Should Ozil only play when Arsenal face ‘small’ teams?

We have all seen how Unai Emery has been tinkering with using Mesut Ozil for Arsenal’s ‘smaller’ League games, with the German being rested (or ‘injured’) for games like Tottenham and Liverpool, so does this look like a ploy by Emery to get the best out of our highest paid player? According to the German sports journalist Raphael Honigstein who has worked for the BBC, Sky, ESPN and Setanta, he has inside knowledge of the real reasons why the Spaniard picks and chooses when Ozil plays. “The last time I spoke to someone who should know, they insisted it was nothing personal,” he told Sky’s Sunday Supplement.

“Whenever he has not been played it is because the manager did not fancy him for whatever game.

“Even in the club there’s an acceptance that you need Mesut Ozil to beat those 20 smaller teams to get the 60 points to build the platform.

“But when it comes to the bigger games, against the more attacking teams, it’s very problematic playing with him.

“Especially when you want Aaron Ramsey in your team.”

The stories coming out of the club is that Ozil has had backache or a sore knee or somesuch, but is that just Emery massaging Ozil’s ego, so it isn’t publicised that Emery simply doesn’t think he does enough in some games to warrant an automatic starting place?

It is certainly an interesting theory, but could it be true?

Darren N


  1. enagic says:

    cant be on that huge weekly pay and not helping arsenal he needs to sold in january or loaned out of released for free.

  2. Sue says:

    I cannot believe a player of his calibre is being dropped from the match day squad altogether some weeks. And then when he does play, he’s subbed at half time!!! Jeez we need to create chances…he’s our best chance of that happening! I don’t like this Ozil business, it’s a mess & doesn’t look good on the club…. I for one am annoyed as we’ve invested a lot of money in him & I want to see him play… god knows what Emery is smoking but he needs to put it out fast!

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Oh me dear Sue after the game that I posted “I was trying to figure out how Ozil tracking back in that game would’ve stopped Liverpool from scoring 5 goals” and “if Ozil had played yesterday we would’ve lost 6-1 in the first half”… Someone stupid went ahead to make that claim on here yesterday after the game…
      The day before yesterday, someone was telling me Ozil is the reason we lost the City game, Ozil was d reason we lost the Chelsea game and Ozil was the main reason we lost against Soton.. Everything wrong with the defense is Ozil’s fault…
      Shows you how miserable and pathetic some fans can be.. Let’s you know they’ll always find so many reasons to shut out Ozil and the coach seems to be doing a great job at it too, his he too slow to learn that we can’t play his style of game without proper wingers?? I mean what style do we even play under Emery? Personally all I see is running around the field, passing the ball from Leno down to Iwobi and back to Xhaka to Leno.. A.k.a Wenger’s sideways passing

      1. Sue says:

        Have to say I’m gutted for Laca too Eddie, I believe he should be playing every game… the way things are going regarding his game time, he’ll rue the day he signed for us!
        Fair enough if Unai doesn’t like him or Ozil.. but why cut your nose off to spite your face!!

        1. Things are changing says:

          I think it might be related to the fact that we have no third striker after Welbeck got injured. Emery likes bringing on a fresh striker when defenders are tired. I think had we had Welbeck, Laca might have started alongside Auba against Liverpool.

          Had the game been tied in the second half it would have been great to bring on Laca and have him harras tired defenders together with Auba whilst he was fresh. But since the game was over before halftime that strategy made no sense. In fact it made sense to take of Auba and keep him “fresh” for the next more winnable game.

          1. Sue says:

            I didn’t understand why he subbed Ozil & Laca v Brighton!
            Just hope he gets it right against Fulham on Tuesday

          2. Things are changing says:

            Looks like that didn’t work out. I think he was frustrated with Ozil not switching to pressing the ball soon enough when we lost for the Brighton goal. I think he doesn’t like Ozil and I think Ozil doesn’t add anything to teams that want to press high. Real didn’t do that and Wenger didn’t demand that.

            Taking Laca of was mysterious particularly if you consider he was not being saved for the Liverpool game. No manager gets it right all the time (look at Pep) but to the layman fan it looks like he made mistakes against Brighton.

      2. Goonster says:

        With or without Ozil the whole the team neither improves or gets worse. All this Wenger dross need to be gotten rid of in the next few summer windows and then we can start judging properly any manager.
        Emery has the same puzzle pieces that are not fitting and he keeps trying to move them around hoping they would fit. These puzzle pieces have been tried by our previous manager for at least 3-5 seasons and they never fit, hence why we finished 5th and 6th for the last 2 consecutive seasons. As a famous saying goes “A a pig will always be a pig even if you use as much make up and lip stick on it”.
        That is where our players of the last 3-5 years are. And Emery can deluded himself into thinking moving them about all over the pitch, changing different formations, dropping them in and out of the team will all of a Siddall turn them into a serious team.

        I will wait until next season when he has had a serious summer transfer window to sign more of his type of players.

    2. enagic says:

      football is a tactical and technical game, and that being the case Ozil doesn’t fit on Emery football game plan, ozil does not show enough determination when he looses the ball and anybody doesnt need to be a football expert to see that to make my story short he is disrupting team balance is like playing with 10 men sometimes.

      1. Sue says:

        I would say after the last few weeks there are a few in the team that make it seem like we’re playing with 10 men!! But no once again it’s all Ozil’s fault

        1. enagic says:

          After we lost our left sided CB (holding) to complement Socratis thats where problems started, with Kolasnac makes huge mistakes game after game is unacceptable and also Lichts was brough in for one year but he seems his legs are start to catching up with him same situation we had with Mert same as Kozy right now and without forgeting Nacho and bellerin can be clumsy sometimes, with all those being said we dont really have reliable good defence and i hope we do something this january next week.
          offensive wise we need two creative and direct wingers and #8 in Santi’s mould i would say in my opinion (Banega) who is similar to santi but stronger phyiscally. Manu are winning today and they will be 3 points behind arsenal without addressing our problems this january kiss goodbye to 4&5th places. Auba sometimes looks like is not a footballer and the main issue he does not get services from players around him is being isolated and its very easy for him to marked.

      2. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Enargic and your point is?I asked what’s Emery’s game plan and style of play? Run all around the pitch and press and press WHEN HE’S CLEARLY AWARE WE DON’T HAVE THE PLAYERS TO DO THAT RUNNING AROUND POO… What’s wrong with versatility and making use of what he has until he gets the proper players for his style of play?…
        Like I’ve said Emery needs wingers in his teams, we don’t have, so let not deceive ourselves, with our poor defense and lack of proper players, as long as we keep trying to use these guys for what they can’t do, we are going no where.. Only a blind man will fail to see it’s at the point where Torreira and Xhaka needs a rest, and still how Emery decided to use him in a game that was obvious he wouldn’t make a difference beats me…Using Torreira against Brighton was so dumb, that Guy’s overplayed and it’s gettiy obvious. So instead of rotating and playing to the strength of this current crop of players he keeps making silly decisions and you guys keep defending him

        1. enagic says:

          Arsenal problem for ages has been squad width and some good players.

          1. Most of our squad are international players. Good enough to play for their country.

          2. enagic says:

            But not for Arsenal

      3. Mobella says:

        And who showed enough determination yesterday. What tactics was in play yesterday. What coach, losing 3-1 will still allow his defenders to keep passing between themselves at the back. Arsenal doesn’t have the personnel to play from the back. Watching Xhaka passing constantly to our defenders from attacking positions is pathetic. I’m so glad Ozil doesn’t play yesterday because that mauling would have been blame on him by our fans. People can now see how devoid of ideals our attack is without him. What did Ramsey brought to play yesterday attacking and defensive wise.

        1. Goonster says:

          “People can now see how devoid of ideals our attack is without him”?

          Like Ozil was part of the 6-3 mauling at City a few seasons back. Was part of the 5-1 mauling at the hands of Liverpool a few seasons back. He was part of the 5-1 mauling at the hands of Bayern Munich a few seasons back. Was part of the 4-0 mauling at the hands of Liverpool last season? And in all those games he is always one of the lowest in terms of Player Rating.

          Explain how he has been involved in the majority of our maulings and we never saw how his attacking ideas helped in those mauling he has been involved in.

          1. Sue says:

            Oh ffs he wasn’t the only one on the pitch during all the games you’ve mentioned…omg the hate goes on & on & on & on like a Duracell bunny!!!! ?

          2. jun says:

            Goonster, Ozil was part of the team that beat LVG Man U in 15/16 and Conte’s Chelsea 3-0 in their championship 2016/17 season. And he was the most instrumental player during the match. Do you think Arsenal could do that without Ozil ?

          1. Sue says:

            This thumb was for Mobella

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    It’s been clear the whole “Injuries” and “tactical reasons” excuses that Emery’s been making is bullshít.. He better finds a way to sort out whatever problem he has with Ozil and Lacazette. It’s obvious he doesn’t fancy Lacazette that much also, seeing how much game time Laca gets too.
    Is Emery scared of losing the dressing room like he did at PSG? I bet he has no idea Arsenal fans are the type who’ll always come for your head when they deem fit, he should be more worried about losing the fans..
    He’s a coach, he should be using these guys to their strength, it’s a football game for Christ’s sake!! If Ozil doesn’t defend, he has teammates who should be able to cover for his flaws!! They need to keep working as a team, but when someone is failing to play your kinda game, does that mean you should shut him out?
    Honestly after the Brighton and Liverpool game, deep down in my heart, I wish Lacazette will leave the club since Emery can’t leave now.
    In a world where strikers are so valuable and needed, it’s a shame this man is getting the same treatment he got under Wenger despite being an amazing footballer.
    Ozil should be offloaded too, but like I keep saying, with how bad Ozil is there’s no other creative player in the team half as good as him.. We saw it the second half against Brighton and Yesterday again!!
    Iwobi can only keep trying.. You have the option of playing your two best strikers up front and your best creative midfielder behind them but no you shut out the midfielder, and play one striker while you treat the other like he’s poor time after times after showing how dangerous he is… All of this is bad management from Emery

    1. Agree. Don’t understand Emery’s new philosophy or style. Not seeing it whatever it is translated onto the pitch. Lacazette and Ozil need to be able to do what they do best and what they were bought for. Don’t get them on board and then ask them to do something they are not capable of. Defenders should be good enough to defend. Something that has not happened for a long long time. Emery needs to sort these so-called differences out and as a manager get the best out of your available resources.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??square pegs in round holes??

    2. Obek says:

      Emery is afraid of losing the dressing room.How can u say ozil can’t play against Bournemouth,u change him at half time against Brighton n u failed to create any goal scoring chance.U bring Iwobi on n after some minutes he goes round the pitch asking Xhaka what formation are we playing.I stand for correction,Emery has not started the same lineup consecutively.Emery should play to suite the players at his disposal.He should learn from what happened to Mourinho at united,now see how united players are expressing themselves. Oseey Gunners

  4. waal2waal says:

    suggesting ozil is useless is an insult and if we want to be reduced to a lower mid table outfit then let’s keep the “ozil out” crescendos going: Only ones that will regret it at the end will be? Yes that’s right … it’s us. The reason we are what we are, (we’re poor) AND where we are (5th) is because every team above us is better than us – and they all spend far more on recruiting than we do.

    We can count our lucky stars we’re in fifth (for now), that’s because united are no worse than we are (imo).

  5. Goonster says:

    Sorry to keep repeating myself for years regarding Ozil. I have never come across a player as hyped and overrated as this guy.
    It’s like an Alternative world with Ozil. When his fanbase talk about him season after season you are led to believe that he has been a big influencial star at Arsenal and EPL.
    I will give a hypothetical scenario; If there was ever a person that did not know about the EPL and only knew about the other leagues in Europe. That person is then introduced to the EPL and Ozil by Ozil fans with catchphrases like;
    “He is the best No10 in the world.
    “He is our best player”
    “He is World Class and Arsenals only World class player”.
    “He is the King of Assists”
    “He is the King of Chances Created”.
    “Build the team around Ozil as he is our best player”
    “Let everyone in the team do the dirty, gritty, pressing and winning the ball back apart from Ozil as he is special”.
    “We are lucky to have a player like Ozil”
    “Ozil deserved better than Arsenal etc”

    These are the kinds of statements and praise that the Ozil fanbase keep parroting season atfer season. Imagine someone that did know who Ozil was and they read these kinds of statements about him. They would be asking their respective clubs to do whatever it takes to sign him.
    Listening and reading the praise of him is absolutely contrary to the reality on the pitch in 90% of his time here. The hype and praise does not reflect his performances for us.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      ““He is the best No10 in the world.
      “He is our best player”
      “He is World Class and Arsenals only World class player”.
      “He is the King of Assists”
      “He is the King of Chances Created”.
      “Build the team around Ozil as he is our best player”
      “Let everyone in the team do the dirty, gritty, pressing and winning the ball back apart from Ozil as he is special”.
      “We are lucky to have a player like Ozil”
      “Ozil deserved better than Arsenal etc” –
      Goonster all these sentimental crap you just posted, I haven’t seen any fan on here using those lines this season, and almost everyone agrees and knows he should be sold while some of us will put aside our ego and say the truth folks like you will always sound bitter and vain, ain’t nobody saying Ozil shouldn’t be sold, but the rate and which you always sound so negative and bitter makes me wonder if it’s hatred you have for the man..perdonali I don’t care if you hate him and you can choose to not accept the truth because of your ego, but until we sell Ozil, this team has no creative midfielder good enough to link with our strikers.
      Even Jon Fox admitted he has noticed lots of fans do want him gone but you’ll never see that, instead you’ll always dilly dally with words and just say stuffs that are irrelevant.. We all agree Ozil needs to go but unlike you, some of us know and admit he’s Stoll important FOR THIS SEASON BECAUSE THIS TEAM IS FULL OF AVERAGE AND SHÍTTY PLAYERS!!

      1. @goonster
        The way you talk about Ozil it is obvious you are ignorant to what individual honors he has achieved in his career. Do some research.
        In the premier league he was the fastest player to reach 50 assists
        All the othe claims of being assist king and player of the year 5 times for Germany etc are fact. You can’t argue for that.

        1. Goonster says:

          @Gunner Since 71.
          State these individual honours please.
          And 50 assists sound so impressive. But go into the weeds then not so much.
          Season 1 = about 8 assists
          Season 2 = about 8 assists
          Season 3 = 19 assists
          Season 4 = 7 assists
          Season 5 = 9 assists
          Season 6 = 3 assists so far.
          Imagine king of assists. In only A single season he has had more than 9 assists per season.
          But saying “The fastest player to reach 50 assists in the EPL history” sounds more impressive until you dig deeper into the stat.

          And best German player 5 years in a row voted for by the fans. Lol
          I did not know how that worked until the summer Germany vs Ozil saga.
          The Ozil fan club used to go on about Germany’s best player voted for by fans. But when the racist Right Wing of Germany started throwing racist rhetoric towards Ozil after the Erdegon saga then the fanbase started labelling all Germans and white players like Kroos as racist too.
          I then naively said “If you ozil fans think all the German people are racist then how come they voted for him as their best player for 5 seasons in a row?”.
          Then I was told by the same fans that have been going on “5 times German player of the year” that it’s all rubbish he keeps winning them because of his massive worldwide fanbase that keep voting in big numbers for him as these polls are done online and anyone can vote.

          So to this day I am still confused about it. Were it Germans that voted for Ozil five (5) times in a row or is it his more than 30 million worldwide fanbase that voted for him as Germans are racist and woulf never vote for a non white player like Ozil?

          1. Here are a few facts regarding Ozil for your info
            Bundeliga top assist provider 2009-2010
            UEFA Europa league top assist provider 2008-2010
            FiIFA Wotld Cup top assist provider 2010
            UEFA Champions league top assist provider 2010-2011
            La Liga. Top assist provider 2011-2012
            EUFA European Championship tip assist provider 2012
            Premier league top assist provider 2015-2016
            Arsenal player of the season 2015-2016
            FIFA Ballon d Or 2010-13 th place
            2011 -11th place
            2012-14th place
            2013 -16th place

            World Cup winner 2014
            The number of assists you mentioned each year also puts him in the top ten players each season in the premier league

            These are just a few facts relating to Ozil. There is no other player in Arsenal that comes close to these achievements.
            Oh And by the way I believe Ozil is now the highest scoring player ever in the premier league breaking Klinsmans record

          2. Highest scoring German player. Sorry.

      2. Goonster says:

        This is the problem with you fanboys and girls. Just because someone does not rate a particular player that you absolutely adore and love does not mean it’s hate.
        Differentiate between HATE and CRITICISM / NOT RATING A PLAYER.
        I bet you have so many players in our squad that you absolutely don’t rate and you keep criticising them yourself while their fanbase defend them to the mountain peak.
        But do you think it would be fair for their fanbase to label you a hater just because you criticise and don’t rate?

        I don’t rate Ozil and I have as much a Right to state my opinion about him whether it gets you guys emotional or not. You have the right to kiss his ring as much as I have the right to criticise him for being a wimp.

        I have Sound evidence supporting my opinion on him. He has been here for more than 5 seasons and I have seen enough of him to back up my opinions and criticism of him.

        1. jon fox says:

          You have a friend on here in me. We think totally alike on Ozil. I CONSOLE MYSELF WITH THE ALMOST CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE THAT HE WILL NOT BE WEARING OUR SHIRT BY NEXT SEASON, EVER AGAIN. It is clear to those of us who will see the plain facts, -even though all have working eyes, only some of us choose to see with them – that Emery does not want him, other than short term while he has no other choice. HE WILL BE GONE NEXT SUMMER, POSSIBLY IN JAN, THOUGH MORE LIKELY IN SUMMER.

        2. Sue says:

          ‘Kiss his ring’ yet another classy comment from Goonster

    2. summerbreez says:

      Its not about Ozil at all, our team is weak very weak same as usual the core isn’t to bad the unbeaten run shows that as a matter of a fact Arsenal have been like that for a while every one thought Mr wenger was the problem it never was, the club owners are stingy and Arsenal to them its just a cow providing milk for them We need a strong bench a very strong bench than we will start hammering teams

    3. jon fox says:


  6. McLovin says:

    Özil was not good because he was playing with the likes of Giroud and Walcott, they said.

    Put world class strikers like Lacazette and Aubameyang with him and he will make dozens of assists, they said.

    Laca arrived 18 months ago, Auba less than year ago. They have both scored plenty. Why isnt Özil performing?

    Because he is weak, mentally and physically. Team cannot be built around him, he needs world class players around him to CARRY him.

  7. Gworm says:

    For what it’s worth, I was at Brighton and Ozil was dumped on the ground quite early and afterwards was stretching his back. I can’t think of any other reason for MOTM performances one day and half-time sub the next. Of course I may be wrong…..

  8. “Should Ozil only play when Arsenal face ‘small’ teams?”
    Erm, no problem. As long as Ozil is only paid when Arsenal face ‘small’ teams.

  9. Danny says:

    Why is no one questioning Steve boulds position as assistant. It’s no coincidence his appointment at the very least hasn’t stopped the downward spiral and defensively we have gone backward and look very open. I think he needs to go

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Has been mentioned many times by me and others many times.

  10. Jah son says:

    So can arsenal really afford to lose Ozil and Lacazette in one window, the brand would be in trouble I think Emery is in more trouble than any of our players at the moment seen that he’s losing the dressing room.

  11. Goonster says:

    Emery’s chopping and changing of players ang formations reminds me of when you are given a bunch of keys but it’s the wrong bunch and told that for this one day you are the one to open up the Business Offices. You get there very early and the morning, it’s raining and the damn keys wont open. You then will keep trying for the next few minutes thinking maybe this next try will work. You well know by now that they are the wrong keys but you have that hope in your mind that you might get lucky this route.
    This is what Emery seems to be doing. Using the same players by moving them around into different positions and formations hoping he might get lucky the try. Lol

    1. Well I agree with you on this point. Good analogy.

  12. bekion says:

    Where is Jon Fox? The kid that keeps harassing our manager for playing Bellerin over Lichtsteiner? Is he being shut now? Wenger and Emery, both were spot on while selecting first team because they train with the team everyday and they know who is better. So frustrated when some fans say someone is better just because he didn’t play on that day. When they are wrong, they just hide somewhere.

    1. jon fox says:

      This “kid” is 68 sonny and has been attending Arsenal matches since before your father was born , judging by your own clear childs age. How hilarious for a mere child to call a 68 year old man a “kid”. And how stupidly wrong too!

  13. Grandad says:

    For whatever reason, rightly or wrongly, the fact is Emery does not trust Ozil.In these circumstances , behind the scenes i suspect moves are afoot to give Ozil , through his agent the opportunity to negotiate a move from Arsenal based on the incentive of the club waiving a transfer fee.I cannot imagine any Club in Europebeing prepared to meet his current wages in which case he will have to take a pay cut to move elsewhere.Ozil is a very talented player, who is blessed with great skill.Unfortunately it seems he is incapable of adapting to the high energy system which is considered essential for success in the Premier League.At his best he is a joy to watch but sadly he is no use to us at a time when we desperately need resources to improve the quality of what is one of the worst defences around.

  14. Jah son says:

    Emery in six months added players to our defense and somehow made it worst by conceding 30 in 20 and fans on here wants to treat him like the God of football. Emery’s has been nothing more than a breathe of fresh air so far. We’re only going to enjoy the honey moon period where the boys played their hearts out. Now when it’s time for tatic and man management we start to turn on the players.

  15. Jah son says:

    Can someone anyone or admin please do an article on the system that Unai Emery plays.
    Klopp is obvious
    Pep is obvious
    Sarri is obvious
    Mauricio is obvious
    Jose’ for God’s sake is obvious
    I really don’t understand Unai Emery as according to him he never play with a set eleven so how do the players gel and understand each other I am confused.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      ?? oh Jah son come on Ozil is at fault that we have no first eleven and a manager who doesn’t trust His best players…. You and I truly know Ozil caused all of this lack of game style

  16. Ikporah says:

    Ozil is the only creative play maker we yet you refuses to play him. Taking in goals like water your leaking defense. So as a coach your problem is ozil, you are playing with your future, ask the coach what stop him from playing our no9 in such a crucial game from the direction.

  17. Innit says:

    Ozil is NOT useless but an expensive luxury
    Ozil plays better against weaker teams.
    Ozil plays brilliantly once in a while
    If we were a rich club, I would be happy him staying

    Short term, This season we NEED him and Emery needs to play him more often because we have no better options

    But £300,000+ a week is far too much for someone who plays well once in a while in the long term

    I had a top spec laptop. Eventually it switched off after 2 mins every time I turned it on. But once in a while it would stay on for several hours before switching off. I got rid of it and got a used slightly lower spec laptop but it consistently works

    We need a CAM who is consistently good and has the odd bad match, NOT consistently average/poor with the odd good match

    Sell him in the summer and get a more consistently good player who can be paid less money or someone who deserves the same salary

  18. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t believe Ozil has back problems, he’s a professional athlete and he takes care of himself on and off the pitch. He would be getting news from a doctor telling him to take it easy after being sent for scans, that did not seem like it was the case. It seemed it was Ozil himself who ruled himself out, which is strange because allot of players put themselves forward as an option even when they’re not one hundred percent fit. I’ve seen it countless times, players being rushed back, or players carrying knocks but trying their damnedest to stay on the field, until something gives way. The Ozil back issue, this is something new to me.

    The leg injury I do believe, Ozil looked lately to have made it back into Emery’s plans, so it is unfortunate that he couldn’t play or be counted on as an option. This all aside, Ozil doesn’t look to have any future under this management. After this season, maybe even January, he will look to be sold. Ozil will likely want to leave himself. I doubt that he’ll want to try and change his game at this stage of his career, so to prove himself to Emery. If we are gonna sell him, we’ll need him to be fully fit, and I believe some of that explains in part some of what we’ve been seeing.

    This midfield however, it’s not creative enough, we need Ozil more so than we don’t need him. Pity about Mkhit going right off the boil, last seasons form suggested that he’d be a big player, not the case thus far. Iwobi has improved this season, but we need allot more. Guendouzi looks very good, but, as you can see when Auba is a lone striker, he doesn’t get fed nearly enough by our midfield. We have one of the games most clinical strikers, who is wasted unless Laca buddies up with him. This is why we could’ve used a confident Ozil. We need to bring allot more quality in, not just at defence. Midfield could do with one more added to each position in it.

  19. amo says:

    the manager is average for aclub like Arsenal. even Wenger had asystem of play. if you are imaginig the owner is going to just dish cash to amanager who stands for god knows what then keep on dreaming. it is bad economics to do so! Ozil does not need necessary to defend. give him aCazola type of player and quality defenders. what we have except Abu and Lac are just average players but give them to Sir Alex. he will optimize them to the maximum.ican as well do better as amanager! you heard me,,!

  20. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “I don’t believe Ozil has back problems”…….“The Ozil back issue, this is something new to me.”
    Oh woooow!! Really? An issue that Arsene Wenger and the club came out last season before Wenger left and said Ozil has a recurring back problem just as Koscienly’s Achilles and you don’t have any idea of?
    Well maybe you really had no idea, I’m sure you know the meaning of recurring and that’s why he missed lots of matches under Wenger last season..The back problem is something he’s been battling for years now. You have no idea about it and that’s why most of you judge the man anyhow.. The saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover comes to play in this situation… But I’m honesty surprised you say you have no idea Ozil has been battling his back spasm fr years now

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’ll tell you why I don’t believe it. Anyone who suffers from recurring back trouble will tell you how excruciating it can be, uncomfortable to say the least. Strong medication for the lot of them but even that will do so much. Ask them how dangerous it would be for these people to play a football game. Doctors take this stuff very serious, someone could end up in a seriously bad way. Ozil has not been warned about this as far as I’m aware, he hasn’t been advised to retire early. Not only that, but our medical team are constantly passing him fit. I haven’t heard of him having any operations, sure I haven’t even heard of him having scans, so how serious could it be. He hasn’t been wearing any protective gear as far as I’m aware, making sure that he doesn’t make any sudden movements. It seemed to me, like I said in earlier comments, it seemed to me that he removed himself from selection. I find it dubious to say the least.

  21. ThirdManJW says:

    Well Ozil is even inconsistent against the lesser teams! So you can forget much help from him getting those 60 points off the smaller clubs.

  22. Tom says:

    I think it is fair to say that ozil is a truly brilliant and skilfully talented player with the ball. He can be trusted on the ball far more then many other arsenal players at times. He can drop the shoulders and with that, open himself up to find a pass of relevance or glide with the ball forward. For all though that say ozil is too slow the truth is he allows others to run on pass him so he can find the killer pass.

    Without the ball ozil does not mark zonally and by that it let’s the system down. He jogs his way around the pitch and appears lightweight in tackles and refs do not favour his style and he hardly gets fouls in his favour. He drifts in and out of games.

    Ozil on top form is immense but top form is not weekly unfortunately.

    The closes to ozil in the league in my opinion is David Silva. At City Ozil would play aroundside DeBuyrne just ahead of Fernanindo. He would be admired and loved by the fans. And in the Big games like champions league final or title deciders he would be outstanding. The press would write wonderful things about him.

    Ozil has always been gold. For Germany he was hyped up like Rooney was when he was a 16yr old boy but ozil went on and achieved every young kids (who love football) dream – the world cup. At Real Madrid he fitted the mould of stardust glamour. For Germany in a star studded team he was the game changer…

    It all sounds wonderful but the common factor is that he is within a wonderful team. At arsenal with Sanchez and Walcott he was able to allow them to press.
    Currently Auba does not press and we cannot have 2 of our top 3 allowing the ball to comfortably go from defence to midfield. I think this is the general issue here.

    Personally the manager is allowed to demand more from our best paid player who is deemed a captain figure when selected. It’s too easy to just accept his talent is far more important then the systems ideas because we lack creativity. That sets a bad example and a sure way for the new manager to be out of a job sooner rather then later!

  23. King says:

    Get him out of my club ASAP.

  24. Trent452 says:

    Had Ozil played, he would have given Liverpool something to be weary of. We don’t keep many clean sheets, yet we went to the best attacking club in the country with the intention to defend for 90 minutes. We can understand we have a massive injury list, but the team and strategy selected was beyond any logic. IT’S NOT OZIL FAULT

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      Like he did last season when we got dismantled.?

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