Should Thomas Partey have started against Man City?

What is with the TIME and ADJUSTING?


Maybe that’s why I am not a manager, but I just don’t understand Arteta’s approach to Thomas Partey.


If I was Arteta, and I had just sealed a deadline day signing for the most sought-after player we had been chasing for a few years, I would get him in the team from day dot! Especially if the player was fit and had previous game time just before he joined, why wouldn’t I play him straight away, and then pull him off if things were going wrong?


Look at other teams, Chelsea for instance, from day one they put in Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, granted they got a few pre-season games but isn’t this what the beautiful game is about? Buying players and giving them chances to prove why you signed them straight from the off?


If Partey had come to us injured then I would say fine, I understand why he wasn’t picked for the starting line-up. But he played only five days before we faced City, against Qatar, and bagged two assists in that 5-1 win for Ghana, he then was at the training ground on Tuesday and had a few days to settle into the training method, his surroundings and meeting his teammates.


With the way things went in training it seemed as the players gelled straight away given the reactions from Aubameyang and Lacazette when they finally came face to face with Thomas, it seemed as though he would have no issue settling in.


So why did we have to wait until around seven minutes before the end of the game against City to see our new player? Well that question was answered by Arteta:


“I think we have to respect that process and that timing for him because he only trained for a day really and there’s a lot of new information and different game models for him to understand, and we have to respect that.”


That may be the case but paying that much money for a player who is of that talent, surely it shouldn’t matter how much time he has trained or not. Let him play and then we can judge him after his performance and then decide whether he needs more “time to adjust” or not.  Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Is this a question to ask and discuss??
    Absolutely yes..
    He started for ATM fortnight ago..
    Started for Ghana
    Then not started him on Saturday was stupidity…

    1. You said it havertz and Werner had a couple of pre season games partey had 1 training session anyone who thinks that is enough is either stupid or looking for excuses

  2. Fitness is one aspect. Understanding a new system and your role in that system is another aspect. Teamplay requires some understanding of how your teammates function in their roles.

    I expect Partay to play soon but Arteta said he had 1.5 trainings with the team. So should Partay have started? No!

  3. Partey is going to be a regular starter. Be patient. Most probably he will start the next game if not definitely games after that.

    1.5 days isn’t enough to understand your teammates and coach’s plan. Just a day into the training and starting him against City (only of the best PL teams) would have put a lot of pressure on him and if he had succumbed, we would again be cursing Arteta.

    Put a little faith in your coach fellow gooners 🙂

  4. “Look at other teams, Chelsea for instance, from day one they put in Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, granted they got a few pre-season games…”

    It appears you’ve already answered your question.

    1. Would his starting have changed everything? No. We are still going to play the same way. I looked back at our game against Westham and Sheffield and the pattern of play is the same. This is where our problems lies. We play conservative football not only against big teams and small teams as well. Arteta aims is not to lose first irrespective of the opponent he is facing. The formation has little to do with it. How many times do we see our players choose a a safe back pass instead of passing to their mate in a good attacking position. I’m waiting till Thursday and if I see that playing pattern again I would made up my mind completely about Arteta as not being an attacking coach.

  5. I don’t even know if this is a question, because you already answered your own question. I can criticize arteta tactics against city but I won’t criticize him not starting Partey, although it’s the choice of the coach, I’m very sure a certain Jose would have started him. But I understand what arteta did with Partey.

    1. Lenohappy, you took my thoughts completely the wrong way in my doom and gloom article and I would ask you to go back and read some of the examples I was talking about…because we disagree on other things, doesn’t mean that we have to always be at loggerheads on other issues does it?
      Perhaps you can comment on the examples I have given with regards to the 10% I mentioned who are NOT supporting MA , if you have the time and inclination so to do?
      Also, if you had read my thoughts on the game itself, that might have helped…as I thought RSH’s discussion with Jon was how I would have conducted said conversation.

  6. I personally believe he shouldve started.He is a superb intelligent player and its not that hard to get a job done from him.You give him the instructions and i am sure he couldve easily done that.
    And if you are happy bringing him in the 80+th minute why dont you just start him(he was match fit)…😔

  7. You’re entitled to your opinion.

    I wouldn’t have started him, I would liked to have him start defo but i realise that a days worth of training and adjusting to everything in the space of 2-3 days would have been to soon.

    I expect him to start against Leicester, maybe get some game time on thursday.

    Just be patient

  8. Not playing Partey would have made loads of sense if Arsenal had a playing pattern or style against City that the introduction of Partey would have disrupt. Howbeit, there was no style, no pattern just sitback take the hits and look to breakout. I’m not sure you need a week of training as a prof-Midfielder to get that. Then introducing him with just 10min left lol. Moushitno would not have hesitated even if he only had 2 hours training. Cos he’s by far better that what we’ve got at the moment, team trained or not.
    That been said, Arteta is the coach and so far I still trust him. I don’t wanna start labelling him just yet.

  9. a ridiculous decision by arteta which shows a weakness of character .. torreira immediately started for simone in their victory who are right now a superior team to us .. just hope its a bug and not a feature but the lack of a clear footballing philosophy beyond playing out from the back (with players who are uncomfortable doing it) is a worry

  10. Although Arteta has already worked miracles, I am a bit concerned about some of his team selections. Did he really think Willian was a center-forward ? Also sadly Bellerin is just not defending right now. I think I would prefer to give Soares a run in the side.

  11. Shenel, you are in effect saying that YOU know better than our manager. I know some will agreewith you and that means that they too think they know better than the manager.

    All I will say is that I amthrilled an pleased that MA is our manager and that you and your cohorts are reduced to ridiculous sniping from the sidelines.

    I also think a PROPER fan would be supporting, not criticising,our wonderful manager, despite the fact he has not yet won the quadruple and world club championship in his “long, long ten months” at the helm. All he has is a measly two trophies in all that time.

    Frankly, I think you and your cohorts are WAY OUT OF ORDER AND NOT THAT BRIGHT!

    1. Forever belittling other AFC fan.. For someone who is always so fast to advertise how senior and mature you are the bulk of your comments seem childlike..You really need to stop behaving like a spoilt child..

      1. And you need to stop being a snowflake and stop being afraid of straight comments. God help you if you had a serious life problem with that wimpish attirtude! Its called freedom of speech and it is not abuse. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!

        1. Here we go again.. Mr authority of everything.. Your comments are just your opinion.. That’s all..nothing special.. Others have theirs. learn to respects them..Its hard to believe that someone who boast to be older than the dinosaurs haven’t learnt this..

    2. You mean slavishly following the leader is the bright thing to do … uhh let me just check my book on 20th century history!!!!

  12. Come on! How contagious is it? The real question is why didn’t Elneny start, how do you speak about a player you are not certain what performances he’ll give us? Have you ever seen him before play in an Arsenal jersey? Elneny yet has proved he’s the biggest impact in the team and i bet he’ll prove to be the cog of that team, he’s the only player of his kind that we have in that team, kind of Alcantara for liverpool, it’s hard to get a guy who decongests play in modern football, a player who makes sure the ball is spread in a high press modern game, and allows it to move forward, that’s why the games elneny has been benched you can actually tell how our midfield is immobile, he’s the difference and he’ll still prove to be despite Parteys purchase, the question is now if partey partners him on a box to box because he’s a CM and play ceballos and xhaka in a more advanced role. That way xhaka becomes more effective and you reduce his defensive duties and actually he gives you assists box to box play and goals same to ceballos, I’d suggest for a double pivot of elneny and partey, that is a stable and well balances midfield

  13. Because we lost im afraid, starting willian up front and not starting partey will always be seen as a mistake, whatever the reasons, which we dont know.

  14. Give Arteta a break please, he is the manager and not you.
    As he explained, Partey had just two training sessions with us.
    Patients required….

      1. Declan, I think “patients” is quite funny, considering the comments (both for and against) being made, this one included!!!

  15. Of Course he should have started because the away matches, especially against the big six was one reason bringing him for reinforcement. Nketiah was all brought in late.
    Lacazette is inconsistent and does not have much to offer than once in a while he brings in a goal. Let Nketiah stenghten his 9 position with more game time. His pressure and ball control with SAKA and Aubameyang will help greatly. When he is tired Lacazette comes in with his energy against a tired defence and can be more performant.

  16. I think the real question is how were we so poor and scared for the first 30 min? If we keep letting teams press us like that we will surely lose more games than we should. C’mon boys try to be more dominant. Except for Fulham we have looked very poor.

    1. Sean, follow that real question”up with another one then…who was scared? The players, the manager or both?

      To me, that was an attacking line up and the players seemed timid and ultra safe in their play (as their change in the second half, following on from, I assume, a MA discussion at half time) seems to confirm.

      That’s why, in my opinion, it wasn’t MA in those first 30 minutes, which I agree with, but the players alone.

      1. Ken1945
        Definitely the players, but if Arteta is overbearing it may be hard for our players to respond and still show skill and freedom of expression. We are fighting more but still look scared to express ourselves. I think Arteta will come good, but our present flock may not simply have the confidence.

  17. Arteta just cannot win.There are basically two fundamental reasons why Partey did not play from the start.First of all, it takes more than a few days training to become familiar with team mates, pattern of play , role in the team, tactics etc etc.Secondly, can you just imagine the reaction from certain groups of impatient,immature fans if Partey was thrown in at the deep end and we lost heavily?Arteta was in my view sensible to ease him into the game ,particularly when Partey is not used to playing in the system currently deployed by Arsenal.Athletico Madrid play a very rigid 4-3-3 system unlike Arsenal.

  18. Arteta is building a team that is hard to beat. Not like Emery who prefers to win 5-4 and putting his team under pressure… I remember a certain Watford game we conceded 34 shots….
    #Trust the process

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