Should Maitland-Niles even be posting stuff like that on social media?

What on Earth was he thinking?

Ainsley Maitland-Niles obviously wants to part ways with Arsenal, and that has probably been the case for the last year as well. I am sure that there can be nothing more frustrating for a senior player to be continuously left on the bench, but should he be posting stuff like this?

Surely there is some unwritten law (or maybe it should be written into every contract?) that you do not interfere in your club’s negotiations when you are under contract.

Sure, if you want to leave, you go and knock on the bosses door and you explain your feelings and thoughts, but you simply DO NOT go on social media to plead with the fanbase to help you put pressure on the club in the middle of talks, especially on the penultimate day of the transfer window.

We all know a certain Van Persie did it once and he has been called a traitor ever since.

Of course van Persie helped our bitter rivals Man United to win a last Premier League title for Alex Ferguson, and I doubt very much if AMN will be that much help to Everton, but the Toffees ARE a direct rival for a Top Six position, and perhaps Arteta is not keen on helping them to be even better this season.

But whatever the situation, no player should be interfering with their manager’s wishes. You signed the contract, now deal with the consequences and stop being a cry-baby!

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  1. He is not getting game time.
    Arteta is clueless when it comes to utilizing players. He has favourites, no matter how badly they perform.

    So, i dont blame AMN for doing what he did. We have seen worse situations.

    1. I know you wouldn’t blame him. Even if he say all fans should F off, because you are angry at Arteta, every bad things must be Arteta fault.
      It’s so reasonable

      1. But it is Arteta’s Fault in this case. He is a Better Rb than Cedric and Bellerin, He can play as a Hybrid RB in a System where we can get more Attacking players on the field for example in a 433 with our current available squad he could help the holding midfielder as a Hybrid RB, Tierney likes to over lap, Niles to help the Midfield on the right side, VS Norwich I will go all out
        Pepe. Auba. Saka.
        Smith. Elneny. Martin
        Tiern. Hold. White. AMN

        1. AMN case is like Theo both are confused about their position.
          He has every opportunity to cement his place and make the Rb his but he wants to play midfield, maybe that was what Arteta promised him last summer, he has been playing midfield more this season, isn’t it

          1. One game that’s it, need to be given a run of 10 games as the Hybrid RB and then we will see if he has talent or not( that he has). Difficult times to be an Arsenal Fan, Player, Coach, and everything else.

      2. Mate does it not bother you how many players are desperately trying to escape Arsenal? Surely the manager has something to do with it?

      3. Hi Adajim, it is easy to just blame AMN. few days to the close of a transfer window and he knows Arteta will sideline him as usual if he stays.
        We are talking about a player who can play as a left back, a right back and in midfield.
        If Everton are interested and Arteta blocks the move, AMN has a right to express his opinion

        For goodness sake, we have seen worst actions from many players,

        Tevez had issues with Mancini and he was busy playing gulf in argentina while the season was on. He was on holiday for months

        Everything boils down to Arteta. His cluelessness is the reason why we are in this situation. The club is in disarray.

        I am an Arteta Fan. I was so happy when he moved from Everton to Arsenal.
        I was happy when we appointed him as the manager.

        But at some point, you have to be objective. You should know when We have seen top managers getting sacked.

        Look, Arteta is an Arsenal employee. If the club sacks him today, he will get a huge compesation. The world will not end if Arteta is sacked.

        Lampard is a premier league legend. He is a Chelsea Legend. But he got the sack

        Tuchel has been sacked before.
        Morinho has been sacked many times.
        Klopp has been sacked before.
        Benitez has been sacked before.
        Zidane has been sacked before
        Ancelloti has been sacked before.
        Ranieri against all odds won the EPL with Leicester. He got the sack the season after.


        It is a reult oriented sport. If you are not producing the right results, you lose your job.

        So, what is the big deal if Arteta is sacked this evening?


      4. Adajim, well Arteta is to blame for AMN situation because when ever Arteta called him team he payed back his manager trust. He has delivered in important games for him, there was no reason to completely ditch him like Arteta did when bellerin was struggling and has been for long time so has chambers and Cedric was signed as back up. Second as a human he has every right to say if he is not happy with situation because he is young and he wants to play, he does not want to just sit and take his pay cheque every month. He wants to play, improve and he must have some aims plus dreams. So club has messed him around for some time they should just be clear with him either play him or sell him. You don’t have to prove to be a fan you have to agree with all the inhumane and stupid mistake club makes. I was with LK when club went back on their words and I am with AMN. These are human being, the club can not treat them like trash then expect loyalty and sacrifice. People are still blaming Ozil for abiding by his contract and still blaming LK for not abiding by his contract. You can not have it both ways.

  2. Under normal circumstances, no. But during reign of terror under Spanish Pulis? I’m intrigued to say yes.

    He said no to £20m from Wolves, because had plans for AMN -> doesnt play him for 6 months and then ships out to loan.

    Has no plans for him now and doesnt let him go either.

    With Saliba he didnt give him even sniff of a chance.

    Guendouzi got one mistake and was never seen again.

    Mavro had strong season at Bundesliga > Spanish Pulis with a chequebook wants Brightons 3rd best CB.

    Xhaka does stupid s*** every second week and gets pat on the back and wage increase.

    The Spanish Pulis is not only the worst manager I’ve seen at Arsenal, he’s the worst manager I’ve seen in the whole Premier League era.

    1. Are you sure AMN was interested in that wolve move?
      At that time I remember he wanted to play in the midfield, even his loan, he could have gone to Everton or so but he chose westbrom.

      Am sure you were part of those that vehemently opposed selling him at the time, especially when he got man of the match against city and got called up to England squad.
      Am not even sure the deal was real

      1. “Maitland-Niles has revealed how talks with Arteta convinced him to remain in North London beyond the ending of the transfer window.”

        He was keen to move but MA convinced him (lied) to stay.

        Also if you just use Google, you can find reliable sources ie. Sky Sports describing Wolves’ pursuit of AMN. Quoted price vary from 15-20 million.

        And if AMN wanted to play RB and will actually be part of MAs plans, then sure why not him for to stay (last summer that is).

        Next point of argument..?

        1. And in your genius reason,
          Let’s agree he convinced him to stay, then by January things were not going well and both parties agreed on letting him go , was it Arteta conviction that helped him chose westbrom a relegation threatened team over a better one

          1. Well, as Wolves were after him, they probably went after someone else after MA rejected their money.

            Therefore, in January they probably didnt NEED AMN anymore.

            Same with Saliba > stuck with him not playing for 6 months, then sending out.

            I dont see the point of arguing actions of January when the damage was done 6 months prior.

          2. It’s not argument but fact, he trusted Arteta by believing his lies (according to you), but in January he had another chance to make it right.
            He and Willock were sent out on loan, and we all know how it all ended, one took the chance and utilise it , other misuse it, he has no one else to blame.

            And all his comments like ‘ kiss arsenal goodbye’ are so so disrespectful to arsenal football club, he isn’t playing for Arteta but Arsenal

          3. True BUT you have to sell the player when he still has value!!

            AMN played well few months > value raised. Time to sell OR utilize him. Arteta did neither!!

            With Martinez, a similar situation. This time he sold and Arteta did the wrong choice!

            Saliba, again wrong choice!

            Whens he’s had a decision to make, too many times he has made the wrong choice.

          4. In case you didn’t know,Leicester wanted AMN but Arteta refused to let him go to a team he considered a direct rival.

    2. I totally agree with you as you nail it.
      This brainless Arteta is destroying Arsenal club. He does not know how to utlilise good player. This clueless guy only play whom he likes and not who are the better players. There are not tactics, no style, no motivation whatsover. Good players like Partey comes to Arsenal and immediately becomes a bad player.
      Sooner or later, I believe players like Saka, Tierney would want to leave.

      1. And you call Arteta clueless!
        Partey did not become a BAD player, he became an injury problem. When he plays he is excellent.

        Smith-Rowe, plus Saka and Tierney (and Balogun and Martinelli) all signed new long-term contracts and cited Arteta as the reason, so where is the evidence they want to leave?

        Please talk facts, not spout ridiculous sound-bites….

        1. No doubt that Arteta has a really good tactical analysis mind but he has failed and the players as well to implement such tactics. In the beginning the players played to his tactics to each word and results came,
          Now it seems that they are trying to follow his directions but for me, just my opinion, seems like the players are frustrated with Arteta’s tactics,
          And for the loss vs Man City Arteta and Xhaka are to blame, the 11 with sead, cedric and Xhaka starting was not the right choice, His only player who has shown good distribution when pressed has been Elneny, and AMN seems also comfortable when pressed but neither feature,
          I would have gone 433
          Pepe Auba Saka
          Smith Elneny Martin
          Tierney Mari Holding Chambers (AMN would be my preferred Hybrid RB but he is leaving)
          and Ramsdale as GK

        2. It is a clueless Manager that would decide to send Saliba out on loan(a player with prospects bought for 27m pounds), buy another defender for 50m pounds( a wasteful manager)

          Saliba did not even get a chance in carling cup or FA Cup games.
          Arteta said Saliba was not ready for the first team.

          Last season, we played Man city, A very short player called Raheem Sterling scored a header against us. Holding was there.

          2 days ago, it was Gungodan’s turn to score a header.

          It is a clueless Manager that would take off Aubameyang in a must win match against Villareal moments after he almost scored a goal.

          He took of Aubameyang, brought in Willian and later brought in Nketiah when the game was almost over.

          He should have sold Xhaka straightaway.

          Kolasinac was almost gone. He has been given an improved contract. Hope you know Saliba is doing fine in Marseille?

          Our midfield needed a complete Overhaul

          The midfield should have been injected with technical players.

          Players who could move with the ball.
          All we needed to do at the early days in the transfer window was to buy Aouar and Bissouma.


          Besides been clueless, Arteta is also arrogant and naive.

    3. You can have your opinion on the manager or players, but can you stop with this “Spanish Pulis” and “Brazilian Donkey” there nationally has nothing to do with there ability.. it’s a tight line with Racists undertones you seem to be inferring like they are sub standard.

      1. Eh, I fail to see racism there, like at all. He could be any nationality, and still be *insert nationality* Pulis.

        There are hundreds and hundreds of platforms where Mourinho has been called Portuguese Pulis and not even once have I seen anyone think of it racist.

        Petty of me yes. But racist? Sorry man, thats one thing it just isnt.

        1. Okay, but it’s a step closer, if you call me a bastard fair enough, but if you call me a Spanish bastard, well why put the Spanish bit in ? It seems derogatory, Bastard is all that is needed. But I read your other post before this and you called Edu a Brazilian donkey and I thought that’s a bit rude. Then when I then read your comments here, I thought it worth pulling you for it. I’m from an Irish background and have herd (historically) a lot of unnecessary put downs with Irish at the beginning of the insults…..

      2. I totally agree GD.

        I must warn everyone again (I have done this a few times this summer) that schoolboy insulting nicknames are not allowed.

        JustArsenal prides itself on intelligent discussion between sensible grown-up individuals (That is not dependent on age I assure you)

        In September as things calm down, I will be deleting and banning any inane comments and unneccesary personal abuse, whether directed at me, my writers, other commenters and also players and management.

        My nan’s rule was that if you can’t make your point politely with facts to back up your words, then please say nothing at all…

        1. Are you disputing that Arteta is Spanish or that his tactics resemble those of Pullis.? The nickname is both humorous and spot on. Are you going to censor every criticism of Arteta? In this thread alone are numerous posts that are 1,000 times more derogatory towards Arteta than this nickname.

          1. Obviously (as you pointed out) I am not stopping criticism of Arteta.

            I have always insisted that personal abuse is not allowed, so I am going to cull anyone that breaks that rule against ANY Arsenal player, fan or manager, and indeed some commenters who are not of the same opinion get similarly abused and those comments will be deleted, just as they are right now.

            Words like Farteta, Edon’t, scamteta, and any idiot that just posts one line inane comments will be gone…

            Don’t start calling me an Arteta fanboy either as that will be deleted. We are all SUPPOSED to be Arsenal fans and each others opinion should be respected. If your opinion includes insults then I don’t want to see them. Let’s have intelligent discussion not playground name-calling.

            Is that clear?

            If you are an intelligent poster, why should you be worried?

          2. Pat, I hope this extends to mocking peoples speech defects like “good ebening” and “Won Hodgson”?

        2. Then pull jon fox on it, not a dig but I’m new been reading comments for years Pat. He is very insulting and derogatory yet I never see you pull him up on it. Just my opinion.

          1. I can be honest here, and can say that I have probably deleted more of Jon Fox ‘s comments than any other reader in my ten years of running

            I pull up ANYONE that overstep my philosophy, so don’t accuse me of favouritism.

            Ask Jon himself…

  3. It’s not his first time.
    I wouldn’t say more because interpretation of some of our fans are based on personal emotions.

    I hope he get his move and leave. I wish him luck

    1. Totally agree. This isn’t AMN saying he wants to leave Arsenal. It’s him pleading to play.

      Now we dont know all the inner workings of the club and many of us have been critical of reports that he doesn’t want to play RB. If these reports are true then I’ve no sympathy for him. Manager after manager has played him at RB.

      If those reports aren’t true and he just wants to play, then Arteta owns this one. You can’t say the current version of Bellerin, Cedric or Chambers fits our system better.

      1. Voyageur, if AMN was happy to sit on the bench and collect his wages to just turn up to training, that would be a bigger concern.

  4. Feels like so many players are fed up with the situation, and they do what they can to get out.
    Yes, this is over the line, but maybe he has been pushed over that line?

    1. Are you available for the Arsenal Manager job ishould it become available as I think as a football manager of your experience you are more qualified than Arteta for the role!

    2. Funny enough:

      ALL OF US here, had the same amount of managerial and technical director experience as MA and Edu before they got the job. Zero that is!

      1. My demands were considered too excessive Pat.

        I wanted to bring two kids with me.

        One was asking a years supply of curly wurleys, the other a Nintendo switch.

        I also wanted to bring in my own back room staff – the wife !

      2. Give Edu (nationality irrelevant) a brown envelope and I’m sure he could arrange something!

  5. No player should try and dictate to what position he wants to play. Arsenal had it, dealt with it, player left, played a few games in his desired position, failed, club ships him out. Want to lay in the new club, and whalla, plays in position that Mr. Wenger preferred him. Ups to Mr Wenger. Now, mss Arteta can do the same to amn.

  6. He should’ve not done that as a professional, but I understand his frustation. More popular players like Aubameyang, Dembele and Kane have also done unprofessional things to push for transfers, so he’d likely have followed their tactics

    I believe he could be as good as Bissouma in the DM position and he might get a chance to play there in the Norwich game, if Partey is still unfit

    1. As public figure, your words and actions should be censored because a little mistakes might be blown out of proportion, and this is the 3rd time he is making such silly comments or post.
      Footballers should be wise, what if one day he reach the pinnacle and arsenal want to do a Pogba for him, these kind of statements might trigger fans to react negatively .

      Those things are becoming norms this days, some days ago Ozil made a mockery of the club, Guendozi and now AMN.
      This club is not Arteta club it’s fans club, if we feel because we are angry at Arteta or Kroenke and support this kind of things from ex players and current players like Guendozi and AMN, I wonder how we will react when spur players start joining the fun

      1. Agreed. Some footballers did emotionally immature things, probably because of the environment they grew up in and the lack of higher education

        1. And nothing between the ears. I just wish AMN realised RB/RWB is where he is best at the moment (as identified by all his past and current managers) and he treated his mum better.

      2. “Trust the process” is not the club’s statement but Arteta’s. We were all happy when Aubameyang did everything disrespectful to Dortmund to join us, we condemn those that want to honour their contract once we don’t need them again, call them different unprintable names but feel bad whenever a player wants out at all cost.

    2. Gai
      You seem to see what the coach doesn’t see. I agree with you that M. Niles should have been developed as a DM by Arteta. He has certain skills set good enough for the role than Elneny. But then Arteta calls the shot. Sometimes, I wonder wether Arsenal coach truly knows his players abilities. He prefers Lokonga to some players. It’s unprofessional to go on social media to express his dissatisfaction. I guess there would be other bitter players in the squard too. A loan at a good club would be good for his development like J. Willock.

      1. I think Arteta appreciates his players’ attitude and work ethic over their abilities. Whereas common fans like us can only watch how they play on TV, without knowing about their interpersonal skills and efforts in training

        About Maitland-Niles’ loan, we’re unfortunately short in midfield department, hence the rejection

  7. Don’t see how this soc med post from AMN is anything bad.

    He has just said he wants to play.. can we not express our wishes anymore. What happened to freedom of speech?

    I like AMN and think he is a promising young player who for whatever reason is not liked or valued by MA.

    Could have been worse; could have been flirting with mourinho at Inter Milan. Although maybe if he had he would be captain by now with a new contract and payrise!

  8. “Ainsley Maitland-Niles is increasingly likely to remain at Arsenal in this window”. So happy if this article is correct. He can play RB at Arsenal. He is the vert best player we have in this position and he can play regularly in this position.

    IMO it’s okay to post his frustrations.

  9. AMN has made life difficult for himself by indicating a desire to play in midfield.From what I have seen of him he could become a very decent RB or RWB, a position he could make his own if he accepts his limitations and applied himself.Neither Cedric nor Bellerin are of the standard we need, and Chambers is far too slow to play on the right flank.AMN to me has a great opportunity to become our first choice RB./RWB and somehow, during the course of the next two weeks he simply has to convince Arteta to give him a chance in this role against Norwich.A back four of AMN, White, Gabriel and Tierney is arguably the strongest unit available to Arteta and I sincerely hope he recognises this.

    1. My curiosity Grandad is how it stands currently between the pair. Has AMN since said he will play anywhere? If so has Arteta forgiven him?
      Has this latest (IMO a valid cry for help and I can’t blame him) tweet lost AMN any chance of playing in any position (we all know how Arteta doesnt give second chances often)?
      Sorry but regardless of AMN’s first statement being daft, I can’t help but see Arteta dealing with player problems awfully time and time again, to the detriment of the club.

  10. I don’t blame him. He isn’t going to play much, and considering how Arteta seems to manage players…

    Part of that is on him – if he had embraced the fullback role I think that he would have been in the conversation for regular time. He hasn’t demonstrated the needed skill in the middle (granted, not a lot of chances).

  11. I simply don’t understand what the fuzz is all about. AMN is a player who was deemed surplus to the manager’s requirements and was subsequently loaned out in the winter transfer window during last season. He must have been sold at the start of this summer transfer window and a replacement brought in before this season started. That was, and still is, our management’s policy for players who have entered their final two years of their current contracts. It just proves, beyond doubt, that our management people are clueless about what their roles are at our club.

  12. obviously he tried to bait Arteta into moving him, as he knows how he despises such publicly expressed commentaries…I’m assuming that he chose to stay not because of his affinity towards Arteta but under the guise that maybe the new manager would allow him to play his preferred position in the aftermath of the seemingly inevitable administrative house cleaning

  13. To those Up there..👆👆
    AMN is NEVER a Right back , Left back or RWB..
    He is a strong, energetic, talented Midfielder and he knows his Talents..He has abilities of a Michael Essien or Gigi Wilnajdum..
    He Will not settle for Less..🤨

      1. You may think this is a joke but there are many fans who believe this and feel he has not been given the chance to prove himself.
        In my view he is a long way from such levels although he can play in midfield.

    1. Vinnie, I have a feeling you are engaging in satire, because AMN has been advised by managers past and present, that his best position is RB/RWB. He was even called up to the England squad as a RB.

  14. When Arteta gets the boot lot’s of things will come out about him. Most players and pundits are keeping shtum. There’s a lot that a lot of players would like to say. Isn’t it clear none of the players will perform for Arteta.

    1. @Sean,

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      I just think its Artetas ego and inexperience. He actually thinks he can manage a club of Arsenals stature with his amazing 2 year ASSISTANT COACH experience.

      He plays favorites and banishes players for no apparent reason.

      I wholeheartedly wish his sacking so we can see how rotten of a apple he is.

    2. Pundits?? They know as much about the inner workings of clubs that they aren’t part of as we do..
      Players perform for the club not for the Manager..Arteta is an employee just like the players..
      AFCs problems started way before Arteta..What we are seeing is the end product of 20 years of mismanagement.. Other clubs moved past the 2010s..AFC never did..Stop making Arteta the sole scapegoat..

      1. MARK, could not have put it better myself. we , as a club, have been festering since wenger lost the plot around 2006. too many people on high at arsenal were afraid of this inept clown during his reign. but, nothing lasts forever, and we was shown the door, albeit ten years too late for arsenal.we are now reaping the benefit of wengers dreadful mess. however, on a note of caution, watch your back here, there are still a few wenger fanatics and ozil lovers left on here, just sayin .

    3. Nice Sean…it’s a little bit similar to the Wenger scenario, as I’m sure he held on longer than was logically anticipated in the hopes that he might have produced something just spectacular enough to divert eyes from the myriad of short-sighted, selfish and disastrous decisions he had made during his latter tenure

    4. I’m sure you’re right Sean. Don’t forget the cameras are there already so we will have the pain of “All or Nothing” next year.

        1. I was once down 0-8 to Kevin Shawcross (google him) in a squash match. I didn’t give up, but reflected on the honour of sharing a court with him.😊
          He beat me in straight sets, but I scored points in every game.

  15. He should be blame himself.he had the opportunity to take the rightback spot when bellerin was injured when he wasn’t getting chances in the midfield that there is competition he wants to play anywhere in the team

  16. Just the latest sign of the shambolic state of club .. hopefully fans will register their discontent at next home game … we are the laughing stick of epl right now … and it can always get worse

    1. Hahaha so true John!!!
      That’s is the lunacy of it all..

      NOTHING makes sense!!!!


  17. Nonsense. He asked for clarity about his future right after the season ended. He never got it. Arsenal turned down a 20 million dollar offer last summer. Now, they blocked a move to Everton. They don’t want to let AMN leave but they don’t want to play him either. Who would not be frustrated?

    Nothing wrong with his post. Doesn’t even say he wants to leave, just that he wants to play. In no way does it undermine Arsenal’s transfer strategy (if they even have one). Everton wanted him, Arsenal said no,

  18. He watched Cedric play terribly and the team lose 5-0. I’ve seen M-N play better than that in a right wing back role. He’s faster, better technically, tactically smarter, better offensively and defensively. Arteta obviously sees him everyday but I’ve seen them both and Niles is better. I’d be frustrated too.

  19. I once said this, MA will sell or loan all our good players before he gets the sack. He wants to bring his own players but he isn’t good enough to bring the best our of the old and the new players.

    Every player at Arsenal now is dropping off. Look at Torreira, Auba, Laca and others. Our newcomers were doing better at their old clubs but as soon as they join, they begin to flop.

    Partey hardly got injured at ATM but look at him now. I’ve supported him to be successful but it’s not working. He needs to go.

  20. The statements above were written by someone who may have forgotten Ainsley Maitland Niles is a man and not a commodity. A commodity cannot speak up or speak out for itself, it cannot advocate for its own future. It has no agency. Wealth and/or the perception of wealth and personal comfort do not or should not disqualify one from personal advocacy. Ultimately, this may seem to you a trivial concern, but I think it is important to remember the “humanity” of these players regardless of their relative privilege.

  21. The mismanagement of playing assets and finances of the club is becoming too much. Something need to be done to change this, otherwise the club is heading for very serious problem.

  22. In an interview I read before the City shambles Arteta was talking up how blessed he was at having four talented fullbacks and how he was planning to use them on a horses for courses basis. His words, supposedly. It had me fuming of course. We fans have seen repeatedly that none of the four deserve to start for Arsenal FC in this position and it was one Edu and Arteta’s main priorities to fix this hole during the Summer break. Instead most of the club’s recourses were expense on Joe average, Ben White. As for AMN, despite fan opinion, he has never had a good game as a left back. Before he broke his leg he played his best football as a mid fielder. It’s clear that in the current pecking order he rates below El Sideways. What future is that for a 23 year old?

  23. I only want players in my team that are willing to fight for their place and spill blood for the badge. AMN can rot in the reserves until released and does not deserve to wear our shirt again. Who does he think he is? Anyone else crying that they deserve minutes? Get rid of them, end of. Either fight for your place in the first 11 or f*&k off.

  24. AMN may not be a great player but very good utility player and initially he was one the key players who helped Arteta to win matches in FA cup. But later on his head turned as he wanted to be MF which Arteta & management thought he is not good enough for that role. But if AMN has realised his mistake & ready to play for the team then Arteta should help him instead of punishing for the past behaviour. He is better cover for RB & LB and also can be a cover in MF too

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