to play with his best friend Martinelli. I expect a telepathic understanding from the Portuguese-speaking duo on the left wing

      1. Yea Gai, ESR should play against PSV tomorrow. But guessing on what Arteta would do I think Havertz will play because of his UCL experience. Personally, I will prefer ESR against Spuds on Sunday than Havertz. I don’t see Arteta benching Saka for UCL tomorrow. Whoever the coach selects for tomorrow game we have enough quality to win. Jorginho could even play centrally while Rice plays in Xhaka role

  3. I do wish more JA article could bring themselves to say somwething original , thought provoking or truly in some way different. . Rather than, like this piece, merely giving a bogstandard ordinary but oh,” so familiar” mere bland summation of the current situation.

    Nothing to argue about of course, as the article played safe”, as so many do and so drearily too.

    But how I LONG FOR SOMETHING TRULY THOUGHT PROVOKING, at least occasionally.

    1. Why has my post gone to moderator for approval. Have been to Women’s World Cup in New Zealand with Japanese squad for weeks and in Japan for weeks on end. Haven’t been on this particular site for that reason

    2. Oh Jon, so it’s nothing like your continual and bland complaints about just about every article on JA.
      If you don’t like them, then don’t read them! Or waste your time and mine by writing stupid comments that do nothing but whine….

      1. God try PAT, but you, i, andothers know that I write things of substsnce whenever i write arrticles. But then I do not have thre urge to write almost evewry day even rwhen ther eis nothing of substsncd to say and when I know I would need to create something out of nothing, in orde rto get my name on an article.

        There was nothing wrong with Daisys piece and it was no worse than most other pieces, but neither was it any better.
        And thats what I – and I suggest many others too – always HOPE for . At least occasionally!
        BLAND AND SAMEY IS BORING, both on the field and in print!
        And what is most sad in a way is that you can not see I TRY to simply give positive feedback through making sensible suggestions to improve articles.
        I hoped the writer herself would read and digest and take note! You never know, MAYBE, MAYBE NOT, SHE HAS.

        Though to your biased mind it is simply a so called “whine” So wrong headed, in a way!

        But either way, not the end of the world, as it is only a site about a mere fotball team, in lifes grand scheme of what does and does not matter greatly.

    3. Jon, if you want a thought provoking article or something different, why don’t you write one yourself instead of criticizing the effort of others.

      1. Lance Youi must be very new on JA, or else you would have seen many articles by me.over the years Most recently, a week or so ago, about refs , and discussing those people,though not refs, ,in football who cheat regularly. Meaning Players, fans who cheat through being biased and legislators for foofball(FIFA, UEFA)

        I always write something of substance LANCE, and would never wish to write a boring “say nothing of any substance piece”, as we get several times each day on here.

        I will be writing again later this week before the weekend is out, on SOMETHING WORTH READING. Perhaps you will look out for it!

  4. All we hope is Harvertz is a success at Arsenal. Should he or shouldn’t he play at this early stage is doing nothing than dividing opinion thus scapegoating a player. For me I hope to see ESR at some stage against PSV.

  5. I was expecting Vieira to get knocked about a bit by Everton, but he stood up well and had a good game, and might get the start against PSV, but Havertz has much more CL experience so could be preferred.
    My guess is Havertz.

  6. Kai Havertz is not a big name player. Pls let’s refrain from using the team to prop-up mediocre players.

  7. Why has my post gone to moderator for approval. I haven’t been on this site since The Women’s World Cup. Been in New Zealand with the Women’s Japanese playing squad, and also been based in Japan weeks on end. A bit strange to be quite honest

      1. I don’t know what happened Admin Pat. I’ve always used both. Can’t take the computer into bed with me. So I usually use the phone. When I’m overseas, it’s the little trusty laptop. The phone, fixed computer, and laptop have the same bogus alias email address

  8. Raya
    White Tomi Gabi Kiwior
    ESR Kai
    Trossard Jesus Nelson

    Rotation but still a team that should beat PSV. Keep Rice and Saka fresh for Spurs.

    1. Oxin,
      Let’s field our strongest team against PSV being the first game of the UCL campaign. If we are able to score three early goals, then we can rest some of the first teamers and bring on others to see out the match. Arsenal’s match against the Spuds is on Sunday, so that gives the boys time to recover on Thursday while they train on Friday and Saturday for Tottenham.

  9. All I’m sure of is that Arteta and Arsenal fans all over the world expect nothing but a win. My point is Arteta is going for his strong and trusted squad.

  10. ESR or Vieira or Havertz in that order. Havertz needs that one goal to boost that confidence which is more than likely rock bottom but we cannot and shouldn’t wait around for him to get into form.

  11. It’s our first CL game for 7 years so I think a strong line up is required to get a statement win, 3 points sets the standard but, we have to also consider the the NLD a few days after.
    I think Saka should be rested, along with Saliba and Jesus to start over Nketiah, otherwise as you were, though obviously Martinelli is injured so Trossard in his place.

  12. I’d like to see ESR too but come on as a substitute and should only start when we’ve already booked our place in the knock out round with a game or two to spare meanwhile we play Odegaard and Rice,Havertz or Vieira based on game plan for the AM roles.

  13. If I were to rate Vieira’s performance, I’d give it 6.5/7 out of 10.i must admit that he partially proved me and others wrong.also,it was great to see our fans singing his name after the can only be good for his confidence.

      1. You’re @Reggie,I might have been a little bit too generous with my first thought was to give him a 6/10 but then I got carried away!

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