Should Nketiah’s goal against Molde really have been upheld? (Video)

So there was a lot of talk after the visit of Molde to the Emirates, saying that Eddie Nketiah’s disallowed goal for Arsenal would have been able to stand if it had gone to adjudication by VAR.

Personally I’m not so sure it would have been allowed, as it seems to me that Joe Willock was clearly offside, and also clearly in a position to interfere with the goalkeeper’s reaction.

Have a look at it now and see what you think?

Mikel Arteta thought it should have been allowed to stand, and told after the game: “I don’t understand it, I don’t think it makes any sense when we have the technology and we all believe it’s the right call for everybody to do it. So I don’t understand. We were complaining with the ref because we were told that [Eddie Nketiah] was clearly onside and obviously it’s a situation that can change the game. I think it’s something that they have to look at and, if possible, change it.”

But I am sure now that Arteta would have looked at the replays, he will agree that Willock was interfering with the play and the goal was correctly disallowed….

What do you think?

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  1. If you look at the view from behind the goal there is no way Willock was impeding the keeper. Defo the goal should have stood.

    1. 100% agree.

      Although we didnt get that goal through possibly a linesman error, I would much rather go back to just goal line technology and no VAR.

      Its just not fun, the handball rule changes because of VAR are just plain stupid.

      I would 100% VAR being abolished!

  2. Was it an obvious error? Was willock offside? Was he in the keepers eyeline? Not sure it would have been given or not. It isnt stonewall and it would be down to opinion on the night. Was Willock influencing anything? For me and it is only my opinion, if willock was in between the goal posts, he was interfering, if he was outside the posts he wasn’t. Would willock have tried to score if Nketiah didn’t get there. For once it didn’t matter about the decision, which is good.

  3. I’m sure VAR would have given the goal (and all the pundits agreed) but as VAR is not used in this competition until the knockout stages (which I think is ridiculous) it’s all rather academic. I too would love to get rid of VAR but unfortunately it’s here to stay, like the new hand ball rule and the way offsides are called. Just another thing to spoil our enjoyment of the game.

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