Should Ozil even be training with the Arsenal First Team?

What can Arsenal do with Ozil? by ThirdManJW

I’ll try and make this brief, as this is probably the millionth article on Ozil! Now Ozil has made it very clear he will see out the final year of his contract, how loyal of him, but it’s likely he won’t see any playing time. Not even making the bench against Fulham is yet more evidence that he won’t be involved this season. Even Willock is ahead of him, which gives us an indication of how far Ozil has fallen.

I guess the best-case scenario is that Arsenal can get Ozil away from the club on a loan, although they would probably still need to cover most of his salary. I am not sure that will happen though, as I get the impression, he won’t even consider a loan move, what with the deterioration of his relationship with the board. I hope I am wrong, but it looks as if Ozil is happy to not even kick a ball this season.

If that is the case, and Ozil doesn’t budge, what should the club do? Ozil has been training with the first team, with no playing time on the horizon, but it could become tough for Arteta to keep the squad harmonious, should Ozil start becoming frustrated with never playing, despite “always being ready” as his Twitter regularly informs us.

Normally, I would just say dump a player like him into the reserves/youth team. Out of sight, out of mind. But do we really want a lazy, petulant, money oriented, poor team player, infecting our up and coming youngsters with his attitude? Yes, Ozil has great technical ability, which the youth could learn from, but what makes a great player, is more of: Determination, attitude, and work ethic. None of which Ozil has! I have lost count the number of amazing youngsters I have seen since following football, whose careers went down the pan quickly because of a lack of: Determination, attitude, and work ethic. I always think Balotelli is a good example of this.

We know Ozil has absolutely nothing to offer on the pitch, and is a very poor role model (from a footballing perspective), so I guess the best option would be to have him train on his own? I just don’t want to see him around the first team, and/or the reserves/youth team.

If Ozil stays put, and Arteta refuses to use him, what would you do with Ozil?



    1. This is so surprising😂😂😂😂. I opened JA just to see an article asking question about Ozil has more than 90 responses in few hours but every articles about Auba signed an extension on his contract took more than 24 years to reach 25 comments.

      1. “but what makes a great player, is more of: Determination, attitude, and work ethic. None of which Ozil has!”

        If you were paid to write this article, JA should get a refund or simply take you off their books.

        I have been frustrated by Ozil but it’s nothing to do with his work ethic or determination.

        What a totally ignorant statement and article!

          1. A well though and written article, knowing that it would hurt some as they say the truth hurts.
            I would keep him as a peon, so he stays fit and no injuries, because even a ball boy has to run.

        1. Cant believe this bs article. Ozil is actually an extraordinary player. Go watch his games on youtube. If he loves ans believes in the club who are all of you to judge him or decide for him.

    1. TMJW you think Ozil doesn’t have determination? What a load of nonsense. Some footballers could only dream of the things he has done. Playing for real Madrid/ winning the world cup etc etc.

      Everyone claims on here that Ozil is petulant / lazy and a poor team player. Yet it was the club that offered him that contract. 2. Have you heard any of his team mates say he is petulant or even Arteta? And stats wise he always runs the most amount in terms of distance in games.

      I agree Ozil has declined but under Arteta before lockdown he played very well and was working hard and pressing. God knows what happened after. I personally feel the comments on the Muslims in China has caused tension at the club and maybe the fact he didn’t take a pay cut?

      1. He’s happy to sit on the bench for another year, so yes, he doesn’t have determination. To achieve what he has in the game, clearly he has had it in the past, but not for a long time at Arsenal. He’s been coasting, at best!

      1. Ozil work rate was outstanding before lockdown… Might not really av an assist or direct impact but he surely will help in build up attack. I suggest we continue to use him instead of paying and not doing anything. I hope to see Auba, Laca, Willian, Ozil.
        Gunners forever💪

    1. Yeah he might be lazy and all that but the treatment ozil is getting is not deserved…….some one upstairs is mad pissed with ozil, what does this say about art3ta though…. I for one think that our manager should do more about this matter and not jus join the flock like a sheep

  1. let him train on his own…let’s not forget HE IS NOT BIGGER THAN THE CLUB. he has already influenced his pal Socratis to adopt the same stance. please put a halt to the negative vibes. this is not a positive influence on any players

    1. First I thought you wanted him to train alone because he has Leprosy.
      Now we lear4n that he is an influencer and a source to negative vibes.
      A book is in order to record all the bad adjectives attributed to this monster.

            1. Just checked out the ratings. It’s very high and season 1 was only two years ago.
              That should be enough for now.

              The Fall
              All very high, I’m definitely adding all three to my watchlist👊👍

              1. Watched it few years ago on BBC , the Fall is very good

                If it’s pure binge though (although you most likely seen it )prison break is still.the one to beat

        1. Urmmmmm QD Dexter’s pretty old and sheeeesh up to 8 seasons?
          That’s discouraging😂😂
          Though ratings are very high, I just prefer series with 4-5 seasons

            1. But I gotta admit, I know I’ll love it.. I’ve actually seen it pop up whenever I’m searching for movies. I like the theme already, something similar to Netflix’s prodigal son.
              I love these psychological serial killers movies.
              So I’ll add it to my list too..
              At least all 4 movies should be enough at least till January😂😂
              That’s definitely if I get enough free days to see them all

          1. Regarding Dexter,
            Just watch the fourth season about the Trinity killer, best season ever!
            Unlike Ozil, he’s a twat! 😂

        1. Declan wouldn’t you be disappointed if I had told you I didn’t know about Peaky Blinders?😁😁
          Amazing series

        1. Only fools and horses for me, as I’m a realist!!!
          For Del boy and Rodney, insert Eddie and Jon, with Sue as Marlene and TMJW as Boycie, Grandad as Grandad and I’ll be Trigger 😂😂😂

                1. Get it right KEN! I’LL BE THE WRITER JOHN SULLIVAN, He even sang the theme song so it has to be me, as it all fits.

              1. A great series of humour that was inoffensive to everyone but the characters themselves – never get tired of it SueP.

                1. Best British sitcom without a doubt ,grow up watching it with my family ,and went through it all not so long ago with my kids in lockdown .
                  Best one for me was trigger helping them to park then he comes out and says you can’t park there .

    1. Surprised no one has mentioned Ozark yet.
      Excellent series. Very well written and acted.
      It is very sweary and has quite a lot of flesh as some of it is set in a strip club. Not one to watch with the kids or with your parents.
      Only 3 seasons as well so not much to catch up on.

        1. I thought I’d try it during lockdown and ended up binge watching. I watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks.
          True Detective is meant to be pretty good as well. I’ve not watched that yet. Maybe during the upcoming lockdown.

          1. I’ve not seen that, but tbh I’m not that keen on Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson, so may give it a miss 😄 Go for a girly show instead – Good Girls 👌

  2. Özil isn’t at fault here.

    Arteta said he was professional in training despite the ploy from the Board to disgust him of the club in their attempts to push him off the wage bill so he would ask for a transfer.

    At the start of Arteta’s tenure, before Mesut got forcibly pushed aside, his performances were OK enough to justify his use as a squad player despite his talents not being an amazing fit to the Arteta way.

    The ONLY sane and rational solution is to do just that and use Özil in League Cup games / Europa League games, etc, as he’ll naturally won’t be a key part of the main team.

    There is little ground to discipline Özil as you suggest and the club would actually probably expose themselves to fines and breach of their side of their contract if they did.
    We’re stuck with Özil one more season, let’s not completely waste his presence and use him at times as long as he keeps making efforts in training and on the pitch.

  3. Article not worth reading. Full of clichés, purely based on speculation.
    JustArsenal is on oits way to become a post-mill, focusing on the quantity without substantial depth.

    Eddie, watch Justified. The best crime series ever, with a slight western hint – even though it takes place in our times.

    1. Thanks 👍👊👊
      I’ll check out the ratings then check it out… It’s on Netflix? Amazon Prime? HBO or where?

      1. Eddie any latest news on possible new signings coming in? Not sure about this new goalkeeper his stats don’t make very good reading conceded 68 goals in 35 games doesn’t feel me with much confidence!!

        1. Still the same, until we move players out, we’ll find it hard to bring more in.
          If only we moved out players earlier, our transfer would’ve been done by now.
          Rays is actually Arsenal’s choice of replacement for Martinez.
          Arsenal have reached agreement with him, only thing is reaching an agreement with Brentford. Which will be hard.
          Runar is very young, and will definitely improve under Inaki Pavon, so there shouldn’t be too much worries about his stats.
          Only thing delaying incomings are the outgoing players

          1. They Raya rumor is crazy.
            I seriously hope that it won’t realize. That would be a clear sign of incompetence among Arsenal’s decision makers.

            By the way, Runarsson is half a year older than Raya, and 3 cm taller. The only other difference are his international caps, and he costs about 10-15% of the Spaniard. (If we can believe the rumor that Brentford has already rejected a Ł10M from Arsenal – which I seriously hope to be bullshit.)

          2. Oh dirty John series one

            Sorry Eddie you done it again are we getting Raya or Runnarson ??you r contacts seem to just confirm what is in paper

            1. Dude, Raya was Arsenal’s first choice before Runar. Stop playing smart.
              Brentford already stated only Watkins and Benrahma would be allowed to leave this season.
              Arsenal are considering doing the same thing they did with Saliba to Raya, agree and loan him back to Brentford.
              Macey is leaving, so you really can’t think Runar will come in be the Backup GK while also keeping for the U21.
              There’s Illeiv who’s the U23 Backup too.
              So really stop clowning.
              I’d stop posting any update I read if that’s what you want, then everyone can believe whatever they choose to read

              1. Okay so can you confirm what you contact has told you
                We are now signing both correct ?
                Just you don’t say that till it was reported by many outlets ?

                1. Dan I’ve already said what he said yesterday on one of the articles.. Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Raya, 40k for 5 years, but he’ll have to go back there on loan. All that’s left is reaching an agreement with Brentford for the fee.
                  Geeez do you think I just up and make stuff up?
                  So yes according to him were getting both GK as long as Brentford accept our offer

              2. No disrespect to your source, mate. It could make sense buying a 25y goalkeeper who is 1,83m, has no international call-ups, and played almost 20.000 minutes without a single sniff in the Premier League (and facing only 1 PL opponent in the process). But paying more than Ł10M is madness. Macey has similar features – whoever played only 11 minutes, but on the other hand he is a giant of 2.02m – and worth only 225k according to TransferMarkt. Alright, Raya has a market value of 3.6M, but the 10 million is just as crazy as having a backup keeper shorter than Chambers.

          3. Eddie I too have contact at the club
            My sources tell me cubs in Germany want mustafi but he could stay due to his wages

    2. Well, that’s the best insult today thankyou very much.
      I really can’t understand why you even come on here and then waste your time commenting on clichèd, speculation-based insubstantial rubbish, especially as your comment wasn’t worth reading….

      1. You are welcome, mate!

        Well, I frequently check out the NewsNow page collecting roumors, posts and articles regarding Arsenal (and obviously about all other clubs), and by the title I couldn’t decide if it is about arguments and reasoning, or just ventilating emotions. Which is also quite alright, but I would rather see them among the comments.
        Obviously we are different in that regard.

    3. Pbarany… Justified is great. I’m trying to get opinion on Midsomer murders and Inspector George me is the best.

  4. I have said it before,Ozil does not love Arsenal as he proclaims.Because, if he did,he would have done everything that is required ,(set out by Arteta) ,of all players to make the team.Ozil must not tell us that he is ready to play, but, it is not his decision,who plays.Any player who meets the criteria set by the manager will be selected to play. I think Ozil should not have access to any Arsenal facility and should be totally isolated. The sooner,Arsenal can get rid of Ozil, the better. I am personally fed up of these Ozil antics.

    1. Wooow you don’t mean it bro, I think they should take away his matchday kits also after all it belongs to Arsenal FC.
      Also I think we should take his home from him, he’s ripping the club, he has no shame.
      Let’s make a petition to have a restraining order: Ozil must maintain 5Miles distance from Arsenal’s facilities

    2. He loves the club as much asAuba mate
      Both extended contracts after being offered thousands of pounds a week
      Don’t tell me you fell for that ‘ family ‘ quote

  5. That Arsenal outcast should be sent on compulsory leave.His no.10 shirt to be given to a deserving acadamey midfielder.

  6. Con te partilo 0zil! Your are nothing to Arsenal.You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stay there.It will collapse.Ozil is done no amount of training will redeem him.

  7. TMJW must be my identical twin separated at birth, as his view on Ozil is precisely mine too. If I wrote what I really think about this player I WOULD BE BANNED. HE REPRESENTS EVERYTHING THAT DISGUSTS ME IN LIFE; GREED, LAZINESS, SELFISHNESS,LACK OF TEAM PLAYER MENTALITY. I want him out of our club at all costs asap, whatever it takes.

    1. Do you know Ozil personally?
      Do you speak to any of his team mates?
      Has MA come out and said he’s not a team player?
      Does all the charities Ozil supports say he’s selfish and greedy?

      Look, i don’t want Ozil in the club anymore than you do but, mine is based on what he does or doesnt do on the pitch. I dont base my opinions on the type of person he is because i DONT KNOW HIM.
      Personal attacks on someone you dont actually know and is based on on media and retarded opinions of others is plan stupid. your an older gent like i am so you should be well aware of how to conduct yourself, which you obviously dont, you attack everyone with smart words that eitehr writes stuff you dont agree with, personal attack people you dont actually know.
      When you do talk football and arsenal you can talk sense but most of the time its this stuff

      1. Val: Great answer.
        Even though I don’t agree with what Ozil has to offer on the pitch, MA won’t have him train with the team if he does not have a reason.
        As for those lunching personal attacks full of lies chances are they have a hidden agenda.

      2. Tough! Don’t read it then. I only aim to reach bright thinkers anyway! As you have not noticed, this is a debate site and we have the gift of free speech. My sincere belief, based on my long time on this earth is that OZIL is precisely as I described him. Disagree if you wish but when you try to stop me giving my honest opinion, as is my right, you will fail. Get that?

        1. Agree you have the right to think to free speech and my right to free speech gives me the right to point out the inaccuracies and false statement in you speech.

        2. I’m sorry Daddy Jon, who are the bright thinker that would agree it is right to call someone you don’t know personally ; GREED, when you haven’t had personal dealings with him,LAZINESS, when the stats is saying he covered more ground than Duracell(Alex),SELFISHNESS, who gave back to the world in millions yearly and LACK OF TEAM PLAYER MENTALITY when what he is known on the pitch is to assist the scorer.

    2. “The things we dislike most in others are the characteristics we like least in ourselves.”- Marian Keyes.

      “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”- Carl Jung.

      ‘When someone causes you no harm or slight yet you still dislike them, chances are they stir some kind of insecurity or uncertainty deep in yourself. Perhaps they reflect a trait you dislike about yourself. Perhaps you envy them for something.”- Patrick Hessman.

      1. HH I never knew you were such a deep thinker..
        My philosophy…. Say what you like as long as you don’t intentionally hurt other people. seeemples!!!

    3. All of those alleged defaults are imagined and rehashes of often online nonsense repeated time and again…
      Few players do and give more to charities than Özil.
      The CORE of his play is to pass and assist OTHER players over him scoring.
      When he was playing week in week out, he was consistently in the top 25% highest runners of the team (famously was usually running TWICE more than Sanchez in his hayday). Some never learnt to look past his appearance and body language and ignore the reality of his actions.

      And let’s not forget that his refusal to cut his wages recently was based on the lack of guarantees from Kroenke and the Board would protect the Arsenal’s staff jobs as a result.
      He was proven RIGHT when Kroenke, not happy of having made under half a BILLION of profit since the start of the pandemic between him and his wife, and who hasn’t spent a penny on the club for 5 years, decided that 55 people HAD to lose their jobs… 🙄

  8. A shame talent wasted. but of course he has nothing to offer on the pitch as was mentioned he wasn’t even on the bench you cannot expect a player to offer anything to the team if he wasn’t even with the team. What I would do is let him play an upcoming match if no joy release him from the team altogether. Why keep him in the team when you have no faith in him and won’t trust him to play well on the pitch? not fair to the player or the team. Why has this been allowed to continue for so long anyway that’s the real conundrum?.

      1. I’d rather see a pass like the one he retrieved from going out to let AMN tap it in the net. That’s the Ozil we need. Elevate other players.

  9. Funny isn’t it
    A player goes on strike and refuses to play is not loyal but a player wants to honour his contract he’s disloyal?
    Does that make sense ?

  10. Well as they were training and working on some routine (it looked like that in the video) I think Ozil is an option that MA considers. Same with Guendouzi. As he said MA has given all players clean slates at the start of the season, so we may see more of Ozil this season.

      1. Ohh, do you remember that goal against Leicester Sue? 3-1 I think, with Auba, Laca and Mesut destroying their defence. Absolutely gorgeous!

            1. 👍👍👍

              I’ve just watched the 1st YouTube video that showed up with the search “ozil goal vs ludogorets”.

              Bloody Hell.

              I don’t think he’s ever score a similar goal again afterwards but that’s a FILTHY one!
              That ball control is EXQUISITE!
              Even left a defender on the floor in the process. 💪😎

              1. Yup. He has absolutely dirty goals! For me though, his flicks are more enjoyable. The one where he flicked on a flighted ball with his backheel to Giroud for rounding the keeper and scoring, was mind blowing 🤯🤯

                1. I was reading your comment as soon as you said back heel I knew a friend that I was watching that match with me said what nah let me see that again and he supports man United . I like ozil I did like podolski more though apart from the fact arsenal put him on the wing knowing he was a better striker. People are saying ozil is greedy l only see him on the pitch when they let him. I don’t think he is though anelka on the other hand was and left still under contract wenger said okay leave but no mention of him in comments or George graham that was stealing money from the club selective trolling by some fans just a mention of balotelli he has never even played for arsenal 🤣🤣.

                  1. Yup. Ozil generates a lot of opinions among people. As long as it is football related and fair, I quite like to think about them but whenever it comes to unfounded allegations of greediness or laziness, that’s sad.

        1. I always agree when it makes sense to me. What I hate the most is destroying other people characters with lies and misinformation because it harms the club. Players are assets that cost money. 😊😊😊

  11. Again some of the fans on this forum keep repeating same stupidity, he is contract with Arsenal and he is honouring that. You guys are bunch of hypocrites when some one wants out and want Arsenal to terminate the contract you call them all sorts of name and say they are mercenary, greedy, traitor etc etc but when tables are turned you want player to terminate the contract and move on. Why should he? And ozil is not so bad as some of the ppl make him out to be, he is used as a scale goat. If he was so shiti he would not have won the world cup and play for biggest club in world. You don’t loose your abilities over night, Arsenal are just trying to force him out because they don’t want to pay the wages so they are giving him bad publicity.

  12. The only person I feel sorry for here, is TMJW.
    His life must be consumed by NEGATIVITY and Mesut Ozil – you must wake up thinking about him and fall asleep with him on your mind – that is a dangerous position to be in!!!

    This is the umpteenth article you have written about Mesut Ozil and you could condense them all into one paragraph, then go out and wander around the outback instead!!

    Everyone in JA knows what you are going to say and, judging by the debate about what is on Netflix etc, all avenue for discussion have reached a dead end regarding Mesut Ozil…. so why not give yourself a well earned break and enjoy life down under?

    Still, TMJW, if it rocks your boat, you keep churning out the same old same old, as it obviously gives you great pleasure, being such a doom and gloom merchant.

    Just a little suggestion for you though, why not get 100% behind Mikel Arteta and what he’s doing?
    He decides who trains with who and what players are selected and it seems 99% of the fan base are doing exactly that and enjoying the positivity surrounding our club at the moment.

    I worry for your health if MA does decide to select him again, heaven knows what you will do!!!
    Look on the bright side, only ten months to his contract ends and then you can start to enjoy everything that MA is doing.
    Please try to hold on for that day, I’m with you if you need my support, you just have to ask🙏

    1. Yup. Supporting MA 100% and, just like him, giving every player at our club a clean slate, once again, is something which has given me great joy.

    2. Ken, if I didn’t know better I would have said you are a retired diplomat, or a saint in a former life….

    3. That’s below the belt. Please put fotward your arguements without resorting to personal attacks. And Mr. Ken has every right to defend anyone he deems fit.

  13. Just so I know
    If my theory is correct and After October ozil plays again does that mean he wasn’t lazy and and a their

  14. His attitude can easily be contagious, especially to youngsters. The guy is accumulating as much funds as possible for his retirement. He’s gonna hang up his boots after Arsnal career

    1. Well, he’s been with us for long enough to know that we must have found an antidote , as the players seem to be buzzing with all the success under Mikel Arteta.
      In fact, our youngsters are a revelation, can’t understand it myself.

      Funnily enough, that’s what most people do, earn as much as they can for their retirement – it shows that Mesut is just an ordinary guy, don’t you think?

    2. Then haven’t you heard about many of our young players speaking of Mesut glowingly. You can criticise his performance on the pitch but how can you assume something about someone’s attitude when you dont know them personally? SMH!

  15. training with the first team is an advantage to Ozil and a loss to the team we cant continue to keep him fit yet make him useless to the team. let him go train alone out there.

    1. If Ozil isn’t played, he is taking up a valuable foreign player spot in the squad. To whom much is given, much is expected. Mark 8:36

      1. To whom much is given but not given chance to give back how should be there any expectations? Twain 9:37

  16. “Even Willock is ahead of him, which gives us an indication of how far Ozil has fallen.”

    LOL! Ozil has been unused for some reason despite being available. We know his wages are high, but that is because he agreed to those terms with the club rather than go elsewhere for less. The club is paying Ozil the transfer fee. (Same for Auba.) Ozil has a contract, and he is staying. It is up to the club to use him or just pay him and get nothing in return. We know Ozil was really good enough to start under Arteta… so who knows, it may happen again.

    Football is a business… Ozil is a better on his worse day than most playing his position. With the talent on the team now, it is just possible that Areta is about to unleash Ozil… and try to get the best out of him this season.

    What Ozil need is a player able to score aerially, as well as the usual 2D game. Too bad Giroud left. Maybe the new players can make up for Arsenal’s lost aerial goals.

  17. Just pay his salary every month & ask him not to come if you as a club & board have decided that he is not required anymore. I do not think fans view matter in this club which is run by a person who does not care a bit about the club.

  18. Determination, attitude, and work ethic. None of which Ozil has! Could you be more mean spirited? This is the type of hate mongering that brought us to this point. I’m just waiting to see when you’re going to pick your next scapegoat. Who are you going to blame if Arsenal starts losing games? I support all the players in good times and bad because they each brought something good to Arsenal.

  19. You seem to dudge Ozil irrational. I think Arteta has been dishonest. At the beginning of his coaching, it seemed he was apraising Ozil (who played very well to me). I think it is Arteta that simply does not know how to combine players and find strong satring 11 as for example Liverpool, MNCU, MC…
    At last, put Ozil at MC and De Bryne at Arsenal. It is all about knowing each other. No one understands the pull Ozil would like to do, probably one guy, Sanchez!

  20. Do we have an Al Davis / Marcus Allen scenario here? Is Kroenke punishing him for not taking the pay cut? Ozil needs to be on the pitch – end of discussion

    1. Scott: Al Davis / Marcus Allen? Hey you go way back. I bet you not many people on this thread know who they are. 😊

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