Should Monreal’s PFA Player of the Month award shock anyone?

Arsenal’s Nacho Monreal has been named the PFA Player of the Month for October after an impressive spell, and some have been surprised by the decision.

The defender has been one of our best players since the start of the campaign, alongside Aaron Ramsey and Sead Kolasinac, and added two goals in the calendar month to his top performances.

The Spaniard helped us to to wins over Everton, Swansea and Brighton during October, whilst being unable to stop us from defeat at the hands of Watford, but that didn’t stop him from bringing the trophy to North London.

Kevin De Bruyne and Alexis Sanchez were the two nearest rivals for the award, which was decided by public vote, with the defender picking up 37% of all votes.

Monreal was nominated as Arsenal Player of the Month for September, and judging by the PFA Award, he must be favourite to pick up consecutive trophies.

I don’t wish to take anything away from the Spaniard, but our fans are big on putting forward their votes and nominations in polls and doe awards more than many other English supporters, but I fully believe that Monreal has had an outstanding month, but best player in the division is up for debate.

Who do you honestly believe has been the best player for the month for October? Have Monreal and Alexis been Arsenal’s best two players of the last month?

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  1. Sanchez, no. He isn’t in the right frame of mind and Arsenal probably should have sold him and Özil because other than one good game, they have been useless.
    Monreal has definitely been our most consistent player with Sead, Ramsey and Lacazette being the next best. Bellerin and Cech have had their moments but the rest, it’s difficult to find any positives.

  2. You mean Monreal who has been our most consistent defender not just for the whole of this season but for the past 2 seasons also??
    What’s there to question?? just cause He doesn’t score or assist like Sane or De Bruyne??
    To even put Sanchez there is alarming, So far I haven’t seen him play top football other than against Everton.
    And the rest of the players other than Kolasinac and Lacazette has been useless on the pitch.
    So I don’t get the debate you’re trying to bring up here.

    I personally think it’s Time Iwobi and Wilshere get a good run of games in the league. I’m sure we’ll win with their contribution since Ozil-Ramsey-Xhaka-Sanchez been useless.
    Even though we lost against City, Iwobi had a better game than Ozil and Xhaka combine.

    Someone please tell me when Welbeck is resuming, Cuz I can’t believe he’ll be a player I’ll miss this much

    1. Welbeck is shite. He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Honestly, Sanchez has always been a guy who has bad spells and give the ball away far too much. Even going back to last year. Just get rid of Snachez already. He puts forth good effort, but too often makes poor choices, gets greedy with the ball and holds on to it for too long ultimately losing possession.

      I am done with Sanchez. Ozil on the otherhand needs to be surrounded by quality and creates so many chances. He even has as many chances created as KDB. Its just that the players to whom he is making chances cannot finish, Welbeck being the worst offender.

      1. Great! Why didn’t I think of that earlier?? Our best attacker this season before getting injured has been sh!t while Ozil was the bomb. You’re so accurate

        1. You are right about Monreal. He has been Arsenal’s most consistent player for 2 years and has saved us and won us some big games, Man City FA Cup semifinal.
          How can people continually back Sanchez and Özil? Sanchez had a great year last year but this year they have both only had one good game and that was against a very poor Everton that had the worse defence in the league.
          Sanchez wants to leave, there is no doubting that. Özil is holding the club to ransom for a new contract and for what? He has had 1 good game this year and I mean 2017. 1!!!!!
          Sorry but I respect my club and the players that want to play for the club.

  3. I wonder what is going wrong with English ref. they are just bunch of useless, I think am better than most of them & that ref. Should be band from officiating before he spoil the league for us

  4. Aaron Ramsey’s been s**t – what are you talking about?!? Kolasinac and Montreal have been beasts, well deserved PFA.
    I can’t understand why people don’t see how mediocre Ramsey is, yes he runs no stop but that’s it. It takes him 5 embarrassing shots to score, only passes sideways and backwards and kills a celebrity every time he does finally find the net. He’s a disaster who’s stopping other players getting a well-deserved chance in the first team.

    1. Na mate that is all so wrong. The Özil fans always step back and say, oh if he had a better defence and better strikers and better manager you would see the best from him. Bulls$&t. The same can be said for any player and that goes for Ramsey too. He is at his best when he has a defensive midfielder and a deep creative midfielder behind him, when Cazorla and Coquelin were at their best. But at least Ramsey tries, he plays for the badge and gives his all. That’s the difference between him and Özil and the statistics this season prove it.

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