Should Lacazette be an automatic starter for Arsenal now?

For the very first time Unai Emery put both Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in Arsenal’s starting line-up against Cardiff, and it paid off as they both got their names on the scoresheet, and Lacazette was given the Man Of The Match for his lively performance in our 3-2 victory.

The Gunners were hot favourites to win the game with Novibet Sports, but made hard work of beating the newly-promoted side and it was only down to our excellent strike pairing that we came away with all three points. But does this mean that Lacazette should be starting every game, either with or without Aubameyang alongside him?

There was a rumour just before the close of the transfer window that Lacazette was frustrated with not playing enough and wanted to leave Arsenal, which I hotly denied was true, and Laca himself also said it was made up when asked. “I don’t know who said this stuff, but I am at one of the best clubs in London and I am happy at Arsenal,” Lacazette said after the game, but he also said that he didn’t think that this performance would give him a certain starting place every week.

“It’s always going to be hard to be in the first XI at a club like this, but I always keep fighting and working.” Laca continued. “I won’t play every week just because of one game. Every day I have to work and show the coach I work well and I deserve my place.”

Well, he certainly doesn’t sound frustrated, although I did feel for him last year when Wenger hardly ever let him play the full 90 minutes, but he still managed to score 17 goals for us. He is obviously even more settled this season and I think he should be ready to start every game after a performance like that.

What do you think?


Updated: September 5, 2018 — 8:01 am


    1. Agree Sue, Auba and Laca, partnership made in heaven.

      1. Auba And Laca with Ozil in a free No10 role behind them

        1. Phil agree 100% with your comment. Put a solid DM behind him, and a CM who can drive forward with the ball and find Ozil in space. Santi the magician was a great example of what I’m saying.

          Add a true winger or two and watch the goals start pouring in.

          1. Honest question though, why aren’t players like Xhaka, Cech, Bellerin having to fight for starting places I wonder? I thought Lichtsteiner put in a great shift offensively and defensively with some real bite when he played as LB. Also liked his sharp edges, not going to be bullied.

          2. Durand-Torreira has shown his ability in the few minutes he has had in each of the games.Bellrrin has not defended well but is an outlet for width going forward.Do you believe this is behind Emery thinking?Licstiener will get game time soon in the Cups.If Bellerin continues to defend like he has done so far then surely it’s only a matter of time since he is dropped.Cech has played well in every game behind THAT DEFENCE but he is no Liam Brady with the ball at his feet that’s for sure.
            I continue to back Emery as he needs time but we are a work in progress with an “easier” run of games (if there is such a thing in the Premiership) to look forward to.
            Winning breeds confidence.A good result up at Newcastle next week will help this confidence.

          3. Phil, it is incomprehensible that a player with Lichtsteiner’s credentials will be expected to play in the cup teams while Bellerin keeps being picke at RB in the EPL team.
            I expect Arsenal’s defense to improve significantly once Lichtsteiner is selected at RB to instill leadership, tactical awareness, strong tackling and discipline into the back four.

          4. YES for Lacazette!

          5. Yes I agree OG-Licstiener needs games under his belt so that is why I believe Emery will wait until the Cup matches to start him.Bellerin just cannot seem to defend.I was watching him closely in the first half as he was defending(sic) where the away fans were and I just could not believe how easily he allowed crosses to come into our box.He wasn’t tight enough and made no effort to close down to prevent the cross.Licstiener may be getting on a bit in age but he will tighten up that right hand side as soon as he gets in.Its only Bellerin ability to get forward that’s keeping him in the team at the moment but are defenders not supposed to do just that?DEFEND

          6. Phil well said my friend. Bellerin adds to the attack that’s why he starts I believe, rather than solid defender. Will be interesting to see if Emery opts for more attacking AMN at LB than Monreal, when Ainsley is fit.

        2. I’d agree with you here Phil.
          I done my own reply to this article but in short, I said I’d like to see Ozil in the number 10 role with a pair of high stamina players either side of him, to help cover Ozils weaknesses while allowing him to shine at what he is good at.

          Ozil will lose the ball but if we had Elneny and Guendouzi either side then he would have a player ready to win the ball back quickly…

          a 4132 formation.

          I know it is different but it can also be good for a high press, at least I think so 🙂

          1. @Midkemma/I can see Guendonzi and AMN being that pair in time

          2. Yes that would be great Phil. Problem is that AMN is very good and can play almost anywhere on the pitch so he might be used to stand in when players get injured instead of having his ‘own’ position. I remember the recently deceased Leeds player Paul Madeley being just the same. Both excellent players.

          3. @Gunner Jack-you are talking about a very versatile footballer who would still grace the game today.It seems we are both old enough to remember THOSE games against Leeds in the late sixties and early seventies.They were battles and not for the faint hearted.
            In regards AMN I honestly believe this boy has a future.The fact he is so versatile at such a young age helps him get game time but his performance at Old Trafford at the end of last set showed he is a Central Midfielder.When He is back from injury and fully fit I can see him slowly finding he gets more games as a CM.

          4. Same players Midkemma but perhaps as a midfield diamond 4 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 2. Wouldn’t want Elneny and Guendouzi too far forward (a la Ramsey) but as a pair of box to boxers they would be perfect.

      2. It is indeed Kenny….

  1. YES.

    He scored and assisted against Cardiff. He also crossed the ball which deflected from Diop’s chest against W Ham.

    His goal against Cardiff was a real goalscorer’s goal, extremely tight angle and he left keeper absolutely no choice. Also his defensive contribution is fantastic. He actually fights back to get possession, unlike the likes of Özil.

  2. He should be an automatic starter alongside Torrera. I feel Micki should also start more games ahead of underperforming Ozil

    1. Agree. If Arsenal have to play with a no 10, I would love to see Mkhitaryan there

      Ramsey has proven that he is getting comfortable in the no 10 position as well

      1. I think that Ozil has no competition when it comes to this position. A not in form Ozil there is stiller better than every other in form player. A no British player is capable to play effectually in that role. They are all only legs and no football brain. No vision and no good control with the ball to be effective and make the diff.

        1. Actually your last two sentences can describe Ozil in this season

          – No football brain and no vision: It has been a very loooooooong time since I saw a perfect through ball from him. A top no 10 should be able to create this consistently and I don’t see any good playmaking stuffs from him as well

          – No good control: He got robbed a lot and usually can only possess the ball for maximum two touches. No dribbles, no penetrations and sometimes makes atrocious first touch too

      2. How has Ramsey proven he is getting comfortable as a no. 10? Has he created anything? Scored a goal? Assisted? No. He has done jack squat as a no. 10.

        1. He dribbled past the opponents in the Chelsea and West Ham matches. He almost mades assists from those forward movements, if the attackers could have converted the chances

          He also worked hard to pressurize the Cardiff players

          1. Ramsey has done nothing other than run around like a headless chicken. He has displayed no vision, no defence-splitting passes, no close ball control, no clear-cut chances created, nothing out of the ordinary. Ozil though weak, is a much better no.10.At least with Ozil you are always GUARANTEED a perfect final ball.

          2. Ramsey, shouldn’t get anywhere near the Arsenal team sheet until he signs the contract on offer.

          3. Pressing players one after the other so to force quicker passes is not headless chicken running. Ramsey had a very good game v Cardiff, not his best but he was more disciplined and gave everything, only one who gave as much was Lacazette. If you want to pick out some very poor displays in that game look no further than Monreal, Guendouzi and Ozil.

          4. He (Guendouzi) has things to learn and experience to gain, he will make mistakes and we see them, luckily he isn’t jumped on like Xhaka would be if it was him making those mistakes. I am glad he is being given time from us fans 🙂

            He can have a poor game here and there, he is still growing in many ways, sometimes a poor game can be a greater lesson than an easy win… Fingers crossed our start has provided some great lessons XD lol.

            I am eager to see how he will develop, also… can he and AMN form a solid CM partnership? Not right now as both still in development but in a couple/few years time?

            Or a CM trio of Guendouzi/AMN and Torreira. What a young CM that can be but the promise as well… oooooh, gets me so excited lol.

  3. No, no, no, absolutely NO!!!!!!.

    1. Erm…uhmm…could you explain why you think Lacazette shouldn’t be starting games? I know everyone has an opinion but i’d like to b clear on yours.

  4. Lacazette has to be rewarded by starting in the next match

    But whether he has to start in the match after that would depend on his performance against Newcastle

    I agree that Aubameyang, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan have to start together, because they have good connection

    1. I agree but to do so i think we need to bench others which would not please the likes of Ramsey for example. Why is that guy not extending his contract yet?

      1. Maybe he just want to see whether there would be better options in January?

        1. I hope it backfires and Rambo gets YET ANOTHER injury 😉
          Who would want an injured player? Pay top £££ for someone who is injured? Not his first injury either…

          It can cause teams to drop interest and well.. Rambo owes Arsenal a lot for all the times we have stuck by him, paid his wages while he spent yet another chunk of a season in the physio room… It would be karma for him to get injured and forced to take a payCUT to remain with us.

          I do think that Rambo has the potential to be one of the best in the world, his lack of putting team first over himself has cost his performances year after year to the point that… Well, I’d love it if he dedicated himself to us and rediscovered those few months where he was scoring for fun and putting in the most (or 2nd most) tackles from our team. For a few months I was like “Oooh MY GODDD!!!! He is like a welsh Vieira!” but that lasted till… lol, yeah, another injury.

  5. Lol, without a question. I am just a bit angry about the service our strikers usually get, to often they have to go back and pick up the ball and only then storm up front.

    I am still over the moon about our strikers but now i miss having players like Santi and Fabregas around. Heck even Song and most deff Hleb i would have in a heartbeat.

    Laca needs more service around the box. The balls needs to be passed to his feet. While Abouma needs pin point passes which makes him run behind enemy lines. Xhaka can do that but he needs to quit the mistakes and be smart when he does so. I am sure that the coach knows this as well, therefore he has a future here at Arsenal.

  6. In a word, yes.

  7. One of the things I like about Emery is, that he is quick to pull people off or not give them a start, if they don’t perform or don’t work enough. I hope he keeps that attitude.
    So Lacazette should be a starter as long as he is performing and seems to be on form.
    If not, he can be benched.

  8. @anders ,no he was not quick at özil should have been gone a lot earlyer.

  9. He has to play, he looks really happy in the team and off the pitch too. He and Auba I like that they decided to become buddies, you need this stuff in a team. I thought for similar reasons Mkhit would excel this season because of his old partnership with Auba but its not to be so far. Pity we don’t have a CB pairing who get on really well like our strikers do. I’d like to see him hold onto his place for now. However, I would still prefer we had some wingers for those games that you need the correct balance in midfield.

  10. I would like to think that Laca has shown he should be the starting CF while in form, obviously form can drop and so the player needs to know he will be dropped if he doesn’t perform.

    I would like to see a 4132 formation though, I do think that could be fun to watch with our players, it could also allow for both Auba and Laca to play upfront.


    High work rate players around Ozil, we have seen Elneny stamina and Guendouzi stamina, both excellent. This will cover Ozil and also help Ozil to ‘drift’ in between the hard workhorses.
    Auba pace will force the opposition to either risk Auba beating the offside trap or force the defenders back and back and back 😛
    Laca linkup play and deadly shot will compliment Auba pace and intelligence, creating gaps for each other to exploit… which they do when they are on the pitch together anyway 🙂

  11. Nid i say the perfomance speaks for itself!! 😀

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