Should Nketiah get another chance against Everton?

Players need to work on their game management and attitude

Does Eddie Nketiah deserve a run out in this team now that we have injuries to key strikers?

Now the answer can be both yes and no.

Yes – because everyone deserves a chance if it comes up, and no – because of his reaction to his equaliser the other day against Fulham.

I love it when players show passion when they score, if they didn’t it would make me question them, however, Eddie’s celebration was no different to the one in which Olivier Giroud did having just spared our blushes against Bournemouth over four years ago now in a 3-3 draw at the Vitality Stadium.

So what does that show you? Arsenal players, not all, but some, just do not learn. No matter who you are, you cannot be happy with a point, especially when you have fought back in a game to get it. Players should be more like the fans, disappointed and enraged when we do not get the win, and instantly try to look at why in order to make things better and to change things for the next game.

As nice as it was not to lose against Fulham the other day, we should have won. A number of factors however stopped that. VAR and the small inability to have that clinical edge in front of goal just the main ones. But this will happen in games, well if you are Arsenal for the foreseeable it will at least, so it seems.

And yes, I like to see that pride and passion from players when they score and dig out a point for their team but rather than run to the half way line to kick off again, like Giroud, Eddie thought it best to celebrate and waste more time.

Get to the half way line, kick off again, get the win and then celebrate as much as you want.

Even though the game was nearing the end, that is not an excuse, the game is not over until the referee blows the final whistle, and until that happens, we have all the chances to get the winner.

I hope Eddie realises what he did was not the best of actions and changes his attitude when it gets to the back end of games, especially if we find ourselves in that sort of position again.

We know he has potential to be a top Arsenal player, but firstly he needs to amend his attitude and then the rest will follow!



Shenel Osman

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  1. Not for me. Eddie is potentially very good, but he isn’t a natural goalscorer, and doesn’t provide the assists he should. It’s time to start Balogun, who is both of these things. If Martinelli doesn’t start, I fear a defeat.

  2. No, he looks like a EPL low table team striker right through his Arsenal career, even in the last game where he scored a goal

  3. I like how a player is deemed “not good enough”, then when he’s sold and does better elsewhere, fans rant about the one that got away…

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