Should Lucas Torreira have shown Arsenal more respect?

Thierry Henry, Viera, Pires, Bergkamp, etc, these were not just talented individuals but foreigners who bought into the values of the club.

Thanks to the likes of Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Lee Dixon, it was made clear the standard and expectation of the crest.

We used to have enough leaders where we would never tolerate a player allowing his agent to describe a move to AC Milan as a “special moment” What happened to the days where players were proud to play for Arsenal?

To be a big club you have to act like a big club. If we don’t have the mentality in the dressing room for someone to tell the midfielder to shut up his agent, then our manager or owner should lead by example.

That’s why I’m happy the new assistant manager is now someone who was an “Invincible” A proper legend who will be behind the scenes setting standards. We need a zero-tolerance policy.

Anyone who thinks they are bigger than the crest should be allowed to leave, for too many years we have clung on to players who we knew wanted to be elsewhere, making ourselves look desperate in the process.

The consequences being we ended up with our best talent running down their contracts.

Lucas Torreira is not Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie or Alexis Sanchez. He’s not had a campaign where we should be afraid of his demands and he certainly shouldn’t be disrespecting us.

Worst case scenario he’s an asset we could get money for to add to the transfer kitty.

Don’t get me wrong the Uruguayan has a right to speak up if he’s not happy, he’s a human being who might be struggling to settle in a country. Factors such as his girlfriend being Italian, having lived in Italy, having played in Serie A all justify him being unsettled.

But, it was only 12 months ago that he was more than happy to walk away from Sampdoria, being paid tens of thousands a week in the process

If you’re unhappy that’s fine, just treat your employers with an element of respect

Dan Smith


    1. Exactly. Unless I’m wrong, I think he just said he was struggling to adapt to our culture, language, etc.

      1. I agree that Torriera has done nothing wrong and even what he has said (mainly about the weather which I am also pissed off about) has been blown out of all proportion. I think Dan is making a mountain out of a molehill with this pointless article. Having read the article again I think labelling Torriera as disrespectful is outrageous. You even have the temerity to imply that Bould is not a proper legend but what is also laughable is that Tony Adams, “made clear the standard and expectation of the crest”. He did that when he was taking drugs and getting pissed with Paul Merson did he and then ended up in prison for drunk driving? Hypocrite!

  1. If he wants to increase his salary by jumping to another company again, it’s up to him

    Because Chambers is coming and I predict he would take Torreira’s position

  2. Judging by his breakdown in the Europa final, I don’t doubt his effort and commitment. His fiery displays against the spuds also fills me with optimism. Even if he isn’t happy then we could cash in on him, but personally I believe that we are in for a big season from him.

  3. Apparently talk sport stating Man U offering 70m for Auba
    Snaaaap their hand off, he’s good but he’s 30 years old
    I would take martial or shaw and 25m in exchange

        1. Yes but Man U are looking for a better player to replace the tubby one.
          There’s a reason for that.

  4. So having an opinion – one which is shared, BTW, by a huge number of British residents too about our “wonderful” weather – is now apparently “disrespect”! DAN SMITH , YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TRUE DISRESPECT ACTUALLY IS. It is NOT free speech about Torreiras happiness or lack of it . More accurately, it IS what I and many others too, (to judge from several comments preceding my own post) think about YOUR lack of understanding of the TRUE meaning of plain English words. Unless you are prepared to pay our beautiful and rich English language FULL RESPECT and use words in their proper meaning, then YOU, my silly friend, are hugely disrespecting our shared language and showing your ignorance of English , into the bargain.

    When free and honest speech, even strongly made , becomes “disrespect” TRUE freedom is under dire threat. Repressive countries like China, North Korea and others practice this true DISRESPECT TO HUMAN FREEDOM. To stupidly equate Torreiras words with those hideous countries, as you have done, is truly pathetic.

    1. Please go easy with the personal abuse even if your comments are passionately felt. It is one thing to call me ignorant and a liar but another to start on contributors. Please disagree politely Jon.

      1. Admin Martin, Perhaps you would kindly point out to me ,since I cannot find them anywhere in my post, exactly where I called Dam Smith a liar. I also said he was ignorant of our English language, NOT ignorant in general, which are two completely different things. I have asked you before please to be precise in language and not to misrepresent what I write. As a scholar I choose my words with great care and use precise language. It is intensely frustrating that you as Admin, rarely do similarly. Words, accurately used and also accurately quoted, aid truth. Inaccurate use harms truth. I mean no disrespect MARTIN but I am making an important point and important principle which I fervently hope you will take on board, as I am sure you wish the truth to be spoken and not distortions and misrepresentations. Am I correct in this assumption?

        1. You are not correct in your assumption.

          I never said you called Dan Smith a liar, this is what I wrote, “It is one thing to call me ignorant and a liar but another to start on contributors. Please disagree politely Jon.”

          So do not misrepresent what I wrote Jon, I suggest respectfully that you start practicisng what you preach before going after other people as you do so often, including against me calling me a liar and ignorant on multiple occasions.

          Using words like, silly, stupidly, showing ignorance and truly pathetic is simply uncalled for and then you back it all up with capitals.

          You do, on occasions, make some valid points then go and spoil it with personal abuse.

    2. Jon , can you not express an opinion without being personal?
      To take such a trivial article and use it to go on about freedom of speech and North Korea ?
      I try not to be harsh as I picture an old man, quite lonely who uses this as a platform for attention ?
      A man who takes football way too serious and maybe , whisper it quietly hasn’t got much else to do
      Thank you again for enjoying my work so much you took time to comment
      Just using using my freedom of speech, ka ka

    3. I agree with Jon, speaking of another club showing interest in a player and being coached by a player’s former coach, there is nothing wrong in that. Disrespect to the club is when we are trailing and a player crawls off the pitch and shouts abuse to the coach and many on this site still sing praises for the player!Disrespect for the club is when a player boycotts a final in spite of assurances from the host nation.Disrespect is when the players fail to applaud the travelling supporters after the game.

      1. I’ll also have to agree with Jon. Although you guys (The Admins) or article writers do a great job of feeding us with articles to digest and express our opinions on. Sometimes you just have to realise you’re not writing articles for dumb illiterates but people who are learned enough to know what words like “DISRESPECT” actually mean. You have to be properly guided too when writing articles. don’t try to make use of click bait words just to incite the fans as you are very fond of doing Dan Smith. These days i just don’t bother reading any article that has a Dan smith being the author with an outrageous headline.I broke my own rule reading this and I’m yet to be proven wrong about you.

        1. Why is that an outrageous headline?
          How could it be described as clickbait?
          Please educate me…..

          1. “Should Torreira have shown Arsenal more respect” Makes a mountain out of a mole hill. you would think, waking up to this headline that torreira has done something outrageous to disrespect Arsenal when it’s all in the head of Dan who wrote the article. Reason why it’s a click bait is because Torreira is one of the fan favourites at the moment. saying he did something to break our trust and love for him when he actually didn’t is a click bait. Just to garner the response you were looking for in the first place. I think you can do better and should do better

  5. His comments didn’t sound disrespectful to me… He isn’t the first foreign player to have initial struggles adapting to English football and the off-pitch challenges that comes with settling in into a new environment..

    Most players go vocal with the challenging experiences too….

    Am personally expecting a big season from Lucas come August…

  6. He’s a moaner, a complainer, and some people including myself, don’t like that particular character trait. He’s homesick, fine, we all have experienced this on occasion. But who b*****s about it, and to the press, because of this it can also be perceived as angling for a move, let interested parties know that he’s struggling with settling and is homesick. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, he was probably just being honest as is his right, just like it’s another guys right to frown upon complaints.

    1. Come on B-O-T he’s not moaned or complained, someone has put spin on this and reported it as such. His agent has been more than complicit in it all and he’s the one stirring the pot as if Torriera gets a rise then the agent gets a cut too. The whole story is complete ??

      1. @Declan

        I do feel that I went a bit over the top with it, esp as I’m an outsider and himself not yet understanding English properly enough. But it was the guys having a pop along the thread, how some of them spoke against folk speaking against Torriera. I just thought, well, if he did really say this and in this way, speaking to the press, well then I’ll speak up on some of our supporters behalf.

        So long as Torriera is here next season, adapts better to the league and his home, I’ll be happy and I will back him against criticism.

  7. Arsenal should walk the talk. You don’t say you are a big Club just because you used to be one. If Milan is bigger today, it may be a special moment for him. I have been a Arsenal Fan for years.However,I have found myself painfully moving out of home late in the night to passionately watch a Spurs Liverpool game because my Arsenal Team is no where.
    Spend money wisely, Make Arsenal great again and players and fans will feel special being part of the Emirates project

    1. I agree, but you can only really tell your agent to shut the f*ck up after he’s said something…..

  8. But Arsenal used to buy players who are really hungry and yearning to play for Arsenal unlike these days where Arsenal have to plead for players to join. Even some of the ready one refuse to go else where simply because of good salary, not because of winning things for Arsenal.

  9. The point is mate you can disagree with an article without being personal
    Like you yourself have done
    Like you said, simply don’t read articles by me ?
    Jon Fox on other hand writes essays attacking the person
    Surely we can disagree without name calling ?

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