Should Per Mertesacker have retired a year ago if he didn’t want to play?

This week the BFG once again opened up about his relief in retiring from playing football. No one should be ashamed to talk about anxiety but let’s be clear, the German wasn’t dignosed with depression. If he were the club would have looked after him.

Instead he seemed to want the best of both worlds in the last 12 months. He was happy to take a pay check while admitting he was wishing not to be selected. Remember this was the club captain. At a time where we accuse our squad of being weak mentally, it couldn’t be helpful that one of the few leaders in the dressing room we did have, no longer had the desire which made him a World Cup winner. How does it help our youngsters development if one of their most experienced team-mates is openly not wanting to be picked?

This is the same man who is now in charge of our youth set up, openly admitting that while being paid thousands he no longer wanted the stress of playing in front of 60 000 people at the Emirates. I’m sure he wasn’t as transparent when extending his contract. Arsenal were paying him to deliver a length of service yet he admits that he effectively went through the motions for months. That he feels comfortable to admit this highlights how comfortable an environment Arsene Wenger had created. The Frenchmen should never have allowed someone with such an outlook to ever have responsibility off the field.

While more men should talk about how they are feeling mentally you can’t have it both ways. Apparently though the BFG can. The average working man and women would seek medical advice if they felt overwhelmed to do their jobs which would then impact our pay scale. BFG didn’t do that. Worse, he had retired in his head yet failed to notify anyone. If he knew he was training and preparing for a match day not wanting to play anymore, morally he should have announced his retirement. Instead he took a wage and spot in the squad which could of gone to someone else. He knew he had a job lined up after he hung up his boots. Pretending to being invested for one last season was just financial greed.

He didn’t want the pressure that being a professional sportsman demands anymore but didn’t want to lose the money either. Effectively he conned us.

Dan Smith


  1. Darthballz says:

    I feel he did what any man should when things get tough suck it up and get on with it . I feel conned after reading this crap .

    1. gotanidea says:

      But he still played well in his last season

      The fans usually blamed him because he is slow and rarely scored from set-pieces

      That was true, but he usually played with offside-traps very well. It was Koscielny that often made blunders in offside-traps, because of Koscielny’s style of play

      1. Lance says:

        No he didn’t play well. In fact one of his horrible games was against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup which we lost 4-2.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Yes, but he is only human after all

    Like Ozil and Ramsey, he saw the opportunity to get more money from Arsenal and he could not see a better career/ money offer from another club

    I only care whether the players’ salaries is worth their performances in the field or not. If a player is paid a lot but still very inconsistent, Arsenal should try to sell the player ASAP

  3. Chiza says:

    Yeah brilliant from per mertesacker… I foresee Koscielny being the next to follow this path..using his reoccurring Achilles injury as an excuse….fingers crossed…I’m waiting Koscielny…waiting for you disappoint me and put me to shame for the sake of the people that love you and call you loyal… I guess just the way they can call Mertesacker loyal….. Loyal my ass!

    Please let us respect the word LOYALTY!!!!

    1. gotanidea says:

      LOL please don’t take the others’ comments so seriously

      Those Arsenal players we argued about do not even know that we exist. When they got their trophies and money, it’s their glory, not ours

      I suggest you post for fun, instead of letting the matter become prolonged, and spend more of your precious time with your friends/ family

      1. Phil says:

        @Chiza-you stated in a post you wrote earlier that you would not be commenting on the Koscielny issue any more.Probably because of how you embarrassed yourself with some of your comments.So if nothing you are consistent.You continue to spout out comments that are continually not the opinions of most.Ive got to tell you that you annoy me.I don’t know you but if I did I can tell by your posts that you and I would not get on at all.Its not what you say it’s how you say it.Believe me I know when I say that you will get far more respect from others on this site if you give your thoughts in a less “Oafish”manner.You have averaged around 15-20% of the posts to some topic headlines.That is a lot of replies.The trouble is it’s mainly the same old rubbish you spout with no thought of how you can justify your comments.Ken1945 repeatedly asked you to reply to a previous comment but you didn’t.Why not?Nothing to say?Couldnt find anything to back yourself up?Thats where other contributors lose interest with you.Your perfectly within your rights to object to others opinions.Thats what this site is for and why it is full of interesting and different views.But when you are called out you never answer.That to me makes you very insignificant and not worth bothering with.
        I notice you don’t sign off with the Cheeeeeeeeeeeeezaaaaaaaa signature anymore.Shame that.It summed you up perfectly in my mind.

        1. Chiza says:

          If you think I didn’t reply ozziegunner long ago…then you should go back and check and come here and just rush into conclusion….I’m not the type that chickens out Phil.. I stay true to my words!!…….that’s Chiza’s way….. I don’t post on this site to impress people….i post to share my opinions…and that’s just it

          1. Phil says:

            But you didn’t answer the question that was put to you.Perfectly simple question but you did not answer.Why not?Lost for words?Or did you realise you had no answer to the question that was put to you?

          2. Phil says:

            And I did go back to check and you DID NOT answer.So that means you did CHICKEN OUT.Your words Pal.Not mine.
            So as you are always so fond of using that Trumpet Gob of your let’s get the answer NOW.

          3. Chiza says:

            As for the reply to ozziegunner and also to Ken1945..if you didn’t see it there then I can give you my reply right here……..they asked how we are going to get the money for a better 10 since kroenke isn’t spending so much money….. And I was damn surprised… thing you must know is that kroenke is a business man.. He would do anything to keep his business alive and once Emery comes out confidently and say he doesn’t want Ozil anymore….I’m sure he would bring out the money Emery needs to get a better 10…afterall we spent close 40m for both Mustafi and Xhaka………look man if you think arsenal budget is going to remain 70m every season then you must be joking…..the take over kroenke planned to make didn’t allow him to give us a full transfer budget…..Ozil is a famous player he would surely be bought by a Chinese player once he is available so forget about the wages….. But never think arsenal is a poor club who can’t spend money… Don’t be deceived arsenal is a very rich club and kroenke is a wise business man.. Especially now that he has bought arsenal fully he knows he has to spend to make the fans happy or he is going to be targeted….he is not a fool..

          4. Phil says:

            Ok that’s sorted then-Kronke will sanction getting rid of everyone over 30 years old and hand Emery £200m to buy better replacements.I look forward to seeing this happen

          5. ozziegunner says:

            Phil, because Chiza believes that Kroenke will fund the replacement of Ozil and the aging Arsenal players and I, based on Kroenke’s performance as a major shareholder in Arsenal and his failure to fund winners in his US sports franchizes, I am a liar.
            As you have now read his answer to my question, it appears that Chiza believes Kroenke will change his spots and become Arsenal’s fairy godmother.

          6. Phil says:

            OG -Only in @Chizaworld

  4. Chiza says:

    He didn’t want the pressure of being a professional sportsman but didn’t want to lose the money also……. Thanks Dan Smith that’s really spot on… And guess what?… What do we call that kind of act??…… GREED… PURE GREED……
    Let’s take for example Koscielny….I’m not trying to bring him down and I don’t hate him but he is also a clear example
    Every man and his dog knows Koscielny can’t play a full season for us anymore….I’m sure koscielny won’t even play up to 15 league games before he gets back to the treatment room and this will continue over and over till he retires because his Achilles has gotten worse.. Even Koscielny knows that himself…but yet he wants us to pay him his full wages every damn week because he feels he deserves it..that’s pure greed coming from a loyal player

    I’m sure koscielny is like..”oh come on Gazidis..look I gave them just 16 league games..that’s enough for know i can no longer face the demands of playing week in week out.. So just keep the bank alerts coming in..i deserve every penny you know… After all the fans think I’m loyal.. Hahahaha”

    1. Phil says:

      @Chiza-so if YOU had a job (I’m guessing Road Sweeper or Washing Up in a kitchen) and let’s say you had a serious injury at work.So you would be happy to not get paid would you?
      Koscielny was under contract.He earns an Annual/Monthly/Weekly wage.His injury was caused while playing for the Club who gave him his contract.Its not a case of Arsenal being Loyal in paying him.Its not Arsenal doing the right thing.He has a contract and he is required to be paid under the terms of that contract.His injury was caused while playing for the Club.In other words on the pitch.So what on Earth are you spouting on about now?This is nothing to do with Loyalty.What If the broom handle came off while you were sweeping the roads and the brush head got stuck in your gob (what a thought that would be for everyone) or you swallowed a plate while you were washing up (again how much quieter the world would be if only for a while).If those injuries prevented you from working would you not expect to get paid?
      As I posted earlier pal you write worthless comments.Simple as that.The headline topic was not even about Koscielny but Trumpet Gob that you are you just can’t help yourself can you?

      1. Chiza says:

        Oh i get your point Phil… Let’s look at it this way… own a bar and you have a cleaner at your work place who sustained something like a life long reoccurring Achilles injury while working in your bar and just like you said you decide to continue to pay him because you feel you are doing the right….and you still continue to pay him his full wages knowing fully well he never completes his job due to that injury?? ….mhen Phil you are not only going to cause problems in that bar because other workers are watching this show and you would also run the bar dry of money…..i don’t see your business lasting long if you continue with that mentality….
        Some people criticized gazidis and wenger for not being ruthless enough but support cases like koscielny and mertesacker
        You can’t see cases like this in big clubs…we need to be brave enough to shake hands with some players and let them go if they are no longer fit to do the job… We need to get back to being a top club

        1. Phil says:

          Your answer is not addressing what you are saying about Koscielny.He was under contract.He sustained that injury playing for the Club.The Club is contractually obliged to pay his salary up until his contract ends.So what you are implying is that when Cazorla was injured and not able to play we should have terminated his contract.Is that what you are saying?Same with Koscielny?Diabi?Debauchy?Etc Etc Etc

  5. barryglik says:

    Mertz was a great servant but had
    clearly lost his speed 2 seasons ago
    then missed a season with injury
    and when he came back he was plainly finished
    but instead of cutting him Mr Wenger kept him on.
    Cazorla and Koscielny (archilles) should both
    have been offered early retirement packages.
    But again their careers at Arsenal have been dragged out
    blocking the regeneration of the squad.
    Carrying a dozen deadwood each season
    has meant we relied on 14 players and when the CL
    started we always ran out of players and got whacked.
    We still have too many deadwood but being in
    the useless Europa League masks this deficiency.
    If we ever make the CL again we would need
    another 10 quality players to seriously compete
    but that would cost 250m investment .
    Under Wenger top 4 was known as the Wenger trophy.
    6th place could well become the Emery trophy.

  6. CannonSpike says:

    May JustArsenal please put out more interesting articles like tactical discussions, proposed team formations and lineups.

    1. Admin says:

      You, as well as everyone else, are welcome to send me any interesting articles for consideration to post….

    2. stubill says:

      The last thing we need is more tactical, team formations etc.

      Have you not seen the amount of threads that are hijacked with peoples ideas on these subjects!

  7. olusola says:

    players under contracts should be paid.

    1. Phil says:

      Not according to @Chiza.He feels if they are injured and around the 30 year age mark then they should be out.No thoughts to their contracts.No thoughts to the fact they picked up the injury while playing for our Club.Just simply get rid of them.So Cazorla was only interested in being paid and not getting himself fit again simply because is wages were in his account every month so why bother.The fact he contracted a disease that very nearly lost him part of his leg doesn’t matter.Just chuck him out the Club and get somebody else.
      @Chiza writes some of his posts as though he has the mental age of a 3 year old but he is likely to be a bit older than that.Arsenal Football Club is an institution recognised the World over for its values.It looks after its players PAST AND PRESENT.When David Rocastle sadly passed away at a very young age he was no longer a player at Arsenal.I was very surprised along with many many others that the Club did not stage a Testimonial Game to raise money for his family.I can assure you Highbury would have been sold.That is the esteem the fans held for an EX PLAYER.However I know for a fact that the Club continue to support his family.And this is not just Rocky we are talking about.Many ex players continue to receive support in many different ways.But if @Chiza had his way we would iscard any player who suffered an injury and buy a new one.
      @Chiza-you are all heart Pal

    2. ken1945 says:

      olusola, players under contract have to be paid, at least in the UK.
      That’s the law my friend.
      At least it is in the real world, other solar systems I have no idea about.

  8. Pauladonis says:

    Wait a minute y’all, what’s a mertesacker? It certainly doesn’t apply to any current/active arsenal player…
    delivered most times he was called upon. But wrong or not, he did get paid in full for his final year and He’s gone now as he rightly should.

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