Should Ranieri be considered for Arsenal role?

Claudio Ranieri is coming under fire at Leicester City currently, with his side struggling to cope with the expectations following their miraculous Premier League title win last season, but should he be on the shortlist to take over from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?

The French manager has been in charge in North-London for over 20 years now, but with his contract set to expire this summer, he finally looks like he may be ready to quit.

Wenger has come under increased pressure from the fans over the past few seasons, with many growing frustrated with their failure to mount a serious title challenge, and last season’s failure to some was the most bitter pill to swallow.

Our side came second last year, finishing above all our usual rivals, but the Foxes won the division, and that was unacceptable to some Gunners fans, who have now watched 13 years go by without lifting a title.

The season of our Invincibles, our last Premier League title win, was Ranieri’s last season in charge of Chelsea FC, an he led the Blues to second in the table, and would most likely have won the division had he got to stay as boss, but new owner Roman Abramovich had other ideas.

Claudio may well be available to find a new job come the end of the season, and with us on the look-out for one, does he deserve to be looked at?

Does his side’s struggles this term mean he should be overlooked, or is it more feasible that this should have been expected? It is common knowledge that the year following a title win is the most difficult, and for a side who do not have the funding nor the squad size to seriously compete in the Champions League as well as the league, they are doing particularly well in the elite European competition.

His age would likely rule him out of taking over in a long-term capacity which may well be an issue, but would his appointment be taken well by Arsenal fans?

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  1. Is this some kind of a sick joke? I’m a Wenger fan, but I too recognize that we are in need of some new blood and fresh ideas. The keywords here are “new”, and “fresh”. Ranieri to me is going to be a like for like replacement, and that’s definitely not what we need. Heck, I’d rather consider Eddie Howe than him, and that’s not saying much because as much as I like and admire what Eddie has done with Bournemouth, he’s nowhere ready to take over Arsenal as some have suggested.

  2. Yet, when L-City were topping the table headed for the trophy, many on here were salivating over Ole Claudio. Going on about what a great tactician and man manager he was. And how much better than AW he was. LOL!!!

    1. @NY
      ? hahaha True! But he was good back then ??
      Seriously, I doubt that Leicester will get relegated but they wouldn’t be the first team to win the premier league and then go down the following season. I think it was Leeds and Blackburn who managed to do that?
      But still, I reckon Leicester’s home games will see them stay up and I wouldn’t be surprised if they carry on progressing in the champions league and they will probably go further than us ?

  3. No, he is a one season wonder who clearly has no consistency or understanding of team cohesion.

    P.S. Looks like we dodged a one season wonder in Vardy..

  4. A very Rubbish article, i didn’t even bother to read the rest when i saw RINIERI’S name, Admin did you allow this article on this site just to taunt us all? even if the thinke man wins the champions league HE”S still not Arsenal’s quality IMO

  5. Regardless….I wish Jarmie Vardy the best…..perhaps in the Champioship next season., Yes, we agree….”it was an easy decision for you to snub Arsenal” this season. Of course, an easy slide to the bottom too…COYG!

  6. Sorry for this, C. Ranieri is a level below Wenger. So the real factors why Leicester won the league have to be unraveled.
    Le Prof said at the start of the season that Leicester city would need to fight to stay in premiership. That is happening now.
    Mr Wenger already evaluated C. Ranieri indirectly.

  7. The writer of this “article” must be very, very bored to bother posting this drivel.

    That’s all I have to say.

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