Should Mesut Ozil go and play for Turkish giants Fenerbahce in January?

There are rumours circulating in Turkey that Fenerbahce are very keen to take Arsenal’s midfielder Mesut Ozil back to his roots this January. Turkish-Football reports this morning…..

Turkish Super Lig giants Fenerbahce have been linked with a shock move for Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil.

According to the Turkish outlet Fotospor, Fenerbahce President Ali Koc is keen on bringing Ozil to Fenerbahce.

The 29-year-old is a Fenerbahce fan and has previously stated his desire to play in Turkey later in his career.

“Everyone knows I am a Fenerbahçe fan,” Ozil told the Turkish outlet Sabah.

Fotospor go onto state that Fenerbahce are considering a January move for the star playmaker.

Considering all the negativity and criticism that Ozil has received from the English and German media this summer, and the never-ending discussion of the racism against him because of his Turkish roots, this would make absolute sense for Ozil to want to move there. He ia revered as a god in Turkey, he has recently bought a new Million Pound mansion, and he regularly flies to Istanbul to visit his fiancée Amine Gülşe, who is a former Miss World Turkey.

He may enjoy having the peaceful living away from the media circus that seems to follow him everywhere….

What do you think?



  1. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Ronaldo should implore juve to get ozil for him or i hope he joins fernerbache.if we let ozil & ramsey go and bring in lozano and bailey isn’t that a perfect transfer biz? Wait till summer & sell xhaka then bring in a carzola type no 10.

  2. Red and white says:

    Don’t wait till Jan, just cancell your contract with AFC compensate AFC and move now, don’t even wait till tomorrow. Good guy, was a good player years back, wish him all the best, wish he improves his body language

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, he shouldn’t wait for the next criticisms from the public figures or the next bad news

      He seems to be a good person and an unselfish player, but his performance in the last season, in the pre-season and in the last three EPL matches were bad

      There are many players with good characters, but Arsenal need more consistent footballers

  3. gotanidea says:

    Yes, he will play without any nuisance and criticisms in Turkey

    If he leaves in January, it will be better for Emery’s high pressing system and the younger no 10 players

    If he is not too money-oriented, he would be willing to trade his mega salary in England with a more peaceful environment in Turkey

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      A: Fernebahce are not going to pay his wages B: Fernebahce are not going to pay the transfer fee and C: why would Ozil want to leave. He loves London ( who wouldn’t ), gets £300K a week to spend in our great capital, and he’s at the pinnacle of his career. You can thank our previous manager and board for that.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?also if Mezut Ozil is a true professional and is supported by Arsenal, Unai Emery and fans, he will want to prove the doubters wrong.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Absolutely right Ozziegunner also ,have you been watching the cricket? Do you get it there? We’re ok when we’re not playing on them Aussie wickets. Cook, Root and co are only any good playing under English conditions

  4. Roger Dreher says:

    Ozil’s moving to a Turkish club appears to check off just about all the right boxes for all involved. Everyone should strive to make the money issues work.

  5. Lupe says:

    Would be a good move for him, there would be lesser pressure on him but this can only happen if he is willing to take a pay cut.

  6. Sue says:

    I’d be really sorry to see him go…. but it sounds ideal for him. I bet he wouldn’t have all the grief over there, that he has here

  7. Erm… likes button ever coming back???

  8. Chiza says:

    He should be sold in no time…i don’t see him improving anymore…get some cash use it towards getting a player like thiago alcantara…i believe Sanhelli can convince him to come over..he is what we need

  9. Chiza says:

    It is interesting to note what admin has been doing lately…the impartiality you are showing lately on this site is not good at all… You delete comments that have no insults and abuse purposely.. just because they are striking on good solid points that you don’t want to be shown to the public for reasons i don’t know…you have deleted most of my comments for reasons i don’t know about…. . But you leave comments that are filled with abuse and insults e.g Phil use of bad words in his comments…i got my eyes on you admin.. And I must say you are being impartial and I’m not impressed at all… Are you sure racism doesn’t exist here?…. I know you are going to delete this comment but I’m also satisfied at the fact that you have seen my point…i have to say I have got my eyes on you admin.. Please do a good partial job on this site

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think the Admin did a good job in filtering bad words from all site visitors, despite he let the ‘stupid’ and the ‘idiot’ words passed

      We all know that the most loyal and hardcore Arsenal fans are the ones that have been coming to the stadium for decades. I think the Admin will prioritize those people over us, overseas and poor fans that were not lucky enough to be born in England or not rich enough to buy the tickets

      I suggest you don’t take any comments seriously, as the old geezers and the local fans tend to involve their emotions over their favorite football club. We just discuss about Arsenal, which should be only for fun

      1. Chiza says:

        You are perfectly right gotanidea…I’m so happy to know that you have being noticing this…Like you say if the admin prioritising only fans in England that are going to matches and buying tickets and allowing them say anything they like on this site just because they feel they are the hardcore fans then isn’t that clear partiality….. I have noticed it is not only about abusive words… Like in one of the articles barryglik claimed Arsenal can’t come over to Nigeria because Nigeria is unsafe and doesn’t have money…and then i asked barryglik to explain more on what he meant on that.. Do you know admin deliberately deleted that comment??… got an idea can you tell me why he did That?…. It clearly shows admin isn’t coming out clean enough….i got my eyes on you admin

    2. Admin says:

      Hey you can try and call me a racist. Many people have before for simply deleting political and religious posts. But the fact is I will allow any gooners to talk about Arsenal. A few comments that got moderated had swearwords in and most of the others had nothing to do with football. This is my only bias so if you don’t want your posts deleted then don’t swear, don’t get personal and don’t talk about religion or politics.
      That applies to everyone…,..

      1. jon fox says:

        Mr. Admin, Well said. Hope you mean what you say this time and that you delete all non football and non Arsenal posts and esp all religious posts from those who refuse to obey the rules you correctly set. You have my backing, for one and I suggest also virtually all (though clearly not 100%) the other reasonable and sensible people on this site. There have been a LOT of non- Arsenal and also religious posts on here for ages now. Please end them, FINALLY!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Admin’s right, I’ve never had a post deleted and all I ever talk about is football. I think you’ve got a cheek questioning Admins moral’s. One minute Religion, one minute Admin’s moral’s. What’s your problem?

      2. Chiza says:

        Admin trust me I’m not satisfied with that comment of yours and I want you to answer just two of my questions…

        1.why did you delete my reply to Phil concerning the fact that i would never debate with him for trying to make me look like a liar just to prove a point?…you felt that was personal?…. I’m sure you saw all replies Phil made towards my comments and none of them got deleted..even though they contained some negative words… And you expect me to think things are partial right here?
        2.barryglik made a negative statement towards a great country called Nigeria… Calling the country unsafe and poor…. and I simply asked him to explain more on that statement…..but you deleted my comment and left barryglik’s own…. Why??…… You feel i was also getting personal?..are you in mind to know if I’m taking it personal or not??

        Please I need satisfactory answers to both questions if not i won’t see you credible and I would keep calling you a racist and someone partial……….you can also feel free to delete this comment if you have being caught with headlights and have no credible satisfactory answers to give

        1. jon fox says:

          If you join a club and refuse to obey the rules that all others have to obey, you cannot be surprised if others shun you and think you to be less than intelligent. You keep digging that hole you are in bigger and still bigger. Obey the rules or leave! It would help your case if you never again mention Nigeria. Most people, on here (who are not Nigerian) trust very little from that country. That is fact , not opinion!

          1. Chiza says:

            By the way Admin I’m still waiting for your answers to my questions…don’t hide inside your pockets….come out and be bold to give satisfactory answers to my humble questions…i need answers……..if you can’t give me one then you surely know the names you would be given

          2. Admin says:

            Chiza, can I politely say shut the f*ck up and talk about the football or just f*ck off?
            That is not racist, it is not political, and it is not personal abuse. It’s just my opinion. Talk about the F*cking football or F*ck off.
            Last warning….

          3. Chiza says:

            Once again admin deletes my comments for no credible reason only because I asked him to answer my questions…Admin you are really disappointing me… Why are you running away from my questions?
            Please be a man and answer my questions above….don’t chicken out…that’s embarrassing…. You have no answers I guess…you have being caught out

          4. Admin says:

            Is this comment about football?
            YOU are disappointing all of us and this is really REALLY your last chance to actually talk about the football or you are gone forever. Have you got it yet?
            If you ask me a question about Arsenal I will answer it…..

          5. Phil says:

            Admin can I ask you a question please?Living in Spain as you do could I be bold enough to ask if you have any FIG TREES in your garden and do you curse at it if it dosentbear fruit?

          6. Sue says:

            ??? trust you Phil!

          7. Admin says:

            I have a lemon tree. Great for my gin and tonics. I don’t give a fig about other fruits.

            Now sweet Chiza is gone can we go back to sensible discussions???

          8. Chiza says:

            Oh admin it is now all about threats…so you are going to ban me from posting on this site just because i asked you to answer to simple claim we should talk about football but my reply to barryglik was clearly to know why arsenal can’t come over to Nigeria to play football and that was why I asked him to explain more on his comments on Nigeria being unsafe and poor..isn’t that all about football??..and I guess Phil’s comment below is relating to football but I’m sure is never going to be deleted… .look admin my name is Chiza I won’t be treated like a kid because I’m more than that….so you are absolutely free to ban me from posting on this site and show to everyone what you are all about…but never threaten me ever again

          9. Admin says:

            Never threaten me!! Bye…

          10. Admin says:

            The questions are about me being unreasonable and a racist. I am now at the point where I am going to delete every single comment that is not about football.
            You want to discuss politics go to I won’t miss you either…..

          11. jon fox says:

            Anyone on here who will miss reading Chizas religious rants? Thought not! Me neither! And many congrats to Mr Admin who finally did what he should have done ages ago. Better late than never though, so good riddance “Religion boy” ! Our “Just Arsenal “site will once again be honestly named!

          12. Kenny Rolfe says:

            He didn’t last long, did eh.

          13. ozziegunner says:

            Hey, Chiza and gotanidea, I’m a long term overseas fan as well and I certainly don’t see the issues you two have raised with “admin only prioritising fans in England”.
            Everyone seems to get a fair go on this site in my opinion; however I support the censoring of abusive and blasphemous posts/comments.

    3. stubill says:

      The good old race card being played here, now there’s a surprise!

  10. gearoid de burca says:

    conspiracy theory #49 ?, lol.

  11. RSH says:

    ill chip in for the plane ticket

  12. RSH says:

    if the same article was written about the less liked players on this site (Xhaka, Ramsey, Bellerin), I doubt you’d be saying the same thing

    1. RSH says:

      nvm, didn’t see your comments above. apologies

  13. Dan says:

    This is the worst arsenal team of all time
    Fans drove wenger out now are moving on to Ozil
    Are we really good enough to wish him away
    Bear in mind Rambo might go
    Then consider will are owner spend serious money to replace him?
    So thats Iwobi replacing him?
    With his assist record im sure we will close gap?
    Cafeful gooners

    1. Phil says:

      I’m with you Dan-it’s up to Emery to get the right system for Ozil to play in.Ozil won’t change his style.He won’t change because he isn’t able to.Petsonally I don’t want him to either.Play Ozil in a free role behind Lacazette and Aubamayang.Thats his best position so just play him there.

  14. jon fox says:

    Mty take on Ozil is that he is clinically depressed and has been so for some time. The German/Turkish business has really got to him and he is not strong mentally even at the best of times. In his present state he is useless to Arsenal and is just taking his huge wages for effectively almost nothing in return. I do not believe that he will now ever regain the brilliant standard he showed, irregularly, during his stay at Arsenal and not for some considerable time now. Therefore I much hope we can get him sold(or even given a free if necessary) to anyone and save the wage he is clearly not earning or deserving. IF I thought he had a reasonable chance to regain his long lost powers I would want to keep him. But I DO NOT believe he now, aged almost 30, ever will. Consequently, I want him gone as soon as can be practically arranged and care not where he goes. Finally, though as an old and long standing supporter, I have of course had MANY favourite players who I have admired more than other players, I have ALWAYS supported the club first and foremost and in front of any one player, or any one manager. I will continue to do so, and therefore want Ozil gone as soon as posssible. When something is proven not to be working and for a long term too , we MUST cut it loose. Had we done this with such as Walcott for twelve awful years, Diaby for all his tedious and long sicknote period and Wenger for his last decade, the club would be far nearer to being proper title contenders again than we actually are. Realism , as ever from me!

    1. Chiza says:

      I support you here also… But selling Ozil is not the only thing…we need a ready made proper replacement which is thiago alcantara.. We have sanhelli who knows him very well.. He can get him for us… We need a proper 10…we should do anything to get thiago alcantara.. Even if it means spreading fees across seasons

      1. jon fox says:

        You are right in saying that “selling OZIL IS NOT THE ONLY THING” and realists know full well that there are many areas of weakness in the squad. Many fans have many differing views about which areas need most strengthening first and all are valid. My take is that thanks entirely to the stupid decision to keep WENGER AS MANAGER FOR MANY YEARS LONGER THAN HE DESERVED, IMMENSE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE TO THE MENTAL SPIRIT- OR LACK OF IT- THROUGHOUT ALL THE PLAYERS WHO PLAYED UNDER HIM. A SEA CHANGE IS CLEARLY NEEDED AND WE HAVE AN OWNER WHO IS OBSTRUCTING EMERY AND HAMPERING HIM IN HIS RESCUE PLAN , BY NOT FINANCIALLY BACKING HIM AS HE NEEDS. Arsenal is like a car trying to keep up with more powerfully endowed rivals and without sufficient petrol to run the course. Nothing will ever change FUNDAMENTALLY until Kroenke is forced out. Only a regularly near empty stadium and mass refusal to buy club merchandise for as long as it takes, can ever hope to achieve that. I doubt those things can ever happen . Not in a tourist hotspot like London where fairweather and tourist fans will always keep tickets sales going.

        1. Chiza says:

          Jon fox I agree to your point but I don’t know why i have the feeling that kroenke will start releasing the money soon.. I’m not saying he is going to release over 200m but I see him releasing 140-170m next season(maybe with the addition of sales)….kroenke knows he is under pressure to deliver

        2. Midkemma says:

          It doesn’t seem right that Silent Stan would run over here and do our books, work out our ingoing and outgoing to then set a transfer limit for the club… It seems like a bit too much micromanagement when we consider his broad portfolio of businesses. Would he do the accounting for all his businesses? Or JustArsenal? 😛 Couldn’t resist that lame play on words, sorry Admin XD

          I know I post a lot about Gazidis and how I believe he is the one who is doing the work of a CEO as he is our CEO, why bypass this man and go directly for the owner? This question holds double interest for me as you talked about empty stadiums and not buying merchandise, you have the same opinion as many others (myself included) and that is, we will not boycott AFC.

          Silent Stan appears to enjoy his assets growing in value and he appears to purchase new assets by getting loans to buy them, at least he has done with the Ranch and new stadium I read about since he bought into us.

          I do not think he is the one who is restricting Arsenal from spending, I honestly believe it is Gazidis and his safe play, AFC shares have raised a lot over the past few years though and this can give the illusion that he is doing a grand job. If we consider the thought that he has been selling our future from day one for short term gains then it makes sense that after a decade we would be feeling the consequences which was magnified by the ex-managers failing abilities.

          I don’t think the statement of “Nothing will ever change FUNDAMENTALLY until Kroenke is forced out. ” is fully accurate because it ignores Arsenals CEO.

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Thought you we’re gone Chiza. LOL

  15. brian smith says:

    Admin! 100% behind you. I don’t comment on here on a regular basis. Only when I have a statement to make. I’m a season ticket holder and will be for all my life regardless of our performances or league position. The reason for that is, I’m an arsenal fan. My best mate is a millwall fan. I can assure you, he would rather be an arsenal fan. You can’t change tho can you? It’s in your blood. So please all you afc negative comment people, just go and support someone else! I’m sick of reading comments on here slagging off our players and staff. If you don’t like it go. Gooner 4 life,

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Brian, I respect your opinion and have no doubt of your allegiance to our beloved club but even I, who’s supported Arsenal for 60 years, 25 on the terraces and 35 a season ticket holder have their favourites and players in the past you didn’t fancy. Going back, I thought Ian Mckecknie was a terrible replacement for Jack Kelsey, I didn’t rate Alan Skirton although he scored some important goals, I thought Arfon Griffiths, boy wonder was useless. The games all about opinions, likes or dislikes doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of being a supporter

      1. Phil says:

        You know what Kenny-I always rated David Hillier.We always seemed a better team when he played.He kept it simple and gave the ball to the players who could create.I used to get slaughtered by everyone but it was my opinion.To this day I’m convinced if Hillier wasn’t injured we would have beaten 5pur2 at Wembley in the 91 semifinal.He would have had that fat Geordie in his back pocket and that would have been another double season.No one agrees with me but that’s something I can live with.

        1. jon fox says:

          Blimey Phil, I have finally found something we disagree on. I could not stand Hillier and thought him hopeless with energy and nothing else.

      2. jon fox says:

        Kenny, Great to remember those old and largely useless players you list. (Loved Kelsey though , and I still put him second behind only Seaman as the best of our keepers I have seen.) I would add, Laurie Brown, Tony Burns, Jim Furnell, Len Wills, John Matthews and many others who you, I and fellow oldies like Ken 1945 among others will remember. I thought Jon Sammels, who was badly treated and booed by many of our crowds was a distinct upgrade on all those others. But he was no Liam Brady either, not by a long chalk! Happy days eh Kenny? How we could do with Geordie Armstrong today ! He could play on both wings at once, though youngsters have mostly never even heard of him. He would solve our wing problem on both sides, at a stroke. Best player never to win a full England cap. Love to know your best Arsenal all time eleven you have seen.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, nice to see you back here again, I was actually missing you annd your Wenger rants!!
          The only player tha tI always thought Arsenal did not uphold it’s well earnt reputation for was the next George Best.
          Remember Peter Marinello?
          My all time favourite GK was Pat Jennings, not because he was the most skillful (though he is right up there with the top ones) but because he travelled those few miles to represent our club.
          Try and read his autobiography regarding the two clubs and nothing else needs to be said.

  16. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Hmmm. Ozil will not go to Fenerbache until his current contract deal at Arsenal has expired. Save, he force the transfer and Fenerbache are ready pay Arsenal for his transfer cost price which I believe will be on the very high side for not only for Fenerbache, but for any club who wants to sign him next January or in the summer. Ozil is playing to Emery’s instructions. Save, for his lack of tracking back to defend which he has started doing now. And with time, we will see him improved on his defending capability for Arsenal as time goes on.

  17. gearoid de burca says:

    none of us on here are made read any comment !. we all have our differing opinions and we always will have . that is the beauty of any sport, fans chat and comment and discuss whats on their minds. we dont just say nice things to keep a certain few on here onside as it were.comments are healthy, they keep the fanbase going . regardless if these comments are seen as negative by some people. what one fan might call negative another fan might applaud the comment. free speech is a wonderful thing to have .nobody, but nobody, on here, holds a gun to all of our heads to ensure we read all comments. there are some people on here that i skip over their comments, but that is my choice. i would urge others ,who, dont like , what they deem to be negative comments, to do the same .

  18. Midkemma says:

    Jon said earlier that Ozil looks depressed and I have been thinking the same kinda thing, he doesn’t look as happy as he did in his 1st season and well… Would it be best for him to join the team he supported as a kid (from what I read)?
    Would Ozil take the paycut and move to where he would be adored?

    It may be a case of it being best for both parties…

    If we can get the best out of Ozil and get him enjoying his football like the others are then I’d love for him to stay but whatever happens I hope it is resolved quickly.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?I’m hoping with the Club, the staff, the players and the fans support he will snap out of it and prove the doubters wrong.

  19. daniel van Ignatius says:

    when emery signed Sokratis I thought Our defence will Improve. I was so wrong. I’ve Never Seen Cech so Confused and Clueless. it’s time he hang those gloves and quit putting on that Helmet.

  20. Xi_gunner says:

    We’ve got Ozil..

    I REALLY don’t think you UNDERSTAND.

    Go write that out 1000 times u short sighted poof fans… Ozil is king of midfield.. chance creating machine.

  21. ddkingz says:

    I think we would be better with time and players all-round improvement….

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