Should the versatile Tomiyasu be given more game time this season?

I’m sure most Arsenal fans can’t stop rewatching highlights of the 5-0 win over Sheffield. The Gunners put on a spectacular display as they ran riot over the Blades. The team’s remarkable performance not only confirmed their Premier League ambitions but also highlighted the brilliance of some of their players.

Takehiro Tomiyasu was a standout performer in that game and he deserves particular praise. The Japanese player who came off the bench delivered an outstanding effort. Arteta replaced Ben White with Tomiyasu in the 66th minute. The Japanese international was introduced to play right back, a position he hasn’t featured prominently in this season.

In the last few games, he’s been introduced to play left back (and he dazzled in both instances). Anyway, he dazzled once more at the right back. His introduction did not feel like a decrease in levels at the right back and he was defensively competent.

To cap off his fantastic cameo, he scored his first goal for Arsenal in the final stages of the game. This delighted every Arsenal player and coaching staff. Tomiyasu’s contribution to Arsenal this season cannot be overlooked. Although he has played fewer than 250 minutes, he has always come in handy. He helped set up the goal against Manchester City, he restored order at left back against Chelsea, and he scored against Sheffield.

Mikel Arteta needs to consider giving him more playing opportunities, as he has the potential to greatly contribute to the team’s success. His performance is a persuasive indicator of his enormous potential as he can play wherever in defense.

Arsenal would surely benefit from incorporating him more prominently into their plans, leveraging his talents to reinforce their defensive solidity and improve their overall Premier League performance. His performance will only improve with more time on the field.

Sam P

Watch all the goals from the Sheffield game here – including Nketiah’s hat-trick

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  1. He’s useful when we need to man-mark an RW of a big team, but we still need Zinchenko to play against highly-defensive teams

    If Saliba or White gets injured, we could see whether Tomiyasu is consistent enough to replace them or not

    1. Yea, I guess you are right, we can’t really bet on Tomi consistency at the moment. But in my opinion he seem best suited for LW back now. Though he is a regular CB for Japan. He also did well at CB when we played Brendford in Carabao first game we won 1;0. Arteta needs to rotate well and use some of his bench to good effect in some games

      1. I’d prefer him on the right side though, because of his stronger foot

        If he can improve his shooting accuracy, he could cut inside and shoot more often from the inverted-LB position

  2. I’d like to see him play regularly, he’s our best left back and more than an able back up for White at right back. He can also slot in at centre back if needed.

  3. Having watched Tomiyasu play his last few games for Japan I think a centre half combination with Saliba would be in Arsenal’s best interests in terms of reliability
    and consistency. However as a wing back Tomiyasu will have games where he won’t be able to keep up with faster opponents. At the same his attacking game is limited as he is no Danny Alvez.

  4. Tomiyasu will feature a lot this season because we will play a high number of games that require rotation, MA trusts him and Zinchenko will get injured. Tomiyasu will suffer though when Timber comes back next season.

    1. Timber will take time to regain form having stayed out for long. Arteta will rotate the two. How I wish Timber was fit

    2. Timber will play again before this season is over, I am certain of that.

      He is young, and apparently he got some stem cell injections to accelerate his recovery from the ACL injury, which is a fairly new thing, and it seems to be going well. Still with getting into form and everything – I am guessing we will see him subbed on in March.

  5. Though I do not se Tomi as being underrated by Gooners as manay posts rightly acclaim his talent and attitude , verstility and all round excellence, outside of our fans I DO think Tomi goes massively under the rader among non Arsenal fans. What I learn from this is that IF you want the real truth about another clubs player, dont use the media, but instead TUNE IN TO OTHER CLUBS FAN SITES. That is what I do.

    FANS enmasse know the REAL truth far more than mere journos and often dimwiitted pundits.

    Did someone mention Agbonlahor, beloved of this site and also that other downmarket laughing hyena O’Hara, or as I call him “Oh Dear”!

  6. Surely the versatile Tomi should have seen more game time, but better late than never.

    The versatile Tomi should start at right back tomorrow, so too the Croydon kid and the big German.

    Infact if the gaffer have really learned much from the last campaign, only minimal judgment should be made to the team that face the Blades, With one eye on the massive test against the Magpies.

  7. He should be first choice left back way better defensively than Zinchenco and also offers something going forward I would only use Zinchenco in a advanced position like the Xhaka role he is a liability at left back but can offer plenty further forward!

  8. Firstly he has to stay fit. He is better at defending than Zinchenko and at the moment keeping him out of the team. He is very versatile but injury prone.

  9. Hopefully he’s overcome his injury concerns, if so then yes he should feature more often. Oh wait! He is already!!

  10. Tomiyasu is an excellent man to man marker. Perhaps the best in the club. He is confirmed the first choice backup for LB, RB and CB in the tight situation. Also useful as attacking outlets for desperate situations as well. He proved a lot of people wrong including myself.

  11. Frankly, I would prefer we stopped with the inverted fullback and just played Tomiyasu at LB and stick Zinchenko in midfield proper next to Rice. However, Arteta isn’t going to change his tactics, so until Timber returns I feel much happier having TT in the team rather than Zinny.

  12. Tomiyasu is an excellent player, a boon to Arsenal. He is the only player who can play across the back 4 with relative ease. He surely needs more game time but he must play in the important games, in the PL and the CL. Zinchenko is a good player, no doubt but has defensive shortcomings. So Zin can play in the Cup games and in the PL games against easier teams whilst Tomiyasu should play the important games.

  13. We should definitely play him as much as possible, and keep him match fit. He is great and his versatility can help us so much, but we need to make sure not to overplay him and risk injury.

    He is also one of our best 1-vs-1 defenders and he is such an intelligent player. Hell he might even grow to become an excellent inverted back, he seems to be learning and growing at a great rate and he is still only 24.

    If fit and ready I would play him whenever someone else in defense needs a rest, or against tougher teams where Zinchenko’s defensive shortcomings might be an issue.

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