Should Leno be rested after his clanger against Olympiacos?

Leno should be dropped against West Ham this Saturday

Hello once again Gooners, how are we preparing for our London derby again against West Ham this weekend? I expect the team to be training hard on how to beat West Ham. West Ham is a London team and we know how difficult it is playing against local rivals. We Are arsenal and we fear no team, but it won’t be that easy, if I am to tell you the truth. We need to use players who will be focused and disciplined all throughout the 90 minutes of the game. Players who have appeared in lots of games in recent times, and players who have shown tiredness or lack of concentration, should be rested. One such player is our goalie, Bernd Leno.

I ask to be forgiven if my point here doesn’t go down well with a lot of you, but I wish Leno should be dropped and I have just one reason why; and that is his mistake against Olympiacos. That alone should be ample reason enough for the manager to rest him for at least three games. He needs it to get back his focus and he needs to rest his body, especially as he featured in a lot of games this season. Leno is human and like all humans, he needs to recharge his batteries.

With a good backup goalkeeper, Arsenal should have no fears resting Leno and making use of Martinez. Leno being a high class goalkeeper needs to be pushed to work harder and reduce his mistakes. He has made some deadly and costly mistakes in the past and we should be wise enough to know that all he needs for him to gather himself again is a good rest. In Martinez, Arsenal should still be in safe hands against the Hammers, who have been in form in recent games after the appointment of David Moyes.

If I had my way, I would rest not just Leno, but also our defence line. But since it is impossible to change all your defenders for a game, changing Leno would be sufficient for now. I am a bit sure that Leno’s confidence level at this period is on a low and it will be counter-productive to make use of a player who still feels bad for costing his team in a vital European game.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. As far as I’m concern, u are only reacting to what his mistake led to.
    But u didn’t suggest Auba been rested for missing a seated which would have taken us to the next round. During Chelsea’s tittle winning streak, how many games was Czech rested for?

  2. Hmmmm, l am not in support of resting Leno, He should be given a sound warning ànd l hope he had learnt from that error. No need to do trial by error with Martinez

  3. Why on earth should Leno be “rested”? He made a mistake sure, but so did Xhaka who put him under pressure with his back pass, should he also be rested? Auba missed a sitter, should he also be rested? If every time I made a mistake when I was working and got “rested” I’d have been off work more than at work😳. That sounds like a made a lot of mistakes🤔 but honestly, I didn’t😉.

    1. I didn’t watch the match and decided not to watch the highlight because we let the qualification slipped out of our hands having been 75% into next round. so I don’t know what really led to Leno conceded a corner until I see your comment that he was put under pressure from a pass from Xhaka. I bet that back pass to Leno is unnecessary and I have seen too many of that in Arteta team and I do much hate it.

  4. Hell no! If all of our players were to be rested after making a mistake, jeez we’d never field 11 again!!
    I want him to play tomorrow.

  5. Arteta will not rest Leno so our opinion does not really count here .He sees Leno as a super goal keeper even if he makes five mistakes in a match .Arsenal has so many players who are error prone such as Luiz, Xhaka ,Lacazzete that can’t score goals, etc.

  6. Every person makes mistakes, so don’t judge other for asimple makes i think leno should be on the post

  7. I dont think Lenno should be rested for his mistake. If at all he does not play, it must be because he needs rest or Arteta feels he needs rest. It was Xhaka who made the initial mistake for the goal and not Lenno. Anyway Arteta trusts Lenno so he will play.

  8. We cannot afford to rest our 1st choice gk in premier league as we still have a chance at champions league. also it wasn’t a direct mistake as he tried to kick the ball out of play which is the safe option unlike de gea who went up-field and got caught.

    Leno is a top level gk(forget everton already fickle fans) who can be world class if he cuts out the mistakes. His style of play is similar to ederson and alisson who also commits mistakes but less than leno.

  9. After the Chelsea -Arsenal game at the bridge, the blues failed to realize the extra effort put in by the Gunners so Lambard I believe harbored same suicidal idea by resting Arrizabalaga and fielding Caballero and we can attest to the poor results that followed.

  10. I don’t think sir Alex Ferguson would be featuring an error prone goalkeeper like Leno in his first eleven. Leno has cost arsenal a lot of points with his childish displays during games, he doesn’t deserve to be our #1 and should be rested for 5 weeks or more!!

    1. Don’t agree with that comment at all Ugo – way too harsh.

      He has made mistakes but he has also covered up a lot of other players’ mistakes. We even have a sniff of Europe and are not fighting a real relegation battle for two main reasons – Auba’s goals and Leno’s goalkeeping.

      I am quite confident if we were to net the pluses and minuses he comes out clearly on the positive side of the ledger.

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