Should the Ox now be an Arsenal starter?

Alex oxlade-chamberlainThe Arsenal boss finally allowed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to play the whole 90 minutes of Saturday’s win at West Ham United and rewarded Arsene Wenger with an excellent performance and even a very well taken goal.

It is a sad fact that after last season’s unconvincing form, it has taken a long time for him to regain Wenger’s trust, and in the six games he has started in this campaign he has been substituted in five of them!

But it would now seem that Wenger is impressed with him again, even though he was playing in an unfamiliar position on the left wing, and his goal was actually his sixth of the season!

“He has made a lot of progress this season,” Le Prof said after Saturday’s game. “He plays with a freedom and power. When he wins the ball in your half he has that power to get you out. I hope that continues for him.”

So what do the fans think of his performance? He was chosen ahead of Alex Iwobi who has been inconsistent so far despite being a regular starter this season. Could he possibly make the left wing his own for the rest of the season?


  1. G-Rude says:

    The change in the Ox and Theo this season is amazing and I think they should be picked until they lose form.

    I would also say that its a shame they haven’t always played as good as they should.

  2. PRINCE AFZ says:

    No player should be guaranteed a starting position unless he is performing well. Iwobi justified his starting at the beginning until his recent form. If Ox is consistent, let him start. If not, I won’t mind having Gibbs there if he does okay.

    My personal goals target for Arsenal players in the EPL this season. If anyone surpasses his, bravo.
    1. Alexis 25
    2. Giroud 15
    3. Perez 10
    4. Walcot 15
    5. Ox 10
    6. Ozil 15
    7. Iwobi 8
    8. Ramsey 8
    9. Le Coq, El Neny, Zhaka(together) 8
    10. Defenders (together) 5.

    Then don’t conceive more than 38.

    1. mannix says:

      I Agree, in fact Ox is good as super sub with Giroud than starters… Perez should start before Giroud while Ox came in as sub for either Walcott, Özil or any midfielder who looked out of form…

  3. Tatek Girma says:

    Yes indeed. As far as he is performing in a consistent manner, he should be a starter. The West ham united game has shown us that the left wing is suitable for him to start dribbling from the left shoot with his right foot out side the near box. For me OX is more matured than Alex Iwobi in all aspects despite his inconsistency.

  4. Godswill says:

    How many times would this question be asked after one single good performance?
    We need consistency to win the league just as we are seeing with Sanchez and that’s why no fan is complaining about him even with a blip.
    Ox will be a starter when he consistently performs just like Hector to some extent.

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