Should Lacazette really be blaming his Arsenal team-mates?

Alexandre Lacazette should avoid clashing with his team mates by Lagos Gooner

Alexandre Lacazette is not a happy man at the moment. He has not scored a goal like forever and it is really getting him angry that Arsenal has not found a way to win games recently, if reports of him blaming his team mates are anything to be believed.

According to reports, after the game against Sheffield, Lacazette lamented our inability to kill off games. “They [Sheffield United] were not very dangerous but this match summarizes how we are this season. We are winning the match but don’t get it over the line,” Lacazette told RMC Sport as reported by The Metro.

“We are quite naive at the moment. We need to be nastier and more consistent in the 90th to 93rd minutes of matches…Especially when we can do better than this. We have the players required. It is a shame.” He lamented

Well, Lacazette has every right to be angry that Arsenal is not winning games at the moment but lashing out at your teammates is a no go area, especially when you are not contributing anything positive to help the cause of the team. No player enters a pitch with the mindset of not giving his best, but things don’t always go according to plan in football. Football is a team sport and, like is expected in every team, every player has a part to play in making a team do well. When you feel others are not pulling their weight, then you should step up and grab the bull by the horns, instead of just complaining. When you complain and criticize your teammates, be assured that they will also criticize you when you don’t do well, unless they decide not to do so. The job of the player is to play and not complain; that is the job of a coach.

Alex Lacazette’s criticism luckily, didn’t irk the coach, as Arteta is reported to have backed his striker’s outburst.

Speaking during his pre match press conference, Arteta tried his best to take the heat off his stand in captain.

“Yes (I agree), its part of the game management and there were things we could have done to control the game better,” Arteta said in the Mirror in defence of his striker.

The good thing about all this is that Arteta does not seem to be angry with Lacazette; or he may just be trying to play down any negative reaction that Laca’s comment may have caused, but if I were Lacazette, I won’t be saying things to create bad vibes between me and my team mates. What Lacazette should be doing right now, is to contribute his quota to improve Arsenal’s fortune and not criticizing his team mates. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Bit of both really. Hardly any chances have been created for him, but on the odd occasion they have, Laca keeps messing up.

  2. Lacazette didn’t get good service from the supposedly creative midfielders, but he couldn’t get past the opponents as well. He can’t score because the so-called creative players tend to avoid high risks and he is also too slow as a striker

    Lacazette’s complaint is understandable, but he has to improve himself as well. Aubameyang is faster and more versatile, therefore he can play in different positions and is still able to score consistently

    I just hope Lacazette wouldn’t reduce his work rate to be more focused on scoring. Producing goals and assists is crucial for a striker, but helping his teammates is also important

    1. What is this obsession with Ozil? Truth is Lacazette has been shit lately. I remember when we were deriding Giroud for going several games without scoring.

  3. It’s clear that Lacazette spoke the truth, that’s obvious. He himself looks a uncomfortable on the field at the moment. Too dramatic. You can see his dissatisfaction on his face all the time. But he is right. At present we are forced to play players who are not mentally capable of concentrating for the whole game. AMN has good athleticism but the poorest concentration. Luiz is slow and has poor concentration. Mustafi has poor concentration and is so nervous. Reiss Nelson plays like he is scared to play his natural attacking game. Holding looks nervous and scared. Saka is a boy not built physically or mentally for the full back part of wing back. Ozil no longer has the strength needed for top flight football. Xhaka is slow, reckless, and cannot concentrate. I cannot forgive him for costing us a top four place with giving a reckless penalty away at home to Brighton last season. He is actually a stupid footballer. Our players do have some technique, but they don’t have the ability to concentrate for 90 mins. Concentration in the last quarter of games is as poor as I have seen.

    1. You insulted other players and you refuse to mention Lacazette who has been poor and who left his duty undone which is scoring goal. Maybe Lacazette is expecting Leno to come and score goals for arsenal. Lacazette should go and sit down.

    2. Hello Sean
      Is this concentration that you write so passionately about something that can be drilled into the players or is it the case that the majority of the team can’t because they haven’t got it? You refer to others as being nervous. I’m not surprised Mustafi is nervous as he knows he isn’t actually Mr Popular with the fan base but you mention Reiss Nelson and Holding too being nervous.

      1. SueP
        In our modern society lots of people take on Mindfulness Meditation. I’m not suggesting that the players learn to meditate, but mindfulness is an art of noticing, being alert during the present moment and focusing. Whilst the players are scared or worried it’s hard to be fully present and focused. They definitely can learn that skill. Without mindfulness, concentration and focus it will not matter how athletic or technical a player is. Mindfulness and cognitive therapies are well embedded in parts of society.

  4. Lacazette criticized the entire Arsenal team including himself. He said “WE were naïve”. He didn’t just attack his teammates. Please let’s not make the comments more sinister than he intended.

    1. Thank you…..he is inspiring the team to do better…..that’s not a criticism……he is leading the team in the absence of auba…..the goals will come….he will score today ….

  5. If everyone else can be blamed for Ozil looking tired or uninterested or inconsistent,they why Laca cannot question those around him. Why cannot Mustafi blame Socrates or Luiz and vice versa? Why cannot Leno blame all 4 in front of him for the goals. Why cannot Xhaka blame Torrera and likewise. The whole Arsenal team is in turmoil. Some blamed Emery, others blamed the fans or the toxic atmosphere, the vicious circle continues.Sacking Emery has not resolved anything cause the entire team (save Leno, PEA and Gabriel) are not even Championship material anymore. Watford,Spuds, Everton showed signs of improvement after changing coaches, we cannot win a home match.We need young, dynamic, sturdy, skilled players, not those hovering around 30+, cause every player is not a Ronaldo or Messi or Zaltan.

  6. I don’t find anything wrong with what he has said there. So long as he points out some of the things he noticed, to the players when he shows up for training, then it’s fine. We were a little naive. When we play bigger teams we know we need to be quick in getting out, aggressive, we know we need to make smart choices with tactical fouls and such. But when we’re winning against lesser known teams they act like it’s not necessary, until it all catches up and then they probably get a realization. I hope all the good stuff fans have been giving/saying didn’t go to their heads, we aren’t nearly out of the woods. So Lacazette was right, we didn’t put the same care into that game, we created good chances anyway, but if we had of shown the same enthusiasm, (consistency) then we wouldn’t likely be talking about what went wrong today.

  7. Come on Sylvester, have a little bit of balance without falling into the trap of click bait untrue articles. In no way did Lacazette “lash out” at his team mates he gave an honest answer to a question and his answer included his own performance. He is part of the team he criticised wasn’t he? So if you were asked the same question would you answer it honestly or are you a pussy and not speak the truth? I’ve just seen Twig’s comment above while typing this and he says more succinctly and to point than I have as Lacazette referred to the team as WE not THEM.

  8. He did say that we have the players required so actually he is trying to motivate the team.

    There are ups and downs in life and who never stops will succeed like the tortoise.Laca is not a quitter,he will come back strong.

  9. Totally misleading article, lacca made a statement about the team, he wasn’t in no way excluding himself and he is absolutely correct.

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